The markets dove as the world moves into trade war for real. China the debtor nation is caught between a rock and a revolution. if China employment drops off a cliff into recession or worse due to trade wars, America will come out just fine and on top. However the shift back to America will not be a recovery event for China.

This Debtor nation borrows 300% more than it earns for so many years the IMF has warned and re-warned and warned again in 2018 that China is a systemic risk to the entire world interdependent system as it creates phony economics driven by debt under communism. Communism is always a failed economic model.

The sea anchor of debt President XI warns must decline “slowly” over time. But China lacks time due to trade war. The survival of Chia free of a revolution when 87% of all citizens are not members of the communist party – the problem is aging demographics and young global free thinkers and debt. The world needs to learn about China and quick.

China has too options:


  1. Free Trade really and rule of law
  2. Business as usual – theft and digital war with the west

The West has HAD IT with digital theft and phony economics within a one way money bridge that has fully imbalanced economic accounts as set forth by the UN – World Bank – IMF – US Treasury – EU and frankly this blog.

China is opting for trade war.

The problem with that escalation is the mind set – always undervalued – of AMERICANS. American’s could stop buying made in China everything – on a dime. We are discussing so many trillions drying up in say – 90 days – that China crashes into an economic sunset like the world has ever seen before. Digital darkness. Economic night.

The ramifications to China stability are beyond measure in today’s terms. Given China’s long history of social disorder the current economic mess from failed communist economics is a phony mirror. The victims – the WEST are not only totally DONE with economic abuse theft and lack of rule of law – but done with words versus action.

The risk is fantastic to the entire world and the risk is now – and taking place.

Trillions of wealth have been wiped out since the start of this – say is weeks ago. That right – trillions upon trillions in six short weeks. Wait for it – as the real other shoe has not fallen.


President XI the King for Life in China – has but he may have not understood the words.

The USA token tariff’s the biggest dumping of below cost trade goods on earth – China Steel and Aluminum in such surplus they can’t sell the piles they have of both outside dumping costing. Economically unsustainable. Brought about by debt to secure jobs to assure stability in the population in China while polluting their own people to levels humans have never experienced before – in fact most humans on the planet.

Bad business communism.

So – China responds over ten days with 128 tariff’s to two.

Now one may think Trumps team about to release 60 billion of tariff’s to China – to bring their leadership to the real table of FAIR TRADE versus DARE TRADE – and rule of law to stop STEALING INVENTIONS BY HACKING = the core of the China Communism miracle – stealing replaces dealing.

Enough is enough says Congress and Trump.

Now does Trump MEAN BUSINESS?

What do you think?

The giant sucking sound Ross Perot refined for all of us with NAFTA took place exactly as the billionaire warned us it would.

Exactly. Now they are trying to repair that mess – that one way sucking sound out of America into other once poor nations.

China is worse. The Chinese have hacked every agency of the nation and every corporation data base for invention trolling. When do you stop the stealing and reset the world onto a level keel?


We can keep doing business as usual – MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN but it is tragic economics for our own unborn.

  1. China has trade taxes that make American goods too costly in China.
  2. China culture steals American anything from Burgers to phones and Chinese buy CHINESE not American.
  3. China laws make impossible barriers to free trade – you have to associate with china partners and allow your secrets and inventions to be immediately ripped off to do any business in China.
  4. Google is blocked – Face book is blocked – so many others and Apple had to put its keys to all of our data on Chinese servers to keep getting parts made over there – why not English speaking INDIA with RULE OF LAW protection?
  5. Economics in China is partnership means 11 to 1 to China which has built the largest imbalance of currency reserves on earth in ten years. Not sustainable as IMF warns and warns.

Nixon Opened China for business.

Trump may well close China for business.

As China can not survive such a trade war and remain as it is today, the choice is revolution or wars. War is most likely.

Asia at war – consider that for a moment.

China has – ruled criminal by the world courts – redrawn maps to suggest all of Asia is now inside the Chinese exclusive influence zone -of oceans lands and seas. The opposing power is the USA and JAPAN today – and despite what you may believe CHINA is not enabled to propel their illegal will on those nations – and Russia is in the end not going to side with China – they are going to side with World War II partners who helped them win.

China is misplaying its cards.

A China summit is the answer were communist leadership reforms to global rule of law and prospers.

Any other course ends in communist bankruptcy economically and ultimately a revolution in CHINA which no one wishes.

What leaders fail to see are at the end – the core economics.

So today we have our manufacturing down.

We have consumer confidence down at end of March first time this year.

We have a market crash again today. Again. Today.

We have trade war heating up just like the IMF feared an warned us all about.

The recovery globally is fragile.

The time to rebalance economics is right now however not later in time.

China is most vulnerable to the sun setting economically right now in her pile of communist debt – the upside down bankrupt nation in fact.

Cascading defaults will effect the entire world from CHINA from a trade war she can not survive let alone win.

So what comes now? What comes next?

The Trump Team is reviewing the second wave of trade punishment for China theft lies and cheats to America over time. Pure theft at a state sponsored level.

Big Brains have got this and the BIG BRAINS have called sunset on economics in China or reform trade law practices really.

Door number one is prosperity.

Door number two is ruin and war.

Trump’s team is fighting digital world war III economically first.

All wars begin economically.

America has been frankly loosing since the digital attacks from Russia and China in 2008 – they made fortunes and almost wiped us out. Then they stole digitally everything we had period – everything.

Today we are ready and we are pissed off.

The digital wars are about to shift and China has like so many before created a fatal reality – China has VASTLY UNDERESTIMATED THE United States OF AMERICA.

Her wonderful people have no clue in the few against the many.

Why not trade fair – why not stop stealing?

You = all of my readers well know the answer to this.

Now the trade wars get serious – China made a miscalculation.

Wrong President wrong time – wrong moment in history folks.

Thats all.

The line in China’s sunset has been drawn.

There will be zero backing up.

The Economics will not be kind to China as the sun also sets.