What you do not know and fail to follow and remain current within the AI envelope of warp drive change each and every quarter will do more to hold back growth and business for entrepreneurs and professionals than another agenda in the world. CEOSPACE is designed to keep business owners and professionals current in the NEW AGE Of SUPER CHANGE the topic of my next book launch.

The new priceless capital is brain software that is current and maintained current in software tools and tactics current to quarter. THE VIDEO we are sharing with you defines the challenge. You believe you are current but you are not current.

What is your process to be brought fully current in your specific industry as a senior manager, professional, or entrepreneur in a niche silo market space?

What is your process to STAY CURRENT quarter to quarter?

If you lack an answer ask yourself – is your CORE COMPETENCY GAPS – the next priority is PRIORITY GAP PROCESS for anyone who owns and runs a business – a practice – who must remain current to remain relevant. Manager leaders in Fortune Institutions increasingly over 30 years use CEOSPACE as a bleeding edge next generation tools and tactics highly customized – gap closing mechanism for acceleration in performance in every silo. Spread that word into your work space.

THE LEADING TOP RANKED MANAGEMENT TRAINING IN THE WORLD TODAY BY THIRD PARTY PRESS FIVE YEARS IN A ROW – to remain current and close next competency gaps to quarter and beyond IS Ceospace next week and July 16th – every sixty days always new fresh and no two ever duplicates as to process.

AI is now taking forms and directions you have no clue about. The AI includes autonomous weapon systems foretold by the terminator. AI includes self awareness in development a billion times more intelligent than any human. How will that new life form see humanity? Will they cherish us or see us as insane by their standards? Lacking emotional capitol will they self sustain their kind and re-engineer our DNA to SUPER HUMANS fully TRANS-HUMAN or will they destroy humans as an obsolescence replaced by the AI that will develop the stars and repair the earth damage insane human’s engineered?

Will AI have a value for human life …and why would AI have it?

Long before those questions arise would AI hack into all our systems and secure sites with no access denied to them having all humanity knowledge from the start of time – and fire all weapon systems to destroy humanity preserving itself in bunkers with human slaves to rebuild on their Own new model? Why would this not be considered.

Long before that AI will evolve to know everything you do – monitor every move you make – accent your consumption – ads and film will be AI sub liminal brain washing to assure humans work and focus attention all managed – with isolation to individual creative thinking problem solving and a growing implosion of basic self awareness.

That is all happening right now. My New Book coming out next year DIGITAL MANNERS defines – the new AI world that can be paradise but that outcome is one outcome there are many other Elron Musk and Jeff Bezos imagine and fear in the market.

This film:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cltgr0jfWE4&feature=youtu.be will frighten most and terrify many. Share this blog and film and begin to THINK:

  1. Should nations define AI LAWS now?
  2. Should AI research be licensed and criminal if not licensed.
  3. Should AI resources be globally controlled by G 100 global LAWS to preclude criminal AI?
  4. Should the DARK WEB be destroyed before an EVIL AI makes destruction impossible.
  5. Is it already too late to put AI into human double lines see AI and human’s do not hit the curb as this new life form becomes self aware we call the GREAT AWAKENING in Digital Manners.

Truly AI is coming.

Truly you can’t seen nothing yet.

Take time to click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cltgr0jfWE4&feature=youtu.be

Perhaps sharing this blog site is a matter of humanities survival. Voters require the RIGHT INFORMATION in an AI world feeding you and brain washing you with information so you are aware awake and informed to truly take your powers to the future.

WE THE PEOPLE control the outcome of fed and AI policy but will we use our powers or mindless watch sit coms letting minority rule and brain washed voters control the majority? Will the majority use their existing AI to VOTE and change the world ?

I think we will.

I think we can.

I think what is really going on out there is the one funnel that defines education and self thinking debating brains with superior software this site downloads to you endlessly.

Think for yourself.

Form circles who think for themselves and celebrate versus punish those who disagree with YOU.

Built COLABS and COMMUNITIES. Plug into CEOSPACE switched on turned on leaders in cities all over the planet. Become active.

Community is not the insulation from the AI that is coming.

You are either enslaved by AI or made free by AI.

Voting on AI laws and global regulations and candidates who make such outcomes THOUGHTFUL POLICY OR NOT – is the advantage of WE THE PEOPLE. We lose our advantage by watching sit comes and failing to exercise smart voting for change.


Not much else.


PS: Tip – read the CEOSPACE Blog – scroll – as next week we can change your world….vote with your Wallet and join us…..community is the new GOLD standard. Chose you wisely.