The seeds of WORLD WAR III are being planted in the Gulf. For decades a Cold War has been taking place between Shite Iran the majority Muslim by the math modeling faith sector – in Muslim World and Saudi Arabia. This war has deflected untold billions into the horrors we watch everyday.

Syria and Afghanistan are extension of the IRAN and SAUDI WARS. The hatred between the parties is political, religious, historic, tribal and cultural. Saudi invented TERROR with their strict Muslim Whabbi Faith. The Terror groups by many names, led by the leading Saudi family son – BIN LADEN – western trained – ended up taking over MECCA. This ended in a “deal” in effect. We will FUND You bad boys but keep it out of SAUDI.

This was not well received by Iran. Iran has endlessly tried to contain the Saudi ambition to consolidate alliances to their money and belief system. The two nations have funded there own bad boys to contain or kill off the other guys bad boys.

In Syria Iran fought by the KERDS and USA TROOPS to take down ISIS which frankly many feel Saudi backed funded and made possible in the first place – against their Shite Iran enemy King Hussein and his family in Syria. It is generational. Endlessly.

In modern terms ( the last two years ) we have instability rising like a roller coaster ride at SIX FLAGS. Loop D Loops at G forces on your tummy.

The ruling family for 70 years is out with the late Kings death. Another family tree takes power for the first time. That 80 something King removes his wife and the other kids and has his 30 something favorite take all power and become the new King when he dies. This by passed tradition and so many tribes and families that the amusement factor in the GULF is watching the SIT COM – SAUDI KINGS like America watches the SIT COM – White House.

Iran threatened by Saudi is perfecting its Ballistic Missiles. The Puppy King from Saudi Meets Trump his buddy – on Tuesday – to state he will go for NUKES if Iran goes for NUKES – get used to it. A Muslim Nuke War? IS there something worse for all the rest of us?

Duh I don’t think so.

Hate to nuke you first boys….but really….I mean truly.

Given behaviors we watch on TV – off with your head – stone you to death – throw you off buildings and so forth and so on. Like that is all tolerated by 7 billion who just do not hold like minded mental software.

Now then we have sanity. We have JORDON as the Mount Everest of Gulf INTEGRITY and leadership truly. We have the UAE as a close second. Their union however is spit in the wind to the rising tornado of Saudi vs. Iran.

Saudi faces civil war from within and family clan tribal funding as we have not seen since LAWERENCE OF ARABIA trust me on that.

The Puppy King locks up for the first time in 100 years the leading royals not of his own family tree stem. He steals 100 billion from those bad boys and is still stealing from them – all of them. Some disappear. Some are put in prison and tortured. All are threatened. Now if the Puppy King things historically the armies of these families will lie down roll over and beg for a cookie after we are watching some other highly rated sitcom. Tell me the name again…..?

Will we see civil war in Saudi Ville? Will we see a revolution in SAUDI or IRAN and we might if the PEOPLE themselves get riled up. Will Saudi and Iran distract these agenda likely outcomes to go to war with each other just to hold on to power – irrespective of the slaughter of innocents to do just that? Which IS historic?

Is the end of GULF stability given the OPEC oil cartel model is destroyed and the GULF OPEC Cartel is itself about to IMPLODE. Russia will leave the CARTEL. Members will cheat to preserve market share as 101 economic acting out. Saudi is now labeled by Iran today as a mentally ill puppy King leading down the death road – self inflicted destruction to the Kingdom Model.

Iran one must note does not have to build engineer or create Nukes. How silly of you to think that. Nope. North Korean only has to stall to pin point USA targets – and not long a stall either. North Korea can resolve all sanction pain by just selling a hydrogen bomb ( it is making them like a factory makes cars today ) and a trillion dollars flows into them. Iran will skybridge the Nukes to themselves.

One Nuke to Saudi and thats all over. We’ll oil will not come from Saudi for a bit but really they will work around all that pretty quick. Bam.

What price does Iran pay?

Oh it owns the Saudi and Iraq and Iran oil and now controls world oil prices and markets – why would they ever consider such a Persian Empire economically? I”m sure I alone get this incentive and I’m thinking outside 45 years doing business over in the Gulf.

I’m sure I have it all wrong. No one would wish to go from struggle to impossible wealth over night and win the philosophy wars and the geo wars and all the Gulf wars.

While they are at it they could Nuke Israel but as Israel would take Iran OUT that is probably remote as Iran is smart and prefers prosperity to ashes.

Israel could take IRAN OUT now and have Saudi be the largest power on earth but Israel may have some restraint to trust SAUDI Whabbi’s with such power as they might challenge the State of Israel as they have been doing via proxies.

Its complicated.

Will Syria use Chemical Weapons as a crime against humanity?

Will the Allies BOMB them and cost them billions if they use Chemical Weapons?

Will Russia take out a USA AIRCRAFT CARRIED as it promised it would – and open up WORLD WAR III in the GULF Powder Keg ?

Turkey has invaded Syria and is creating new TURKEY WORLD ( a Nato Ally – I mean really ? ) . Will the Kurds massively get into it with Turkey. Will Syria. Will the USA defend the KERDS who have been dying beside American’s to free Syria from ISIS? Will Turkey invade further seeking to extend its own borders into Syria ? Will Russia get involved to defend Syria against Turkey or push America back supporting Turkey ¬†or the KERDS? Who will America respond?

Ah are you getting all this on your weekend?

The dollar is down – ya think?

The market is up – by an inch – on no reason to go up and everyone reason to go down down down the rabbit hole.

It is not interest at the FED.

It is not musical chairs in the TRUMP SIT COM the White House.

It is not the destruction of BIT COIN fortunes lost.

It is not anything you read anywhere.



Trump is talking to Mearkel and XI and PUTIN about what they all want from Puppy King next Tuesday. May as well – meaning he also talks to MAY in UK.

The Puppy King marches to his own drummer and Allah.

Trump has limited bandwidth to do anything about GULF INSTABILITY.

Puppy King wants IRAN isolated using America the EU and China to cut them out. However Trump is also talking to IRAN and if you think he is not – than Puppy King has a few things to learn doesn’t he.

Don’t change the channel. The SIT COM is heating up to a finale.

Get something to eat and drink and enjoy the show.



PS: Rocket Man no longer makes appearances at prince time.