The Pope addressed a billion Catholics this week that the economic markets of the world require a miracle of ethics and integrity to serve humanity. He has watched:

  1. The banks of the world perform increasing fraud and crimes to steal money from their own clients, already the highest high rise in any city the BANK BUILDING.
  2. The investment banks pay billion dollar finds having made untold tens of billions in profits from crimes against humanity. Wasting real resources and assets. Creating billions in criminal prosecution and waste in fines and get of jail penalties.
  3. VW and other firms thought out crimes against nations to make greater profits and bonus’s at the cost to the earth the environment and committed crimes against humanity.

People are not at core criminal. Systems advance criminal behavior when systems lack moral codes – accountability – checks and balances where systems replace trust. Cooperative Capitalism is forged on individual integrity. Those who lack integrity are expunged from leadership wealth and power.

If integrity is not regarded in the system – Competitive Capitalism or Competitive Communism – both so ruthless – integrity is not considered. Everyone operates in brutal – tribal – savage – combat – with personally mean and individually cruel outcomes – anticipated and expected in an unethical world gone madd with spirits living under the commandment the false commandment of Competition – THOU SHALT SCREW UNDER OTHERS BEFORE THOU ARE SCREWED UNTO.

We are inviting our CEOSPACE members and new members who are business owners and professionals in practice to celebrate the American Memorial Day Holiday by joining the INTEGRITY COMMUNITY – Tuesday to Saturday of next week – and extend their stay to Tuesday for Memorial Day at the resort in Tampa BAY for fun – beaches – amusement parks and more including 72 PGA Golf Course holes to play on the 900 acre resort – at the lowest discounts – and tax deductible vacation with CEOSPACE inside for the entire family.

If integrity is a priority as the POPE suggests must now return to the last battle ground of the soul – BUSINESS – where we globally move from failed economic system models that decay into criminal behaviors we see in the news world wide family at the tippy top of industry – and as the POPE stated today it must begin with FINANCE & ECONOMICS to restore TRUST. Integrity is the crises and we agree.

A community that lies cheats and steals a whole lot less may not be in our earth life pure saints but it is a community that is priceless. The CEOSPACE community teaches ethical business, integrity in agreements, and raises up all leadership to its highest integrity. If that is the community you wish to spend your time within the priority of next week in Tampa with us just rose to a far better richer Holiday – a rich space for your family to bond into – and a place ranked # 1 by the leading press of the world because of the integrity.

Perhaps you should click QUICKLINKS on our global web site and see the integrity or a short video: . Yesterday is already too late to step out of any and all circles that lack integrity and into higher service circles that integrity is the DNA of the very community and circle itself – its heart beat is integrity.

If that calls to you…I’ll meet you and mentor you next week live and in person.