Trade wars?

Woe is “me” ?

Growth is going to stop?

We are going to self destruct the world economies?


Well actually NOT SO MUCH?

Trillions upon trillions lost in market wealth in only ten days and more in crypto currency plunging below mining cost to break even? Really?

Well not so much.

Did you read the small print as economists are doing?


Everyone is basking in the PRESS sound bytes.

If it bleeds ( losing trillions of dollars bleeds ) and sells ad space ..but not so much.

So DO you Really wish to KNOW the WHAT …IS going on OUT THERE?

If you read the last week of my Blogs your learning.

They are connected actually.

So lets look at



Nothing is really going on out there. That IS what IS going on out there with trading partnerships and contracts.

First, the recent spat, sets up NEGOTIATIONS coming up.

The US is not longer accepting talk and requires a defecto TRADE AGREEMENT with China first and Asia second. The jaw bone approach of SPEAKING we are going to improve things for two decades has run its full course. its over.

Everyone playing POKER holds their own cards tightly until they are called.

America coined the song:

… got to know when to hold them you got to know when to fold them….

ITUNES KENNY ROGERS if you can not hear THAT music playing…..

The USA is holding a FULL HOUSE.

The USA trades and buys 500% more than it sells into CHINA – that is economics folks – 500 dollars to one dollar. At the negotiating table then the hands are called who FOLDS or loses what? Loses EVERYTHING and sinks into economic depression.

Now inside this full house – CHINA borrows 300% each year more than it earns. Let us pretend the US buying collapses. Say 100% of todays numbers. What would that DO to America. Oh America will do just fine. We’ll build up AFRICA and sell our soy beans over their. AMERICA doesn’t “need” outside economics that assure security for our own people. Fair trade is national security long term and the dollar soars.

China in its two – 2’s and pair of 3″s ( economic poker ) is bluffing a full house. If the USA declines any – that is any – small % of its buying which is growing and soaring – and STILL China has been borrowing for ten years some 200% to 300% in soaring debt – has a first down turn in 25 years ( as all economies that go up must all have recessions and rebalancing and go down for periods of time ) China has social unrest, revolution and destabilization nation wide as an economic consequence.

Full HOUSE AMERICA is calling –

We are placing all our chips on the table.


Did you study Donald Trump even a little?

The DEAL SET UP is where the deal tipping point is.

The USA worked in good faith for twenty years betting across the table with China.

Today with a complete FULL HOUSE we are CALLING.

Economic poker.

We are about to NEGOTIATE A TRADE DEAL as Donald Trump refused to sign a long term take it up America’s economic aspiration pipe deal – China ran up the flag pole last year. Trumps team are expert at the economics and an overwhelming majority of democrats in economics side with our FULL HOUSE because in this game there are no politics this is about the unborn generation of both nations.

What is going to happen?

China is going to HIT THE DEALER For cards a few times.

They are going to shove their chips across the table.

Trump is going to ask for NO NEW CARDS AT ALL.

Trump is smoking a cigar with his famous democrat and republican economic advisers in complete unity – singing in his head the song he grew up singing….before he wrote his famous book THE ART OF THE DEAL:

… got to know when to hold them you got to know when to fold them….

President Trump is going to see one number in his eye balls the whole time China puts new chips on the table saying….REMEMBER WHO STARTED ALL THIS?

Trump will see 500 US dollars buying from Chine to only $ 1.00 US dollar selling in China – how bad can that hurt America? Comparatively? Really folks its economics 101.

Trump told China the new box top rules are coming.

Trump respects and is a true friend with President XI and is coordinating with each other along the table game.

Trump showed enormous respect to delay the CALL to the China game – until XI won President for life. That respect will not soon be forgotten.

The frame work for the new rules XI wishes as well – but great PROCESS must unfold to save face and to protect the dignity of China along the road to the new long term trade game plan that replaces the World War II model.

China put chips on the table – we will pay for oil with our currency versus US dollars. That would create a CALL to FOLD on China economics. Even as a greedy OIL Cartel at the table holding a pair of 5’s and a pair of 10’s seeks to influence the game outcome between China and the USA.

Trump – holding his FULL HOUSE ECONOMICALLY – with the USA in 2018 passing Russia to become the # 1 OIL PRODUCER ON EARTH – just crashed oil prices for the cartel – which now must put all its chips in ( go bankrupt ) or – FOLD ( the cartel breaks up – Iran and Russia leave and open their pumps to preserve market share ).

… got to know when to hold them you got to know when to fold them….

Trump puffs out a $ sign of smoke into the air for the other players to get the message as Trump pushes all the USA CHIPS right into the center and asks the other debt ridden nations to MATCH THOSE CHIPS or FOLD into a new trade pact.

Oh did I mention – the trade agreements in the USA are for discussion and non binding for months as party of Trumps CALL on the BET – and China trade sanctions are not effective until the USA tariff’s are effective.

Trump is thinking – uh uh – a USA car sold here for 50,000 USA Dollars should not be costing in China almost 500,000 dollars or so. In fact the industry of Chinese black markets to buy cars here at auction and ship them to trade partners in Asia and drive them into China selling to insiders at closer to American cost say 150,000 should stop – China should permit open free trade.

Some RECIPROCAL new trade agreement ( USA CALLS ) – where we match you and you match us – under a long term fair new DEAL – is under way. No more talk. A frame work that defines trade for all nations as that NEW MODEL will change the world of trade and all nations will follow the NEW MODEL.

Now make no mistake. There are many strategies considered before the game at the table took place. Lots of betting POSTURING and BLUFFING will be taking place because politics is running the economics versus the way the world should work where revised systems that are coming now – where economics run politics – trade up for a better system model – a far better system model for the entire world.

Trump will wade through that posturing thinking $ 500.00 US dollars to $ 1.00 holding an absolutely full house economically.

Russia has oil nose diving – do they stay in OPEC and lose more market share?

Does IRAN?

There is a lot going on at the poker table folks.

AMERICA HAS A FULL HOUSE backed by the most advanced security on earth in the casino – the United States MILITARY just funded upward off a budget that assures those playing in the global Casino well know the OWNER – is assuring the rules of the game permit zero cheating.

All the while holding a FULL HOUSE with no dealer hits of any kind for new cards.

… got to know when to hold them you got to know when to fold them….

Comes to my mind …..TRADE WARS?

Nothing is happening now – or for months.


Both sides will continue the dance – as effective dates are postponed and postponed again.

Markets way over priced are being reset to move to 30,000 DOW and than 50,000 DOW but over sane ratios and profits and time lines not January FROTHY speculation bid ups.

Trump smokes another $ sign into the air.

You can almost taste his relaxing cigar can you not…..NOW?

I’m smoking one myself.

Trade wars – they are say to win and not so bad.

Carries a new meaning if you read all the fine print as we are doing …..



A new relationship with Russia has value to the entire world between the USA and Russia.

Putin sitting at the table put his chips forward before his sweeping victory Trump just congratulated him on winning.

Putin reported ( as he killed a traitor which long term history to not just Putin but to Russia and the world well knows THAT history ) which is cultural – as Putin told his people who just adore him – that – his team was developing the sonic weapons America has had for years. Under third minutes and its over. The policy of Mutually Assured Destruction has held peace for decades since America alone used Atomic weapons.

Trump smoking at the table looking at Russia having two queens and two kings against an AMERICA FULL HOUSE – can’t with oil plunging even pay its military or upgrade its declining decaying infrastructure. The entire world is booming economically but Russia remains in an economic recession crises. Other nations like China Japan Indonesia and India have passed Russia in economic card holding. Russia is in decline if Russia does get out of sanctions and open a new day of economic full partnership. What keeps Russia afloat economically and ┬ámake no mistake about this item – is trade with the USA.

TRUMP is setting up the deal with PUTIN at the card table. All the influence agencies globally are sitting behind them trying to give the players at the table signals. But the players are holding their cards and no bluff in the world is going to dissuade Donald Trump. With Putin Trump implied he had a full house when his team keeps repeating in the press the US Military needs LOW YIELD NUKES next. Those Nukes are NOT FOR use as a weapon folks and Putin well knows this fact.

Low Yield Nukes can defeat SONIC WEAPONS with EMP pulse focus to their electronics that guide them. BAM the new Russia that is two Queens against a US FULL HOUSE and complete wipe out if the USA Folds on Russia first economically – which we do not seek to do – in fact – and second on military terms – Russia is simply gone in a USA contest.

Putin knows who holds a full house as he watching the signals from behind his BACK pushes all Russia Chips to the center of the table.

Trump is holding ENDLESS CHIPS and can push chips that fold out every player in the end.


The NEGOTIATIONS For a far more cooperative new world order are finally coming and they are coming fast. The markets will all ROAR back. On far more solid footings. Invest LONG TERM over six years never months. If your a leveraged margin day trader driving casino capitalism – you might wish to take a potty break right about now.

In the REAL GAME FOLKS you have to know the rules – the box top rules. The first rule is the most important RULE….

Nothing is every not ever as it appears in your daily press menu. Far far from it.

If you get nervous – tune in here a bit and explore what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE…( there is no trade war – not really ). Trump wants full occupancy at Trump Towers and Hotels folks – FULL HOUSE.

… got to know when to hold them you got to know when to fold them….

Buy the song it will bring you peace from my bud Kenny Rodgers ….