The longest boom in recorded history is now facing head winds to breed recession. The SUCCESS KILLERS include:

  1. Soaring interest rates that have risen by 300% in 18 months. This rapid pace of adjustment to global borrowing costs puts bands of steal around further receiver due staggering debt loads. Nations are approaching aggregate borrowing costs at levels never seen before averaging 255% of Global GNP. This staggering debt loading is not sustainable and without TIME as a core asset to bring it down, INTEREST rates will take the longest boom expansion in human history right off an economic cliff.
  2. The price of oil has soared. The price has risen more than 200% in one year alone. The output of oil has during this time soared. The demand for oil during this time has decline. The forces of declining demand into soaring output do you typically make the price of anything go up. The price tends to always go down. Saudi has used media and PR to literally “talk” the price of oil to rise 100%. Saudi is desperate for cash. It is far into the red ink that it shook down 1000 of its own royals to force those royals to come up with the 100 billion or or they would die. Almost 60 are still in custody and under threat. Saudi in civil war is jaw boning oil price to double derailing economic recovery world wide for selfish internal goals to profit.
  3. EBOLA the fastest spreading Ebola virus outbreak in Congo has now reached cities. Over half the people contracting the illness die. Less than half survive. The outbreak is spreading now from a hub city to the entire nation and world. There is no cure. The outbreak is massive and continuous . There is no “they” stopping this nor is there any insane stop. This EBOLA as with the last and this is far worse will reach the EU and America and the world. IT alone will stop the boom expansion and move the world into contraction.

The world market can no get no support for a global expansion on the Brink of tipping into contraction and years of recession to follow.

The REASON IS – Fed Policy OIL and OIL – FOE – and mark my words without policy shift a WORLD FOE “is” COMING.

Berny Dohrmann -Chairman CEOSPACE International