Market – Fed – Apple – AND YA ALL 

BLOG readers – recall we told you buy Apple in the Dip. We told you the issues with Tim are largely resolved. We suggested Apple would stun the world experts – nay sayers and up to last week suggesting Apple was a sell not a buy and Apple Short buyers just had loses – massive losses they can not cover – and those loses will get worse and worse and worse. The weight of the entire stock market is titled to a % on Apple that is somewhat disingenuous but that weight is likely to last in software parameters for a time.

Keep in your thinking the following:

  1. We are in a new global casino capitalism the world has never known nor had history upon a new ECONOMIC.
  2. The world inter-connection is one aspect.
  3. The speculation of buying massively – say an ocean of buying on side bets to a future price up or down on both sides of the rope – for all money pools – by software – and a small Long Beach Bay is the entire real economic market of a stock price or a bond price or a commodity price – the price of everything – controlled now by software not human speculators.
  4. The Casino is consolidated from bases of the past to the controlling % in 2018 for the first time ( EVER ) by AI digital software -that is an evolving ever more SCI FI socphistciagd software war – of AI over money and the winner will control the wealth of the world. The first very fully digital global market dynamic fully outside obsolete global regulatory frame works. Today the trades are in the cloud and the regulations are impotent largely and local entirely. Legally. WE need to upgrade all that.
  5. Consolidation has less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS in AI software WARS with one another controlling market price ranges. The least gossip can move markets as AI seeks to profit in flash high volume trade against the other AI where volatility – is profit making and desired – versus stability in market. No one can predict if this is all working out to be good or to be bad.

The FED is raising interest to normalize way to fast and way too soon. Their inflation model is broken. The removal of OIL price as a pure temporary cartel speculation – takes inflation away. The case for a more moderate rate policy is in place. However the FED driven by pure greed for itself and its shareholders – as my prior blog defined for you – the FED is a private stock from – like say FACEBOOK only the FED has an 80 page contract from congress to control money with zero oversight or accountability. The Fed and its bank shareholder members – all secret – make fortunes as the rates rise FASTER. So the conflict against our national and global interest to the ultimate people of the nations best interest is not resolvable morally ethically systemically or in integrity – unless the FED is merged back into the US Treasury. In my opinion as the only sane fix.

The US dollar is doing something it has not done since 1980. Thats a long time folks. If you char the dollar ( as economists do ) you can see the ups and downs since 1980 where no new peak was ever at the old peak – all new peaks since 1980 were lower. Until now. Until 2018. Now the new peaks are higher for the FIRST TIME SINCE 2018. The treasury and the Fed in union with trade wars between currencies of nations are returning the US dollar to price ranges they have already decided upon.

We told you here – buy the dollar the trough. We told you to buy and hold dollars. We told you the dollar was not rising back it was ROARING BACK. The Dollar is ROARING BACK right now. This makes goods around the world cheaper to buy or the US and our goods more costly to buy in their nations unless they have dollars – which they all do have dollars and now desperately as it is roaring want more dollars at the price of 2018. 2020 the dollar will be hugely higher.

This makes OIL less costly as dollars settle in oil. Today oil dropped ( a lot ) as we told you yesterday it would.

  1. We told you buy Apple in the dip – we were so wise no?
  2. We. told you buy the dollar in the valley – wise no?
  3. We told you oil would tank – and long buyers would get killed.

The double reality. of America OIL STORAGE filling up again to maximum – Iran pumping record oil ( which we told you yesterday was unstoppable and Saudi trying everything like WAR ITSELF to stop them ) has lost on oil policy – lost on OPEC which is in fact SHATTERED IN TRUST by any measurement. OPEC meals have paid a trillion to lose market share of five trillion in forward years because of SAUDI.

Saudi bidding oil higher for a 90 day period – only to see Oil fall to the$  50.00 range – in the coming crash we told you is coming this summer – is economics not political or personal. We love the Saudi People and its leaders. We admire the leaders even when we refer to the PUPPY KING as a 30 something dreamer has so much vision but has some “issues” on regional political wisdoms and economic wisdoms. Saudi is at 75.00 dollar oil ( and it just plunged from that high ) in the RED in DEFICIT almost 60 billion dollars. Think about it. They just robbed without due process over 10o billion from their own Royal Families in 2018 – right? And without that 100 Billion they would be in the RED almost 200 billion this year alone. However – they lie about numbers and provide no real support on forward oil assumptions – opaque far from western economic reporting and transiency – nothing like Apple today. So you have to read Saudi economic tea leaves and bet that things are much worse than they are telling you. Short term they are fine but their Aramco Offering may have to come later than they wish as markets punish the failed POLICY ON OIL and oil crashes. So many will lose so much coming up – again – all because of Saudi. More and more are trusting Iran and seeing beyond the SAUDI spin to the world about IRAN.

IRAN is not what the press suggests and we ask the world and the press who read this blog to consider a more balanced reporting of how far Iran has come and is coming and how honorable they have been to their agreements – its truly historic. They should be rewarded for it and they are fighting real terror without a national agenda outside protecting their customer stability who they trade with – their partners – their trading sphere – who would not?

The Gulf Community knows how to read the tea leaves. The West has a bit of a propaganda model to wade through to learn the TRUTH. Saudi is wisely encouraged to:

  1. Disban OPEC outside a steering committee versus a price setting body of anything. As that game is lost and over.
  2. Let others run OPEC not SAUDI at SAUDI new policy.
  3. Pump at market rates that are appropriate for market share and focus on best service and price to buyers versus ripping them off.
  4. Meet IRAN and form a REGIONAL TREATY that brings stability and peace everywhere.
  5. Resolve from that Israel in a peace deal that comes from the King or Jordon on behalf of all Regional Partners. Usher in a GULF AGE OF MASSIVE PROSPERITY IN MINERALS FIRST and all economic diversity second – the next wonder of the world the GULF. The Puppy King wins big time. Lead the peace not the war.

The USA is in the drivers seat. In rising dollar strength – soaring economics – with an infrastructure deal – the future is so GREAT for the world. The Debt Bomb in time can be worked out. America needs the Special Prosecutor to with integrity stop looking to frame a case outside Russia Collusion. CLOSE THE SPECIAL INVESTIGATION and encourage by doing so border legislation the wall an infrastructure and maybe a TAX PLAN II. America would as engine fo the world usher in a NEW DECADE OF PROSPERITY.

Why would any law maker wish something less?

IS it time to with integrity – remove politics from US JUSTICE? Perhaps that ultimately is a huge win for TRUMP even if he has to do it on the other side or an indictment everyone will see as a sad sad day for politicized American Justice. While no President is above the law no NAZIS IN POLICE STATE SUIT – is above the law and accountability – such as Congress Impeaching the office of SPECIAL PROSECUTOR and holding JUSTICE REFORM to its own powers – for the good of the nations is a right now event.

Big wheels are turning. Will the Fed in GREED CONFLICT to maximize profits for itself and its bank shareholders in a private stock company we wrongly call the FED versus say Tony Soprano’s private bank no one can audit touch or oversight ever – is profits now. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

OPEC is not the rightening cartel trying to knee jerk oil higher for greed and need of their own decades of bad planning and policy. No. CENTRAL BANKS globally as private criminal corporations – owned in secret by the banks – are the MONEY CARTELS that CONTROL MONEY OF THE WORLD. Why is that desired at all in 2018 within a digital fully reporting age in real time? Or needed? MERGE the central banks into state TREASURY and generations prosper versus the FEW.

The only reason we don’t take on this public policy is the power of the MONEY CARTELS and the fact that the people who matter are distracted BY THE MONEY CARTELS keeping focus off the one issue of our time to reform the world maximally – MERGE CENTRAL BANKS INTO TREASURY.

You were kept ignorant for a reason on these economic truths.

The internet is making you all smart and fast.

I spit in the wind to 30,000 subscribers today but 100,000’s of click this blog site and they include the SUPER MONEY POOLS who are sharing this blog ( because they make money with its data ) and the press and institutions of nations and heads of state.

I personally have created a new bond class to re-set the debt the entire debt of nations in 24 months – and infuse endless new capital to those nations – keeping them in the black and resetting their debt CLOCKS. I welcome inquiries from administration of nations to effect this outcome fast. Working with a growing number with pride.

My readers – small business – institutions nations and the press – are receiving my best effort to review data restate date and let you make more informed balanced choices moving forward on what?

WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – so you understand it better. Its all economics folks always follow the money.

Now as.a Forbes top 10 Keynote Speaker I am speaking all over the world. Folks use the phone on this blog page to contact me and book me and form India to Romania from UK to Africa ..I am out speaking till the end of May right now one city a day non stop. Teams help me create data to extract news current to the sound byte you watch tonight.

The issue always is – do YOU wish to best informed always?

If yes – you already subscribe and share this blog on social twitters and walls. In one year we have gone from zero again as I fresh started – form an ISIS Hack ( those crazy brains have no sense of humor what losers ) – to 30,000 subscribers and huge readership globally in 12 months from zero…so thanks. You all did that. I’ll let you know when we pass 100,000 subscribers and one million again. Won’t be long as the TRUTH is treasured today.

You can’t buy it but you can read it.


PS: To the loads of great men and woman in Justice – you all know we love treasure and respect YOU but really – CAN WE DO BETTER and you know we can and we should and we must. Now is the time for reform and improving the system don’t you agree? Thank you for your service. Apple is having a great week and we told you so…go APPLE – I own your stock myself ….