Please keep in your thinking the conflict of interest. The Fed until it merges back into US treasury is a private stock firm owned by the private institutions it should regulate and would if merged. Keep all its processes but stop the insanity of paying interest to print money.

The FED is not a government agency. The FED is a private stock firm like any firm owned by shareholders who are largely banks. The conflict should be obvious. The FED Corporation ( look it up on GOOGLE ) is a private corporation with a contract by congress to out source money printing for profit. The founders wanted only the treasury reporting to congress and the President to have that power. CONFLICT OF INTEREST do you understand this. Google can verify it all as scrolling down my blogs will with video’ proof. Share this item as nothing is really more important to an informed voter seeking new candidates – merge the FED is the prime issue.

The Fed conflict of interest is to make profits for its shareholders. If you scroll on this blog it is spelled out with video’s.Data never lies.

The Fed always lies.

The issue is policy. All crashes are caused by FED greed.

This fantastic elite greed operates in shadow land everyone is afraid to mange. For example:

  1. I an emergency act of congress merged the FED into USA Treasury all its systems are retained fully. No problem there.
  2. Fed Debt is repaid in 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS that fully retire the debt and the USA is in the black in 2019 versus the red ink of today. Do your own spread sheets.
  3. Everyone profits – Fed shareholders and the nation.
  4. Interest to print money is gone moving forward.
  5. Real time markets moderate fiscal policy now audited and reported versus today the FED is never audited or reporting fiscal results to its shareholders even they are secret.

Fed Policy moderated to longer time lines to normalize interest and profits to its own shareholders is in the nations best interest but conflicts with the bank shareholders who in secret own and profit from the FED policy.


Fed is raising interest against inflation that is not present when oil which is a phony manipulated price is stripped out. NONE. NO reason to raise so rapidly.

Raised more slowly the following occurs:

  1. The nation revenues and GNP rise and the debt moderates.
  2. We can afford our debt ratio with rising soaring really GNP which today is not appropriately factored in.
  3. Soaring interest changes that equation.
  4. Creates a correction recession and end to all global prosperity.
  5. The Fed is considering without economic reason very rapid interest elevations.

Zero interest for ten years did not restart inflation. Or in Japan over twenty years.

The recovery is modest – fragile and brittle.

Moderating fiscal policy too rapidly in 2018 and 2019 will create a crises. Fed created.

The current policy needs to allow time – the economic weapon is now time – to heal the wounds – repay sink holes – and elevate USA GNP receipts to nation to manage debt ratio to GNP. Now at 75% slightly more than developing nations at 55%. If GNP does not rise it could be higher than 100% by 2045 but what will GNP be then?


We suggest much higher than charts show today if FEDS include TIME to grow GNP. Stability brought forth by TIME itself moderates stability risk.

The FED is making a mistake in policy which is historic.

The data says two raises this year and three next no more.

The Fed may raise four times this year and three is the new plan it would seem which has UNINTENDED consequences. A conflict to the nation struggling too to recover robustly and it will with TIME.

The few Fed policy makers are owned bought and paid for by their shareholders – too wealthy to jail.

The conflict no one in Kansas fully informed or Alabama would condone in a family company or institution. It is insane.

An 80 page act of congress 100 years ago has been obsolete for decades.

If we don’t pass a new MERGE THE FED INTO TREASURY with candidates who get that issue – truly – we have risk from conflict of greed and interest.

It is always follow the money.


Berny Dohrmann – THAT is going on right now – out there – truth.