Ebola is not the flu.

Ebola is a category of virus – the ancient enemy – that has survived when mankind did not exist.

This ancient virus infects humans and up to 75% die. The deaths are incredibly rapid. The suffering is beyond description. Those effected have their organs destroyed. Internal bleeding is brought forth through the eyes, ears and projectile vomiting from the mouth. The air particles from the days of coughing and projectile vomiting and sneezing containment the entire zone and the virus lives in those moist particles for long periods of times – not days – not weeks but even months.

Human’s who breath in that infected air, touch surfaces, body fluids of left by a traveler on a plane or rental car or a spoon at your favorite buffet infect untold new transmitters as they all die and spread the contagion further. EBOLA is far worse than the Black Death that killed the large % of Europe in the DARK AGES.

We all are filled with ZOMBIA films and biblical prophesy of buildings with no inhabitants. EBOLA gets those forecast to reality. A projection of an EBOLA on planes is terrifying. It is not a fear item it is terrifying.

In 28 days – Ebola has moved from a tiny village in the forests in CONGO the birthplace and home of EBOLA in one of its most terrifying outbreaks to date. The village trades with those who come and go on river systems. In only 28 days Ebola is now in cities with over 1,000,000 of population. Those folks travel all over Africa and the world.

Who has been touched or effected. No one knows.

A month in the World Health Organization is placing an ARMY in CONGO of 6,000, strong and rising. Swat command centers are being set up but not fully operational to track every person, every move – test every transmission vector and follow it to the ends of the earth. That is not fully operational yet and won’t be for some time. The data will take weeks to unfold.

Meanwhile the infected have no clue during the weeks of incubation they are spreading EBOLA when they eat, make love, and travel. they are leaving EBOLA in their sweat sneezes and cough in the air, on surfaces and in public transportation.

THE VIRUS IS SPREADING and contaminating.

A experimental vaccine that must be stored below zero in CONGO to work at all – is being distributed to health care workers. Filed containment MASH units are being set up where ever needed. The health hero’s in the face of the worlds most famous killer of humans hope that the vaccine will protect them.

Will the vaccine in this strain not be impacted by the vaccine?

Will EBOLA Harden and mutate to see the vaccine as fuel not fatal to itself?

We don’t know. Dosages sufficient to protect an EBOLA epidemic do not exist at all nor is manufacturing to address such a demand even possible. SPIT INTO THE WIND. And we don’t know for sure if the spit even works.

You lose your wife? Do you clean her fluids and blood and bury your beloved wife? Do your children and family breath in EBOLA and transmit if from surfaces the virus awaits your touch upon and then you infect untold others comforting you for that death? So far half who have contracted the illness have DIED already in 28 days and many more will die soon. Are dying now.

To avoid panic to the world like the most recent EBOLA outbreak that killed so many tens of thousands and which reached the EU and America killing our people too – we are told not to worry.

Economics. If EBOLA is contained in Congo we dodged a great bullet. Last time we advocated ( CEOSPACE ) to the State Department and President Obama to make this a GLOBAL EMERGENCY. A Presidential finding executed massive resources and only with that – finally – and later than required – did the EBOLA spreading across the world in days finally contain over months and months.

We believe President Trump should duplicate that PRESIDENTIAL FINDING now and now delay resources. We believe the President creating a GLOBAL RESOURCE EMERGENCY SUPPORT NOW versus later protects the economics.


Imagine we have a whisper worse than last time and it was so close. Flights between nations were stopped. Commerce trade and essential goods by boat plane or truck were stopped in African nations that were isolated due to EBOLA. The Cost to economics of those nations was tens of billions and human suffering so complex only world war matches the horror. In weeks. Just weeks.

Now imagine all planes into and out of the USA were grounded – all ships were blocked and stopped – because we had EBLOA spreading and trading partners wanted to protect their nations or vice versa on our end. All those essential goods energy supplies and more would stop. COLD. Markets would SUPER CRASH over night. Trillions in wealth would be wiped out.

Commerce would grind to a halt. Real estate would not sell, investments would not flow, circulation of resources would come a pathetic creek from a river. Say 90 days from NOW at ground zero.

That may contain and isolate the virus but millions might flee and transmit the spread so that cities would be nuked. To protect the rest.

This all happens in flow charts in 90 days if it reaches critical mass of movement. In todays world. The need to take the most terrifying killer of humans upon the earth – terrifying in how it spreads – terrifying in how fast it infects and kills – terrifying in how it kills in the first place – and massively contain EBOLA IN CONGO.

Does WHO have what it requires? Is the global cooperation where it needs to be? IS a G 100 of nations supporting the effort for their own protection as massively as required. CATCH UP WITH EBOLA makes every dollar invested today five dollars invested to catch up later. Not smart.

Write your Law Makers world wide – JOIN a G 100 FUND EBOLA CONTAINMENT now not later. Let the few who control decisions know you support their choice to ramp up massive resources now to contain EBOLA TO CONGO.

How many inside a city of 1,000,000 are infected today? How many will they infect tomorrow? How many infected are on planes to nations around Africa and around the world. How many are on boats from the village with goods now contaminated and reaching ports and trade and moving globally? How many trucks of infected folks or buss loads of Congo folks infected have crossed over how many borders?

You think I’m an alarmist?

100 Million is the start of dollars invested with 6,000 and all their logistics support and personnel as FIRST WAVE on the ground arriving daily in CONGO today. AN ARMY from WHO. Like last time.

100,000’s of that army were required in 14 nations to remove the threat last time. Is this worse?

You bet. Why?

FEAR FACTOR. The in nation in CONGO know more. Those infecting do not know they are. Most feel they have a cold or a flu or something like they are used to and they FLEE to avoid EBOLA not knowing it is them. What hero stops and protects the world even their own family by voluntary isolations?

What first symptom moves to hospital and isolation at once? With trace programs to remove and isolate their every contact for 20 days of incubation tracing them all ….now the rub:


Ten on planes and 1000’s are now infecting 100,000’s thousands globally. Human’s never faced this when tens of millions died from the Spanish flu only in the 1900’s from sailing ships with no planes.

Today we have planes and commuter trains and fertile game for EBLOA to tear the shreds out of a debt filled world that if circulation of resources slows or stops the SUPER CRASH destroys economic core fabric.

Now think. If I was a terrorist and I had two cells of 12 infect myself and move with suits and lap tops across the globe no suicide plan could infect or effect more in your insanity. If I think like this and movie’s have been made about just this do you think WHO can do this alone?

Obama had the US MILITARY fully engaged for this aspect of EBLOA. Say a health care volunteer is infected for Allah and sneaks home to infect cello after cell who travel the world. The overwhelm occurs in say – oh – less 90 days from NOW. Say September.

My concern is PRESIDENT TRUMP failed to appreciate the issue sufficiently and act NOW versus later to develop a G 100 resource partnership to advanced the required resources to absolutely contain this EBOLA WORST OUTBREAK YET.

I reported the EBOLA OUTBREAK HERE first – then you saw it in the news.

I report today that the largest threat to the global prosperity and stability is no North Korea, Nor Russia, nor ISIS, nor Oil prices or Fed Interest rates. IT IS EBOLA.

I now report first:

  1. Ebola is out of control – we told you first last time.
  2. Ebola is not contained in any regard.
  3. Ebola is presently spreading all over Africa and soon the world.

News in our opinion needs the make this the lead story until EBOLA is contained.

NEW NEED world wide to have an EBOLA COUNTER – DAYS IN 28 DAYS and counting – 100 DAYS AND COUNTING – CONTAINMENT % 0 and rising as it does rise – but folks we have no wear near the needed resources to contain this outbreak.

We advocate WHO personnel leadership to advance IMF and WORLD BANK unity to unite the G 100 into EBOLA EMERGENCY RESOURCE PLEDGING WITH A MASSIVE USA FIRST RESPONSE next week.

We have low confidence next week will present anything at all.

It is not The Who last time it was all of us. Working in cooperation.


This weekend as CEOSPACE starts we all must carry on with our lives. We can’t let the EBOLA change our daily personal prosperity and gratitudes. However we are all powerful. WRITING and creating circles of readers and writers has what last time made the difference. Starting right here on grass roots. Get this BLOG to leadership. Press raise up.

Hedge Funds Private Equity and SUPER MONEY POOLS rise up and influence the few to marshal the resources to protect the many and yourself.

This WEEKEND ponder what you CAN DO. You can’t do everything but rise up and do that one thing YOU CAN DO and never regret you passively sat out the crises that could have buildings without people ( 75% of people ) because they are all dead. Say by December.

That is EBOLA in May going into Memorial Day. You might think about EBOLA. CEOSPACE is circling a community of business owners to game plans for everything so they have safe harbor. COMMUNITY is how we get through this. Forge yours.

It may be timely to make your Holiday with us in TAMPA as if your economic and personal lives depending on better information.

OH – and it does.

My goal is to sound the early warning bell once again as we did last time right here.



PS: Google and begin to book mark the EBOLA crises and make a favorite to track The Who SITE on the current outbreak updates. It is terrifying and on line – I’m doing just that you should as well. INFORMATION is power – and this is the focus for us all as humans. The ancient enemy is on the lose…all over again.