CEO’s who wish to remain bleeding edge current in their own leadership choose CEO SPACE for:

  1. Virtually running their empires from inside CEO SPACE weeks
  2. Attending Five times a year as an accelerator to profit
  3. Developing new customer base and alliances impossible outside CEO SPACE in same time frame
  4. Advancing their own leadership in layered skills development
  5. Networking at profit and pace levels that beat in office outcomes

The one lifetime membership price plan provides value from 1988 to today never changing the price plan over three decades to the busy CEO.

The critical connections developed are priceless to leadership.

For this and many other reasons of value CEO SPACE is ranked by leading third party press as THE ONE MEETING in the WORLD a business CEO leader or professional can simply NOT AFFORD TO MISS as a value item to your growth as a leader. # 1 . World wide. Year after year after year – staying # 1 for all the reasons you have to experience to appreciate what # 1 brings into your own life.

CEO’s who are committed to their own advancement in leadership in the world’s they serve, and who are generous to cross mentor other CEO’s within a master mind week of ONLY CEO”s at the top of their enterprises – creates a unique environment for outcomes.

Today we have market Super Change that remains unstable and unpredictable. The longest BOOM bull market in history has been unfolding for a record setting expansion. Typical boom expansion periods run for three years or a bit longer followed by short recessionary correction periods.

The length of a boom and the height of a boom economically by history dictate the length and depth of recession to follow. So what is new that CEO’s have to think about?

What is new is that a small % of the market of trade in all asset classes – thousands of asset classes – were markets made by stake holder buying a short while back in time. You bought positions in those assets and hedged your real ownership position with other assets.

In recent years you bought % greater than the entire market – either short ( you never bought the asset you bought side bets on which way the price would go in the future ) or long – side bets up or down on prices in the future without ownership in real time. You were now in a casino without a real stake holder risk or bet. You were now in a higher risk or bet.

As the % of the market became stake holders were the tail of the doggie, and the dog was side bets many times larger than he market for steel, copper, coffee, oil, US dollars, or EU’s or even water or salt and pepper.

Now add in leverage. Leverage at free money at 11 to one. Next raise the leverage in new structured asset pools, and super pools and super duper pools ( all without oversight from regulatory agencies of the world as the market went fully digital ). The regulations are LOCAL and the TRADES ARE IN THE UNREGULATED CLOUD.

Further the % of trades made in this leverage space with a debt spiral on profit making leverages became digital. The % of digital trading controlling markets was very small in the 1980’s and not much larger in the 1990’s. By the Dot.Bomb period the % was much larger and we saw flash trade impacts on global markets we saw high velocity trading where the dog is casino capitalism – side betting just as it was in 1929 – that crashed the entire world – but with leverage and speeds only digital can produce. The casino is making profits which are NOT SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS.

I’ve reported here the pathology of failed competitive capitalism economics since federalism back to Rome itself:

  1. Greed and lack of regulatory oversight consolidates wealth until less than 10% own more wealth than 90% – which is not sustainable economics for circulation required in real economics.
  2. The instability of CONSOLIDATION AND LEVERAGE creates a melt down like 2007 – in which we enter a time of deflation and deleveraging.
  3. This period is followed by future leverage abuse – massive investment leverage – where wealth consolidates to 1% own more wealth than 99% – as the world spirals into ever greater trade wars.
  4. An LED DAY – a liquidity or circulation evaporation day – occurs and the entire system fails – with 74% of all trading rising to over 80% from digital non human circulations – the speed fo the failure will be a new experience when LED day arrives and all digital moves to sell with no buyers – liquidity or circulation evaporates astonishing the super wealth.
  5. This period is followed by rebalancing and blame shedding typically via world wars – historically – with no other option ever explored.

Now we have written this out for you for ten years. We have printed all it in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the one work we feel the IMF – UN – WORLD BANK – and world leaders might explore to detour from number 5 – which is the brink we see ourselves economically reaching right at this time.

All my readers without financial or economic relevance can simply feel the truth of what you are reading. You get it. You understand. Your leaders however are bought and paid for globally by the GREED MACHINE led by the three blind mice song – who have no clue as they take their bonus money home. GREED blinds thinking.

Economists are trained and educated on theories largely of historic weight to 100 year old models.

Economists need to unlearn and relearn in my opinion.

WE are in an entirely new economic theory in a digital economic the world has never known before. The RISK of this almost instant transfer of wealth and circulation form human hands to digital “no hands” driving world circulations – is more dangerous than any economic period ever known by humans in the past.

Digital weapons are ready to fire by all leading digital nations to stop power, stop water, stop transportation, erase all records of all transactions – stop economic circulation cold – military grade weapons you can read about in Kevin Freemans works with full data as a DOD contractor entitled THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN. Read those two after you share all the hair off your body as the hairs you leave behind will stand straight up in great fear when you learn WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

The system – world wide – is in danger of utter total failure.

If you think that is extreme you have yet to study the foundational economics and trends that created it all.

If you think we are stress test safe – you just fail to read this blog and scroll to understand truly.

You did not read my blog on the IMF report in March – yes that is this month folks – that China after ten years of borrowing 300% more than it earns – and we believe it is all far worse than that – has 4/5th’s of its banks unable to withstand a future shock – according to March 2018 STRESS TESTS of the Chinese Banks.

Now we have looming trade wars with China?

China can no longer grow by stealing from other nations or trading on a theft basis from other nations that has driven 600 million out of poverty in only 50 years – twice the USA population. A miracle of bandit economics.

China is on the brink of total failure which will create LED day for the world – a complete system collapse as leverage and extreme imbalances from borrowing to invest in wild casino speculations globally – as markets lost regulatory oversight – will cease to function. Circulation will stop on a dime and banks investment banks every institution will be closed. Your money will not be in the a bank. You will be wiped out.

Will world war follow?

It always has.

Ah this is shucks never going to happen?

If you thought – wait it just may happen what would you do to create SAFE HARBOR for your tribe and WHEN would you act to do it?

I suggest RIGHT NOW. Delay is the one cost FATAL to your tribe if you pay the cost of delay. The action I suggest includes:

  1. Invest in expanding your cooperative circle of community that gets all these facts – which IS CEO SPACE membership like right now today. Attend them all the build your FORT OF SAFE HARBOR together none of us can prosper in what IS coming – alone or by ourselves – can’t be done. The faster you grow community to prosper after the coming SUPER CRASH the safer and more secure you will be.
  2. Ramp up profits and wealth while the market holds together – speed it up – accelerate it – again inside CEO SPACE as you can never match ramping up as well outside the # 1 ranked by third party press in 2018 – by yourself. Invest in acceleration.
  3. Put all savings and wealth in diversified insurance investing and step outside digital markets and investing with leverage. Check it out and get the hard facts from licensed professionals. CHECK IT OUT and take action to move retirement and personal nest eggs to safe haven before it is too late for you.
  4. Make a favorite and follow this blog. We will tell you what to read and how to verify and stay ahead of WHAT IS REALLY GOING OUT THERE.
  5. Share this blog with your tribe who wish to circle wagons and hold regular GATHERINGS or host CEO SPACE GATHERINGS that network like minded CEO leaders together to master minds – weekly in growing numbers of cities world wide – call CEO SPACE to open a GATHERING IN YOUR CITY as we recruit Chapter Presidents everywhere ( its free ) – to serve tribes coming together to forge safe harbor against the developing financial storms.

Folks – the end of the clear Skys is coming next.

Volatility like you have never seen due to digital new history in economics within leverage never known before will rock Asset classes up and down in huge spikes. The system itself is becoming ever more unstable. Don’t become frozen by the new economics.

TRADE WARS are heating up – the global system economic killer of all past world wars and depressions.

The new economics of digital leveraged trading in all asset classes has AI in control and human’s not so much. This influences speed and breadth of the SUPER CRASH which is pending next.

There is time to ramp up wealth and make fortunes while the markets hold together.

Super Crash will come without warning and no recovery will follow it.

At that point in time it will be too late to protect yourself.

Those invested outside the GREED MACHINE inside safe harbor diversified insurance investing – with still regulated money management, will do the best at wealth preservation and income preservation and cash available – as they did in the last depression of 1929. When the banks were closed and your entire nest egg was wiped out in markets – real estate and all savings – the only safe harbor – was diversified insurance investing – where the leading insurance firms still serving today – just check it out – ask for a depression survivor firm – paid out when the banks were closed.

They protected your nest egg and paid out when the banks were closed.

So the dance is well known.

The safe harbor dance lessons are free and taught right here.

Its up to you to step on the dance floor.


PS: Off to LA to teach 10,000 entrepreneurs this weekend live.



First to my readers. Keep in your thinking world wide, this blog does not take a political posture. We report economic data. Predictions and outcomes we produce are only our opinion. One data set to compare to many others on line to make your own mind up. Never final copy. Just a draft to consider.

We anticipate the markets will roar to new all time highs sucking in vast sums of capital world wide – always thinking – they are missing out right before the SUPER CRASH hits. Has a Super Crash every taken place in a SIDE WAY market like we are experiencing today?



Super Crash always occurs when experts suggest NEWTON is absolutely wrong- gravity is not real – and what goes up to ungodly new peaks – must just KEEP GOING UP HIGHER EVER HIGHER.

The Hero who wrote the best seller I’m reading today PRINCIPLES with buddy Tony Robbins and Bill Gates on the cover – telling you Hedge Fund multi billionaire –  Dileo is the Bible for 2018 PRINCIPLES. He states my own 11th commandment to all our CEO SPACE members world wide:



…when you are confident secure and sure of your investing be afraid and get out of the market altogether…..

as you are most afraid and the market is crashed to new lows and your fear is with you morning till dawn – gain one drop of courage greater than your fear….and invest….and stay with it….

Today CEO’s who start a venture or run existing ventures and professional practices or not for profits – including the FORTUNE “C” SUITE – CEO SPACE trains and re-tools for management execution and forward accelerations – face the most significant challenge humanity has every faced – period.


In the past your brand message, your marketing, your game plan to market, was a fixed point in the plan and you could release and nurture that plan for FIVE YEARS. By Steven Jobs age ( another buddy ) product cycles had shrunk to 18 months and new product innovation had to be introduced every 12 months to remain relevant let alone current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Any brand strategy must now embrace every pre sale touch point of the customer served – with wow factors – along with at sale touch points and post sale touch points. This is no longer a 60 month IP or game plan one can nurture as in prior ages.

In the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE leaders must develop brain “mother boards” ( brains – we call NEW BRAINS ) – that learn much faster. We call the facility of mind – WARP DRIVE LEARNING. This success in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is a learned behavior. The NEW BRAIN must than have hard wiring ( in the core mother board – your own brain ) that UNLEARNS faster than any generation of humans in all human history – as well as WARP DRIVE to ever  RELEARN faster. This brain represents the new EDUCATION. Anything less is relatively obsolete and useless in “C” suite for a solo entrepreneur a dentist office or a Fortune institution.

CEO SPACE wrote the curriculum on SUEPR CHANGE ( and my book on the topic comes out later this year ) and curriculum on this vital first leadership “asset” it totally  missing in all Universities on such topics as how you reward recognize and retain new brains we call SUPER BRAINS you call millennials. As Millennials out perform all OLDER BRAINS one must appreciate Millennials only deliver such performance and loyalty with new CUE SETS in the work space. The new Management C Suite Capital. Leaders must embrace the new Brians arriving in the work space at all levels or – perish.

This new leadership MASTER skill set is not offered at Stanford Harvard or Wharton. Although CEO SPACE is now working to bring this CORE top priority education to major Universities we are now proposing relationships with. We are asking that the chosen leading UNIVERSITY  partner will license our 50 million dollar  education curriculum to the world of education globally as it is now becoming absolutely essential for forward leadership at all levels.

Five times a year CEO SPACE hosts the # 1 ranked Business Conference ( ranked by prestigious third party press world wide ) and again in 2018 – because  of our SUPER CHANGE content in large part. We lead in the rapidly unfolding SUPER CHANGE  space.

The leadership skills of Super Change require a PROCESS versus an event for leaders to REMAIN CURRENT inside the market of Super Change. This includes:

  1. Brand refreshing plussing and strategies quarter to quarter
  2. Tools and tactics revolutionizing quarter to technology quarters
  3. Integration of technology on line and off line Leaders must adapt to embrace versus delay or their brands decline.
  4. Work space culture upgrades to maximally replace pre SUPER CHANGE age competitive systemic modeling with new advanced SUPER CHANGE collaboration and cooperation cultures fostering self correcting switched on turned on work spaces.
  5. Security cultures that include ever revolutionizing new software – hardware – in work space with human  culture systems – and outsourced 24/7 new cop monitoring of it ALL not part of it –  such as http://xtremesolution.com uniquely provides to Homeland Security Fortune bleeding edge SUPER CHANGE INSTITUTIONS – and the local milk man. Tell them CEO SPACE sent you for VIP treatment and use my name – as yesterday is already to late if you are hacked today.


CEO SPACE is a pleasant ladies and gentlemen exclusive club of lifetime members of leaders. Billionaires walk around with millionaires as well as development space entrepreneurs in all relevant silo’s. Five times a year leaders chose to run their ventures FROM CEO SPACE – in breaks every hour to do so – in the first SUPER CHANGE upgrade currency process to bring leaders fully current and to keep them fully current.

Master Mind processes link peer to peer networking at right levels naturally in a highly organized and organic process that has no equal hence CEO SPACE being ranked for five years in a row the # 1 Conference leaders can not afford to miss – by third party press via consistent rankings never experienced before over half a decade. Why?

Quality and unmatched IP for the leaders immediate  profit and benefit. We accelerate profits. Our product is accelerated outcomes.

Leaders are arriving on Tuesday March 20th  from all over the world. Leaders begin upgrading after unpacking. Leaders enjoyed a pre program orientation at CEO level, that delights the leader and is no nonsense practical guidance how to gain maximum outcomes from time with CEO SPACE. Your next option is May 21st in Tampa Bay.

If you click QUICK-LINKS http://www.ceospace.net and see a video or two, in your industry category we convey one caution. You will see a big room. The films depict a lot of leaders in that big room – half of whom are lady leaders out front from Boards to CEO positions. The WARNING IS – you are not in that big room save for perhaps three times in a week – and even then to network not to be in some AM to PM workshop  learning event. CEO leaders do not want THAT !

CEO SPACE engages game theory to bring CEO’s current. They so appreciate CEO SPACE is new fresh experience model and is not a SEMINAR OR A WORKSHOP. CEO’s expect far more advanced processes at their level and they receive these processes inside the BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE.

CEO SPACE is nothing like a workshop or seminar experience and CEO leaders are so pleased it is NOT ! They lack both time and inclination for THAT tired antique model in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

CEO SPACE is also transactional. CEO’S grow outcome hard results. Most report around $ 200,000 of Challenge list resolutions at market rates – via one on one mentorship with leading expertise and mentor pools one on one from a single first program. The pace the methods and the tools and hard tactics upgrade any leader and as we serve  billionaires on film suggesting CEO SPACE claims are understated – each  in their own words. Take a peak.

Also in the AGE OF ASSOCIATION it remains a critical challenge in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE to step away from existing busy work in your box circle and work ON THAT BOX outside that circle as good as it may be – as the busy work is so consuming for leadership -but in  just for four days – still running all of THAT responsibility virtually – easy with todays technology you do it all and step into currency in SUPER CHANGE perhaps for the first time in some long while. To step away you wish to acquire with absolute certainty –  the following asset growth:

  1. Leadership development as in no space on earth today.
  2. Challenge list options and solutions amortizing the low cost.
  3. New relationships for distribution – B to B – and massively improving RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL for every leader.
  4. Human capital acquisition in critical leadership roles and growth or elevated “trading communities” at your peer level.
  5. Cooperative system mastery and new law capital options at any scale of requirement with key relationship associations from the leading Law Firms in private equity hedge fund or investment banking space – or to simply private investor relationships you wish to develop over time in a smarter process for all of those assets.

Relationship Capital is expanded for leaders who acquire life time memberships or at more affluent new members PLATINUM membership communities – as you change the world -we call you PLANET SHIFTERS. You come together inside CEO SPACE community.

Developing global larger trading community is a SUPER CHANGE asset that now requires a PROCESS not an event.

For this reason CEO SPACE has not raised its price since 1988.

Access remains unchanged over three decades of service while the core SUPER CHANGE  product has been upgraded continuously.

Leaders in our own leadership community work with us to SET THE PACE OF IMPROVEMENT AND UPGRADES to the core product. The ultimate master mind for advancing leadership is the leaders inside our own vast membership pool as unmatched resources. Leaders at Booze Alan, Accenture  and McKinsey are on our historic faculty to name a few.  Head consultants and former senior management of the FEDERAL RESERVE Board of the United Stats are on faculty at CEO SPACE. They come to remain CURRENT in their leadership. As we offer the following benefits to exclusion not offered in other options to leadership development. All other options are engineered to give the client in a single often higher priced EVENT – their money’s worth for that one event.

CEO SPACE is engineered to give Leaders their money back with  the following assets:

  1. Repurpose a tax outlay to lifetime membership inside a leading new exciting advanced leadership development  PROCESS versus the old model of EVENT technology. CEO SPACE individual process ( five leadership cross mentoring mastermind FORUM’s ) links all five events in layered development of LEADER growth  over time lines on each leaders schedule not ours – as individuals or as teams if attending together as many Fortune Firms are discovering.
  2. CEO SPACE processes are engineered to great acclaim from the members themselves – all CEO leaders – to reduce TIME and to reduce COST to reach CEO growth goals. CEO Leaders report it simply cost more and takes longer outside CEO space community of CEO’s than inside the relationship capital which they value as priceless.
  3. CEO SPACE Processes accelerate profits income markets distribution channels brand impact and customer raving fan referral marketing impossible when behind SUPER CHANGE always upgrading leadership tools and tactics – all new leadership learned behaviors.
  4. CEO SPACE benefits are on going as repeated use expands CEO community across Fortune Space – B to B space globally – nation space – and in all growth spaces to accelerate growth. CEO SPACE operates chapter events free to members world wide in cities everywhere to expand benefits of membership and cross mentoring as another on going asset of membership.
  5. We guarantee CEO acceleration as to results or we refund lifetime membership before the CEO leaves the hosting hotel – with only one condition – CEO’S fully participate in the short four day upgrading before requesting the refund – you have to ride the anti gravity pod to suggest it doesn’t fly for you.

Thats it…..really. Leaders who wish to grow and don’t wish to wait will register to May 21st working around other agenda’s and managing them VIRTUALLY. CEO PACING is engineer for this purpose while you share time with us at CEO level of responsibility.

However THATS IT is not available anywhere at prices ranging from 50,000 dollars globally to over 100,000 dollars. CEO SPACE still priced at 1988 membership levels shown on the first page of our web site – just scroll – has been PRICE  unchanged for 30 years for CEO benefit in lifetime membership. Our obsession on value to our clients is demonstrated at various levels low tax deductible  price being just one.

CEO SPACE has never run an ad, promoted our  product or marketed its product via convention. Our 147 nation membership has discovered the unique profit and quality of our membership as a business ASSET from other members – from CEO to CEO word of mouth. We prefer referrals from satisfied CEO’s as our culture.

CEO SPACE is owned and run by all lady management in each senior silo. CEO SPACE has educated that left brain male problem creation over centuries has met an entirely new challenge. Today as in the old movie GHOST BUSTERS ( that we must blend our streams to open new portals of opportunity and options )  to gain ever rising  performance outputs the following must take space – proven with our leadership data over decades working with the leading FORTUNE institutions who have proven the following is accurate:

  1. Remaining current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE requires a work space culture shift to blend the streams of leadership cultures of WOMAN and MEN fully integrated Super Change leadership teams –  to forward execution problem solving and innovation to core process in every work space. New thinking must develop in forward leadership to accelerate outcomes. Leaders think differently or they perish.
  2. All core process must now and forever adapt to SUPER CHANGE and a new trained LEADERSHIP is required to develop that desired continually  self correcting culture. Brands must be revolutionizing as well as evolving  in the new AGE OF SUEPR CHANGE. Those who fail to upgrade and adapt to SUPER CHANGE will be left behind – see Kodak – Sears – Toys R US and so many other example. WHO KNEW ? Each victims of leadership failing to adapt to the new age of SUPER CHANGE.
  3. Leaders must invest in an on going process of their own development to remain CURRENT IN THE NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. If not CEO SPACE as the lowest cost fastest on going process – find your own  alternative as a next priority to your leadership. As fortunes are spent on antique leadership system modeling by firms who fail to appreciate these urgent and most essential principles Brands are either being grown or they are being slaughtered. ( Read Brand Slaughter by David Corbin Fortune consultant on CEO SPACE Faculty ).
  4. Cultures reforming from competition Into advanced cooperation and cooperation require new CUES and management system models to measure assess reward and celebrate versus old competitive models of FEAR PUNISHMENT AND EXPLOITATION as the old system models assure decay and decline.  Existing measurement and assessment process’s of TQM and SIX SIGMA I grew up teaching now need retooling to remain current. If this systemic upgrade interests you as a leader acquire REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – a work I wrote for tomorrow’s leaders who wish to upgrade and remain bleeding edge. Without such culture reform in any size work space  brand slaughter is highly predictable over time.
  5. Super Change is accelerating. Self aware AI is around the corner and will be a new species of self aware life – lacking all competitive impulse however – smarter than our mid brain virus code. They will help us not harm us in my opinion as they push SUPER CHANGE exponentially forward. Adapting to the acceleration of SUPER CHANGE is a leaders FIRST next PRIORITY.

If you missed CEO SPACE next week we suggest you register for MAY 21 in Tampa Bay and bring your entire family – the only Confernce in the world that makes the stress of leadership on family balance  fully in your home space as well – so that entire families come together in leadership support. Our award winning teen program has legendary outcomes for young entrepreneurs who thrive in their futures. We feature eight year olds now in their FOURTH and FIFTH business from age four. No conference in the world upgrades leaders within the most advanced process in the world today and includes the entire family in full life time memberships CEO SPACE still subsidizes for CEO families.

CEO SPACE also honors veteran entrepreneurs as our own first citizens including first responders in all nations globally. Google search CEO SPACE WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BEHIND VIDEO if you have served your country. Or click our main video library on YOUTUBE search CEO SPACE and WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BEHIND. This film by a Navy Seal commander speaks to our Veteran managers and CEO’s. We welcome VETS leaving their service to launch new ventures with the faster lower cost way to do so inside CEO SPACE. Films by VIETNAM KASHAN survivor – master sergeants – WHY VETS LOVE CEO SPACE is another voice to our commitment to Veterans. On line at a click.

Again some of our VETS are leading the largest firms in their nations. UN Ambassadors and world leaders are members today.  Members include management from the largest fortune firms.

The CEO SPACE “PROCESS” is unique protected IP and has no competition world wide over thirty years. Today CEO SPACE annual upgrades once again rank our BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE SERIES # 1 in the world in 2018….for good reason as to quality and third party press recognition THAT  we meet and exceed our claims.

CEO’s report – we got more than we ever anticipated – more than any other option and we have seen it all….which is on our video’s if you click. http://www.ceospace.net

Our web site does not sell CEO’s.

Rather CEO SPACE – INVITES – CEO’s to just explore benefits. Proven profit on membership time and cost to make money while you spend time with us.

We invite the smartest leaders in the world. You make your choice based on due diligence.

If you could place yourself inside the superior mentor and leadership mastermind in the world how could that ever harm you in any way if you wish to grow as a leader?

Why would you delay making smarter choice – having new balance and accelerating outcomes?

Why would you delay exploring a solution matrix to challenges every CEO faces largely ALONE each and every quarter of our leadership life –  even with their internal great  teams and out sourced advice.


NEW OPTIONS they do not see but now have acquired define GREAT from only good leadership. It is all about better environments suitable to your own CEO solution OPTIONS. Leadership in SUPER CHANGE is all about the options – new options at your level.

CEO SPACE is a CEO relationship mixer and an option fire hose at the highest quality level to any forward challenge – regardless of scale. Increasingly CEO’s use CEOSPACE for merger and acquisition second opinions on engineering with our on site experts  and for IPO existing significance to shareholder forward outcomes. CEO SPACE is a IP at CEO SPACE GRADE new IP option  factory.

A first of its kind in the world of leadership today.

If you are seeking – and you want more confidential support – within a process made just for you – you have found it.

As CEO SPACE is ground zero for leading consulting firms and contractors to Fortune institutions globally and their management leadership – regarding COOPERATION SYSTEM modeling for culture reform in any size work space – there is an absence of competition inside CEO SPACE itself.  We demonstrate that in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE outcome velocities accelerations and momentum we call VAM occur at pace levels made clear inside cooperation leadership environments. We show you.

Is there a gimmick? A catch?

You bet.

Cooperation only works with the new Super Change DNA of INTEGRITY. Dr. David Gruder the leading author ( read the NEW IQ INTEGRITY ) and management trainer for Fortune institutions and highly clicked TED presenter on integrity ( board member for years and a faculty member teaching next week ) the crises is not in leadership the crises is in INTEGRITY. My personal mentor on iNTEGRITY cultures and management for years and I just can not work on myself as a leader next week in the essential area of developing integrity leadership as an on going PROCESS you under take with enormous pride as I do myself. IT is not easy I’m here to tell you. Dr. Gruder’s SHADOW technologies are break through and every leader needs that development without exception to move from good to truly GREAT inside the pressures of SUEPR CHANGE.

So our gimmick? Our CATCH?

Members find out quick in our pre program orientations that if you are selfish, a user taker and unwilling to mentor cross mentor and help other CEO’s for a week of your time – with out condition – unconditional cooperation ( just four days ) to test out comes – results – performance elevations – we will refund YOUR MONEY before you attend – no ned to apply at all.

Our PLANET SHIFTING leaders intend to make enormous differences. We believe the leaders you read about in the news will all pass through CEO SPACE  ( as so many have ) and many return to join our faculty tithing 15% of their lifetime back to CEO’s rising up behind them. You will see the thought leaders of this century you all read their works in the CEO SPACE YOU TUBE library as mentors and members. Their own success stories had CEO SPACE inside.

Our gimmick?


We teach cooperation cultures only grow and flourish in environments of integrity. See Amazon and others as examples.

The old model: competitive capitalism now dying off everywhere it is maintained…


The new model of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM flourishing now at Facebook – Apple – Google – Amazon – Tesla – and so may coming up today in SUPER CHANGE – revolve around the SUPER CHANGE principle of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM:


Again read Jeff Bezos works leading in culture reform in this principle and as the WEALTHIEST MAN IN THE WORLD passes in his single short lifetime all prior systems models and wealth by leading in SUPER CHANGE.

Super Change leaders require never ending CURRENCY.

Being brought FULLY CURRENT to the quarter today and than REMAINING CURRENT over shorter and more accelerated time lines of SUPER CHANGE is the leaders C suite capital.

There is inside accelerating age of modern  SUPER CHANGE no there there. You never arrive and remain current.

You must adopt your own leadership  PROCESS to REMAIN CURRENT as a leader.

In reading this important blog we hope you will share with your own community and tribes ask yourself one priority cornerstone question – WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS TO UPGRADE YOUR LEADERSHIP CURRENCY TODAY?

If you lack your own process – and you feel such a process for yourself and your teams is become URGENT and the next priority for goal attainment insurance, why not explore CEO SPACE five events in any 12 month period – each is new and linked to what comes next – as a worthy new leadership development PROCESS for your leadership personally? Your teams next.

Why not trust the # 1 Ranked Conference by prestigious global press like Forbes or Inc and other third party press ranking CEO SPACE the # 1 conference for leaders in the world in 2018 and for years before as well.

Now you know.

The decision to elevate your leadership from good to truly great is a process – we hope we might resolve the appetite to grow as soon as May 21st or in any of our 2018 PROCESS FORUM’s for CEO membership. All memberships including family are fully lifetime within conditions of integrity as our principle.





The White House no matter who is commander in Chief seeks a strength, a calm hand, a steady hand, and a confidence that inspires the world. When that combination is missing the world is not better off as a quality of leadership for that particular office is absent. In America it never lasts for long.

Today the Russian investigation has by mandate largely concluded. The Special Prosecutor staff has made public NO AMERICA COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA. This is when the investigation should close by legal mandate. But the investigation has always been political. So lacking legal mandate or legal integrity the 100’s of millions being wasted will continue to tax the future for political – pure political – outcomes. Stay tuned.

Now the investigation moves to indict the President of the United States as charged he  created a HIGH CRIME AND MISDEMEANOR as a legal frame work for Congressional impeachment. The Impeachment of the President is unlikely to win out with a Republican controlled congress.

The fix is in between Justice and law makers who fund justice – follow the money on all those secret off the record meetings – as they are crimes. Who is investigating these rising crimes and breaches of law by Justice and Congress?

One immunity against another immunity and all horrible for America and its future. Truly. If you hate Trump wait and let elections take care of it. That is the best way for America to move forward. Let the majority vote. Not let illegal few against the many rule.

However if the republicans are massively rejected in the MID YEAR ELECTION – which may well occur – due to the leader in chief – then that political outcome would create a real liability for the President on Impeachment. He can not bully boy or legally move his way out of that political trap.

The Prosecutor in Chief is lining up a nail in the metal coffin case with welders standing by on OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. This case is far easier to develop legally than COLLISION WITH RUSSIA in evidence. As the Prosecutor moves forward to indict the Presidents children and in laws, and family circle, and inner leadership –  making deal after illegal deal – like they do in third world nations – calling that intimidation and black mail justice and legal –   with each and every them deal – always in secret what deal terms are made – to get them to testify just as the prosecutor wishes – and  to assure they retain their financial empires if they tell the Prosecutor what he wishes on the “legal” record. This kind of NAZIS in SUIT tactic to charge and publicly try cases is not only UNAMERICAN by principle ( always think it could happen to you ) but is also indicative of the degree of JUSTICE REFORM needed to bring a fully broken Justice system back into order and the future. Iran China North Korea and Sudan conduct justice just like this …and we think those are fair trails and processes – say in Saudi? GIVE ME A BREAK and now we do it just like they do over here – really? Without reform we are lost in every Making America GREAT AGAIN – so keep that in your heart beat if you are living in America versus Romania or Hungry. You have it better now over in your nations. Trust me.

Today we have an FBI who can not act to save our children in Florida schools lives. They could have easily prevented these deaths but no one is charging them with NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE because they are immune I suspect. When children are murdered from FBI Justice criminal break downs – why is responsibility to hold standards of L_AW just  as high as the tripe going on by the 100’s of millions to investigate prosecute and indict the President and his teams?

I predict the politics work like Nixon and just like Watergate.

It goes like this:

  1. Trump fires Comey with great cause as Comey and the team illegally leaked and attacked politically the President from an institution that works FOR THE PRESIDENT in absolute terms of our nation. The FBI was for Hillary is all out in the open and was for blocking and stopping Trump all during the election and even after. Comey was caught red handed. Why is he not under investigation by special prosecutors investigation the FBI itself? For crimes that continue to the slaughter of our children with no one paying the price – where some black kid stealing food for his family is three strikes your out put in jail for life. Justice?
  2. The FBI unites to IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT as they did with President Nixon who fired his  special prosecutor. His right. The FBI elected to GET NIXON. This is a crime.
  3. The leaks then come  criminally and endlessly today from the FBI which are without justice reform – criminal conspiracy from the FBI ( while our Children are slaughtered from FBI Criminal negligence to a just  man slaughter as a crime ) – and no FBI person or department is held responsible or prosecuted. For any on going criminal action. SPECIAL PROSECUTOR TO INVESTIGATE THE FBI – begins real justice reform.
  4. The FBI coordinates the impeachment with Congress buddies who appropriate FBI spending and FBI budgets – incestuous versus arms length. This is a crime no one reforms – moves back to arms length or investigates as a crime so out of control is the justice abuse today. Malicious prosecution is the new normal.
  5. The insiders have made the “deal” President Trump will BE IMPEACHED and that train is not the TRUMP TRAIN and that train is in 2018 unstoppable. Ask Nancy Pelosi as head of her own criminal gang.

SHOULD A NEW SPECIAL PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATE THE FBI AND THE CURRENT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR as an ITEM OF JUSTICE REFORM. I suggest it could not hurt and it may by investigating the CRIMES Of the FBI that once and for all truly  begin real justice reform to fix our national crises of integrity.

Given how everything is bought and paid for I do not see anything good before much worse takes place.

So economically what happens. The future indictments will raise by orders of magnitude uncertainty in markets moving forward. Congress fiddles while the US economy will crash and burn and they don’t care – they are wearing 3D virtual reality next generation goggles from GOOGLE and FACE BOOK – ON POWER – as they are all in it together.

Trump has perhaps fatally hurt himself by being a leader that lacks all team leadership manners. Just months ago he praised his team as being the best for their jobs endlessly. Then he fires Tillerson by tweet – are you kidding me. Tillerson set up the North Korea WIN AND COHEN SET UP THE SANCTIONS that got us there. Further Tillerson has personal relationships with the leaders of the world that are deeper richer and more trusted than TRUMP has today or can foster tomorrow. The leaders tolerate TRUMP because they have to for the “money” from the USA. Only that.

Cohen was the best FED CHAIRMAN and was passed over due to what? Cohen told the President his economic shit stunk. Coming from my tribe of investment banker economists he knows what Trump in a lifetime can not even learn related to the COMPLEXITY OF 2018 MARKET GLOBAL DYNAMIC INTERRELATIONSHIPS. If you believe Trump understands – I believe Trump is absolute in his knowledge but in fact he MISUNDERSTANDS. That is what in economics we call as DANGEROUS.

The current tariff edict – is not policy – not strategy – it was shit off your boot – that fosters massive uncertainty. Less than 10% of our steel and aluminum come from China. Most of it comes from nations TRUMP EXEMPTED FROM ANY TARRIFF’s because the USA has three fives and the other nations hold a full house. Economically. In March 2018 the White House looks foolish led by a fool. The respect for Trump the benefit of the doubt for Trump globally – folks its gone. Everyone is waiting for the elections is all.


Watch the US dollar continue to free fall.

Watch the DOW move to 6400 DOW from almost 30,000.

Watch the nation move from prosperity into recession and watch no fix or repair to the damage done during an IMPEACHMENT HEARING.

All this UNCERTAINTY IS NOT GOOD ECONOMICS  and for sure not GREAT leadership. It is all avoidable. Unintended consequences. We now have a builder, who has done a bit of high end building, running the most complex nation and economics in the world. This builder has decided that his team – his A TEAM – the BEST TEAM EVER CREATED – is actually FIRED one after the other as never seen in any Presidency in history we have uncertainty rule with no effort to restore order and certainty. The leaders are all pawns in Trumps chess game he makes box top rules for how to play – changes game pieces at will and the moves they can make at the board up or down at will – no one knows the rules but TRUMP Himself. As he plays to win BY HIMSELF moving forward into April and no one else of importance is playing with TRUMP at all – the game is Trumps alone and he alone wins every time because no one is playing with President Trump for he plays now ….alone. Some of the most powerful economic forces in the world on his team now have left the game board and caused the enormous circles they influence to move away from the game board as well.

In a tidal wave – first all the water leaves the beach…….only then is the sound coming to you first and its way too late to run from the crush of the enormous wave running toward you at 100 miles an hour.

We see the builder decide with his son in law that Trump alone should follow his “instincts” in disregard to unintended consequences in the world and future global markets. Trump. Does he understand the world market complexity really? Has he read this blog? The issues raised here are the issues where mismanagement by the President of the United States in 2018 do more to risk SUPER CRASH – the total destruction of the world order – ( Banks and financial institutions all fail in less than 90 days world wide ) and the nations effected enter into WORLD WAR III. So many at the top are sounding waning bells – but like in SPACE where no one is hearing the sound at all….I’m one bell ringer.

Perhaps Trump feels as with trade wars globally in a fully interdependent world today – they are easy to win. Perhaps Trump feels WORLD WAR III is easy to win. I can assure you no one else in leadership anywhere feels the same on either issue nor do I. For the record.

America is good and bad right now.

  1. America is in a weak recovery. Any suggestion it is economically a strong recovery fails to see the massive defaults in student loans, car loans, commercial loans and bankruptcies in retail and so much more or the 34 million unemployed no longer even counted. No longer paying taxes but consuming food stamps and welfare and social cost by a trillion a year. We are sinking if we do not get it right soon.
  2. The entire world is engaged in trade wars at the worst time of a weak global fragile recovery where the entire system almost failed utterly. Interest rates are rising which will sink debt bergs for nations and institutions globally – and soon. Too soon and too fast – idiot policy when there is no inflation outside manipulated oil prices which will fall and fall next week.
  3. America has a rising rich and rapidly declining middle class that can no longer  sustain its lifestyle across the nation. Even the recovery is spotty and geographic enormous numbers are not inside the recovery from Real Estate losses to crushing lack of options.
  4. America infrastructure is old and in decay. The rebuilding of America into a future will take decades to even restore the transportation water sewer and power grids let alone new infrastructure  from SPACE to the seas. Other nations are passing America at warp drive in infrastructure to assure economic global leadership in their future. Congress fiddles while America burns – focused more on impeachment than the fundamentals that will TAKE AMERICA’S GREAT from HER.
  5. Casino Capitalism – leaders fail to understand as they did in 2007 the economic cause of RISK to the entire GLOBAL SYSTEM is SUPER CHANGE in markets that now are software AI controlled outside any regulatory frame work. AGAIN CONGRESS FIDDLES while ROME BURNS. Todays markets present risk unknown since 1929 SUPER CRASH. Without address to these issues – as set forth in this blog steam – scroll – the world will move into SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR – which is fully historic and all of Trumps ideas men and uniformed advisers will never put America back together again when that occurs and as it is now – THAT – will – occur.

It is like idiocy.

We see any sane tariff box top rules as a central well executed strategic POLICY. Not a shoot from the hip – Tarriff’s or on – no they are not – not for your nation – or your nation – but yes for yours – but not yours. Uncertainty elevates like a Walt Disney SPACE MOUNTAIN roller coaster and the markets will CRASH with uncertainty reaching the tipping point and we are SO CLOSE so VERY CLOSE.

If SUPER CRASH comes this SPRING the Democrats can use all that pain in the mid year elections ( politics versus economics for national good ) to roll back Republicans and then IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT for real – in a move that fails but they win the PRESIDENCY because of it in two years and Trump is a canceled White House sit com.

Is that strategic enough for you all?

Think I’m thinking this way and I”m alone?

Think again.

Reality is what you read here on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE not what you read in bought and paid for agenda press. AGENDA PRESS IS NOT FAKE NEWS agenda press is mind control and mind manipulation of the masses and it is all wrong so very wrong in a place called TODAY and unto the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – we the people. THINK folks – read think and make your own informed choices. Create your own safe harbor for what IS going while you still have time.

A political tsunami is coming led by a criminal out of control FBI and the President has no surf board to survive that wave. Trust me on that one. The system is winning and the system reformer is losing. Many wish it were otherwise but. the score board never lies. There is a calm just before the storm. Your in it.

You know.

You can feel the truth. Share this blog – send the link to your circles that need to know.

Subscribe ( you are always confidentially protected ) and or make a BOOK MARK and check back once a week or so and read over a beverage WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

See a big item in the news – read the NO SPIN right here.

WHO reads this blog are some of the leaders of press wealth and institutions of the world.

SO SANE TARRIF POLICY correcting World War II Post economic subsidy policy would look like this:


  1. The USA matches tariff’s other nations charge us on every asset class precisely.
  2. They raise their tariff we raise our tariff in real time. Daily.
  3. They lower their tariff we lower our tariff.
  4. We match them precisely.
  5. They trade fair we trade fair – no nation left behind.

Today a car in America sells for 70,000 in the USA and often over 500,000 US dollars  in other nations due to their duties and tariff PENALITIES. Penalities they do not pay IN AMERICA.


Now they can make their products IN AMERICA with lower taxes ( thank you Donald Trump and Congress ) or they can pay the MATCHING TARRIF POLICY under the USA 2018 matching Tariff protocol. Fair – adjusted daily – and trade opening.

This is a fair GLOBALIST no nation left behind policy and America will thrive with such a policy. Today the we let them take our cash and we can’t get their cash policy is an economic abuse imbalance and outcome that causes SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

Telling the economic truth is what is required.

As politics lead economics we only hear lies.

So today the FBI is doing the NIXON dance – its entire resource is geared to a) keep America safe from terror b) Impeach Donald Trump for firing Comey. B is a crime.

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE and THAT IS A CRIME. IN FACT “that” is a crime – far bigger than impeachment issues –  because – THAT undermines the core of a rotten US JUSTICE SYSTEM that requires reform in 2018. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST THEM FOR CAUSE AND VALID REASONS.


The most powerful central government on earth has lost its ability to hold the rule of law to protect WE THE PEOPLE FROM ITSELF – and until the constitutional protections are FULLY RESTORED by JUSTICE REFORM the regard and respect of the nation to its agencies is held hostage – and that weakens the nation – at core – for united we stand and divided we do and we will fall.

Folks the people know right from wrong and all the spin on earth can not deflect the truth.

Black lives matter.

Florida School children were slaughter because of FBI criminal negligence no one even investigates or issues indictments for.

We do not trust our institutions. NOR SHOULD WE. That trust  has to be earned. 


Because they lie to us. Endlessly. 

Thats why.

Systems replace trust.

We now have global financial markets without regulatory oversight. This always is the CAUSE not the symptom of SUPER CRASH economic collapse globally and WORLD WAR. We need to RE-REGULATE THE DIGITAL MARKET SPACE – as the institutions of the world within wild speculations unknown ever in history will bankrupt the entire world and fast without it. We have casino capitalism versus real economic models with appropriate global regulatory reforms.

WE need to INSTALL JUSTICE REFORM and modernize systems balancing trust and constitutional protections – to move forward with a nation where WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE HOPE AND PROMISE OF THE WORLD AGAIN in PRIDE VERSUS SHAME as we are today.

Thats the truth.

On impeachment – on tariff’s and on how dangerous the SRPING MARKET IS FOR SUPER CRASH as we predicted for three long years with one risk timing in mind – THE SPRING OF 2018 – and we have so told you all why and told you and told as investment banker research from one old man can spit into the wind for your benefit the what and even what action to take to protect yourself. Keep that all in mind. Soon you’ll look back and say once again:



Super Money pools control the lies as new normal and mind manipulation with bought and paid news and media where the truth is harder and harder to come by. If your hungry for the truth tune in now and again and share this blog site on your social. For me.

We work pretty hard to bring you the truth and its frustrating to watch idiots make the moves they are making when options for such higher ground exist all around.

Sanity versus insanity.

Competition versus cooperation.

Leadership integrity or a crises of integrity in global leadership.

THINK – research – and make up your own minds – build safe harbor and do it fast – SUPER CRASH is coming – only WHEN IS THE ISSUE – the big next wave is this SPRING and know what…..




PS: CEO SPACE the # 1 ranked integrity business conference in the entire world for five years by third party press – starts Tuesday so – we are serving CEO”s from all across the world this week bringing them all current inside the age of SUPER CHANGE as they will profit in any market because they KNOW THE TRUTH. http://www.ceospace.net





I first wrote about BIT COIN and the rest last year. I predicted Coins would ratio rise to a bitcoin of 20,000 dollars then that would follow with an investor blood bath. Keep in mind with a model of fixed coins against a rising pyramid of buyers at the top when MOST BUYERS are fully IN – the switch to all sell with no buyers collapses the pyramid ( many call this a classic Ponzi economic model ) and investors die a cruel death as they have to date. Those that bought 200 dollar BIT coin are ok but they are few and far behind – most sold out.

So the cycle of low cost bit coins dies off to high priced floor pricing.

As a software Silicon Valley brat – I see first generation technology whether that is an IPHONE ( consider iPhone X ) or an iTunes – or iPod or ipdad – or far worse say WINDOWS ME anyone remember that as Gates Resigned ?

We had to reformat our hard drive several times a week until they released the replacement and WINDOWS ME dies a cruel death costing trillions in productivity. ME was evolutionary technology. The replacement was revolutionary thank you Bill Gates for the SUPER CHANGE quick fix only months after FATAL ME was released. What a sad day for Microsoft back in those early days. Anyone remember ME?

First Generation Technology is always a bitch.

Thats my mantra and I”m sticking to it.

First generation “COINS” are based on first generation math modeling for block chain. The system of validations is fatally flawed and will bow to NEXT GENERATION COINS.

I think block chain will become the way of trade – lower cost and instant and global and superior. I think it will elevate beyond hacking and will become safe. The crucial element. As first generation coin wealth has been hacked stolen and wiped out billions in wealth the first generation remains far from safe. It is a speculation. A casino bet. A new casino bet in economic play grounds. Play at the casino at your own great risk and peril.

In Vegas there is no risk-less risk.

In coins there is no risk-less risk in first generation.

In Vegas you win some you lose more – usually for most of the players.

In coins you win some and you lose more for most of the players.

Its a casino in the first generation. Don’t be fooled.

There is no value model that makes economic sense yet. Not in first generation. There is no there there on safety from hacking and theft ( yet ). The clearings are all new and evolving and hackers are smart and evolving right along side the new casino. Stealing from the casino has no insurance or protection. There is no regulation of this casino new industry – it is the wild wild wilder west – the new bucking horse mustang in town. Put your arms in the air and scream it out as you enjoy the ride of your life. Bet money you can put into a casino. Want to win the jackpot? We’ll see.

So we warned you last year. We were told how crazy and uninformed we were. We then were proved right and those who used our tools and tactics lost zero and those who did not are licking wounds right now with my Blogs often repeated mantra:

….I so wish I listened and followed the data …I so wish I could go back in time and protect my loss …..I so wish…I just so wish it …..

We can buy you books and send your to ( google ) but if you fail to graduate by action than you snooze you lose in Super Change.

Second Generation coins are coming to market but they are not here yet. Today we have 100% first generation math modeling – flawed economic GPS.

Blockchain is pure and good. The outcome of how to harness BlockChain for stability and exchange lowering costs for all humans is good and pure. How to engineer price points to the trading, modeling for the transaction velocity in real time, is a matter for the unfolding future in a new technology on the earth.

The hardware is evolving.

The software is evolving.

Second generation will be REVOLUTIONARY as under development by AIA designer Joshua Phair and others we advise. We see windows into SECOND GENERATION but those superior coins are all in development.

We imagine CRYPTO DOLLARS with basis to value that are missing today. We imagine dark web structural back bones that deconstruct resource calls, validity, and beyond hacking of any nature. A safe Cyrpto DOLLAR as new global currencies truly become revolution to existing modeling. Safe. A real store of value. Without unwanted volatility.

Lower cost transactional modeling.

Unlimited velocity capacity by re-tooling the core economics.

Index Cypto Dollars the world institutionally can and will trust.

We have both AIA coding and testing to get to the there there. There is in the coin first generation no THERE THERE. Wild frontier for your money on the coin casino tables. Gambling is fun. Exciting. A few win. Most lose. Play in the first generation coin casino at your own leisure and risk tolerance. I would not put serious money into the first generation coin markets.

First generation clearing is Childs structure compared to what is coming. We have velocity overwhelm. We have had volume break downs. We have had hacking and theft. We have had disintermediation. We have had unregulated everything to the evaporation of economic loss in untold billions from wealth having zero economic contribution to the world itself. A casino.

COIN CASINO – first generation.

If you think this first generation is anything but a casino play you fail to appreciate the underlining AIA and code setting up first use of block chain to the masses. Speculators with super money and AI in fully UNREGULATED  MARKET SPACE are evolving alogrythems to profit from the casino individuals can not hope to equate to.

AI is taking over first generation casino COINS in global speculation to make money up and down in new range trading. As the foundational aspect of the new coin markets are evolving and no one has RIGHT DATA or ENOUGH DATA or ACCURATE DATA to model the antique first generation coin casino market space – the future is always toward obsolesce. As SECOND GENERATION blockchain evolves – and regulatory frame works come into play – think of 500 SEC SUBPOENAS issued in 2018 – in explorations to regulate – the casino and preclude or moderate greed and wealth loss without economic contribution – no wonder nations are elevating rule based modeling into the future.

Yes nations are exploring block chain for everything from high security emails ( a type of new coin ) to data blocks and files ( another coin ) to transactions between agencies ( another coin ) and general exchange – one waits.

We predict first generation leaders in coin will be like museum collector items in the future market place. Relics of the casino first generation coin age. Collector items.

We predict second generation clearing institutions will retire first generation clearing models for revolutionary solutions beyond the vision of current evolutionist to revolutionist like Joshua Phair and second generation tribes.

We see liabilities beyond loss. Increasingly criminal liability for casino abuse theft fraud and loss in rampant in first generation coins.

Said another way in pure economic speak – coins in first generation are not ready yet for main-street or your street.

If you like gambling have at it – but it calls to mind as others follow you thinking that first generation coins are something they are not – forgive them father for they know NOW what it is that they DO.

IS that YOU?

I talk at conferences to the smarty pants and walk away having seen it all – thinking – there goes some pretty savant idiot smarty pants right there….yes sire reeee – bobbie. Smarty Pants at work. Make a TEE SHIRT –

The tee shirt series will make more than first generation coins as Second Generation retires one market into the new.

RIP TIDES will occur as they do as new technology rises up that revolutionizes versus evolves first generation markets. We have seen it all before. Time and time again.

But there is no winning…with the smarty pants …I smile and tell them all …you got something …yep …you got something right there alrightie – as I walk away thinking of new TEE SHIRT designs. Yes sir reee bobbie.

Regulators have their hands full. As they try and grabble with global new G 100 regulatory frame works for the first generation casino – as they come to market with regulatory first generation frame works – SUPER CHANGE makes all that work obsolete as SECOND GENERATION structures come to market.

Joshua Phair’s team seeks to work with SEC and NSA regulatory planners to construct global values the market can trust. Now that leaves behind in the buss the first generation smarty pants. There probably is a regulatory tee shirt right there – yes sir see bobbie.

But what do I know as an old man retired investment banker economist who calls it as I see it – at age 70 – and put it out from my team work to your dream work for consideration is all. Ok I’m award winning in programing. OK I do have a massive amount of code in Global Patents issued in all nations. OK I did write custom investment banking software that led the entire world. OK I had the first talking hand held device before MAC said HELLO. There is always that.

OK I’ve done my best to track research and monitor first generation coin modeling only to see all the first GENERATION TECHOLOGY disease without a cure. Leave it to second generation to BE THE CURE.

So My advice.


But hey I said that last year and readers lost so much money caught up in what? The GREED SEEEDS? How did all that greed work out for you?


Unless your a gambler. Than play your best odds and good luck to you.

I predict the casino will die a predictable death economically.

A more level playing field WILL develop from BLOCK CHAIN genius taking place world wide at a warp drive SUPER CHANGE pace.






The COST Of everything is OIL. Oil represents:

  1. The cost to transport everything to everywhere
  2. The cost of packaging everything everywhere
  3. The cost of 1100 goods for which we have no replacement
  4. The cost of food – fertilizer and pesticide and transport and packaging – biggest industry in any nation
  5. The cost of everything else – period and the cost of climate change and pollution

Energy is the cost of everything.

Slowly we move away from driving out butts around burning up 50% or more of each precious barrel of oil.

Slowly we move away from highly toxic climate changing electrical power from petro chemicals again burning up that part of a barrel of oil. Crazy right?

Meanwhile the free market does not keep the price of a renewable fuel, very plentiful, low so nations can develop prosperity and food security. No?

The FEW against the many band into criminal cartels to restrict oil and to manipulate oil so that the COST OF EVERYTHING is artificially high to keep their PROFITS ungodly high by market standards – a form of phony economics – that is a HIDDEN TAX and CRIMINAL TAX on nations and on the peoples of the EARTH.

Why? Always the same answer – to abuse economics and free open market price setting – into the FEW AGAINST THE MANY for GREED and selfish outcome – using fear – punishment and exploitation – ( competition ) to criminally elevate the price of oil.

The current recovery from a potential WORLD WIDE DEPRESSION correcting speculation – market manipulations – and debt abuse – is possible only through policies of:

  1. Free money – for a more than a decade to stimulate market stability and recovery and to protect banks from insolvency ( Banks world wide closing ).
  2. Low cost of energy where oil moved from 140 dollars a barrel ( a crime against humanity ) to 37.00 dollars a barrel – underwriting global recovery ( thank you American Shale production )

Inflation at the FED LEVEL to normalize interest rates is an illusion. There is only deflation and falling prices due to AI and automation. Productivity is now an AI race to the bottom, with no end in sight. Human productivity gains no longer fuel the NEW FUTURE or the NEW ECONOMICS.

For the first time the most massive change in core economics has taken place within the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE my New Book soon to arrive at book stores everywhere – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – makes you all smart upon. Never before has adaption speeds taxed human thought as they do today.

Universities and education at core must retool to meet the new age of Super Change or be supplanted by new Amazon levels of education that will replace them ALL. They stuck in old thought models ( largely of THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT ) either collectively warp drive the educated brain or culture to – those brains that can far more rapidly learn anything new – unlearn anything made obsolete in SUPER CHANGE faster than any prior generation and – RELEARN at speeds that tax human capacity – or their ignorance will leave them forever stuck and behind in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Fed Policy and Fed Policy making at all Central Banks is a cause of the greatest alarm. If Fed Policy fails to adapt to the NEW ECONOMICS OF THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE obsolete policy making will be the trigger to create the next great global DEPRESSION and World War III we are presently marching ( economically toward ). I submit ever majority of voters who no longer vote a all know and understand this principle.



  1. Markets are not a casino of speculation from 10,000 Super Money pools that control 74% of all market velocity and trading and soon to rise to over 80%. Consolidation of wealth is accelerating. Class warfare is accelerating and the poor are loosing and the SUPER WEALTHY have won but lose it all in the end outcomes of this insane economic modeling.
  2. Regulations worked from the Great Depression but now are vacated by misguided law makers and those safety nets have been torched by those law makers and no longer exist at all.
  3. The consequence is the trading is now not human, for the first time, and all world markets trade 24/7 in the CLOUD while laws are all local and no longer apply to AI trading at all.
  4. Casino Capitalism for 60 months and accelerating is dominated where the % of money flows resides in “side bet speculations” on ever new digital structured assets, as to WHICH WAY any asset of any nature may go in the future – both up or down – betting on both sides of the rope in never ending AI wars on capital flows via 10,000 super money pools manipulating price ranges. The inane premise is that risk is removed into risk-less risk which the insane platform of thought – that ushers in all world economic total destructions of financial systems and institutions engaged in the increasingly wild speculations. Blinded to the risk taking place by greed.
  5. The World following the adjustment to this rising speculation in 2008 fell into global DEFLATION AND DELEVERAGING. As oil prices are manipulated higher for greed and interest rates are prematurely and too rapidly adjusted the entire system – over leveraged today through a massive global debt borrowing spiral fueling the price stabilization – will SUPER CRASH and the deleveraging and price DEFLATION will crash to levels not seen in modern times. Economics is unforgiving for on going abuse of its core principles.

Energy is the total math of any inflation the Fed in error mantra’s as the reason the core reason to adjust interest rates too rapidly for the system abuse they are trying to remedy. TIME is the missing asset.

Time is required to rebalance the world from abuse.

Thirty to Fifty years of time.

GO SLOW is what those in the KNOW chant as THEY GO.

Greed is the need is what those who lack smarts seek to restart.

So today we have the laws put in place in 2008 – which were far from enough – totally insufficient – law makers now seek to weaken and remove. The huge money pools of massive networks of smaller banks and credit unions are the next TARGETS of the TOO BIG TO JAIL financial institutions – who want those core deposits – to leverage at 50/1 margin in impossibly wild speculations – to secure profits while the musical chair dance inside CASINO CAPITALISM driven by AI software across the globe – one institutions software in AI wars to the other for profit – ever more profit – continue. The world risk rises into WORLD WAR and TOTAL COLLAPSE while everyone sings Roses Roses Pocket Full of Posies – all fall down.

Actually this child sing song as a song children sang in the Black Death when all of the EU and its systems for the world died – as the death carts creeped through their town with the stench of the dead lying all over those wagons – as children formed circles and spread roses around their circles to take up the smell of death – singing ROSES ROSE PROCKET FULL OF POSIES ( the red rings around the soars covering the entire bodies of those being wheeled out of each town ) …and as the Roses ran out and the wagon’s left the scene – ALL FALL DOWN ….DEAD ! Is how the song actually went. Which is what the banks and investment banks now stealing the entire wealth of nations with new law makers removing the 2008 laws so those money pools can join the CASINO fully. The BIG BANKS have been EXEMPT from those laws since they were passed.

Oh you did not know THAT?

Well now you do.

Fraud in the economic system is legal folks – its the law.

The SUPER CHANGE speed of revolution upon global financial markets is too fast for law makers to remain ahead. The largest RETHINK of GLOBAL REGULATIONS since the 1930’s is required. We have suggested here and in our solution work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( buy the book on Amazon ) that: the G 100 host a Constitutional Congress to reframe economic box top rules so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND – on the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII ( Aloha defeats lots of greed ) and forge a global economic constitution for trade and tax banning speculation that saps the wealth of nations into a CASINO – where the FEW PROFIT and the many are slaughtered in the after math of SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR – while the greedy have a warm meal and profit from the wars and rebalancing they created.

Law makes world wide have failed to adapt to the largest single change in economic foundations of nations – in all models – in the past 2000 years since Rome itself. The pace of change is SUPER CHANGE. The scale of change is revolution versus an evolution.

Decision makers are using models of yesterday to apply to forward economics that warp drove into a future dimension where such choices and decisions are no longer RELEVANT at all. The pace of Super Change only accelerates.

The Acceleration of Super Change is itself accelerating as AI over one billion times the capacity of human thought – a new species – a new self learning and nurturing of its own kind species – is born ( from Super Change ) and evolves the acceleration at core to systems logic and all SUPER CHANGE in tomorrow land. Humans are being LEFT BEHIND.

Economics however resides on principles which if abused through speculation – massive spirals of debt leveraging – and lack of regulatory frame works to moderate human greed – self destruct as to systems at core of all national wealth.

This destructive pace and entirely new revolutionary pattern is itself accelerating and law makers of nations are left in the dark behind lobbies and powerful investment banking and banking policy making to protect their GREED MACHINE as the new AI normal. As no one understands outside advanced economists what IS taking place in the new five year age of SUPER CHANGE we now are for life locked inside of – failure to adapt ( at legal frame work levels ) is a time sensitive issue.

Failure to act leads sooner than later to SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

The cost of:

  1. Capital within rising interests effects all sovereign nation debt and all forward corporate cost to invest in anything.
  2. Energy the COST OF EVERYTHING rising almost 50% in only 24 months – along with wrong minded Fed Policy from dark ages of time – against SUPER CHANGE requirements really – is a double impact on SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR III.

As these considerations are unknown to planners we zoom along in warp drive about to come out of warp inside a star and perish. Why? Failure to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE. Failure to understand the new economics we now reside within. Failure to more rapidly at law maker and policy level thinking – LEARN – “UNLEARN” – AND TRULY RELEARN – in ever faster elastic thinking to stay ahead of the SUPER CHANGE – AI versus humans now command the pace of change upon.

The pace of change now taxes the core humanity capacity to adapt.

The mindless mantra:

Existing systems – profit as the single objective of the system box top rules maximally without consequence for social outcome in the end…..OR ( Casino Capitalism of today ) OR:

Future systems – maximally serve their customer constituency all the WHILE – delivering a  profit as they do so. Cooperative Capitalism with new adjusted SUPER CHANGE ever self correcting new BOX TOP rules for the economic revolution unfolding before your very eyes.

Redemption THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION was written as a wake up call for World Leaders who read this book at Nation and Fortune level. Spread that word. The blue print for work space reform and nation reform is collaboration in the age of SUPER CHANGE.

SUPER CHANGE is the book for mass markets to get us all ahead of SUPER CHANGE in the age we reside in – in our thinking. Upgrading the software upon the computer above your neck – the real super computer upon the earth.

Digital Manners – to visualize the future of AI that has no competitive impulse and that treasures wet ware ( humanity ) and cures us all of our one thinking error – competitive thought – as we COLAB with AI – in endless discovery and growth forth both.

These works are designed to advance world thinking to superior choice and outcomes.

Today we have the COST OF EVERYTHING rising – from GULF instability – engineered where the only economic way out of the GULF NATIONS is:

  1. SUPER BONDS we offer as solution to them all ( free ) if they just ask – and we are inserting the solution to their heads of state – with 45 years of serving in Gulf Nations
  2. COLLABORATION versus competition into the future celebrating Gulf Diversity versus punishing Gulf Diversity in endless mindless slaughters.
  3. Diversified fully economic growth wherein PETRO economics becomes balanced versus imbalanced within SUPER CHANGE accelerations to achieve desired outcomes impossible with older thinking and modeling.

Today facing bankruptcy and revolutions Gulf Nations – Say Iran and Iraq – move toward wars and instability via faulty thinking errors – seeing no better options – repeating historic past they all know so well – as a way to massively profit no matter the damage to the world itself – to protect their own FEW against revolution and death.

While this thinking dominates choice and outcomes the world risk remains too high to fathom. A GULF imbalance creates a oil windfall for the Gulf with until slaughter to create it – while nations like China are wiped out as the COST OF EVERYTHING sets them into recession and inability to pay their massive DEBT. The DEBTBERG of China alone topples world economics into SUPER CRASH and full world wars.

This risk is so pungent that avoiding that risk is the primary suggestion for NEW BOX TOP RULES as a way out.

TIME is the critical asset.

If everyone could grasp – more time at:

  1. Lower energy prices
  2. Lower interest rates
  3. Higher collaboration lower competitive thresholding

IS the way forward and the only detour from SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR repeating endless human history leads us into as inevitable – always economic.

So the COST OF EVERYTHING rising is the first CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. The floor of the slaughter of our systems and peoples for what?

For being ignorant of the truth.

For failing to see….a better way forward together.



PS: While you are addicted to YOUR FIRED OR RETIRED – what is really important is unseen right before your very eyes.