The last peak debt alarm to global nation’s GNP was 2009 as the peak global melt down and world economic crises picked ups serious momentum. Untold trillions were invested by nations to re-inflated economics. The Deflation entrenched for ten years, and twenty years now in Japan, and even 100’s of trillions globally could not re-stimulate inflation again.

Historically what stimulates inflation from deflation is world war. Deflation expressed globally, entrenches. Japan failed to restart inflation over 20 years from its deflation through 2018. The world is inside deflation obviating phony pricing for oil – manipulating pricing – that will crash into deflation later this year.

Today the only inflation item is OIL the cost of everything. Saudi – a elite criminal gang of oil producing nations – seeks to for its own greed against economics and free market economics – manipulate the cost of everything – the cost of energy – as a hidden tax upon the 7 billion poor and suffering of the world. For these 7 billion to enjoy real FULL PARTNERSHIP and rising longevity – health – food security and more a lower cost – a free market cost to energy is required.  Oil is bouncing today due a trillion dollar holding in long oil investing which as we suggested will become an absolute blood bath later this year. Deflations tap root has not economically been over come after tens of trillions of currency printed by failed central bank policy to restart inflation. Central banks have failed. Again. As Central Bank Policy has failed since 1907 – in every single policy. They like their member banks are not – not ever – held accountable for the misery they inflict upon 7 billion human beings.

This oil manipulation can not occur easily in 2018  as Saudi – once the largest oil producer but now # 3 or 4 depending on who is reporting – seeks to keep its OPEC criminal gang together in lock step, to manipulate prices artificially to 100 dollars. barrel. Today against a debt cost that is so high it is a RISK TO THE WORLD SYSTEM ENTIRELY – Saudi stated in its JAWBONE ( no basis in economics or supply and demand as the world is downing in oil – that – Saudi would welcome oil prices of over 100 dollars a barrel. Saudi and the criminal small gang of thieves – seek to for their own greed and elite wealth – keep oil restricted as they make more at higher prices selling less.

This plan will not work for various reasons. The only reason oil is low is a trade war with China. One element of the trade war is to devaluate the US dollar to make US goods more costly and other goods ( like imported oil ) far more costly than they would be in oil was at fair market price ( 50 range – which is coming this summer when Saudi plans fail and OIL crashes which it is going to ). Why? The world is drowning in oil. America is the # 1 oil producer in the world up from number 17 in just a short span of years. Others are rising. All oil producing nations are increasing output today and OPEC is a joke in fact as the members are cheating. Why then is oil at its high point in years?

Oil is expressed in US dollars. As dollars go down oil goes up. As dollars go up oil will crash in real terms. That crash is coming next.

SPECULATORS using leverage to manipulate prices buying oil future markets long – Saudi leading that speculation boom. When oil crashes Saudi and their Puppy King will be in disgrace having lost “their tribes” trillions. Trust me – watch this summer in peak driving times as America and non OPEC producing nations drive prices down from criminal market speculators to the 50 range where oil will remain for years. Peace and stability are not however secure as Saudi in this crash could have its own SPRING. Instability in Saudi is the huge risk today and Iran is only one factor as these mortal enemies move from proxy wars to real wars.

All this “cost of everything” occurs against economics from the crash of 2008. First the debt load of all world nations has reached a 2018 RECORD HIGH. This debt load is rising at fantastic rates. The World Bank and IMF report ( today ) that this debt load is NOT SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS and is the ONE RISK to the world order and system itself. Said another way THE RISK OF DEBT CASCADING DEFAULTS against rapidly rising interest costs ( the cost to refinance all that debt much in speculation on risk assets like future “positions – or bets – on which way OIL and all other assets may or may not go – via borrowed money at near zero interest cost ). FREE MONEY turned the world economics into a casino capitalism where the Mount Everest is the side bets on which way assets will go by trillions in casino betting, versus the speed bump at your teller window ( the real economy where some actually buys a plant or invests long term or owns a real stock or real bond – as a 1000 to one ratio now for debt bets versus stake holder economics ). This condition as interest rates rise ( always too soon and too fast – normalization in the new theory models needs to occur over decades not years ) – to unwind the casino. New global regulatory frame works must be -re-thought – and installed by the G 100 in a global digital cloud based economic model driving our and making criminal speculation crimes again as they were in only 1999. Now those crimes are legal and the entire market space has been turned into an enormous debt driven casino that is no longer a real global economic but a simple speculation.

Fantastically wealthy money pools of 10,000 super money pools with truly fantastically wealthy folks inside those pools – are engaged in creating even more fantastic wealth by speculation in casino betting. Because circulation of all this capital is not largely flowing into developing states and nations – states and nations are surviving on debt with endemic growth at very shallow levels versus robust growth levels. Not since 1929 has the ratio of casino speculation been this high versus real economic investing. This model leads to SUPER CRASH – institutional failure and deflation into world war to re-inflate economics.

Nations have zero tools proven to re-inflate economies once deflation takes hold. If OIL fully manipulated by debt speculators in the market and a temporary low dollar seeking improved trade with Asia – is removed – there is deflation no inflation. The FED and central banks tightening money this fast this soon – against all the debt is the cause – the trigger – of the coming global contagion – debt default cascading – and Super Crash with world wide depression. Central banks are applying economic theory that is no longer relevant to the models we see today in the fully digital global casino capitalism the miscalculations with FREE MONEY policies and bail outs to their own casino stake holders ( all central banks are owned share by share by the institutions they are supposed to regulate – which means all central banks are private non government NGO”s – that are owned by the institutions that are members of those money control contractors via acts of legislation to move those private entities into control of money supply by contract – in a a great fraud presenting that in fact they are GOVERNMENT versus NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS. ) The laws creating these private NGO’s are written so that zero accountability exists to the NGO. That means no nation can over rule policies for only supply the NGO establishes with its member banks – unless and until CENTRAL BANKS are merged back into accountability – into the STATE TREASURY by acts of legislation or kings. See it this way:

  1. In 2018 the global community of nations has record debt driven by free money policies of central banks – working in an unholy monopoly of a union of banks and investment banks who own 100% of the shares of say the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD which gets to use that name versus say Tony Sapprano’s bank.
  2. The mob bank created for its members – free money to assure they could cover trillions in bad bets they had made in wild casino speculations that made criminal profits ( say in mortgage banking ) while the dice rolled their way until 2008.
  3. The mob bank and bankers have today made leveraged ( borrowing ) speculations move from mortgages ( still unchecked and speculatively being sold and resold just like in 2008 but at much higher numbers today ) into every other asset – all commodities goods services – everything including currency. All controlled by super money pools trading in a giant global casino using AI software – first time in history and not seen in 2007 2008.
  4. The FED and central banks of nations are the cause of all failed financial policy and system risk driven by criminal greed for their own internal membership of banks and investment banks.
  5. The public has no clue and believes the FED is a government agency versus a criminal agency by act of legislation – easy to reverse – but they kill you for trying. You don’t believe it? See this film and share it for protection o your own tribe – but I warn you it is like waking up from being hypnotized. Ask – why is this factual information never taught anywhere in our public schools and you’ll see that your thoughts are bought and paid for – you have been programed folks. This is your wake up blog site – when I snap my fingers and say the magic words United States TREASURY – wake up ! SNAP:


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Truth about the FED Video Data – The TRUTH

Now then 2018 DEBT LOADS:


Facts you can take to your bank. These are reasons we encourage readers to join CEO SPACE. Building momentum while the speculation economics continues to create growth options – is critical. Forging a larger circle of cooperative versus competitive trading partners – getting THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE to prosper in ANY future economy and staying together in a COLLECTIVE helping one another – is critical while there is still time. Most readers are hypnotized and reading news and unable tor read what the news really means – or to research enough news to see the tea leaves of what is urgent critical and essential to protecting yourself.



  1. April 2018 – Global Debt hit its highest levels EVER. Greater than the last record ration in the 1929 – and 2007.
  2. Total Debt Levels globally are rising from 164 trillion rapidly to exceed 200 trillion dollars of debt with unsustainable interest payments in a ferociously rising interest climate from zero to 7 and 8%. It can not be done.
  3. Debt to GNP total gross national product of all nations – is now at a record debt load – totally not sustainable and the CRITICAL RISK TO WORLD SYSTEM FAILURE overall – now higher than 2007  or the last peak in 2009.
  4. The last peak was 2009 with TARP and trillions of debt used to bail out banks by their bought and paid for central banks from BAD SPECULATION BETS these institutions made like Lehman – in the casino capitalism central banks created – even with TARP and those debt loads to nations 2018 sees the NEW PEAK of DEBT to nations highest in recorded history and rising like chimney smoke. All at Central Bank greed fest with their member banks until and unless nations MERGE these criminal GREED MACHINES back into their treasuries. Impossible unless the public wakes up to the factual truth versus the bought and paid for media spins controlling your reality and thinking.
  5. Advanced nation debt to GNP stood at 108% – middle nations at 50% and most poor nations at only 40% which is one reason they are poor. Super Money pools red line them.

The IMF alerts the world. The IMF rings the DEBT ALARM BELL at full siren. The IMF encourages nations in the good times – right now – urgently to reduce debt and built cushions for financial SHOCKS which are coming.

We state the IMF bought and paid for by the nations hostage to their own central banks – having no influence or control over their own monetary policy – is under stating the problem or its immediate RISK to the world order. The current issue is an absolute EMERGENCY.

The central banks created the casino.

The central banks and their criminal bankers are profiting from the casino.

The rising of interest where the banks pay you nothing or 1% a year to receive your money and lend it 50 to 1 in casino side betting – now charing 7% to conventional loans and much higher for casino betting – have no end to their greed and consolidation of wealth.

Central banks consolidate wealth in an insane economic casino capitalism that precludes FULL PARTNERSHIP for 7 billion in the world to enjoy food and health security over night – save for the insanity of nations delegating money supply and circulation and leverage policy – into a casino – by letting third party criminals control the money supply of all nations.

What bank has not committed crimes you see reported in the news as you must suspect trillions in theft are taking place by those criminals you never see reported in the news. Who goes to jail that commits those crimes ?


Criminals control the nations. The money supply is controlled by criminals. A single fix is ONE EMERGENCY ACT OF LEGISLATION TO MERGE ( keep all processes ) the FED into the Treasury of the nation. Issue SUPER BONDS ( 100 year bonds with sliding scale interest – my invention with former SEC Commissioner Roel Campos of the Washington DC Law Firm Hughes and Hubbard – the leading bond firm on earth ) to pay off FED DEBT in 2019 – and pay off that debt with our economy of 100 years from today. Now the FED operating inside US TREASURY can set appropriate arms length money supply policy – be audited – and there is zero interest to print money – as the TREASURY PRINTS MONEY and avoids inflation by market digital real time transparency to currency value in every nation’s market place via prudent fully transparent monetary policy – versus criminal opaque monetary policy.

See the FILM I presented for you – just see the FED tell CONGRESS “NO” and you’ll see where real power resides.

THERE IS NO OVERSIGHT OF FED POLICY it is all secret and never audited reversed reviewed or accountable to any law. THE FED IS ABOVE THE LAW. That act of congress – only 80 pages – can be reversed in one afternoon by the US CONGRESS merging the FED into US TREASURY by an emergency act of congress.

Is the bought and paid for Congress from the FED Wall Street LOBBY going to pass such an act. Doubtful.

What is the outcome?

Folks we are marching into the collapse of the entire global system for no reason at all but freed – and the result is a world depression and world war – where the FED and its members make even greater ungodly criminal profits stealing nations blind.


It is a google search on the fed to understand all this.

It may not be important to you.

SNAP ! Wake up folks. You have been hypnotized. Share this blog so a million receive the wake up call.

The Debts are too great to pay off – ever. Defaults will sink the system it is just when. Only when. Casino capitalism is temporary an insane system nations permitted.

The Central Banks are raising interest too fast and too soon. The higher interest can not be absorbed by today’s global debt loads. As these global debt loads refinance into the tsunami of higher interest rates the central banks are now in policy error setting forth – with zero national oversight of any kind ( simply greed ) – the result is – that defaults will occur at a cascade level. The default cascade from higher bank interest rates is the GYNORMOUS RISK THE ENTIRE SYSTEM WILL FAIL.

The risk is DEBT BOMB.

The Debt Bomb explodes as interest rates rise.

Oh the impact is not today. Not tomorrow. But 2019 and 2020.

We told you a correction would occur in the Spring for years. Boy has it.

Now our prediction of volatility is the new normal in all markets.

We are predicting the system risk to the entire world order is the DEBT BOMB. The Debt Bomb can only be moderated as to a risk if the central banks BACK OFF on monetary normalization in sixty months and stretch that game plan over two decades.

Profit Growth can not come near the required levels to off set the cost of higher interest under current FED policy alone – not considering all world central banks now in lock step with the USA FED.

The US Treasury requires 3.0 % GNP Growth and higher to assure the tax cuts are equalized by improved revenues. This weekend UK Banks down graded USA GNP to 1.5%. This is an enormous debt burden to the tax cut and now at ever higher interest rates.

The Bond Markets may implode with the weight of demand – plus debt premium – plus equity offset and depreciation from ever higher bond yield – and the entire UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of central bank policy is simply going to sink the ships of all states.

The cause – the central banks. Nothing else. The Central banks.

If law makers ever wake up to the economics the condition might be fixable before it is too late. SNAP.

It is time to wake up out there.


BERNY DOHRMANN – trade marked SNAP – just to wake up the world in fact today.