Do hedge fund and sovereign nation fund managers and the press and private equity read this blog? So oil is rising this AM.

The blogs this AM tell you oil is going to tank and why.

Oil tanks by the end of the DAY – now thats a fast response time.


Because we accurately wrote out that the speculator billions in long oil positions are going to suffer a trillion dollar blood bath as a world awash in oil – drowning in oil – smothered in oil – is resetting market price to supply and demand versus elite cartel control of the few trying to corner the market place agains the many of billions of US. Always criminal to the billions of us when such cartel price controls develop.

Nations should cooperate and put criminals in jail faster.

Or just put financial criminals in jail at all. If your a small fry you go to prison. If your too big to jail you buy your get out of jail free cards and you just have warm meals. See Wells Fargo Bank well all the bankers.

Education is what is missing.

Competitive capitalism fails to educate its generations to allow consolidations of wealth and power.

Communism is worse as relates to economic alphabet and paragraphs. The billions upon billions of us are all economically illiterate – a system that allows the few economically educated to rule and retain their wealth and consolidation powers even to their own ultimate harm.

Cooperative Capitalism is a world in COLAB between nations with a UNITED EARTH FEDERATION of Nations that revises box top rules for trade and economics under a no nation left behind rule set. It is not hard and no one at the top today suffers from the economic upgrading.

All wealth is re-education into a system of global circulation stewardship. Ethics and integrity run the system. Systems replace trust and remain self correcting. System abuse is immediately corrected and abusers lose their world influence powers and community. Community shuns rule breakers – the many for the few – versus the few AGAINST the many economics. Todays crises is not of leadership it is the crises of integrity. The 11th commandment temporarily misguides us all…thou shalt screw before thou art screwed unto…..no integrity at all.

We all arrive at the better final economic upgrade or revolution into global economic Cooperative Capitalism – through:

  1. A G 100 Conference to establish the new global economic constitution of a better way – a far better way – and all nations sign on world wide for mutual prosperity with no nation left behind –
  2. WAR and its after math upgrades the system
  3. A growing global revolutionary movement eventually upgrades the better way and removes the insanity and lack of integrity in the systems today.

If the young are educated that competition is a form of human insanity and cooperation is sane virus free thinking – the rules of integrity guide the thinking of the young. Those who are rule breakers lose community and power. The COLAB rules are self correcting.

If the young learn economics of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM how could they grow up and compete with the earth that supports them? Educated how could they slaughter intelligent life forms – Dolphins Elephants Rhino’s  and more – to get say faster  erections as adults and worse? Is such ignorance not insane? Is not competitive thought like that versus stewardship a missing sane education aspect of human integrity?

Is it sane that one of the top ten industries on earth is drugs and sex slavery? Would education and integrity values globally break the pattern of human slavery via ignorance? Me too is start but we have so far to go to wake up uneducated brains led by powerful brain washing medias lacking integrity at ever possible value to humanity.

Can humanity rise to its highest finest history within its greater raw potential by upgrading our thinking? Can we rise over generational mid brain tribal competition and survival to steward the earth and populate the stars with her life eternally? How precious is all earth DNA to the educated and sane?

Today we engage in competitive trade wars and criminal cartels place billions into starvation and suffering for their own elite greed and powers. IS that model insane thinking? Why do billions of us allow it?

When will billions of us waking up reform the thinking errors?

Can we?

Will we?


So the content of this blog on a given day protects your nest egg and futures. The best insulation from SUPER CHANGE that is only accelerating today is growing your cooperative ( better thinking ) community – which CEO SPACE does for members – a priceless commodity. A safe harbor against all the financial storms. Look into it.

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You deserve a better safer future.


Historic readers have seen so many instances of YOU HEARD IT FIRST here – then it was in the news next. Media globally is reading.

Financial decision makers read this blog.

Today oil rising up stopped on a blog post and dropped 3% hours after the blog posting. Coincident? There are sure a lot of those if you read often.

What I want to hear from my readers is:

  1. What do you think about cooperative capitalism versus competitive economic system models for competitive capitalism or competitive communistic system models – in your own words. I’ll reply.
  2. What do you think about TRADE WARS rising up now? In your own words – just comment. We all want to hear you.

The most important reader WHO READS THIS BLOG is so easy. That is YOU. I write this blog for you. For the small business owner and budding entrepreneur to keep the money they make and to not lose their money with fools rallies and false economic understandings. If you use this data as one additional source it may help ONE of you as my email suggests its a lot more than ONE. You are my thank you. YOU are why our teams gather the data and present the WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE to you all.

We have no sponsors.

We have no investors.

We have no influence.

We independently research and do our own best to present data you can take or leave as items to compare bought and paid for news – against this standard of independent thought and thinking. More than entertainment this blog helps our community to think for themselves and we hope stay ahead of the financial storm clouds.

CEO SPACE is the SUPER BOWL of our community coming together and sharing – all political belief’s world wide – in one cooperative community that celebrates diverse humanity and never punishes diverse humanity.

Some of you cherish that community as we inside it do. Thank you for THAT.

Today – the market reacted to a blog.

Did you notice the billions that moved upon truth versus anything less in economics?

Thank you for paying attention.