I want my readers to imagine – a fantastic race taking place. The cars are all racing at speeds never before experienced by humanity over its short history upon the planet earth. The automobiles selected are trade cars. Some are agriculture. Some are resources in minerals. Some are services. Some are manufactured goods. Some are ever new IP coming to the track for the very first time from unlimited human creativity …

The Track is built of the rainbow – WHICH is frictionless so that speeds just accelerate. For every single car from every single nation playing WORLD TRADE.

The Rainbow is new for humanity because the rainbow track is CAPITAL CIRCULATIONS and is FULLY DIGITAL. That all DIGITAL high speed track that just keeps on accelerating the trade cars. UP hills and over horizons the drivers can not see and do not know the other side of. Roaring racing around the rainbow digital track of capital circulations around the world.


Plenty of lanes for everyone. Always developing wider rider bandwidth in trade craft globally. After all your global  with your very first  click. We are all.

Now consider layered idiocy over such a short time frame to move from the wagon and trade at ports with sailing ships to Amazon Prime and next day delivery in the CLOUD all occurred in less than 100 years – replacing 10,000 years in a generation of time. Think about that compression in TIME for human adaptation of century old trade craft. Push a finger and BAM your orders in the billions are moved across the entire PLANET – BAM ! That is a ten year compression of TIME in trade craft.

Do the BOX TOP RULES need some upgrading folks?

Did the trade laws and trade rules keep up with the accelerated compression in TIME? Amazon plans drone delivery to PRIME MEMBERS world wide in ONE HOUR – think of that trade craft compression unfolding. Beaming goods in one second will follow. Consider the COMPRESSION OF TIME to the RULES needing to upgrade today?

Do you think century old treaties and rules ever saw the rainbow Digital track and the virtual trading velocities of change only ten years have brought us all? DO you think anyone could envision such SUPER CHANGE and its all only picking up velocity acceleration and momentum or VAM ?

Of course not.

No one’s fault and no one’s game plan.

Its been every nation for themselves.

Than VAM ! Happened did it not ?

Today the entire track circles and its every nation inter linked and requiring new rules of cooperation to change the rules of the road in an all digital accelerated reality -warp drive – versus the old wagon wheels. Moving from prime one hour delivery next to beam it over instant delivery soon – BAM and VAM. Rules need to revolutionize to a brave new work. TRUMP AND XI got this folks its not what you read in the press – it is a process.

New box top rules for world trade are required. And frankly desired by all the rest of us.

Today the largest raw potential to revamp the RAINBOW race track of VAM and Capital circulation VAM  that replaced the road way in less than 10 short years of digital humanity is RIGHT NOW  under  way. It will be a bitch. Why?

Because WORLD TRADE at this velocity never sleeps. There is no pit stop. There is no pull over. There is only acceleration to velocity. NO repair. No off ramps – none. 24/7 and never ending compression of time. You all feel it if you can’t put words to the economics shifting.

Revamping world trade rules to THAT RAINBOW should take place how? When?

The two leaders of the cars so out front one else can even see their dust trails – are the USA far out front and China roaring far behind in fact. If those two cars revamp their OWN TWO LEADERSHIP  box top rules the entire world will follow their new RULE TRADE  model and lead a revolution for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND into the future.

Serving 10 billion of us born and unborn. As one.

Revamping while your picking up speed in the longest largest boom of economic growth all digital due to CAPITAL CIRCULATION VELOCITIES ACCELERATING – is the bitch – it is not easy and it requires more than leadership – it requires integrity – at core between President Trump and President XI. Their communities will argue push and shove while the integrity of the leaders makes final outcome choices.


Tweaking the super hot ENGINES of the two largest trading parties to present the entire world with a new global RULE model – in cooperation versus competition – while the cars continue to race along the rainbow track at ever compressing SPEEDS in VAM. NO CAR takes time off and no car can pause in the race of world trade today. No rest. No pit stop. No repairs even.


Can it be done?

It is historic THAT  which is NOW  unfolding.

Read the outcomes with some new reading glasses. The community around the leaders must advance into the new box top rules for world trade in manners that preserve their influence judgement ideas and political powers. The leaders have largely in my opinion already set the frame work for the new box top rules and work well together in firm integrity to arrive at an outcome that the world will slowly over time frames model into. The process is one bitch. Of course. We are only human. Trans-humans come next – thank you Elron MUSK.

On a digital rainbow track where soon NO NATION WILL BE LEFT BEHIND as the frame work for China and the USA and then RUSSIA becomes a global triangle influence to advance world prosperity for all of humanity and within a new peace. The Triangle advances by agreement into the new world order being historically defined now.

WHAT A BITCH but well worth it.

If integrity is breached or competition replaces competition in some mental illness of human insanity – the process will still unfold – but with greater pain economically than is required – as in the end – America has a IRON  hand on the economic core  tiller that can not be moved economically from the horizon ultimate outcome – either no nation is left behind or many are – and America will prosper in all outcomes even with pain along the rainbow road – as the pain will not be as great in AMERICA as that pain will be when other cars crash entirely or holes in the rainbow road are blown up along the digital pathways. Other nations will suffer enough economically to then revise new BOX TOP RULES that can today be developed without any pain really at all – while the race goes on.

It is sane and makes sense to arrive at sane outcomes. NOW ! 

The challenge is repairing world trade arrangements while there are zero pit stops or repairs as the cars are virtual and can not even slow down let alone stop. WORLD TRADE Is a living organism today all digital and the rainbow road is widening bandwidth as velocity accelerates as more of humanity joins the one race that has no finish line….


Berny Dohrmann – On Why Market Volatility is digital and enhances profits for 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS all the way up and all the way down – in cycles that mean nothing to core future valuations over time – the world market is stronger than ever and unlikely to lose strength anytime soon – because no one wants to slow the race today – no one….and thats the TRUTH of WHAT IS going on – out THERE folks. We are spectators and participants on the rainbow track of digital economics today and tomorrow – pedal to the metal – push your pedal to the floor as entrepreneurs to the door….prosperity awaits on the other side……for all of humanity.