The White House no matter who is commander in Chief seeks a strength, a calm hand, a steady hand, and a confidence that inspires the world. When that combination is missing the world is not better off as a quality of leadership for that particular office is absent. In America it never lasts for long.

Today the Russian investigation has by mandate largely concluded. The Special Prosecutor staff has made public NO AMERICA COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA. This is when the investigation should close by legal mandate. But the investigation has always been political. So lacking legal mandate or legal integrity the 100’s of millions being wasted will continue to tax the future for political – pure political – outcomes. Stay tuned.

Now the investigation moves to indict the President of the United States as charged he  created a HIGH CRIME AND MISDEMEANOR as a legal frame work for Congressional impeachment. The Impeachment of the President is unlikely to win out with a Republican controlled congress.

The fix is in between Justice and law makers who fund justice – follow the money on all those secret off the record meetings – as they are crimes. Who is investigating these rising crimes and breaches of law by Justice and Congress?

One immunity against another immunity and all horrible for America and its future. Truly. If you hate Trump wait and let elections take care of it. That is the best way for America to move forward. Let the majority vote. Not let illegal few against the many rule.

However if the republicans are massively rejected in the MID YEAR ELECTION – which may well occur – due to the leader in chief – then that political outcome would create a real liability for the President on Impeachment. He can not bully boy or legally move his way out of that political trap.

The Prosecutor in Chief is lining up a nail in the metal coffin case with welders standing by on OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. This case is far easier to develop legally than COLLISION WITH RUSSIA in evidence. As the Prosecutor moves forward to indict the Presidents children and in laws, and family circle, and inner leadership –  making deal after illegal deal – like they do in third world nations – calling that intimidation and black mail justice and legal –   with each and every them deal – always in secret what deal terms are made – to get them to testify just as the prosecutor wishes – and  to assure they retain their financial empires if they tell the Prosecutor what he wishes on the “legal” record. This kind of NAZIS in SUIT tactic to charge and publicly try cases is not only UNAMERICAN by principle ( always think it could happen to you ) but is also indicative of the degree of JUSTICE REFORM needed to bring a fully broken Justice system back into order and the future. Iran China North Korea and Sudan conduct justice just like this …and we think those are fair trails and processes – say in Saudi? GIVE ME A BREAK and now we do it just like they do over here – really? Without reform we are lost in every Making America GREAT AGAIN – so keep that in your heart beat if you are living in America versus Romania or Hungry. You have it better now over in your nations. Trust me.

Today we have an FBI who can not act to save our children in Florida schools lives. They could have easily prevented these deaths but no one is charging them with NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE because they are immune I suspect. When children are murdered from FBI Justice criminal break downs – why is responsibility to hold standards of L_AW just  as high as the tripe going on by the 100’s of millions to investigate prosecute and indict the President and his teams?

I predict the politics work like Nixon and just like Watergate.

It goes like this:

  1. Trump fires Comey with great cause as Comey and the team illegally leaked and attacked politically the President from an institution that works FOR THE PRESIDENT in absolute terms of our nation. The FBI was for Hillary is all out in the open and was for blocking and stopping Trump all during the election and even after. Comey was caught red handed. Why is he not under investigation by special prosecutors investigation the FBI itself? For crimes that continue to the slaughter of our children with no one paying the price – where some black kid stealing food for his family is three strikes your out put in jail for life. Justice?
  2. The FBI unites to IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT as they did with President Nixon who fired his  special prosecutor. His right. The FBI elected to GET NIXON. This is a crime.
  3. The leaks then come  criminally and endlessly today from the FBI which are without justice reform – criminal conspiracy from the FBI ( while our Children are slaughtered from FBI Criminal negligence to a just  man slaughter as a crime ) – and no FBI person or department is held responsible or prosecuted. For any on going criminal action. SPECIAL PROSECUTOR TO INVESTIGATE THE FBI – begins real justice reform.
  4. The FBI coordinates the impeachment with Congress buddies who appropriate FBI spending and FBI budgets – incestuous versus arms length. This is a crime no one reforms – moves back to arms length or investigates as a crime so out of control is the justice abuse today. Malicious prosecution is the new normal.
  5. The insiders have made the “deal” President Trump will BE IMPEACHED and that train is not the TRUMP TRAIN and that train is in 2018 unstoppable. Ask Nancy Pelosi as head of her own criminal gang.

SHOULD A NEW SPECIAL PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATE THE FBI AND THE CURRENT SPECIAL PROSECUTOR as an ITEM OF JUSTICE REFORM. I suggest it could not hurt and it may by investigating the CRIMES Of the FBI that once and for all truly  begin real justice reform to fix our national crises of integrity.

Given how everything is bought and paid for I do not see anything good before much worse takes place.

So economically what happens. The future indictments will raise by orders of magnitude uncertainty in markets moving forward. Congress fiddles while the US economy will crash and burn and they don’t care – they are wearing 3D virtual reality next generation goggles from GOOGLE and FACE BOOK – ON POWER – as they are all in it together.

Trump has perhaps fatally hurt himself by being a leader that lacks all team leadership manners. Just months ago he praised his team as being the best for their jobs endlessly. Then he fires Tillerson by tweet – are you kidding me. Tillerson set up the North Korea WIN AND COHEN SET UP THE SANCTIONS that got us there. Further Tillerson has personal relationships with the leaders of the world that are deeper richer and more trusted than TRUMP has today or can foster tomorrow. The leaders tolerate TRUMP because they have to for the “money” from the USA. Only that.

Cohen was the best FED CHAIRMAN and was passed over due to what? Cohen told the President his economic shit stunk. Coming from my tribe of investment banker economists he knows what Trump in a lifetime can not even learn related to the COMPLEXITY OF 2018 MARKET GLOBAL DYNAMIC INTERRELATIONSHIPS. If you believe Trump understands – I believe Trump is absolute in his knowledge but in fact he MISUNDERSTANDS. That is what in economics we call as DANGEROUS.

The current tariff edict – is not policy – not strategy – it was shit off your boot – that fosters massive uncertainty. Less than 10% of our steel and aluminum come from China. Most of it comes from nations TRUMP EXEMPTED FROM ANY TARRIFF’s because the USA has three fives and the other nations hold a full house. Economically. In March 2018 the White House looks foolish led by a fool. The respect for Trump the benefit of the doubt for Trump globally – folks its gone. Everyone is waiting for the elections is all.


Watch the US dollar continue to free fall.

Watch the DOW move to 6400 DOW from almost 30,000.

Watch the nation move from prosperity into recession and watch no fix or repair to the damage done during an IMPEACHMENT HEARING.

All this UNCERTAINTY IS NOT GOOD ECONOMICS  and for sure not GREAT leadership. It is all avoidable. Unintended consequences. We now have a builder, who has done a bit of high end building, running the most complex nation and economics in the world. This builder has decided that his team – his A TEAM – the BEST TEAM EVER CREATED – is actually FIRED one after the other as never seen in any Presidency in history we have uncertainty rule with no effort to restore order and certainty. The leaders are all pawns in Trumps chess game he makes box top rules for how to play – changes game pieces at will and the moves they can make at the board up or down at will – no one knows the rules but TRUMP Himself. As he plays to win BY HIMSELF moving forward into April and no one else of importance is playing with TRUMP at all – the game is Trumps alone and he alone wins every time because no one is playing with President Trump for he plays now ….alone. Some of the most powerful economic forces in the world on his team now have left the game board and caused the enormous circles they influence to move away from the game board as well.

In a tidal wave – first all the water leaves the beach…….only then is the sound coming to you first and its way too late to run from the crush of the enormous wave running toward you at 100 miles an hour.

We see the builder decide with his son in law that Trump alone should follow his “instincts” in disregard to unintended consequences in the world and future global markets. Trump. Does he understand the world market complexity really? Has he read this blog? The issues raised here are the issues where mismanagement by the President of the United States in 2018 do more to risk SUPER CRASH – the total destruction of the world order – ( Banks and financial institutions all fail in less than 90 days world wide ) and the nations effected enter into WORLD WAR III. So many at the top are sounding waning bells – but like in SPACE where no one is hearing the sound at all….I’m one bell ringer.

Perhaps Trump feels as with trade wars globally in a fully interdependent world today – they are easy to win. Perhaps Trump feels WORLD WAR III is easy to win. I can assure you no one else in leadership anywhere feels the same on either issue nor do I. For the record.

America is good and bad right now.

  1. America is in a weak recovery. Any suggestion it is economically a strong recovery fails to see the massive defaults in student loans, car loans, commercial loans and bankruptcies in retail and so much more or the 34 million unemployed no longer even counted. No longer paying taxes but consuming food stamps and welfare and social cost by a trillion a year. We are sinking if we do not get it right soon.
  2. The entire world is engaged in trade wars at the worst time of a weak global fragile recovery where the entire system almost failed utterly. Interest rates are rising which will sink debt bergs for nations and institutions globally – and soon. Too soon and too fast – idiot policy when there is no inflation outside manipulated oil prices which will fall and fall next week.
  3. America has a rising rich and rapidly declining middle class that can no longer  sustain its lifestyle across the nation. Even the recovery is spotty and geographic enormous numbers are not inside the recovery from Real Estate losses to crushing lack of options.
  4. America infrastructure is old and in decay. The rebuilding of America into a future will take decades to even restore the transportation water sewer and power grids let alone new infrastructure  from SPACE to the seas. Other nations are passing America at warp drive in infrastructure to assure economic global leadership in their future. Congress fiddles while America burns – focused more on impeachment than the fundamentals that will TAKE AMERICA’S GREAT from HER.
  5. Casino Capitalism – leaders fail to understand as they did in 2007 the economic cause of RISK to the entire GLOBAL SYSTEM is SUPER CHANGE in markets that now are software AI controlled outside any regulatory frame work. AGAIN CONGRESS FIDDLES while ROME BURNS. Todays markets present risk unknown since 1929 SUPER CRASH. Without address to these issues – as set forth in this blog steam – scroll – the world will move into SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR – which is fully historic and all of Trumps ideas men and uniformed advisers will never put America back together again when that occurs and as it is now – THAT – will – occur.

It is like idiocy.

We see any sane tariff box top rules as a central well executed strategic POLICY. Not a shoot from the hip – Tarriff’s or on – no they are not – not for your nation – or your nation – but yes for yours – but not yours. Uncertainty elevates like a Walt Disney SPACE MOUNTAIN roller coaster and the markets will CRASH with uncertainty reaching the tipping point and we are SO CLOSE so VERY CLOSE.

If SUPER CRASH comes this SPRING the Democrats can use all that pain in the mid year elections ( politics versus economics for national good ) to roll back Republicans and then IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT for real – in a move that fails but they win the PRESIDENCY because of it in two years and Trump is a canceled White House sit com.

Is that strategic enough for you all?

Think I’m thinking this way and I”m alone?

Think again.

Reality is what you read here on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE not what you read in bought and paid for agenda press. AGENDA PRESS IS NOT FAKE NEWS agenda press is mind control and mind manipulation of the masses and it is all wrong so very wrong in a place called TODAY and unto the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – we the people. THINK folks – read think and make your own informed choices. Create your own safe harbor for what IS going while you still have time.

A political tsunami is coming led by a criminal out of control FBI and the President has no surf board to survive that wave. Trust me on that one. The system is winning and the system reformer is losing. Many wish it were otherwise but. the score board never lies. There is a calm just before the storm. Your in it.

You know.

You can feel the truth. Share this blog – send the link to your circles that need to know.

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See a big item in the news – read the NO SPIN right here.

WHO reads this blog are some of the leaders of press wealth and institutions of the world.

SO SANE TARRIF POLICY correcting World War II Post economic subsidy policy would look like this:


  1. The USA matches tariff’s other nations charge us on every asset class precisely.
  2. They raise their tariff we raise our tariff in real time. Daily.
  3. They lower their tariff we lower our tariff.
  4. We match them precisely.
  5. They trade fair we trade fair – no nation left behind.

Today a car in America sells for 70,000 in the USA and often over 500,000 US dollars  in other nations due to their duties and tariff PENALITIES. Penalities they do not pay IN AMERICA.


Now they can make their products IN AMERICA with lower taxes ( thank you Donald Trump and Congress ) or they can pay the MATCHING TARRIF POLICY under the USA 2018 matching Tariff protocol. Fair – adjusted daily – and trade opening.

This is a fair GLOBALIST no nation left behind policy and America will thrive with such a policy. Today the we let them take our cash and we can’t get their cash policy is an economic abuse imbalance and outcome that causes SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

Telling the economic truth is what is required.

As politics lead economics we only hear lies.

So today the FBI is doing the NIXON dance – its entire resource is geared to a) keep America safe from terror b) Impeach Donald Trump for firing Comey. B is a crime.

THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE and THAT IS A CRIME. IN FACT “that” is a crime – far bigger than impeachment issues –  because – THAT undermines the core of a rotten US JUSTICE SYSTEM that requires reform in 2018. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST THEM FOR CAUSE AND VALID REASONS.


The most powerful central government on earth has lost its ability to hold the rule of law to protect WE THE PEOPLE FROM ITSELF – and until the constitutional protections are FULLY RESTORED by JUSTICE REFORM the regard and respect of the nation to its agencies is held hostage – and that weakens the nation – at core – for united we stand and divided we do and we will fall.

Folks the people know right from wrong and all the spin on earth can not deflect the truth.

Black lives matter.

Florida School children were slaughter because of FBI criminal negligence no one even investigates or issues indictments for.

We do not trust our institutions. NOR SHOULD WE. That trust  has to be earned. 


Because they lie to us. Endlessly. 

Thats why.

Systems replace trust.

We now have global financial markets without regulatory oversight. This always is the CAUSE not the symptom of SUPER CRASH economic collapse globally and WORLD WAR. We need to RE-REGULATE THE DIGITAL MARKET SPACE – as the institutions of the world within wild speculations unknown ever in history will bankrupt the entire world and fast without it. We have casino capitalism versus real economic models with appropriate global regulatory reforms.

WE need to INSTALL JUSTICE REFORM and modernize systems balancing trust and constitutional protections – to move forward with a nation where WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE HOPE AND PROMISE OF THE WORLD AGAIN in PRIDE VERSUS SHAME as we are today.

Thats the truth.

On impeachment – on tariff’s and on how dangerous the SRPING MARKET IS FOR SUPER CRASH as we predicted for three long years with one risk timing in mind – THE SPRING OF 2018 – and we have so told you all why and told you and told as investment banker research from one old man can spit into the wind for your benefit the what and even what action to take to protect yourself. Keep that all in mind. Soon you’ll look back and say once again:



Super Money pools control the lies as new normal and mind manipulation with bought and paid news and media where the truth is harder and harder to come by. If your hungry for the truth tune in now and again and share this blog site on your social. For me.

We work pretty hard to bring you the truth and its frustrating to watch idiots make the moves they are making when options for such higher ground exist all around.

Sanity versus insanity.

Competition versus cooperation.

Leadership integrity or a crises of integrity in global leadership.

THINK – research – and make up your own minds – build safe harbor and do it fast – SUPER CRASH is coming – only WHEN IS THE ISSUE – the big next wave is this SPRING and know what…..




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