CEOSPACE for those who view a video such as:

A Trade Show That Works by a Silicon Valley Ap developer who shares his millennial experience with  CEOSPACE. A fun film actually. On YOUTUBE if you search CEOSPACE you hit our main library which features celebrities you read – know – and regard highly – sharing their take on CEOSPACE.

A thirty year institution has changed a lot since it was founded. I’m happy to report in 2013 I resigned and turned over legacy ownership and management to the next generation and bowed out of my own global invention. Why?

Well partly health issues -my 23 pneumonia’s and 20 hospital ICU’s into 2017 became a bit much for a 70 year old. My doc team said – time to change life style. Pressure. Stress. So I did. Hey I had no idea how much I was under in the deep recession in 2012. WOW. WHO KNEW.

The next generation who have run CEOSPACE for half a decade now have won all the awards and recognitions. They have upgrade the product and made the 140 nation service to clients and members the leading BUSINESS CONFERENCE in the World Today. I could not be more proud.

Every founder loves that LEGACY MOMENT when you KNOW the institution will run – without you – beyond your life – and serve others when your gone and buried. Hey I’m surprised I”m still here in fact. I appreciate breathing more than most of you. Let me tell you.

My doctor is the # 1 ranked Doctor in Florida in 2018 and the top lung document in the State. My Doctor is a member of CEOSPACE as is my general practitioner and they love the results they have had from joining. WHO KNEW. Now we are dear friends. They want to keep me here with in a chronic condition I just “deal with”.

Today I write books.

Today I work to help resolve sovereign debt issues for nations to the extent my health and circles will let me – without pay and as a volunteer – I’m trust a bit more because I don’t want anything.

Its nice to be in that final give back of your own lifetime.

I do teach at CEOSPACE as they wish for me to and I like teaching as I’ve done that for over 45 years. My mentors are great educators including my own father and I hope I’m now reasonable good at my intention to transfer skills to CEO’s. I love doing it.

So next week I’ll be teaching. As health permits. And through next Sunday. This time of year I volunteer to speak at entrepreneur functions and it gets busy. They book me in the winter when I stay home a lot and send me out pacing me when its warm and nice in the Spring and Summer. I love that work from London to Romania to India to Jamacia.

I never know where the team wants me to serve but I love being able to contribute. Retirement as a back and watch sit com’s is not me as I love contribution if I can. Being where I have now years not wanting anything just to give back is such a blessing. Seeing my grand kids is a blessing…they call me G DADDY.

If I am remis on blog posting as often as you wish on news – it is because I’m at CEOSPACE and helping with mentoring and team mentorship when asked in addition to coaching. Trying to offer options on strategy and endless connections as I can hook others up to my contact list. Giving …never take fee’s or stock or anything just contribute without condition – unconditional giving and others join me too its a GIVE BACK FESTIVAL really.

We all treasure CEOSPACE as a wonderful environment to grow business skills, plans, teams and resources. A leading accelerator for business.

After CEOSPACE next week I’ll be more free to interact and we love your comments. I treasure if you disagree and wish to add in values and or you do agree and wish to add in. I always finish a blog with an unstated …AND YOU SAY??????? Comment and SAY.

I personally reply to all comments myself and I so wish to hear yours. If your a regular reader thank you. My goal this week is to announce LIVE if I pass 30,000 subscribers in less than five full months fresh starting my blog in 2018. YAHOO.

1 to 30,000 plus the massive readers who book mark click but do not register. Our privacy policy states – no use of data base – no third party access – just security for you and privacy for you – I don’t even email you all. YOUR DATA has never been breached or used and is stored off line and will not be used ever.

We note the opinions stated here are my own. We are not providing investment advice. We are encouraging you to check on our opinions and free speech declarations with your licensed professionals to explore options. We wish to be one of many sources you use to make better decisions. We hope we trigger discussion and debate that helps everyone.

We are never political.

We only speak economically.

Related to the Special Prosecutor – its economic.

Related to doubling the SEC BUDGET its economic.

Related to all our reporting it is opinion only ( mine ) free free to disagree I welcome that or agree I enjoy that – and never take offense as that was never not ever intended.

In todays spin bought and paid for media a blog that defines up to the second events on what is real – economically – what is really going on out there – why that is more than entertainment. That is a share and circulate as we all do better with more and better data.

Do we not?



Berny Dohrmann – Teaching AT CEOSPACE Coming up for a week what a blessing in my own life to be included still ….although we are all rotated …as CEOSPACE teams keep it new and fresh every time. Biggest one is July for your noodle on joining…in.