We informed our readers the markets would decline in the Spring of 2018  and move into bear air in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018. The “experts” all said different and stated publicly we were maverick economists and totally off base. Our 97 correct predictions since the 1980’s seem to have no bearing. The market went up by two years of chart gains in just January alone of 2018. We said again the markets would enter BEAR AIR this Spring and HOW to protect your financial feet at economic PEAK. For those who acted you lost ZERO.

For those who read and feed – well not so much for you all.

Now then back to the cost of everything as the BEAR AIR is unfolding in todays Spring Markets and the SPRING and Trade wars are young yet.

Oil “is” the cost of energy and packaging and transportation and the cost of everything in fact.

Oil is controlled in price by criminal speculators seeking to manipulate price for their own private greed against the real market of supply and demand. The world is drowning in oil. We are discovering more new oil each quarter – than we require. Oil is renewable plentiful and low cost.

The high cost of energy sustains poverty for developing nations and 7 billion who can never rise up and enjoy full partnership – until the criminal cartels that using fraud falsely manipulate the COST OF EVERYTHING. Nations are bought and paid for the allow the fraud they all participate in to great karma and sin.


The FEW against the MANY.

So today we had oil – go UP today. On what news?

First we had – new oil finds in Bahrain – the largest new supply for that Gulf nation in 90 years – larger than all their prior finds combined together.

Second we have hundreds of billions invested by speculators in “long” positions oil must go up including the OPEC Nations but Iran who is shorting oil.

Third, we have OPEC the criminal elite manipulating cartel, jaw boning their LONG bets.

Russia increased pumping output as ENOUGH in losing market share to America and other non OPEC members.

Iran increased pumping output.

Nigeria increased pumping output.

Iraq output is rising monthly.

America output is soaring.

IRAN may drop OUT OF OPEC due to the serious proxy wars with SAUDI and their PUPPY KING – leading policy in the entirely wrong direction – today dividing the Arab world on Israel and IRAN again.

In two years the PUPPY KING and wrong policy in the Saudi OPEC led kingdom – failing to DESTROY AMERICA OIL PRODUCTION by crashing prices – has lost more global market share – paying trillions to lose those customers forever – and lost in failed economic policy the OIL WARS the real battle. During this time the real war between SAUDI and Iran which is political religious and cultural is fought by proxy – nations – and SAUDI is loosing all those wars – will America keep backing the loser while Russia backs the winners? Should a more balanced approach occur as this is NOT OUR FIGHT.

The POLICY FROM SAUDI in our opinion will create a shooting war in the GULF as the economics of oil prices crashing follow the news set forth above. When you consider this news list item list – consider:

And the PRICE OF OIL GOES UP? How can Saudi via fraud manipulate a false oil price as more and more smile stepping back from SAUDI economically? Will the Puppy King who locked up the Royals into 2018 and shook them down for 100 billion dollars – and it is still going on – with zero due process – a fraud – crimes against humanity not against any abuse or corruption – a pure shake down of tribes and families – for CASH to a CASH STARVED now borrowing nation with enormous youth unemployment while the FAT CATS rule. You think that goes without answer or address in THEIR CULTURE historically. You think with all this unfolding in an OPEC and SAUDI failed policy and civil war unfolding in the GULF that ……

OIL GOES UP? Really? Folks – read the tea leaves.

Oil is going to crash into 50 dollar range and stay there.


Because the criminal oil CARTEL of OPEC is raising the price of energy – the cost of everything to all the billions of us – we the people to the world – for an elite clicks personal greed – which is a crime against humanity and nations.

Because OPEC is dying a death that will lose trillions for those who wrongly bet for profit and greed in her crimes and creed.

Mark my words on this item.

CRIMINAL CARTELS are soon going to be by all nations – crimes against humanity – as in fact they truly are in fact.

The PRICE OF OIL is being set loose from the criminals and is being reset to world market price – plentiful – renewable and abundant and cheap. THE FAKE NEWS ABOUT OIL is a pure LIE and is now being illuminated by the TRUTH.


PS: FACEBOOK has lost 68 billion dollars in value in the BEAR AIR in a single week – Amazon and others are fighting head winds in value and ratio’s today as the BEAR AIR settles to all market levels.