We told you how the casino market is software AI controlled by 10,000 Super Money Pools as THE MARKET everything else is no longer a “condition” of price.

We told you super leverage to effect by sell price ranges in every price range are side bets – now making ungodly profits – on up down swings as the AI software profits no matter which way trades go inside the trading ranges.

We told you when the experts reported this week:

  1. Apple earnings would shatter track records and miss anticipations.
  2. Apple was going to walk way from iPhone X.
  3. Apple was a company that had lost its way and was over priced.

We said – doing what we told you to do – buy Apple in the Dip and we told you why. We gave you data. We presented that:

  1. Iphone earnings would be.a record this report. It was.
  2. We said iPhone X sales would be its star performing. True.
  3. We said Apple was going to roar over 200 dollars a share.

Today the market rising 300 up bubble – as we suggested it would this week to you – when everyone else said whoah no way – and Apple broke its all time HIGH RECORD TODAY in the 180’s territory price per share wise – and then Warren Buffet noted 1/4 of his entire FUND that enormous fund was now ( buying in the dip ) 75 million shares – now add that up – richer in Apple ownership and they may take the fund to 1/3 even 50% on Apple – now how big a bet on AMERICA is THAT?

The market driven by AI is subject to the IRAN news which truly has no immediate real impact. Iran oil sales will not decline. We have zero powers over that. And the EU is not behind our pull out and may not join any sanctions and actions we take on our own servicing Saudi Policy and Politics. We need a NEW Middle East POLICY to celebrate all nations and governments and punish none. Make deals with everyone. Iran included.

However the current failed policy may be continued and its economics is zero. However the market may be volatile as AI reacts to political news taking profits ahead of other AI in a software race to bottoms and tops of pre set ranges which then rebound.

Long term holders see historic gains. Risk of a correction is real as price to earnings ratio’s are higher than anytime since 1929. We feel they will set records and cycle up and down like a drunker AI software sailor at port – through 2020. Sometime in late 2019 – 2020 after the Spring Correction – is over – we suspect record new highs than a 30% to 40% correction – Apple at 250 may decline to 155 again before it goes back up in such a correction. As a model to consider. Long term holders ride through. Short term traders get wiped out with leverage.

The correction is volatile to political policy that is unknown.
We have suggested smaller investors lacking the holding powers of a Warren Buffet might wish to sell out and take profits placing a diversified guaranteed principle protection into insurance investing as follows:

  1. Fixed income into annuities
  2. Equities and growth into INDEX Life money management products
  3. Liquid savings CD”s T BILLS and the like into WHOLE LIFE paying up to 7% the highest compounding return on money permitted by law by best money managers who paid out when banks were closed down in 1930’s – the safe harbor – so the cycles in markets never effect you and risk is removed you could lose – plus you enjoy side free life protections that are sensible safety nets we all require and desire.

Folks – if you want to never have a bad hair day in the market moving forward consider the guidance here.

Always buy low and always sell high.

You are inside the highest boom the longest boom in recorded human record keeping.

At some time booms contract and markets correct with ratio to the length of the boom and height of the boom. Longer higher means more dramatic crashes and lower longer. By history.

We have the unknown of casino capitalism totally controlled like an upside down pyramid. You and I and collective average investors are the tip of the upside down pyramid. The market is controlled by 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS leveraging trillions in capital to buy side bets on which way any asset may go both up and down – with AI software protecting risk – they think it is risk – less risk – and manipulating price for every single asset class into ranges. If that leverage bubble investing does not burst.

As an investment banker economics – albeit an old one – retired – I do present I believe we are in the GREATEST GLOBAL SUPER BUBBLE OF ALL TIME. I believe DEBT is out of balance and an abuse of economic laws and traditions. I believe debt is being used to make profits at any cost in the shortest time frame. I believe the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is a risk unlike the world has ever known – as in not ever.

I believe when the economic abuse – re-balances – a SUPER CRASH will occur in 72 hours which will close all banks and financial institutions. I believe all system liquidity world wide in all markets will have only AI SELL ORDERS and zero buy orders. I believe there will zero liquidity in any market and markets will seize up and freeze – trade will cease – institutions will go Bankrupt in a CASCADE of insolvency as the DEBT PIG in the PYTHOM works its way through a bankrupt system today due to SUPER DEBT.

Its like musical chairs really.

When the music stops in digital casino capitalism the system collapses and ceases in 72 hours not 72 weeks as in old times that were not inter-linked or digital. Nations can not save this debt super crash when the bubble bursts. 100’s of trillions in wealth will disappear.

Nations may engage in world wars. Traditional outcomes to such system abuse over decades.

Diversified insurance investing is the superior safe harbor. Warren Buffet would be well to have 50% of his portfolio so positioned. The Casino will not serve him as the past models have as his assumptions are new unknowns in a market gone digital in only five years. AI software controls the market not Berkshire which is still an influencer though. The tail no longer the good dog.

The Dog ( economics are core ) will shake off system abuse like ocean water off a good dog sending that water off their fur in 360 degrees where every single person standing near by gets wet. The system will rebalance. Those who get slaughtered are idiots in the wind of rebalancing – greedy system abusers caught inside the biggest economic SUPER BUBBLE of all time.

What is different is every economic asset class is over leveraged to support price and manipulated by trillions of leveraged non economic stock buy backs to falsely set stock price for insider greed. Regulations lost control of markets five years back or so.

Without a regulatory RE-FRAME the largest since the 1930’s the system risk just rises and rises at core. The old fatally abused economic system – competitive capitalism and competitive communism – dies off. The new Global Cooperative Capitalism replaces the phony casino with a real economic frame work.

That occurs 100’s of Trillions of wealth in today’s terms being wiped out. Gasoline in after is 25 cents a gallon. Wages are 1.50 an hour. Everything resets to a new deflated normal. The Fed can do nothing. Its last silver bullet is already fired. It has no ammo.

It fired and never hit the target it made matters only worse.

The ultimate outcome is not predictable. The when. The how long they can hold the bulging DEBT against the leaking DAMN ( defaults across nations everywhere ) so that the DAMN itself does not break the present economic system – when LIQUIDITY is gone in a digital power hour – the system is dead. NO slow death an economic heart attack and dead. DEBT shot in the head.

A Tsumani of debt defaults making assets shown on financial institution balance sheets as solid good performing assets go to crap and shit and worthless in 72 seconds. This creates a cascade of bankrupt. When all orders by AI with only 10,000 Super Money pools move to SELL and there are NO BUYING orders to pick up the sell – and hourly daily weekly the prices dump lower lower lower but no one can get out – they can’t sell – they just lose – lose more – lose all. When leverage margin calls are called and no one can pay the system melts down and the SUPER DEBT kills the economic system at core. Liquidity Evaporation Day like the terminator ends the current post World WAR II economic system.

Everyone ignorant of causation will moan and groan and blame game woe is me – how could this have happen – god this is so awful who is responsible – and no one will answer the truth. IT will take decades to rebuild with or without world wars.

If you feel the system can never experienced this future we advise how to KNOW WHEN TO HOLD THEM and know when to FOLD THEM investment directions for your mind set here.

If you feel the system can and will experience such an inevitable outcome – you will – invest with a different mind set and we advised here what that safe harbor may be like.

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Being right is a challenge given so many variables. Our data reviews are holding together inside our predictive models.

Think about our truth because – hey – we are right.

We deal with cause not symptom.

We deal with data and global economics not politics.

We argue for sanity versus insanity in economic policy for the unborn generations.

Perhaps one day we can together – get there.

In summary – an Apple A day has been a huge pay day – today.

Because – we were right…scroll and see for yourself.