If you are on the ground you see things differently. In the final war on a holiday a full on attack took place from the GOLAN HEIGHTS a surprise attack. We were in lock down.

The entire nation of Israel in Holiday mobilized and went to war. Everyone.

The result – the six day war – was absolute victory for Israel. Jerusalem fell ever after to Israel control. In one week lights and streets were clean as they had not been in 40 years. They stayed illuminated and clean after. Arabs prospered in their traditional shops. Israel moved 100,000’s of thousands in which made prosperity greater for everyone. Peace was inside the holy city. A joint rule frame work with Israel spoil of wars totally in charge save for Holy Spaces Jordon administrates. It has worked for decades.

The capitol of the nation was declared Jerusalem with a Masada creed of never again. Political rule over East Jerusalem is not a border Israel will concede to any military power for all the reasons implied.

The USA along with so many other nations has moved its embassy to where Israel gov’s with its CONGRESS the KNESET or Gathering place. For many many decades. The capitol that works for peace for all Israel including Muslims by the millions.  Today the US embassy opened at the 1948 anniversary of the birth of the JEWISH nation in my own birth year. As a Christian the holy spaces I’ve visited in my own pilgrimage often as to  my own Mecca. I’ve visited the Muslim Shrine of the ROCK and touched the stone in reverence to faith of all nations.

I’ve prayed with my Arab teachers at the Mosque. I’ve studied under Cardinals Priests and Rabbi’s as well as MULAH’s. The word of the book.

I’ve been faithful celebrating all faiths and they with me.

It works. Violence is not normal in Israel. Peace is normal.

Millions work and pray and celebrate the tapestry.

Radical Muslims seek to holocaust all jews – all babies mothers and adults until they are purged from lands they have ruled forever. jews wish to welcome in peace and joy all faiths and celebrate differences never punish them. Those who would punish and destroy they defend all. Radical Muslims we hear about are a tiny fractional minority having zero influence to the great Majority of Muslims celebrating religious expression for all faith. My brothers and my teachers I salute today. Hold the space hold the peace.

Having had offices in Jerusalem for years in Diamonds and Antiquity trade gives one a perspective. Israel is like New York City. In all her spaces everyone in all faiths walks everywhere every night in throngs eating listening to music shopping and peacefully enjoying the prosperity. In the smallest communities and in her largest. Doors are unlocked. Children play in all the streets and all watch for them. Muslim children play with jewish and christians and have the time of their lives. All parents raise all children as one.

In Israel this week and every week. You don’t see the peace in news but you should. The peace is everywhere and calls to us all.

As in New York City and in Paris there is an isolated event that has no stake in the peace and joys of all the people. Violence is never an event Israel or its peoples ever start or foster or continue. Violence is an event Israel confronts. In its face and immediately.

Violence is isolated as it is in London or any great space. It is rare and not normal at all. In any great space of peace for millions. Who just love and treasure their home. Their peace.

Given the notion Israel is surrounded by 100 million Arabs of all different perspectives the minority ( a tiny tiny minority folks )  who chose violence have failed tp profit over decades. The cost has robbed them of their peace and their prosperity as insanity always does and always will.

Can religion celebrate diversity leading us all into the future?

I think the majority answer is yes and we are and we will.

Those who chose other roads fail.

Prosperity is what millions wish for Palestine and Gaza. Trumps son in law is devoting his life and brilliance to a peace outcome the world has found illusive. He can only try and he is. An amazing being. Today on site in ISRAEL for the USA dedication of its own embassy with his wonderful wife irrespective of politics.

Can deals be made versus pain and suffering form insanity?

Competition is insane.

Cooperation is sanity.

Will sanity rule as it is and does and must?

Yes in the end always.

As we witness events remember untold millions are unaffected in ISRAEL tonight and again tomorrow when violence occurs from others again. They are shopping – listening to music – together all faiths and celebrating the great tapestry that is the nation of Israel.

At some moment in history the violence will truly end and the full prosperity will truly begin.

Having spent so much time in Gulf Nations I wish only the celebration of the millions for cooperation versus competition.

I wish them prosperity in every measure of life.

I wish them that.

Berny Dohrmann – sad when death occurs which is preventable.

PS: Israel peace must include secure borders and governance for all. That is the future……insane versus sanity ….sanity wins.