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Today we have market Super Change that remains unstable and unpredictable. The longest BOOM bull market in history has been unfolding for a record setting expansion. Typical boom expansion periods run for three years or a bit longer followed by short recessionary correction periods.

The length of a boom and the height of a boom economically by history dictate the length and depth of recession to follow. So what is new that CEO’s have to think about?

What is new is that a small % of the market of trade in all asset classes – thousands of asset classes – were markets made by stake holder buying a short while back in time. You bought positions in those assets and hedged your real ownership position with other assets.

In recent years you bought % greater than the entire market – either short ( you never bought the asset you bought side bets on which way the price would go in the future ) or long – side bets up or down on prices in the future without ownership in real time. You were now in a casino without a real stake holder risk or bet. You were now in a higher risk or bet.

As the % of the market became stake holders were the tail of the doggie, and the dog was side bets many times larger than he market for steel, copper, coffee, oil, US dollars, or EU’s or even water or salt and pepper.

Now add in leverage. Leverage at free money at 11 to one. Next raise the leverage in new structured asset pools, and super pools and super duper pools ( all without oversight from regulatory agencies of the world as the market went fully digital ). The regulations are LOCAL and the TRADES ARE IN THE UNREGULATED CLOUD.

Further the % of trades made in this leverage space with a debt spiral on profit making leverages became digital. The % of digital trading controlling markets was very small in the 1980’s and not much larger in the 1990’s. By the Dot.Bomb period the % was much larger and we saw flash trade impacts on global markets we saw high velocity trading where the dog is casino capitalism – side betting just as it was in 1929 – that crashed the entire world – but with leverage and speeds only digital can produce. The casino is making profits which are NOT SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICS.

I’ve reported here the pathology of failed competitive capitalism economics since federalism back to Rome itself:

  1. Greed and lack of regulatory oversight consolidates wealth until less than 10% own more wealth than 90% – which is not sustainable economics for circulation required in real economics.
  2. The instability of CONSOLIDATION AND LEVERAGE creates a melt down like 2007 – in which we enter a time of deflation and deleveraging.
  3. This period is followed by future leverage abuse – massive investment leverage – where wealth consolidates to 1% own more wealth than 99% – as the world spirals into ever greater trade wars.
  4. An LED DAY – a liquidity or circulation evaporation day – occurs and the entire system fails – with 74% of all trading rising to over 80% from digital non human circulations – the speed fo the failure will be a new experience when LED day arrives and all digital moves to sell with no buyers – liquidity or circulation evaporates astonishing the super wealth.
  5. This period is followed by rebalancing and blame shedding typically via world wars – historically – with no other option ever explored.

Now we have written this out for you for ten years. We have printed all it in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the one work we feel the IMF – UN – WORLD BANK – and world leaders might explore to detour from number 5 – which is the brink we see ourselves economically reaching right at this time.

All my readers without financial or economic relevance can simply feel the truth of what you are reading. You get it. You understand. Your leaders however are bought and paid for globally by the GREED MACHINE led by the three blind mice song – who have no clue as they take their bonus money home. GREED blinds thinking.

Economists are trained and educated on theories largely of historic weight to 100 year old models.

Economists need to unlearn and relearn in my opinion.

WE are in an entirely new economic theory in a digital economic the world has never known before. The RISK of this almost instant transfer of wealth and circulation form human hands to digital “no hands” driving world circulations – is more dangerous than any economic period ever known by humans in the past.

Digital weapons are ready to fire by all leading digital nations to stop power, stop water, stop transportation, erase all records of all transactions – stop economic circulation cold – military grade weapons you can read about in Kevin Freemans works with full data as a DOD contractor entitled THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN. Read those two after you share all the hair off your body as the hairs you leave behind will stand straight up in great fear when you learn WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

The system – world wide – is in danger of utter total failure.

If you think that is extreme you have yet to study the foundational economics and trends that created it all.

If you think we are stress test safe – you just fail to read this blog and scroll to understand truly.

You did not read my blog on the IMF report in March – yes that is this month folks – that China after ten years of borrowing 300% more than it earns – and we believe it is all far worse than that – has 4/5th’s of its banks unable to withstand a future shock – according to March 2018 STRESS TESTS of the Chinese Banks.

Now we have looming trade wars with China?

China can no longer grow by stealing from other nations or trading on a theft basis from other nations that has driven 600 million out of poverty in only 50 years – twice the USA population. A miracle of bandit economics.

China is on the brink of total failure which will create LED day for the world – a complete system collapse as leverage and extreme imbalances from borrowing to invest in wild casino speculations globally – as markets lost regulatory oversight – will cease to function. Circulation will stop on a dime and banks investment banks every institution will be closed. Your money will not be in the a bank. You will be wiped out.

Will world war follow?

It always has.

Ah this is shucks never going to happen?

If you thought – wait it just may happen what would you do to create SAFE HARBOR for your tribe and WHEN would you act to do it?

I suggest RIGHT NOW. Delay is the one cost FATAL to your tribe if you pay the cost of delay. The action I suggest includes:

  1. Invest in expanding your cooperative circle of community that gets all these facts – which IS CEO SPACE membership like right now today. Attend them all the build your FORT OF SAFE HARBOR together none of us can prosper in what IS coming – alone or by ourselves – can’t be done. The faster you grow community to prosper after the coming SUPER CRASH the safer and more secure you will be.
  2. Ramp up profits and wealth while the market holds together – speed it up – accelerate it – again inside CEO SPACE as you can never match ramping up as well outside the # 1 ranked by third party press in 2018 – by yourself. Invest in acceleration.
  3. Put all savings and wealth in diversified insurance investing and step outside digital markets and investing with leverage. Check it out and get the hard facts from licensed professionals. CHECK IT OUT and take action to move retirement and personal nest eggs to safe haven before it is too late for you.
  4. Make a favorite and follow this blog. We will tell you what to read and how to verify and stay ahead of WHAT IS REALLY GOING OUT THERE.
  5. Share this blog with your tribe who wish to circle wagons and hold regular GATHERINGS or host CEO SPACE GATHERINGS that network like minded CEO leaders together to master minds – weekly in growing numbers of cities world wide – call CEO SPACE to open a GATHERING IN YOUR CITY as we recruit Chapter Presidents everywhere ( its free ) – to serve tribes coming together to forge safe harbor against the developing financial storms.

Folks – the end of the clear Skys is coming next.

Volatility like you have never seen due to digital new history in economics within leverage never known before will rock Asset classes up and down in huge spikes. The system itself is becoming ever more unstable. Don’t become frozen by the new economics.

TRADE WARS are heating up – the global system economic killer of all past world wars and depressions.

The new economics of digital leveraged trading in all asset classes has AI in control and human’s not so much. This influences speed and breadth of the SUPER CRASH which is pending next.

There is time to ramp up wealth and make fortunes while the markets hold together.

Super Crash will come without warning and no recovery will follow it.

At that point in time it will be too late to protect yourself.

Those invested outside the GREED MACHINE inside safe harbor diversified insurance investing – with still regulated money management, will do the best at wealth preservation and income preservation and cash available – as they did in the last depression of 1929. When the banks were closed and your entire nest egg was wiped out in markets – real estate and all savings – the only safe harbor – was diversified insurance investing – where the leading insurance firms still serving today – just check it out – ask for a depression survivor firm – paid out when the banks were closed.

They protected your nest egg and paid out when the banks were closed.

So the dance is well known.

The safe harbor dance lessons are free and taught right here.

Its up to you to step on the dance floor.


PS: Off to LA to teach 10,000 entrepreneurs this weekend live.