Is it because I told you Spring 2018 would be a correction? I told you in 2015 again in 2016 many times in 2017 and in Jan 2018 when markets peaked at froth level? Why Then? Why do you know first? Those who acted preserved untold wealth at peak markets. Those that read and were dead – have lost. Its OK as we will rise back up to 30,000 DOW between now and 2020. Then Duck.


Well truly – you have to place blame away from News. The Blame is where I told you the blame lies. THE FED giveth – free money – and the Fed taketh away – soaring cost of money and less money overall.

So the Central banks world wide are tightening> Why?

Well they changed the way they count unemployment. For the first time in 100 years the DC Smarty Pants concluded a new way to count unemployment. Take the long term unemployed who were earning big bucks and now have only Burger Flip Jobs at minimum wage available for the graduate degree selves – OUT OF THE COUNT. Thats right just change counting and make them invisible. So they did that.

BAM. 35 million long term unemployed disappeared. Today we have full employment. We have 4% and a fraction unemployed. Or do we? Well you think Iran lied ( and I don’t ) think about other nations like say the USA.

For one – The Fed is a private stock firm owned by its banks like say Apple. The Fed gets to use the FED NAME as a fraud to trick you into believing this NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION – NGO – is a federal entity which it is not. The Fed like all central banks enjoys as a private “non reporting -non audited” secret stock firm – protected by law from full disclosure – the exclusive contract to print and control our nations money. The banks and investment banks are not regulated by the FED they own and control the Fed with zero oversight. The congress has chats with the FED – but they have zero power over the Fed. When Congress tried to audit the Fed the Fed said no way. When congress asked where the 11 trillion of tax payer money went – the Fed said they would not tell Congress. When asked would the Fed tell Congress where 11 trillion dollars was spent – on the record the answer was NO.

American’s ignorant of anything economic – don’t seem to care about the cause of all depressions, recessions and wars – the FED. You see all the harm is profit to the FED and its members – as the ultimate cartel. You think OIL is a crazy cartel manipulation of energy – the cost of everything – by the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Think of MONEY – of controlling MONEY – and how a few can profit from the many when they do control the nation’s money.

What is sane versus insane to fix this source of all pain problem? I’ve told you. MERGE THE CENTRAL BANKS BACK TO NATIONAL TREASURIES by one emergency act of congress passed in one week of time. Keep all the FED PROCESSES but make the FED really a FEDERAL AGENCY BY LAW and accountable and audited. Who owns the Fed? They won’t tell us? How much money does the Fed make? They won’t tell us? Where does their money go? They won’t tell us.

Bookmarks this video and share this information within your social postings and your blogs. You read spin not news. The bought and paid for brain washing you receive is to whip up emotions and keep you on track to know nothing about how LEGAL THEFT is working.

if you played this video and created a book mark – you can research on the internet oceans of truth and facts about the light bulb going on from this blog. Ask yourself – why – does not public education teach this to us? Answer – you know why.

The Kennedy’s ( both ) were going to merge the Fed into the US Treasury. I’m not accusing anyone of anything – but how did that work out for them? As I Knew them. Both.

You might suggest – are you not worried? I reply – I’m an old man – I”m not running for anything – I don’t possess enough power or influence to impact the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF THE United States – thought typing this FRAUD out makes an investment banker economist wish to puke. THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY in any commodity but especially national currency is a crime against humanity. Deaths and suffering unimaginable occur while the monopoly on money destroys the value of currency and the wealth of nations is legally siphoned off.

SO: the FED.

The Fed moved from free money – with a weak recovery – under cover of inflation – to raise interest rates.

Back to the Fed plan to change unemployment counts when they became SOCIALLY DISRUPTIVE POTENTIALLY in the SUPER CRASH – caused by free money pouring into Fed member mortgage profit making.

So 34 million UNEMPLOYED and able to work and be productive have no futures let alone no jobs – outside say minimum wage starter positions – 80% below what they once made. Unemployment in America would be 8% if accurately and reported the way we reported in the 1980’s and 1990’s. But all that has been “changed” . Is that a Lie? Is it worse than anything they try to FRAME as a lie from Iran? What about OUR LIES. HOW BIG are our lies. If we are hypocrites at the top – say – we go to war over weapons of mass destruction – ( LIE ) – say we try and take sovereign nations and reform them the way we want them – we assonate people like the movies and we know we do – we influence elections on scales that make Russia Social look like first graders – ( WE LIE ) – and how do we morally police and dictate to the world.

The WORLD sees the USA and understand the FED is a fraud and that the USA is a wage slave to the FED. UNTIL THE FED IS MERGED BACK INTO THE USA TREASURY the only future we have to look forward to – trust me on this – and no one will believe me – is WORLD WAR III. The Fed not Russia – the FED not America – the FED – Not China – the FED the central bank union of bankers wants one world government – one currency and the people of the earth are cattle to feed their fraud their money machine their super wealth elite. THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Until the MANY PROTECT THE MANY and wake up economically the future is predictable. It is after all just economics.

So back to the future.

Today we have the FED telling us their way to fast ( economically ) way to high and many rate raises ( economically ) against a endemic pathetic recovery – almost flat line in fact  – no where near robust to raise interest to profits itself and its own bank members – killing the recovery ( which you can see with your own eyes ) all the while throwing their spin out – inflation inflation inflation.

Inflation is roaring.

Folks there is ZERO INFLATION. The world is trapped in DEFLATION and the FED KNOWS THIS.

What is soaring is OIL PRICES. Just a click back in time months really – oil as trading at 28.00 dollars a barrel and the world was drowning in oil. Backing up supplies in all ports they could not even store it on land. The same holds true today. Rebalancing is like the OIL FED. Opec is an OIL FED. A criminal gang of criminal brains who create a phony cost to a plentiful RENEWABLE resource that is not scarce at all ( that is a total lie ) – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – and billions strive to death – billions lack prosperity that is easy to produce with uniform low cost energy -the cost of everything – to everyone – now at $ 75.00 a barrel for no reason economically – bid by speculators and the FED OF OIL – OPEC investing in long sales to move oil up and up to ground floor the Saudi Aramco offering.

OPEC won’t be able to hold the price up at these levels long. There is no IRAN anything. Iran will move from 350,000 barrels a day to 1,000,000 barrels a day and nothing Saudi is doing can stop that. Nothing. American can not stop that nor should we hurt the Iranian wonderful people or any Gulf peoples.

in my opinion.

SO oil is pure froth today. Trillions have moved from equity investing into Fed interest elevated “safe haven” investments that do nothing for economics – FED BONDS – but they make a ton of money. They make a ton and the markets loose a ton. In what?

In the highest record setting earnings reporting of any first quarter showing Mount Everest of EARNINGS and the market goes DOWN. Do you think that is manipulation?

Now why so much about oil? Well OIL is the COST of everything. Should a congressional investigation of price manipulation and gauging consumers take place? YES. What if oil had to be audited by congress as to how the tax refunds is being invested back into oil speculation to bid prices up – making the stock manipulation and market manipulation BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS with no economic impact that is not painful. The US saved oil firms the most money. The oil firms are using the money not for new lower polluting more efficient refineries – job creating investment – economic value investing – no way. THEY ARE USING THE WINDFALL TAX DOLLARS to manipulate markets to profit now instantly by billions and even that is reinvested to keep the phony price of oil UP.

This phony price of the COST OF EVERYTHING is going to destroy third world development – create a near term market crash and recession and derail the recovery by itself. With FED phony interest rate rising for its own profit – they are in this together folks with no regulatory anything watching them in bought and paid for politics of 2018 – the distorted market is an economic abuse. All economic abuse must rebalance which effects US not them.

So – oil is frothy and will crash to the 50/s as the oil rally is totally a fools rally of speculator madness and can not last due to glut.

The Fed when OIL IS TAKEN OUT has ZERO INFLATION and ZERO data for raising its interest rates this fast and this often.

The FED tightening money – way too fast – way too soon – way too frequently – has which it does for its own member greed – 100% of the time since the depression in caused in 1907 and the depression of 1929 – same reasons – been WRONG WRONG WRONG. The FED with its greed conflict of interest – shareholder member banks chomping for profits by legal theft of the wealth of nations – can not make a right policy. Only merged back into TREASURY with proper oversight no profit incentive and with a beating heart for the PEOPLE OF THIS NATION could fiscal policy avoid catastrophic Super Crashes and World Wars.

The FED profits most from war. You got that right? Or you don’t have that one yet?

The world is being SET UP for WAR and its profit making.

The world is being set up to merge into one FEDERAL PLANET WIDE CURRENCY the central bank ultimate crime against humanity is attempting to develop for itself.

So the facts:

  1. The Spring Correction is a consequence of FED policy error.
  2. The money is moving from economic markets ( stocks ) into Fed profit – “bonds” – interest from banks and investment banks profiting.
  3. The recovery will occur when OIL crashes and inflation is not present – and if the FED and its a huge IF moderates it error in fiscal profit making ( policy ) to slow interest rates the markets will simply soar – as money moves back from Fed profit to market profit. Unlikely as the greed for Fed profit trumps national policy.

The FED makes Iran look like an infant after delivery in the area of SUPER LIARS versus those just wrapped in a blanket at the hospital – Iran is not a liar about anything – that is a POLITICAL THEATER and FRAME and horrific bad faith by everyone to Iran who has been in total good faith to everyone – audited and varied. When a nation is dis-rewarded for honor -by the dishonorable – why continue to show them respect and honor in return?

One might ask.

There IS no inflation and the FED profit making raise in their interest is not economic – it is pure greed and it is derailing the recovery. All predictable. Hey as a FED WATCHER we did predict it precisely and when. The Fed is anything if not predictable. So now we have only oil spiking like a crazy dancer in the barrel in Niagara Falls before you call over and drown – the FED – without oil has zero economic reason or rationale to steal from the American recovery.

The FED is killing the global recovery and I refer to all central banks of nation – all in the LEGAL THEFT OF NATIONS collectively.

Now take new dice. First Bernake runs up free money debt world wide to avoid a global depression. In my opinion the risk he created is massive today to the system failure – due to debt. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE Bernake created to preclude the system failing in 2008 – pushed the can down the road -but it is an uphill mountain of debt now. One mis-step and the system fails. Bernake never saw nor never understood the move from the market he knew and teaches about into the DIGITAL DIVIDE – THE 100% DIGITAL TRADING WHERE SOFTWARE NOT HUMANS MANIPULATES ALL PRICES USING 50 to 1 debt margin TO INVEST – AND SOFTWARE CONTROLS WHAT THEY THINK IS RISK-LESS RISK – an economic theory that is always totally flawed. DEBT is the RISK today globally. Agains this need to work out of debt over what – never TIME another economic asset is TIME ITSELF. The Fed interest rates too soon too fast too high too often shuts the TIE WINDOW on the mountain of DEBT the Fed created in the first place. The mis-step can destroy the entire global system – when the Blame game begins so it never comes back on the FED.

MERGE THE FED such a band of crooks – Into the US TREASURY. Congress – congress bought and paid for – is asleep at their duties – to keep America safe and to protect us from internal self destructive criminals like the FED the congress created with the worst intentions. See the film please:

Blog social and share the truth – the truth is all we have you and I. World wide. This IS the truth.

So now we have just take Japan economics. Tied with China as at the number II economy. The worst aging work force on earth. 35% of the population over age 60 and cared for – for life. The young no longer having children. The future looks like 50% of Japan population disappears in 50 years. They can use immigration but that fast a population demographic map change destroys economic core capacity to survive as a nation as it is today. China is tied with them and has its own fatal economics.

To prosper around this massive demographic shift – the economic cornerstone asset of TIME ITSELF is required. The world needs momentum. A period of sustained global growth and momentum at far higher numbers than we have today. Against this factual information what is taking place? Have you thought about it this Spring as the market tanks?

  1. The Fed reduces money supply and raises cost of money by 100% of percent in one year alone. The economic recovery was pathetic.
  2. The Fed continues to raise beyond any economic rationale citing inflation of which there is only oil which it and its tribe manipulated higher with leveraged speculation side bets.
  3. The Fed is ripping the momentum out of the global recovery and the economics are now flying to risk from debt and leverage because the TIME to recover has not been correctly calculated by those in conflict to policy for greed.

And the world is completely fucked – again – by Fed policy. Nations like Japan and China required not trade war by massive momentum elevations to assure they survive their population shifting which is in the best interest of the world. There are only two possibilities.

  1. TIME – economic time to prosper through demographic shift of nations
  2. War – redefine population by killing people and reshuffle the debt for profits.

Number one makes the most profits for peoples and nations.

Number two makes more profits for the elite FED and its Few against the many.

Who cares about lives? Not the criminals. So you informed now decide. HOW URGENT IS MERGING THE FED INTO THE US TREASURY? Write your congress person. Vote candidates at MID YEAR you assure hold this agenda – elect the public leadership that can’t be bought. Voters you have the power…but

WILL YOU INFORMED VOTE – no election is more important – THANK THIS MID YEAR ELECTION IN AMERICA. The mid year defines:

  1. Will the nation at this critical economic moment freeze and melt down or unfreeze and momentum forward?
  2. Will an agenda like MERGING THE FED back into USA Treasury become a WAKING UP rally cry of all voters.
  3. This election is not about politics or agendas that are political. This election is about SURVIVAL and ECONOMICS that are not political they are financial choice making beyond all other issues. However:

The FED is via national ignorance and educational failure – today truly  treasured respected and revered by the American people are blinded victims histories  most successful criminal tribe of all time – with the longest track record of any criminal gang sucking the wealth of nations into their own pockets. That is what is causing the SPRING CRASH. The Fed is the cause of all crashes – and if you diid not  know that TRUTH it is part of their keeping you dumb fat and happy always just over completely broke.

You may have other ideas. You might not share this blog or the film at all in fact. Stay with a beer and slam it down screaming ROLL TIDE and order a GO LARGE with FRIES. You got this. Some one else will fix it ( not ).

But you would …thinking the cause was other than the Fed be thinking incorrectly be thinking in fact – .wrong.

THE FED is the HEAD …there is no other cause.

And now you know.