Half a year out of iPhone X and the false expectation and hype of an APPLE Super Cycle – evaporates with this weeks Apple Earnings reporting. What is the crises:

  1. Worst Product release in Apple history.
  2. Erros in stage to a billion watching.
  3. Operating OS worse upgrade ever – six releases to get it fixed over half a year of time
  4. Untold user pain and Tim brand bashing that lingers for unknown time
  5. Inovation anticipatory reduced expectation – does Apple still have IT ?

As a proud user of Apple everything and a Microsoft programer – I’m witness to suggest YES – Apple and their amazing teams – still more than HAVE IT to lead the world.

Still there are financial storm clouds.

Apple made bets on China manufacturing.

Apple gave privacy keys to China based warehousing a great risk to the brand in time.

Trade wars could shift Apple away from China.

China fails to protect Apple IP and favors internal Chinese firms to rip Apple off and try to go by them with their own IP and inventions now trained by Apple for two decades. The Apple IP rights are not only not protected their marketing is ripped of in unrelenting local law favorites to local firms making China far from a level playing field or rule of law.

Apple is going to lead the world in innovation and service into the digital divide of the future.

Buying Apple at $ 165.00 or so in a dip – as it explodes this summer and fall back to 197 and perhaps over 200 is why I own Apple and suggest buy in the dip. Dollar cost average profit.

Typically earnings rising to records is not enough.

The market punishes Apple for its own expectations and not realizing imaginary targets the market has set up – frame in – as digital software profits in short selling Apple and then profits in moving Apple to new records.

The markets are all digital.

The markets are fully manipulated outside regulatory frame work by digital global software and 10,000 super money pools.

They will profit from Apple in trading ranges already digitally defined.

Avoid the fake news.


Buy all of the market with expert licensed advice who knows the digital landscape is able to explain it to you and is able to educate you on options for yourself.

Be informed.

Be better informed.

Expert licensed authorities can help you.

The ON LINE research can help you.


Be better informed.

Than act.

Apple with a now superior IOS totally fixed and leading again  – is BACK.

Out Front in the most complex digital hardware software launch since IPHONE itself as an upgrade last October.

Tim whom I feel mismanaged the launch – and is responsible for the crises – I do tip a hat to – for his calm non public work to fix the crises with minimum damage to the APPLE brand and base. He exists with maximum bonus and history.

The issue for APPLE is now succession. WHO WILL take over from TIM.

That needs to be defined and soon. Just that asset will make buying in the dip a prophetic moment for wealth planning.


That is the answer the market needs next on Apple.



PS: I”m eating some crow here – but Tim – as CEO – job well done 2018 !