The United States Constitution sought to create a GREAT and NEVER ENDING experiment in human affairs. The US Constitution has effected the most stable powerful prolonged government and prosperous nation on earth in history of humanity.

The United States Constitution sought to protect a sovereign individual from the most powerful central government ever known. Through a series of checks and balances the Constitution sought to assure that:

  1. The offices of government sought the best talent the talent never sought the office.
  2. Political parties would have no powers to nominate or influence election outcome.
  3. Money could never influence outcome of best person for office.
  4. Justice would be administrated such that real presumption of innocence was maintained and government had to proven beyond any doubt guilt.
  5. Rights were protected and weighted to the sovereign individual versus the nation’s powers.

Today ROLLING BACK Freedom is a open debate and priority as the pendulum has swung far from the constitution and it needs to be swung back – which it does in America over time.

Justice reform was an absolute priority of the Hillary and Trump elections. Both camps promised priority to Justice reform.



Labels  in mass media tar and feather sovereign individuals in 2018. If you are under indictment you are labeled. If you are being investigated you are labeled.

The Grand Jury process needs reform.

Today the most powerful government on earth, assembles and calls a GRAND JURY of citizens into session. Today the presumption of the GRAND JURY is the TARGET is guilty. The government without balance of any defense any questions of evidence, presents the GOVERNMENT with unlimited manpower and resources and money to spend – evidence framed to get one outcome – an INDICTMENT. 98% of indictments results in guilty verdicts and pleas. Is this balanced?

Is this justice? Is this the way we want it?

Do we want a system that puts innocent people in prison to assure no guilty person goes free?

Do we want a system where no innocent person goes to prison even if a small % of guilty do not get indicted?

Which do you wish?

Do you wish a system where if you have huge money and your OJ you can get away with murder?

If you have no money your in jail for life on three strikes your out for stealing a loaf of bread to feed your four children.

Which Justice do you desire?

Can we do better?

Is the current system broken and it needs repair?

Are you MORE or LESS afraid of your own national government today than you were just some time back?

Do you want to ROLL BACK FREEDOMS?



Session put into office by the Deep State to destroy Trump – appoints a special witch hunter – a savage prosecutor without regard to anything but use of his unlimited powers as Special Prosecutor. The double lines is to investigate crimes related to collision in the Russian Election.

The Special Prosecutor gets indictments not for collusion ( his mandate ) but for changes he has framed for tax issues – criminal versus civil – and related “crimes” all unrelated to RUSSIAN COLLUSION.

BILLIONS are being spent without regard for better use of that waste and money. The nation is distracted into the election year spin doctoring of POLITICAL JUSTICE all manufactured for election outcomes.

Sessions recuses himself and has his debuty become Tonto for the Special Lone Ranger.

Both operate outside the mandate :

  1. Arresting Trumps associates and like NAZIS in SUITES saying hey you’er going to jail but say this or that about Trump and we’ll let you off. Be a witness come on we are extolling you after all which is a crime but we are immune . We are US JUSTICE you see.
  2. Battering Down Trump’s home and law firm doors with SWAP TEAMS with press making political justice – when the powers to order record turn over and protection rests in JUSTICE but they step outside the double lines.
  3. Endless PRESS LEAKS from JUSTICE to assure a guilty climate without due process like some third world dictator nation.
  4. Moving from Collusion “limited authority” Session or any formal Attorney General would FIRE THEM for stepping outside legal guidance and mandate as illegal
  5. Operating as a totally UNCONTROLLED POWER – no check – no balance of any kind opening criminal investigations to FRAME the PRESIDENT and his team for perjury – sexual crimes – obstruction of justice – and any eight lane highway outside their SINGLE MANDATE legally – they just persecute versus prosecute under the law.

The Inquisition was burning folks at the stake. The Special Prosecutor is politically burning folks at the stake without any customary due process.

This spending and waste of attention – political capital and POTENTIAL – waste of tax payer billions for nothing at all – must stop and JUSTICE REFORM is HOW YOU STOP IT.



I think Session should as Attorney General order a finding on collision by the end of the month of May. Failing to have any action or case on COLLUSION I believe the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States should order the office of the Special Prosecutor he created terminated closed and all files sealed and all work terminated.

THE US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT needs to get back to its work for the American People in June.

Failing this action I think, in my opinion, President Trump should FIRE, Sessions, His Deputy and the Office of Special Prosecutor with new appointments for each position ready to install at once. This appropriate JUSTICE REFORM comes with a mandate to create a study review team to propose legislation for JUSTICE REFORM based upon obvious system abuses, to protect and safe guard citizen due process and rights under the constitution maximally in a digital age, from Grand Jury reforms to prosecution fire walls.

A White House JUSTICE REFORM COMMITTEE headed by Roel Campos of Hughs and Hubbard former SEC COMMISSIONER would work with a JUSTICE REFORM legislation committee coordinating with Justice to have balance on new laws Congress will debate to REFORM US JUSTICE for the coming century and unborn Americans.

The Mandate would be a firewall that ROLLS BACK RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS for the American citizen in a media digital age to insure any “crime” is processed with every consideration the suspect is innocent and protected and that if a fair indictment with a reformed Grand Jury process to include appropriate defense balances and checks and balances completely missing in that unfair process today – are included – even then – the party is presumed and protected in their innocence.


Can WE as a people DO BETTER?

Can we reform the system to restore what the founding fathers intended – to protect sovereign citizens maximally from the most powerful central government in the world where the government serves and works for them not where the government has unreasonable powers over them.

To restore sovereignty.

To roll back freedom.

It is a mid term election. We can vote in candidates that make JUSTICE REFORM a priority as a WITCH HUNT with wasted billions to at any cost topple political enemies is not the way this river should flow folks no matter what YOUR POLITICS ARE you are always FOR AMERICA FIRST.

This is not the way to run our rail road.

Justice Reform. I personally believe it is an urgent consideration for the nation.

Berny Dohrmann – Calling what IS going on out there as I see it – and you say. ?