The USA has two middle East Allies ahead of the pack. Israel First and Saudi second. Israel and Saudi cozened up lately. We ask you to always FOLLOW THE MONEY. So the economics are:

  1. Iran is pumping 2.5 million barrels a day up a bit from their valley of 300,000 barrels a day. The USA isn’t buying any of that and sanctions by ( us ) don’t mean anything to Iran in real time.
  2. The other EU nations meet Monday to uphold the legal treaty their nations ratified – their congress approved – and they put their reputations into. Only the USA President and Congress agreed and now we broke our word – again. Thats truth.
  3. The World does not work out well if Russia goes into instability which would happen with an OIL crash. That is coming though. Russia is in a huge recession and 80 dollar oil up from 29 dollars in just months – helps a bit. Ya think?
  4. Iran is helped because Trump just gave them billions in oil money with the price raise based on absolutely nothing economic – the price rise is bullshit and Iran is happy happy despite what they say.
  5. Opec meets soon and Saudi which served this meal to Iran is going to have a very upset IRAN who may leave OPEC along with Russia which frankly is the END OF OPEC. They are not going to keep quota’s while Saudi makes killings as they raise up making Iran the target or everyone based on SAUDI LIES.

80% of the terror in the world is Saudi financed including 9/11. Saudi invented radicalism and exported it to assure their own franchise remains generational. The Puppy King is caught between idealistic reforms today and 2000 year old traditional powers that oppose such changes on cultural traditional and religious grounds plus more. These powerful factors have one other issue in nation.

Family Tree’s of Royals in Saudi had homes and offices raided, the Royals ( over 1000 of them ) were put in prison – most gave up more than 100 billion dollars in 120 days through threats of death with zero rights – zero due process – just human rights abuse we all look the other way as the Puppy King calls his enemies corrupt. How Corrupt is their tribe doing the 100 billion dollar shakedown? 56 of the most powerful families refused to bow to the extortion tortures threats to their families ( keep in mind they are all Royals ) and are still in prison for failure to cooperate – give up their billions.

Now then is Saudi in civil war? Are factions planning to assassinate the new two year old Puppy King in his thirties? I think it is likely in that region I know so well. I don’t like it because it so destabilizes Saudi at it its core. I think the bet that those powerful families shaken down, insulted, labeled, and fleeced, in that culture have long memories and their tribes and circles must be revenged for savagery without Royal courtesy – and that revenge is patient and certain. We’ll see. It would not surprise me to see huge SHOCKS in Saudi.

Now then Saudi has spent two years making Iran something it is not. Iran has been relatively quiet within its trying to build prosperity post sanction and welcome the community of nations to invest and trade with its honorable people and inventive people. I know the Iranian people and they are not just GOOD PEOPLE they are GREAT PEOPLE in the Region.

Now we have Saudi succeed to influence their buddy Trump and his team – to kick IRAN in their financial balls. WHO KICKED THEM?

Well Saudi Kicked them economically. The Puppy King has been calling for and arranging affairs to secure a war with Iran to assure they as the most powerful regional nation militarily do not topple the KINGDOM of Saudi. We’ll get America to go to war with you guys.

That will keep you off our castles.

Well Iran is coming out of being a quiet good boy. I could see Iran if I was the boss – blitz move to take over Iran and Saudi in say a month. An all out all in move. We could not even organize to stop that with resources in Syria and spread all over. A consolidated response would be impossible. Iran would own the largest oil supply on earth as one nation of Iraq and Saudi oil under one government. Oil would plunge in value after spiking. Iran would be unimaginably powerful and wealthy for its game plan.

I’m sure you will define why this could never happen? Or what Israel would do – which I think is limited. Given the trillions of power and dollars shifting if they did it – stranger outcomes have occurred. When has Saudi gone one step too far? Iran is capable and about at that step I should think.

America would be having a new conversation after that move with the Gulf geo powers as Russia was the influence in the Gulf not America following such an event. Is that why Bibi from Israel is in Moscow with Putin today at the big Inauguration Parade saluting the Russia gulf dominating military?

What is really going on out there is huge changes now. Is the Trump policy a trigger for enormous change in the Region? Will Trump in fact negotiate behind the scenes a better agreement which really doesn’t change much from Iran’s perspective but invite a trillion dollars to invest in Iran and really open up IRAN? If that does not occur will Iran counter Saudi Iran ramp to war to protect itself?

There are a lot of moving economic cards and one thing is certain. Stability and future outcomes in the Middle East are less certain today than they were last week.

That is for SURE and that is WHAT IS going on out there. We’ll keep you informed with our folks all over the Gulf and I’ll be over there this year and next myself talking to my tribes at the top on their thoughts on all the possibilities.

Its a new Day in the Middle East and Storm clouds are rising.

Berny Dohrmann – What is Real on the oil Deal – as the phony pricing is temporary before the Oil Crash to 50.00s this summer.