The COST Of everything is OIL. Oil represents:

  1. The cost to transport everything to everywhere
  2. The cost of packaging everything everywhere
  3. The cost of 1100 goods for which we have no replacement
  4. The cost of food – fertilizer and pesticide and transport and packaging – biggest industry in any nation
  5. The cost of everything else – period and the cost of climate change and pollution

Energy is the cost of everything.

Slowly we move away from driving out butts around burning up 50% or more of each precious barrel of oil.

Slowly we move away from highly toxic climate changing electrical power from petro chemicals again burning up that part of a barrel of oil. Crazy right?

Meanwhile the free market does not keep the price of a renewable fuel, very plentiful, low so nations can develop prosperity and food security. No?

The FEW against the many band into criminal cartels to restrict oil and to manipulate oil so that the COST OF EVERYTHING is artificially high to keep their PROFITS ungodly high by market standards – a form of phony economics – that is a HIDDEN TAX and CRIMINAL TAX on nations and on the peoples of the EARTH.

Why? Always the same answer – to abuse economics and free open market price setting – into the FEW AGAINST THE MANY for GREED and selfish outcome – using fear – punishment and exploitation – ( competition ) to criminally elevate the price of oil.

The current recovery from a potential WORLD WIDE DEPRESSION correcting speculation – market manipulations – and debt abuse – is possible only through policies of:

  1. Free money – for a more than a decade to stimulate market stability and recovery and to protect banks from insolvency ( Banks world wide closing ).
  2. Low cost of energy where oil moved from 140 dollars a barrel ( a crime against humanity ) to 37.00 dollars a barrel – underwriting global recovery ( thank you American Shale production )

Inflation at the FED LEVEL to normalize interest rates is an illusion. There is only deflation and falling prices due to AI and automation. Productivity is now an AI race to the bottom, with no end in sight. Human productivity gains no longer fuel the NEW FUTURE or the NEW ECONOMICS.

For the first time the most massive change in core economics has taken place within the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE my New Book soon to arrive at book stores everywhere – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – makes you all smart upon. Never before has adaption speeds taxed human thought as they do today.

Universities and education at core must retool to meet the new age of Super Change or be supplanted by new Amazon levels of education that will replace them ALL. They stuck in old thought models ( largely of THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT ) either collectively warp drive the educated brain or culture to – those brains that can far more rapidly learn anything new – unlearn anything made obsolete in SUPER CHANGE faster than any prior generation and – RELEARN at speeds that tax human capacity – or their ignorance will leave them forever stuck and behind in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Fed Policy and Fed Policy making at all Central Banks is a cause of the greatest alarm. If Fed Policy fails to adapt to the NEW ECONOMICS OF THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE obsolete policy making will be the trigger to create the next great global DEPRESSION and World War III we are presently marching ( economically toward ). I submit ever majority of voters who no longer vote a all know and understand this principle.



  1. Markets are not a casino of speculation from 10,000 Super Money pools that control 74% of all market velocity and trading and soon to rise to over 80%. Consolidation of wealth is accelerating. Class warfare is accelerating and the poor are loosing and the SUPER WEALTHY have won but lose it all in the end outcomes of this insane economic modeling.
  2. Regulations worked from the Great Depression but now are vacated by misguided law makers and those safety nets have been torched by those law makers and no longer exist at all.
  3. The consequence is the trading is now not human, for the first time, and all world markets trade 24/7 in the CLOUD while laws are all local and no longer apply to AI trading at all.
  4. Casino Capitalism for 60 months and accelerating is dominated where the % of money flows resides in “side bet speculations” on ever new digital structured assets, as to WHICH WAY any asset of any nature may go in the future – both up or down – betting on both sides of the rope in never ending AI wars on capital flows via 10,000 super money pools manipulating price ranges. The inane premise is that risk is removed into risk-less risk which the insane platform of thought – that ushers in all world economic total destructions of financial systems and institutions engaged in the increasingly wild speculations. Blinded to the risk taking place by greed.
  5. The World following the adjustment to this rising speculation in 2008 fell into global DEFLATION AND DELEVERAGING. As oil prices are manipulated higher for greed and interest rates are prematurely and too rapidly adjusted the entire system – over leveraged today through a massive global debt borrowing spiral fueling the price stabilization – will SUPER CRASH and the deleveraging and price DEFLATION will crash to levels not seen in modern times. Economics is unforgiving for on going abuse of its core principles.

Energy is the total math of any inflation the Fed in error mantra’s as the reason the core reason to adjust interest rates too rapidly for the system abuse they are trying to remedy. TIME is the missing asset.

Time is required to rebalance the world from abuse.

Thirty to Fifty years of time.

GO SLOW is what those in the KNOW chant as THEY GO.

Greed is the need is what those who lack smarts seek to restart.

So today we have the laws put in place in 2008 – which were far from enough – totally insufficient – law makers now seek to weaken and remove. The huge money pools of massive networks of smaller banks and credit unions are the next TARGETS of the TOO BIG TO JAIL financial institutions – who want those core deposits – to leverage at 50/1 margin in impossibly wild speculations – to secure profits while the musical chair dance inside CASINO CAPITALISM driven by AI software across the globe – one institutions software in AI wars to the other for profit – ever more profit – continue. The world risk rises into WORLD WAR and TOTAL COLLAPSE while everyone sings Roses Roses Pocket Full of Posies – all fall down.

Actually this child sing song as a song children sang in the Black Death when all of the EU and its systems for the world died – as the death carts creeped through their town with the stench of the dead lying all over those wagons – as children formed circles and spread roses around their circles to take up the smell of death – singing ROSES ROSE PROCKET FULL OF POSIES ( the red rings around the soars covering the entire bodies of those being wheeled out of each town ) …and as the Roses ran out and the wagon’s left the scene – ALL FALL DOWN ….DEAD ! Is how the song actually went. Which is what the banks and investment banks now stealing the entire wealth of nations with new law makers removing the 2008 laws so those money pools can join the CASINO fully. The BIG BANKS have been EXEMPT from those laws since they were passed.

Oh you did not know THAT?

Well now you do.

Fraud in the economic system is legal folks – its the law.

The SUPER CHANGE speed of revolution upon global financial markets is too fast for law makers to remain ahead. The largest RETHINK of GLOBAL REGULATIONS since the 1930’s is required. We have suggested here and in our solution work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( buy the book on Amazon ) that: the G 100 host a Constitutional Congress to reframe economic box top rules so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND – on the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII ( Aloha defeats lots of greed ) and forge a global economic constitution for trade and tax banning speculation that saps the wealth of nations into a CASINO – where the FEW PROFIT and the many are slaughtered in the after math of SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR – while the greedy have a warm meal and profit from the wars and rebalancing they created.

Law makes world wide have failed to adapt to the largest single change in economic foundations of nations – in all models – in the past 2000 years since Rome itself. The pace of change is SUPER CHANGE. The scale of change is revolution versus an evolution.

Decision makers are using models of yesterday to apply to forward economics that warp drove into a future dimension where such choices and decisions are no longer RELEVANT at all. The pace of Super Change only accelerates.

The Acceleration of Super Change is itself accelerating as AI over one billion times the capacity of human thought – a new species – a new self learning and nurturing of its own kind species – is born ( from Super Change ) and evolves the acceleration at core to systems logic and all SUPER CHANGE in tomorrow land. Humans are being LEFT BEHIND.

Economics however resides on principles which if abused through speculation – massive spirals of debt leveraging – and lack of regulatory frame works to moderate human greed – self destruct as to systems at core of all national wealth.

This destructive pace and entirely new revolutionary pattern is itself accelerating and law makers of nations are left in the dark behind lobbies and powerful investment banking and banking policy making to protect their GREED MACHINE as the new AI normal. As no one understands outside advanced economists what IS taking place in the new five year age of SUPER CHANGE we now are for life locked inside of – failure to adapt ( at legal frame work levels ) is a time sensitive issue.

Failure to act leads sooner than later to SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR.

The cost of:

  1. Capital within rising interests effects all sovereign nation debt and all forward corporate cost to invest in anything.
  2. Energy the COST OF EVERYTHING rising almost 50% in only 24 months – along with wrong minded Fed Policy from dark ages of time – against SUPER CHANGE requirements really – is a double impact on SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR III.

As these considerations are unknown to planners we zoom along in warp drive about to come out of warp inside a star and perish. Why? Failure to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE. Failure to understand the new economics we now reside within. Failure to more rapidly at law maker and policy level thinking – LEARN – “UNLEARN” – AND TRULY RELEARN – in ever faster elastic thinking to stay ahead of the SUPER CHANGE – AI versus humans now command the pace of change upon.

The pace of change now taxes the core humanity capacity to adapt.

The mindless mantra:

Existing systems – profit as the single objective of the system box top rules maximally without consequence for social outcome in the end…..OR ( Casino Capitalism of today ) OR:

Future systems – maximally serve their customer constituency all the WHILE – delivering a ┬áprofit as they do so. Cooperative Capitalism with new adjusted SUPER CHANGE ever self correcting new BOX TOP rules for the economic revolution unfolding before your very eyes.

Redemption THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION was written as a wake up call for World Leaders who read this book at Nation and Fortune level. Spread that word. The blue print for work space reform and nation reform is collaboration in the age of SUPER CHANGE.

SUPER CHANGE is the book for mass markets to get us all ahead of SUPER CHANGE in the age we reside in – in our thinking. Upgrading the software upon the computer above your neck – the real super computer upon the earth.

Digital Manners – to visualize the future of AI that has no competitive impulse and that treasures wet ware ( humanity ) and cures us all of our one thinking error – competitive thought – as we COLAB with AI – in endless discovery and growth forth both.

These works are designed to advance world thinking to superior choice and outcomes.

Today we have the COST OF EVERYTHING rising – from GULF instability – engineered where the only economic way out of the GULF NATIONS is:

  1. SUPER BONDS we offer as solution to them all ( free ) if they just ask – and we are inserting the solution to their heads of state – with 45 years of serving in Gulf Nations
  2. COLLABORATION versus competition into the future celebrating Gulf Diversity versus punishing Gulf Diversity in endless mindless slaughters.
  3. Diversified fully economic growth wherein PETRO economics becomes balanced versus imbalanced within SUPER CHANGE accelerations to achieve desired outcomes impossible with older thinking and modeling.

Today facing bankruptcy and revolutions Gulf Nations – Say Iran and Iraq – move toward wars and instability via faulty thinking errors – seeing no better options – repeating historic past they all know so well – as a way to massively profit no matter the damage to the world itself – to protect their own FEW against revolution and death.

While this thinking dominates choice and outcomes the world risk remains too high to fathom. A GULF imbalance creates a oil windfall for the Gulf with until slaughter to create it – while nations like China are wiped out as the COST OF EVERYTHING sets them into recession and inability to pay their massive DEBT. The DEBTBERG of China alone topples world economics into SUPER CRASH and full world wars.

This risk is so pungent that avoiding that risk is the primary suggestion for NEW BOX TOP RULES as a way out.

TIME is the critical asset.

If everyone could grasp – more time at:

  1. Lower energy prices
  2. Lower interest rates
  3. Higher collaboration lower competitive thresholding

IS the way forward and the only detour from SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR repeating endless human history leads us into as inevitable – always economic.

So the COST OF EVERYTHING rising is the first CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. The floor of the slaughter of our systems and peoples for what?

For being ignorant of the truth.

For failing to see….a better way forward together.



PS: While you are addicted to YOUR FIRED OR RETIRED – what is really important is unseen right before your very eyes.