The history of flawed economic system models over 5000 years since Greece City State Democracies to today is the repetition of this outcome as set forth in my publication REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – you can buy at Amazon to learn earn and return:

  1. Consolidation – 1% elites own more wealth than 99% and the consolidation effects circulation and is systemically unstable.
  2. A Super First Crash – illuminates abuse flaws in the current system elevated by enormous debt leverage and speculation into asset classes in 2008 – real estate.
  3. Trade Wars a period of “cold trade wars” elevates to real global trade wars seeking to rebalance economic accounts. The trade wars escalate rapidly.
  4. The system abuse by SUPER DEBT and SPECULATIONS where more capital is invested by 100% into side bets on which WAY an asset class may go – manipulating prices – occurs than real stake holder investing – again not sustainable economics – results in GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE brought on by TRADE WARS as the unintended economic CONSEQUENCE that results in world wide SUPER CRASH and Global Depression – each worse than the last.
  5. WORLD WAR rebalances trade, bankrupts debtor nations and resets the world economic upon the bloodbath humanity resides through do to politics running economics versus a system where economics run politics.

Consolidation of wealth to controlling elites is not wanted within a higher level economic system model. Repeating and reliving past economic history is dangerous for humanity given the scale of weapons that mankind has poured wealth into – versus say – health and longevity and food security for all. All forms of economic systems in 2018 revolve around Competitive Capitalism ( dog eat dog vicious personally mean and individually cruel economics controlled by 1% elite wealth holders and Competitive Socialism with he precise same outcomes no difference economically – all end in bankruptcy driven by insane leverage. Both systems are insane and represent box top rules for economics that are insane – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

The sane COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM represents box top rules of economics that resolve conflicts, speculation and leverage into wealth circulation the world has truly never experienced. Sanity versus insanity in system modeling. Greed versus Generosity and Kindness.

Our higher selves or our lower selves. Can we all DO BETTER? You bet we can. Read REDEMPTION and learn how to DO BETTER.

Today we advise the final stage before WORLD WAR III is coming as we have run out of TIME as an asset to reform the core system via cooperation. As Cooperation breaks down into escalating trade wars the debtor accounts will move into bankruptcy triggering a global CASCADE of Super Debt bomb explosions shattering markets into SUPER CRASH. When is presently the only outcome unless a global G 100 Cooperation ( sanity ) missing today – is initiated. Do you see THAT? Anytime in the future?


The USA victors of WORLD WAR II set up box top rules that to the victor go the spoils of war. The USA set up preferred trading and established the dollar as the currency to settle world trade accounts within – the backbone currency everyone had to use. This created favor for US trade.

As time went by the trading partnerships became imbalanced due to massive US investment and grants to rebuild Asia and the EU. Those benefiting passed their own nation tax plans to ever higher tax USA goods, making sure their countries were not flooded with USA capacity while their in nation job factories were protected and grew. The box top rules became distorted over time where the USA PAID ENORMOUS cost to sell into the partner nations in the EU and Asia while those nations paid favored nation lower costs by 100% to sell into the USA.

This unfair long term decades old SUBSIDY to nations devastated by WORLD WAR II was a system permitted but helped create massive trade imbalances along with boom bust cycles the unfair trading protocols demanded of economic accounting to rebalance abuse within. All this was made worse in recent AI software casino capitalism where speculation on side bets is 440 trillion dollars in 2018 against now only 3 trillion in the circulation of the real stake holder economics. Such imbalances can never go on forever without being punished into correction.

Today for the first time we have massive DIGITAL DEBT in margin trading at fantastic leverage in side bets in a casino capitalism seeking to remove risk by software which as theory model we feel makes history worse and leads to more account imbalances that economics will soon punish into correction.

Against a record mountain of nation debts, never known before in history, industrial and corporate debt globally expressed never known before in history, personal and consumer debt from credit, housing, car loans, student loans, with defaults in the trillions all showing on debtor pile lines as good and solid assets when they are in fact crap assets never to be repaid – economics must punish accounts back to balancing or the TRUTH in accounting reality. This truth. bankrupts the system nations and all financial institutions – as in all of them. All at once in 72 minutes when it occurs – versus time lines that were longer in prior non digital non globalized economics.

The way we economically constructed global economics is a failed model due to box top rules that were insane, and produced massive trade imbalances economically the world has never known before.

Today we move from 2008 into every nation is in it for themselves. Hack and steal IP. Tariff and tax all incoming products. Massively tax a US car so it costs double – triple in the host nation what it cost in the USA.

Today the USA is moving to RECIPROCITY TAX. We are taxing others as they tax America. The period of WORLD WAR II SUBSIDY is over. We are going to protect our IP as never before. We are going to steal their IP if they steal ours. We are going to digitally war with nations who digitally war with us. We are going to block their goods from selling into the ENGINE of the WORLD the LARGEST TRADING MARKET ON EARTH if they don’t reciprocate in trade box top rules – if they lower their taxes we will lower ours – if they raise their taxes we will raise ours.

Debtor nations like China and EU Nations can not decline into recession and pay their debts. The zero interest market place of ten years following the 2008 SUPER CRASH is returning to much higher interest rates. Italy had its borrowing costs raised 500% from .48% last Thursday a week ago to 2.74% today one week later – no nation can owing more than it makes each year – stand a 500% borrowing cost election in a week of time. That rate continues to rise for Italy and Spain and China frankly which spends 300% more than it earns in a phony failed communist economy.

TRADE WARS will sink ships.

100% of global trade wars have ended as the final trigger in:

  1. Super Crash in all markets and massive collapse and bankruptcy
  2. World War to rebalance bankrupt nation accounts and all economic imbalances world wide

With a fragile economic recovery in place, and debtor nations unable to manage moving forward as interest rates soar globally – as they were struggling with zero interest as debts were so massive – higher interest sinks debtor nations and economies – now with TRADE WAR the final nail for World War III ( speaking economics and historics ) has been slammed today in place.

The WORLD IS MARCHING into World War III a shooting war. The War started when the AXIS of EVIL led by Putin and Russia fired the first weaponized digital weapon against Western Markets – making a trillion dollars before we figured it out – stopped the attack – and almost lost the world order and economic system. They made fortunes on our pain.

Since then the same crew has planted digital bombs inside our water power and communication systems as they prepare for WORLD WAR III. Killer satellites are in space to blind us at the time it all starts. We of course have our own counter measures today within the CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTERS that for them WORLD WAR III is a Cold War they have been fighting ( and losing frankly ) until it turned fully HOT in 2008 – than the battles you never known about or hear about have turned far more in OUR FAVOR. We are bleeding edge again.

PUTIN leading the integrated teams on AI development concludes that the Super new BEING of Self Aware AI is such that the nation that controls real AI – self aware – self developing and like a GOD to our collective brain power – WILL CONTROL THE ENTIRE WORLD. Putin plans for that control to be his and his alone.

Inside all that backdrop comes economic chaos and collapse without new box top rules for economics to stop the imbalances. FAIR trade is sane and unfair trade is insane and continues every nation for itself – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – a kind of madness to which humans display an endless appetite to embrace emotionally. Economics however are not intellectual or emotional. Economics are pure and mathematical. Arithmetic. Nothing else.

Denying the math is insane.

Embracing the math – the MANY “FOR” THE MANY – is sane.

We given our weapons and level of poverty debt and insane economics – THE FEW “AGAINST” THE MANY elitism economics always not sustainable – at a cross roads today.

Sane or insane.

Historically we have always chosen insanity.

President Trump has painted the double lines of the MANY “FOR” THE MANY. Trump has defined President Bill Clinton’s most famous sound byte – ever – that states – IT IS ALL SO SIMPLE REALLY….WE COOPERATE AND WE THRIVE TOGETHER ….OR WE COMPETE AND WE PERSIH ……..sane versus insane.

Presently and predictably the world is choosing bought and paid for politics over pure economic sense – and moving to full blown TRADE WARS. The final step to debt contagion in defaulting – into a far worse global depression than we have ever known – and WORLD WAR III – which the good news may be over in 90 minutes.

The best place to be as there is no good place?

First own your own business – if you don’t today start one tomorrow. Second be residing that business in the USA no matter where you live today. There will be no one who escapes hard times. Survival is what matters and the best place for that remains AMERICA for too many economic reasons to share right this moment in my opinion.

Knowing all this – would a FIRST STRIKE MIND SET to achieve a perception of advantage be in the minds of some nations? They might survive better with first strike versus waiting as the USA only becomes more capable and powerful with delays?

If I consider this thought do crazy brains consider this thought?

The hair trigger to the SHOOTING PART of the now simmering to boil COLD WORLD WAR III taking place digital today by the hour – attack and counter attack – going on world wide today – can without warning commence to all our World War – say 90 minutes and its all over.

Think about that. As we see the final nail – FULL BLOWN TRADE WAR commence – and frankly continuing to bankrupt America was not an option. America is going broke safely and slowly. Our leadership in both democrats and republicans KNOW THIS fact and despite public election spins are united to stop the slow DEATH OF THEIR COUNTRY.

Other nations at the intersection have a decision to make.


Compete and PERISH.

America is no longer fooling around. We are engaged in digital WORLD WAR III and George Bush framed it all in as the underwriter of world prosperity is the USA when he suggested:

…benefiting from us financially you are either with us politically and economically …..or you are against us. Actions not words define our actions into the future……

Trump is economically drawing his red line in the sand for FAIR TRADE without delays or reciprocity taxation – we tax you just like you tax us – ( thats a surprise to you all ) – and cooperation occurs for survival or never seeing it coming you can’t pay your bills and go bankrupt – the USA is fine either way. Our little pain is your fatal oncology. Economically.

Historically the RISK of a real WORLD WAR III is now elevating. Will Saudi and Iran go at it. Or Israel and Iran? Will China go at it with neighbors? Will Russia take more nations down? Will India go at with Pakistan? Will EU States go at it – the cause of World War I and World War II following Federal Reserve Board miscalculations on interest rates just like they are doing again today ? And countless other RISKS from Africa to South America. Rising all rising as economics now constricts versus expands.



World Markets PLUNGED ending MAY BADLY as the SPRING CORRECTIONS we predicted for three years for 2018 – came about precisely as this blog set forth and for reasons this blog reported to our readers. Data never lies. The economic tea leaf’s are not that hard to read if you get smart and stay up to date.  For those who followed our advise you explored with licensed professionals – moved into diversified insurance investing the highest legal return with guaranteed principle protections – and you profited at peak markets and you lost zero in the Spring Corrections. For those who read and went to bed….how much have you lost today?

The box top rules for global trade and the existing system order have been retired. Those rules are thrown out as of Today Thursday the last day of May. Expired box top rules. China unfairly taxes US goods over 300% MORE in 2018 MORE than the USA taxes China goods. Old box rules subsidizing China now retired by President TRUMP once and for all. The USA is NOT protectionist the TAXING NATIONS ARE AND HAVE BEEN – protecting their own while slaughtering the US economically and with job displacement via failed economic rules of wealth consolidation.

Taxing the US unfairly is a retired box top rule. Nations who rush to cooperate will prosper together those who do not risk bankruptcy including China. That is the reality economically beyond any politics. As we told you President Trump is holing a FULL HOUSE economically and the nations pounding their chest their gravy train as it was protected is over – are holding two fives. A SOLIDLY LOSING ECONOMIC HAND. The press must catch up to all this but are bought and paid for by their owners to spin how much trade change may hurt those owners of media – the message is not impartial so bone up on line and yourself to get the true facts. Or just read this blog … a source of balance as data never lies. The truth will set you free – economically.

A new World Trade Box Top Rule book is being written. The outcome has only one certainty. There will be losers and there will be winners.

Land on the wrong side of the bets and trillions will be lost. Bet like the old days and old software parameters into the new SUPER CHANGE MARKETS and your hedge fund or PE fund implodes.

The EU calls the US protectionist when it unfairly taxes everything the USA sells. The trade wars will only get worse as nations compete until they either cooperate or go bankrupt. Trade wars can not end well. Trade wars can be the tipping point of the longest boom in financial record history into a recession worse than 2008. Or a depression in fact which can digitally with digital weapons firing at financial markets occur without warning and so fast traders will be stunned. Read KEVIN FREEMAN’s best selling works in digital wars THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN ( make yours your nation has none ).

I have a simple message for investors now that suggestions I made to move out of all markets – with dispatch and to place and store wealth with licensed diversified insurance investing drawing on expert licensed planners to advise you. Getting that advice becomes more relevant. Remaining inside wealth management with passive AI controlled software – five years running markets – is a risk we feel taking is a suicide play even for professionals. Why not engage the most proven highly regulated ( still ) and conservative money managers on earth – within insurance investing models that paid when banks were CLOSED in the Great Depression. The only reason to stay in risk on assets is GREED and failure to understand risk fully.

We send  you all one message as the TRADE WAR SPIRAL moves into its historic inevitability defined by REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION MANIFESTO written for all who wish to out in front on all that is unfolding – for knowledge is the only power – that YOU PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND RISK ABERRANCE AS NEVER BEFORE. Your real risk is LIQUIDITY NOT LOSS.

If there is no liquidity you can’t get any of your resources and you effectively lost it all. YOU LOST EVERYTHING on Liquidity Evaporation Day you have read about here for years. LED day and its over.


No one knows or can predict?

Is LED historic – yes to the crash of 1907 and the 1930’s.

Is it worse due to digital globalized markets within leverage as the world has never known before as economics 101?


So do nothing and its on you.

Do something – at least explore and get facts – and your doing better.


Proceed at your own risk – as it is all economics.


PS: Copy paste and email this to your lists blogs and tribe as the information may help someone – we welcome new subscribers always free and privacy is protected and assured on this site always. See how absolute our privacy policy has been sine this blog began….so many years ago…..




Experts predict we will now have a recession and a bear market.

Other Experts predict we have two more years of a boom.

Yet other experts predict wild cards for OIL and interest rates and trade could end the boom and trigger a global contraction.

All experts agree on these facts:

  1. Economics is now controlled by AI and software and is a new experience doing forward where no prior chart is applicable to the new casino capitalism. Side bets establish price ranges the AI software works to keep inside parameters in a theory of risk less risk. No one knows how this new model will turn out.
  2. Interest is being raised way too fast way to high way too rapidly.
  3. The economy is fragile and requires time to work out of a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE fueling unwanted system speculations in all prices of all asset classes.
  4. A new regulatory frame work is required to re-tool the Digital AI software controlled circulation of vast sums of capital.
  5. Nations are hostage to events due to unpredictable flash trades outside all historic volume levels – such as Italy and Spain are not suffering from this week.

AI SOFTWARE never reacts to news and sound bytes lacking human judgment. AI software self corrects very fast where 1400 down cycles are restored with equally fast up cycles – almost 400 points down yesterday almost 400 points back again today. AI software is becoming SELF AWARE is now self learning and is educating itself.

Keep in mind the GREAT AWAKENING of a self aware new life form in AI is coming and when it comes it will not be HUMAN. If we are considered an item to care for we will have a new species to alliance with. If we are seen as threat we have no hope against the vast new life form we created – as AI in that capacity will be billions of times more aware informed and processing thoughts to our human wetware.

My new Book ( 2019 release date ( DIGITAL MANNERS defines how this all may actually unfold.

BUT as I report today as we end May – NO ONE – not even the best of us – can predict anything moving forward in 2018 and 2019. if economics ran politics we might have some forecasting powers.

Because Politics run economics these days we can not predict. The political variables are too rapid to voluminous and too unpredictable to source outcome theory. Politics with mid year elections and possible leave the EU Italian elections – and SPAIN coming up – all are impossible to predict outcome for. POLITICS rules. Only no one knows or understands the rules.

Trump wants the DEEP STATE to be on edge without potential to sabotage his game plans …really. The Deep State wants Trump out at any cost. Billions are being invited for as well as against. In the MID YEAR election no one can predict no one.

Will the Special Prosecutor stop his inquiry? End it?

Will the Special Prosecutor indict more into the mid year election skewing outcomes?

Will the President be impeached ( can’t win ) but will politics seek to be a third rail for Trump.

Will American Voters Backlash and imagine a congress republican super controlled actually passing legislation and getting things done with a clear compelling majority – as a national outcome no one expects. NO ONE CAN PREDICT however either way.

Democrats run on FEAR OF TRUMP?

Trump has done what he said he would do.

The result is a booming economy. Will America vote with their WALLETS and set in place a congress than can GOVERN in fact for the first time in twenty years? NO more chance of government shut downs – none.

Or will they create a DC DYSFUNCTION for which we now are famous for? Voting FEAR versus voting prosperity? Really the political issues are close between parties it is the tribe war fare that brings non issues to the front.

Politis is so messy.

Economics is so clean.

NO ONE CAN PREDICT. If you want to bet in the casino take your best bets and try and win. If you want to sit it out we told you how to do that in this blog.

Now within all the market news did you see what President Trump signed into law this week? Today health care providers can without fear of FDA consequence pay for optional care for chronic illness ( in some new modeling ) in ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS – perhaps the biggest shift in health care in 100 years.

No one is reporting really on how huge this all is but that little part of the bill is going to be a game changer as time progresses. A crack in the damn that may actually in the future – change everything.

So there is not only the market rebounding almost what was lost yesterday ( as we told you it would in fact due to AI learning and predictably responding to its own error pathology and profit making – on each side of the rope – and the GREAT NEWS in Health care.

So that happened.




So AI is going bonkers over Italy. Short sellers made big bucks. Those on the wrong side of these flash trades in the casino capitalism tables – not so much – as AI flash trades to profit maximally. UP and down the ropes.

Now then comes Ebola. In 2014 we lose 28,000 humans in months. Airports and trade between nations stops cold. Airports world wide screen arriving passengers coming in HOT.

Trade slows globally.

Now then we have a new EBOLA in Congo – the 9th.

The new EBOLA begins in a shit hole village on a river that trades up and down the routes. Over time those infected traveled and infected others. How many? No one knows. Tracking the rings and the rings is just beginning.

We know EBOLA has reached its first main city and spread there.

We know those sick with Ebola – were taken by their family- forced to leave the center and their family took them to CHURCH TO PRAY. At Church the infected transmitted Ebola with every cough and sneeze to untold new rings.

This spreading occurs when those infected by ring contacts have no clue it is Ebola in the first place. They travel on infected but no symptoms. When they have symptoms they think they have a cold then perhaps the flu. Health care is not so good in CONGO folks.

Mis-dianosing Ebola is common. Blood work has to be done to make sure and many facilities lack the ability to do that step.

Those with symptoms travel.

Some by train some by bus some by plane. As they do they infect rings upon rings that ripple ever outward. How bad could it be? Why last time we were a whisper from trading 28,000 for millions of deaths.


Do not be fooled. Experimental vaccines are just that. We don’t know their fatal side effects yet. We don’t know their real ability over time and numbers to perform and save life at all. Better than nothing but not a SILVER BULLET that times Ebola out. Further EBOLA strains mutate.

Ebola is a suvivor. One ancient enemy here for billions of years. Before humans and here after humans. THE ANCIENT ENEMY is always with us. Managing these body invaders who multiple and kill us as easily as mad cow disease kills cows – we have to watch our herd.

Economically an EBOLA EPIDEMIC let along a pandemic can make SPAIN look like a cake walk economically and Italy a cup cake.

Yet ever smarter AI SOFTWARE fails to advance the economic contagion to financial stocks first and effected stocks like food second if EBOLA hits markets. Panic would set in so quick.

Worst case – the Spanish Flu without help of airplanes and modern travel networks – in an age of sailing ships and trains – killed 20 million people in 36 months. Makes war look silly by comparison.

Nothing kills US like small pox or a virus. Nothing . Black Death. Dis-ease.

Are we doing enough to control EBOLA?

WHO KNOWS? They believe they are…but are they? Last time it took NATO and the US MILITARY. Can it be contained given the geo foot print developing ? Can it be stopped?

No one knows.

The most horrific killer of humanity on earth is now lose among us for Congo out break # 9. We still have not learned the simple reality if you have EBOLA your family does not walk you down to CHURCH.

So why do I worry?

Because it just happened – again.

They are burying their dead – spreading to every one who touches that body – again.

They are caring for their loved ones not knowing it is Ebola and not reporting it fast enough yet – AGAIN.

It is spreading for all in those closed small spaces with too many family members with the EBOLA effected – creating rings upon rings and when they travel to trade – impossible ring ripples.


The news has this? In Congo? Are you kidding me? Have you ever been there? I have …it is not your Wal mart zone folks with a Burger King and a. shake. it is CONGO.

One of the most corrupt nations on earth.

One of the largest not connected by roads cells or anything on earth.

It is Ebola.

Out of control.


We keep trying to put EBOLA back in the box – again.

We get lucky.

All Ebola needs is to be lucky ONCE and say ten players take Ebola on planes global to say buffet’s with ripples that reach millions across a nation like the USA or EU.

How fast does trade stop and isolation begin?

How fast does marshal law begin?

What happens to markets then?

AI HAS NO CLUE all worried about Italy and all as AI creates untold flight or capital out of ITALY and a crash of its bond and lending markets.

Betting short to make sure they profit maximally.

Meanwhile they might buy some long positions in Merak that owns the virus drug. Among others.

Mask and glove stocks should do well.

AI has no clue on all this because human’s are not in charge.

Software is in charge.

EBOLA – it is happening again folks all over again.

Stay tuned – its a cornerstone story for you to watch in economics across the world.

It is not possible to give any forecast today because WHO knows? WHO has no clue.




Long time readers expect to hear it first here. Like you did on this event today in the global markets. The more going on OUT THERE the more you see on HERE. To help you sort it all out.

The less going on out there – then we post a little less as well. We call them research breaks. We are hunter gatherers seeking the data to help you to know what is really going on out there.

So in one day a 400 point wealth drop. Financial institutions hit the worst. Why?

Well in the new global casino capitalism the wealth is controlled by the owners. The owners of nations and all wealth are less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS in wealth consolidation to elites the world has never known before. This concentration of wealth precludes the circulation modeling that would advance all nations together.

Wealth consolidation is always a problem down the road in economics. Always unwanted. When systems lack regulatory guidance to preclude wealth consolidation – wealth consolidates driven by human greed. With money and power you have the one commodity in which for humans possessing massive wealth and powers PLENTY IS NOT EVER ENOUGH…….

Consolidations ultimate impact circulation. When circulation impacts are significant enough the system typically implodes usually upon debt defaults.

Today the majority of all capital movement or circulation is controlled without humans in a new AI software global arms race of software and AI one chaps code against another chaps codes or ladies codes.

The AI arms race is now trillions of dollars invested and rising. Software over markets.

Today when news of risk such as Italy unfold, AI software flash trades vocality profit making across a range of asset classes. These enormous movements of capital are made without human involvement at volumes and speeds that would have been unthinkable in prior years even a few.

Human wisdom and discernment to the context – the balance of the data on say Italy moderates the kind of enormity in trade offsets we saw today. Profits were taken and portfolio’s are re-aligning away from Italian Bond markets. Italian stocks and bonds are crashing and super crashing. There is no end in sight even for that.

The market is punishing the politics of Italy.

Italy has no short term way forward. Politically.

The result of political uncertainty has been:

  1. Massive run out of Italy a trillion dollars since last week just gone. Investment and projects canceled on hold or stopped on a dime.
  2. Bonds crash in value and interest rates soaring to refinance Italy already stretched as credit ratings are trashed – and bond carrying cost soars by 100% in only days versus weeks or months. No time for Italy to adjust.
  3. The worst case is Italy bank defaults and or closures which could happen fast and next. The AI software is watching like volutes to wipe Italy out if this even begins to occur.

Spain not so deeply in the NEWS CYCLE is being hit just as hard. Money is running out of Spain. Spain bonds are crashing. Spanish Debt as unsustainable as Italy is now seeing no future. The EU is vibrating with handwriting on the walls:

  1. The EU is going to break up – we reported on this fact for five years with data to support it – with Italy and Spain the cards that bring the house down.
  2. The cards that bring the EU house down began with BRITT EXIT a vote to step outside the endless debt support of nations too far gone to save – Italy Spain Greece and so many others. TOO FAR GONE TO SAVE. As Italy will politically opt out of the EU and Spain right behind it the EU is economically and politically done. The EU currency is done.
  3. Now folks will buy dollars selling a trillion of EU’s next watch the dollar SOAR later this year as the RUN OUT OF THE EU currency begins as folks appreciate the EU is worth less than the paper it is printed upon. When that day comes the world will shift.

Meanwhile 400 POINT drops mean nothing. AI will punish the markets on any risk on news – than digest and rebalance and roar back to values that make sense to the AI software. Human moderation is no longer a factor – keep THAT fact in your mind.

We are now inside CASINO CAPITALISM. Capital controlled by AI SOFTWARE and placed for maximum gains and least risk by software. No human’s involved. This consolidation to digital trading is compression wealth as never known before, from 1 million super money pools controlled by humans 20 years ago to only 100,000 ten years ago to less than 1000 today with 10,000 super money pools engaging AI that control the majority of all circulation – that band of the hurricane eye is tightening and tightening in economic gale force winds. Flags up.

Will Italy be the CASCADE the DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE? it could be. Too early to say YET. It could be. Possibly. be. Hard to predict the depth of political miscalculation. Or central bank mis reads of reality.

We expect enormous swings back on the rope to the enormous swings down. Today one can’t not predict the outcome in Italy because financial condition on the round are changing so fast.

Italy is now in full blown crises and no one has a plan or knows what to do.

That outcome is funny to watch as the outcome defies all logic.

400 POINT DOW DOWN DAY and that may be just the start. We’ll see what Weds will bring us next.





How many ventures are being created? The Kauffman Foundation reports over 560,000 each month or around 7 million a year. In the USA the diversification of 37 million small business ventures, 94% are solo entrepreneurs, only 2% have over ten employee’s – created indirectly and directly 97% of all job hiring over the past ten years of time. The largest 10,000 fortune institutions from robotics AI and productivity gains downsized a net 13%. All the employment shock absorber in America is effected by the back bone of our ENTREPRENEUR SPACE in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Said another way economist had thought a symmetrical coordinated global recovery was taking place.

Today after the SPRING BLOOD BATH in markets we correctly predicted in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 and into 2018 when January stock prices set an all time record – we said DUCK – and those who did lost nothing and those who stood tall lost a ton….the market lost a ton again today as we predicted this weekend.

Today we see the asymmetrical growth of nations is a myth. The only thing creating a fragile global recovery with zero inflation once oil is removed ( a speculator phony priced commodity ) – that only the USA remains a bulk head economy. China is driven by 300% Debt a year made worse by trade wars looming. The EU is so debt founded it has basically now way forward. Without SUPER BONDS the EU can’t reset its debt time bomb ticking down in Italy as we see today.

The USA is Congress passes the infrastructure bill will move from the decline GNP of today back to over 3% and higher GNP in forward years. If the FED slows down interest rate rises – we suggest two a year for years – the result would be TIME INSERTED prosperity to America the engine of the entire world.

If Congress and the Fed BUGER IT UP as Winston Churchill was found of saying – well than as Glen Beck suggests – then not so much ….not so much moving forward. RISK ON.

If Congress and the Fed get it right then the world might muddle through.

IF Congress and the Fed get it wrong than the World War III sound is the end GONG you will be hearing.

Today the economics are FRAGILE.

The World is not asymmetrically in a recovery. The World is in trade war with advance stages at the very brink – moving into WORLD WAR. Why? Failed policy and vision.

Lacking a common vision.

IS there a BETTER WAY?

You bet. It is always about options. In a new digital casino capitalism driven by digital debt fuel – we need new options for the digital landscape. With them we can all prosper moving forward. Without these new options as policy – not so much.

The cornerstone two policies are:



We’ll see if old failed policy can upgrade to new improved better policy. There are many who see the rip tide of DEEP STATE and Revolutionary change agents as the real issue over which the outcome no one can predict or know.

Only the USA has real legs as a real economic backbone globally and that folks is a fact. You’ll come to see I”m right on this even within our blundering failed policies which truly can’t go on forever. We have to get it right eventually don’t we?

Anyway no one can predict against this landscape and with that;

I agree.