So OIL is the one and only inflation cost. Why is OIL at such a high price when 68 tankers loaded with crude store the plentiful shit off shore to make stocks on shore so they are going down?

Oh – that – is manipulation.

Today President TRUMP TWEETED on the Saudi OPEC unholy manipulation – of oil prices world wide – as an economic killer. Think about the economics:

  1. Nations and companies are awash in DEBT to re-inflate economics which has failed in fact. Outside oil price there is zero inflation. There is deflation.
  2. Higher interest rate costs mean trillions upon trillions in global debt must now refinance at enormous rises in money cost monthly as bankers hatchet growth. Companies paying these costs have to make core survival decisions to pay the interest and many can’t. Others can but they can no longer invest in growth.
  3. In this stress mix of roll over – the enormous ROLL OVER of trillions in debt from near zero interest to market rate interest – debt cost rise 100% in a single transaction. Economic growth stops on a dime.
  4. Inside this market shift ( too much central bank – too soon – too high a rise too soon – as a string of failed policy causing all wars since 1907 and no central bank end in failed policy in sight ) – oil is now rising as the cost of everything that moves is packaged and 11,000 products made from oil such as fertilizer and pesticides for crops and plastic and containers too many in industry to name here . The cost of everything is soaring as the cost of debt is rising not 10% not 20% but by 100% in a single 18 month period. How can that work?
  5. There is no shortage of oil. THE WORLD ID DROWNING IN OIL. A gang – a criminal cartel – has created a tax upon the food security and safe haven of the entire world of 7 billion so that elite click – can already fantastically wealthy now become even more fantastically wealthy by MANIPULATING THE PRICE OF OIL in world markets. This is a crime against humanity.

Donald Trump called it for what it was today in one tweet and oil went DOWN.

Oil is going to crash late this year from the 75 dollar market to the 50’s and stay there for a decade. OIL is going to become market priced and the cartel is going to be a boys private club – without influence. OPEC is a tiger that has been declawed economically and wears rubber teeth. Its over economically for OPEC but they are drunk today at the money bar before the crash they created occurs.

Economics always rebalances from abuse – always.

Today the DEBT abuse and the Manipulation abuse in world markets is what must moderate. If it does financial growth with NO NATION LEFT behind will unfold inside the new cooperation.

Cooperative Capitalism will slowly replace all forms of competitive capitalism and communism – as global humanity – celebrates versus punishes human diversity – and finally develop an economic system that is inclusive versus preclusive and which is regulated to preclude unwanted boom bust cycles. Our blogs and our published GPS on COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is a worthy read for leaders who wish to step in front of the revolution taking place.

Today world war III is unfolding in economic markets – currency – oil=- trade and the war is digital and software based. In the future a shooting war is likely if we all don’t get the economics right.

Today OPEC is harming the world of nations for their own greed and gain. If they remain criminals against humanity – 7 billion of us will cease trading with them – capital will collapse in the end but they don’t see it today as possible.

America the largest oil producer in 2018 is sampling its light crude so much easier to refine with higher refiner profits – in nations world wide that used to be loyal OPEC clients. The market share wars under the two year “Puppy King” have failed and OPEC is losing a trillion dollars of Business FOREVER as plants retool for American Crude – steady lower cost and lower cost to refine – no brainer economics.

Russia and IRAN must leave OPEC to secure their market share.

The Puppy King keeping OPEC ever rising in price has now brought President Trump into the public today on TWITTER saying – FOUL BALL – bring those phony oil prices down so nations have time to recover economically – like 20 years of time not 20 weeks.

Expect more volatility in oil as the blood bath is those holding long and now seeing oil not going up to 100 dollars but sinking down to 50 dollars. OIL SHORT?

The BIG SHORT THIS SPRING FOLKS is oil. Fortunes will be secured betting against OPEC and the PUPPY KING.

Eventually when sufficient trillions have been lost due to failed SAUDI POLICY on oil – a day of economic reckoning is going to take place in GULF WORLD. Trust me on that unfolding reality.

Berny Dohrmann – INVESTMENT BANKER ECONOMIST applauding President Trump today – just what the market required – the truth.