Well we told you. The market is not stupid. The market is NEW.

The old market of five years ago to 100 years ago used humans to moderate news.

The AI software market consolidation where 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools are controlled by SOFTWARE managing trillions manipulate price.

News hits AI and they move instantly in flash trading never seen before to moderate profit positions up and down the rope.

Facts like Iran or Iraq election today or Violence in Gaza today are all predictable by humans as to real outcomes. With AI software as Glen Beck suggests ..not so much.

It is only going to get worse until AI gets smarter until AI is self aware or better than human. Humans over money have emotional intelligence that AI software lacks.

AI software is data only. Any news item spikes or drops markets. The software is controlled by math formula’s that are far far form perfected yet.

The regulatory agencies until their powers are upgraded with budget and authority and mandate from congress starting with the SEC can not yet regulate the new AI global realities. The markets have gone where no man in 1933 has gone before.

The frame work for regulation is now broken. Further the SEC is local to the USA. The G 100 needs to led by the SEC and others create a new G 100 Economic Constitution of uniform global trading rules and regulations to stabilize markets into the future. Until this event occurs – long set forth here and outlined specifically in my publication REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can read from Amazon – the outcome is very bleak in fact.

Wild speculation of trillions of dollars inside a casino capitalism lacking appropriate regulatory frame works can never end well for global economics.

Unbridled digital leverage never seen before all largely unregulated is one core foundational reason to the economics.

Another is the shadow banking and its leverage into the market with AI software all profit motivated by the minute versus stake holder long term investing driven by RE REGULATION.

The SEC we have argued requires a billion new funding to regulate the new AI frame work in real time. New laws are required to give the SEC and global regulatory sister agencies a new FRAME WORK MODELING into the future of all markets.

Unwanted speculation needs to be made criminal again. As it was in only 1999.

Today the greed genie is fully released and doing its awful magic into the market space. A super bubble in all asset classes driven by wild unchecked digital speculations. Profits are huge. While the system is at risk in the end – a while from now though.

Oil is crashing to the 50 dollar area and we told you that. AI is betting OIL will go over 100 dollars and stay there. We don’t think so. We also think Gulf nations will move to stability in the near term and chose prosperity. We believe Iran will make deals and make prosperity for its people. Wisely. Despite the political rhetoric you hear in the news. Behind the curtain deals are being forged.

Crammer is right in that AI is stupid and can not see the human outcomes until they become news. Humans can project in ways AI lacks software to “understand” as AI is as dumb in fact as CRAMMER suggests market are – without defining the new frontier all markets are engaged into.

We are inside CASINO capitalism. If your gambling bet away. If your growing asset classes invest in diversified insurance investing and make the maximum legal principle protected investment returns permitted by law. Thats my opinion others have theirs. I’ve been so right.

For gamblers I suggested bet in the Apple dip – I suggested invest in the Tesla dip – and I set forth the why.

Apple has proved a solid bet. We’ll see on Tesla. I see surprises coming as gamblers bet on humanity with Tesla and the industry of tomorrow – all of them. Telsa at core is the new energy.

Oil demand will drop in a crash not seen to demand in 100 years. It is coming in my opinion. Energy is moving away rom oil forever. Faster than anyone suspects.

Oil correcting from AI manipulated casino pricing to economic pricing will stun the world soon. In my opinion.

The world prosperity and expansion will rise and secure with the cost of everything – energy – dropping 40% coming up next. After a speculator profit making spike. Be warned and careful gamblers.

If this all comes to pass the 30,000 DOW rise into 2020 is likely before any real correction occurs to reset multiples. Even that will be short lived by 2008 terms.

The only wild card is the DEB SUPER BUBBLE which if it cascades into defaults ends casino capitalism and diversified insurance investing profits those on the way up and protects capital on the way down maximally.

Gamble or long term invest.

Markets or diversified insurance money management?

As it costs nothing to explore stepping out of the casino why not share this blog with your circle. Talk it out as the truth.

Explore get the information. Start with New York LIFE my favorite or a major of your favorite and get the facts.

It will astound you in peace of mind.

There there gamblers enjoy your bets. Leverage and enjoy them till your margin calls which is still a ways ahead.

Casino Capitalism so fun to play in any casino. Most lose and an elite make all the money as does the house the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS till the music dies.

That is for brother CRAMMER on the WHY the market seems so DUMB to him today.

Berny Dohrmann on WHAT IS going on out there

PS: Israel – if you have Trumps Daughter and Son li Law at the new USA Embassy opening and thousands of Gaza hamas inspired storm the border walls to break and invade Israel – 30 minutes away by car – the nation must no kidding around defend itself and hamas can’t spin its army attacking the troops on the border – we all mourn the political deaths as so not required – with prayers for every family effected – not a happy day for anyone – but really everyone knows Israel it takes no AI to predict its defense to itself under total attack.