If you are an old retired antique investment banker economist you long for the good old days. Days of Glory when the US Congress held special hearings on OIL PRICE GUAGING which frankly rolled back energy prices for decades. Boys and girls the world is drowning in oil. There is no depletion. There is only a tax break called a depletion allowance. Big Oil and Wall Street have bought and paid for your national government and they expect high returns. Other lobby groups complain to “me” …you know Berny…. it’s not like the old days …no sir ree…. today those Bustards in Washington JUST WILL NOT STAY BOUGHT!


Highest bidder wins I suppose.

Last money in.


More new oil is being newly discovered than all the oil we are using and it seems like new finds are every single minute. Bahrain already oil wealthy just discovered new oil and gas greater than their total oil reserves over 90 years and more is likely to follow that.


Iraq has moved up by two weeks its bid to new fields and development to world oil producers.


But Texas took a handful of drilling rigs running dry off line and for maintenance and the entire world market went from 67 dollars close back up to 70. Why?


Oil should be 50 dollars.


Oil will be 50 dollars. For a long long time coming up.


Speculators who used to be put in jail for manipulation of prices – are now in control of oil markets. Billions upon Billions have bet long that oil prices will soar. Saudi the arch enemy of Iran, has sought to tar and feather Iran, so that the USA will sanction IRAN and blast oil up up and away  for Saudi so they can pay their bills ! Which they must borrow to do so today.

It‘s criminal OPEC CARTEL into the sky – as one-way Saudi can pay its bills which right now they have to borrow to pay their bills. Or lock up their royals and without a single human rights violation shake those royal families down for over 100 billion large. We welcome their new two-year Puppy King into the White House and listen to him go on and on about IRAN. Everything about Iran is fake news from Saudi in our opinion. Saudi is inside a civil war and we have no clue who will win that. Those betting long on oil are about to experience a Saudi blood bath for betting against AMERICA. Take this to the bank.


If we made friends with Iran, in my opinion, the war and terror sponsored by Saudi would turn our way in prosperity peace and  on a dime and oil prices would drop to 50 dollars with a far lower global pump price that would elevate world prosperity and trade. Energy is the cost of everything else. Hijacking energy for an elite GREED MACHINE – the few against the many – is a form of insanity.


OIL is criminal cartels manipulating the price for greed to a few against the many crime families – that is the truth of it.


Oh yes. Back to President Ronnie.


We’ll back in the cave man times of politics, the entire Congress investigated price gauging and big oil. They advanced ideas like WINDFALL PROFIT TAXES and the removal of the ultimate tax break the “depletion allowance”. Say I could write off the lawn I mow out front and back at my place – that would help my pay off my house faster and the lawn like oil always comes back. You see the lie is oil is scare. Oil is not scare. The Earth farts and shits oil. The earth renews old wells and oil and gas come back. Texas has not begun to PUMP oil. Time heals all wells.


The 7 people folks on earth would prosperity soar if the cost of energy were affordable so everyone could enjoy clean water – clean air – flush – and have lights to keep their worlds safer.


Education would assure all of us left none of us behind.


Today over one billion will starve to death under the age of thirty-five mostly, in agony, when the food and ability to save them ALL exists but we lack the will. That form of insanity – more than all wars and disease in all time – economic insanity – is the human curse.


Can we do better?

You bet.


Communism and competitive capitalism lead 100% of all reported history into:


  1. 1% own more wealth than 99%
  2. Along that path global instability – melt down like 2008
  3. Following that years of trade war spiral – we are in it now
  4. Super Crash due to trade war destruction to world trade
  5. World War to rebalance the unpaid debt loads


Cooperative Capitalism is a global economic set of new box top rules to govern economics so we cease repeating this final outcome. Repeating such outcomes is insane. History is fake news and falsely reports the CAUSE OF WARS. The Cause of Wars is economic never politics.


Competition teaches us all Fake News that raises us up in self-esteem to punish and criticize any humanity that is unlike our own circle – versus to celebrate all diversity in humanity from culture arts race creed politics the entire tapestry – to respect and celebrate versus punish. Competition software on your brain with competition virus code or virus free brain software with cooperation software lacking competitive impulse – an improved brain.


Fake news suggests competition wins wars. Even that fake news.


In fact, the team who has superior cooperation remains undefeatable. Cooperation always defeats competition – brain software virus code is competition.


Thinking errors are marching human beings with weapons we have never held before into our own individual species extinction. The Earth will create a virus free species to populate herself to the stars. We compete with other earth species as well as ourselves due to the brain insanity of competitive thought impulse. Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a whole brain virus removal tool if you wish to upgrade your own brain.


Today we have TIT FOR TAT trade war. We put tariffs on two items’. China responded to save face by putting tariff’s over 100 items which causes markets globally to go down. Is the Trump Team ready to “win the trade war globally” as Trump suggested “trade wars are easy to win”?


Note to Trump – the last world war was started by the most serious global trade war of the time in the 1920’s which ended badly in SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR as cause agency. Trade wars are economic markers of the economic imbalances which are about to reset via a great new global depression far beyond a recession – and – a WORLD WAR.


Is that avoidable?


In this critical time for economics – the rising price of energy – the cost of everything – is only rising because of an elite cartel controlling a tiny fraction of output working their butts off as the FEW AGAINST THE MANY to MANIPULATE price back up to their own model versus a free market price, which experts and I peg at around $ 50.00 bucks.


I predict that trade war will be the final nail in the oil coffin.


I predict USA production will pass Russia as America exceeds 11 million barrels a day – as AMERICA becomes the # 1 oil producer on earth – finding more and more oil – and Trump allows us to get it up. This alone will break SAUDI’s OPEC final strategy – as they failed to destroy American shale but they truly tried – and now they will fail as their % of world supply dwindles and customers leave them forever.


What I predict is Oil will drop to fifty dollars.

But what if China is in economic wars with the USA that include:


  1. Stealing all our IP forever and passing us with our own IP
  2. Moving trade to EU and GULF and taxing oil and US goods out of their markets.
  3. Preparing for WORLD WAR really (they have sonic nukes now)


There are wild cards out there.

China is borrowing 300% more than it earns annually. The CHINA DEBT MOUNTAIN is higher than Mount Everest. REALLY. If their bad unpaid debts carried as assets on bank and national books were written off – China would be in a depression and bankrupt. This would sink the entire world into depression. A hair trigger prevents it.


As Trump trade wars with China to PLAY FAIR – China rather than PLAY FAIR – may see the only way forward as preparation for WAR. The Worst they can see is they take over Asia and Japan and repay Japan for World War II insults. Japan has no nukes but ours and China can defeat Japan in 30 minutes. What would we do – really?


When China takes out two American aircraft carriers in seconds what would we DO REALLY?


Would we nuke all of China knowing they WILL NUKE all of America. In those minutes not hours would Russia go “fuck it” and come all in too?


Perhaps you’re not seeing the economics?


Or perhaps you bank on sane brains acting in sane ways?


One might look at the CZARS or Hitler and see through more human history and eyes to consider options – bad options.


If a hair trigger is what keeps the world together (financially) one might review. So, consider well reported and third-party publication confirmed information from this blog since 2008 – we’ll summarize the economics:


  1. The largest boom in history took place in the 2000’s following the DOT. Bomb crash and recovery.
  2. Russia saw the USA threatening with shale world oil economics forever into their own future.
  3. China saw the USA as now truly impossible to beat on a fair playing field.
  4. The first hardened digital weapon was fired at US financial markets creating the crash of 2008 – and almost bankrupting the west. The start of WORLD WAR III was digital theft of IP – money from banking by sovereign nations – the axis of evil – and war on financial markets of the western world.
  5. The digital world war has been on going – every agency of our nation has been hacked seriously including the White House – many believe Trojans are planted in power and data and communication grids to bring them all down without recovery at a click. America is not winning the DIGITAL WORLD WAR III – yet in time. We are on defense as with Pearl Harbor – digital Pearl Harbor WAS 2008. It almost worked.


We are being tested and prodded.


Our Super Power Military – vastly disproportionate to any other nation – and after ten YEARS of declining budgets – we are once again enabling in this war a “come back” for AMERICA. Time will tell. Our ENORMOUS MILITARY SUPERIORITY AND NUKE CAPACITY FROM SUBS AND STEALTH BOMBERS keeps our enemies from open warfare with us – now and in the future. Keep that in mind.


American’s have this view – everyone wants to BE like us. We also hold this view everyone should love us and we love them. The world has no thoughts like this. The World feels their culture should rule the world (competition versus cooperation) and actions in 2018 and 2019 speak still louder than words. NOT WHAT “THEY” SAY but what are THEY DOING.


So, the majority of America elected a NON-POLITICIAN who could not be bought or influenced by money. The majority elected a President to SHAKE UP bought and paid politics like him or hate him. Donald Trump is doing what his majority wished for – he is shaking the trees to the root.


He is NOT doing business as usual. He is massively changing systemic.


The mid-year elections may define Donald Trump as a two term President or a one term President. We have to see. Media is uniformly Anti Trump and their reporting will not move Trump majorities. We have to wait and see as the Press no longer allows us to make up our own minds and bias reporting is filtered by all of us. WE are smarter than ever. Hey 7% of us approve of the US Congress and 93% of us – all democrats all republicans – all independents – hate bought and paid for Congress. We are all mad as hell at THEM. WE the people of the USA are great and that poll alone gives me faith the nation is alive with smarts and gets it. The GREAT DEBATE goes on.


So – trade war.


The first real time digital trade wars with this interconnected economics.


I have reported the economics. If the US Sneezes China catches fatal pneumonia. Economically speaking. Trump knows that China cannot win a trade war. Yes, it can be painful but the world order may reset upon this dime. Can WORLD WAR be averted? That is the wild card folks.


So, will we back up from the brink – as moving forward is also a decline for AMERICA. Fair trade is essential for the USA to thrive into the future.


I’ve stated we need RECOPROCITY TRADE – a digital real time trade scheme where we in the USA match trade taxes and match them – on all trade items with all nations – precisely matched and equal. They lower theirs we lower ours – they rise theirs we raise ours and match – real time data base set – digitally controlled in reciprocity trade – but no one has elected me President thank GOD.


Legal match – where digital match to trade barriers outside tax – red tape – are quid pro.


The entire world would settle into fair trade in my economic view.


For the first time the digital tools to remove us from the TRAP of HISTORY are in our hands.

Will we use those digital tools – while we are being so digitally attacked.


Keep in your minds – the AXIS OF EVIL did not invent sonic nukes and weapons to rival us – they stole those weapons from the DOD – hey North Korea stole our war plans for North Korea last year from South Korea central command. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN HACKED and that is trade war that is world war III that is what is real and taking place.


The world is much less safe due to DIGITAL THEFT that has leveled the playing field. WHY is THIS IMPORTANT?


It goes back to Rome.


Why did Rome the USA of its DAY fall?




The Barbarians (a label as they were far from that) the AXIS OF EVIL for Rome – acquired the WEAPONS of ROME by theft alone.


Rome fell when the axis of evil acquired the weapons of Rome. Shortly after.


See any reason to be informed on reality here?


So, the world is in digital world war III.

The world is fighting a proxy war between the West and the Axis of Evil –


The Muslim Faith is in civil war between Saudi and IRAN and nations line up around those two sapping trillions into death and chaos. In the end only Muslim leadership will sort all those century old wounds to heal ultimately – no outsider has any sway or say.


Meanwhile America leadership is under attack from Saudi bin Laden home of all terrorism.


…..we see your Super Powers as poof of smoke …..we don’t have to defeat you on any battle field …you can be defeated by bankrupting you……….


Those words were not his own.


Fortunately, our leadership understood the threat and the brains the world steals from are inventing the victory of tomorrow. The worst thinking error in competition or cooperation is to UNDERESTIMATE AMERICA. Nations for hundreds of years have paid enormous prices for doing so.


Nations are paying this price now in trade wars.


America gets pissed off – and we are soooo close – and we stop buying anything made in China – which would happen over 90 days – and China is lost to the world. The social revolutions and unrest from the economic collapse of failed communism – borrowing 300% more than it earns to keep the appearance of economics – will not work.


China is in trade war.

They are now trying to break the DOLLAR RESERVE CURRENCY using their phony money – truly built on debt and worthless against real economics – to pay for oil rather than dollars. Phony money for oil. OPEC will do almost anything to stop losing market share as customers flock to America. Can CHINA keep OPEC afloat and pay the enormous cost of American trade war risk and the higher cost of energy the world can no longer afford?



Do you see it YET?


Are you seeing the sides line up? Yet?


Is the underlying economics – the truth – helpful to sort through the fake news and stuff that is not real – so you can think it through yourself? What is really going on out there.


Economically I wish we had Senate hearings on price gauging with oil – why does crude go down and pump prices go UP or one example. You’d see oil plunge and OPEC greed – recede – but bought and paid politics by Wall street and Big Oil is unlikely to permit that.


An inconvenient truth. BIG OIL has made the world toxic with plastic now in all water supplies – and landfills and noxious air across the planet – we have the knowledge to go off oil in every context as a competition with the earth – versus cooperation with the earth – sanity versus insanity.


Can WE humans do better?

Are box top rules to celibate versus punish human diversity the future?


Is trade war SUPER CRASH (and digitally with digital attack weapons it can all unfold so much faster than the 1930’s) our future. Sanity or insanity?


The Truth.


You have to decide about truth that is your truth.


Our job mission is to report economics as we see it and to share what is REALLY going on out there.

First so you can make plans that work for your circles.


CEO SPACE in the end is circles of business OWNERS and those who own practices professionally into trading communities that support growth in all and every market space. Growing cooperative circles, we believe is the consistent safe zone for whatever the world will bring us – history or something new.


We of course hope for something new – something better. For all of us collectively.