Having predicted with some foresight the downturns in market since the 1970’s to today, a circle approach me and ask WHAT SHOULD I DO…what can I DO to keep my profits and money intact during times like 2008?

As I predicted the SPRING of 2018 would follow an all time peak run up in markets that frankly went from historic exuberance to absolute insanity, and even then kept going on. In January two years of traditional stock market growth took place in ONE MONTH.

Than over 6 trillion of wealth was lost in 72 hours.

Far from over as some of that has matriculated back. A possible super crash may lie ahead this Spring as we suggested and documented as to why the economics suggest It as a possible potential.

The weight of debt drags upon the market before we enter into trade war rebalance to decades of trade imbalance from abuse of core economic trading accounts, lay ahead.


  1. Sovereign nation debt crashes and defaulting.
  2. Student loan defaulting – record unheard of levels
  3. Auto loan sub prime defaulting – all time records
  4. Commercial loan defaulting – record all time highs
  5. Credit card and home loan defaulting – still high

The debt abuse must work its way through the system and is always painful when economic abuse has piled up over decades. In the EU we have Italy and Spain with no real way out – but extending time during boom economic growth made possible by free money and even more debt. China Debt Default risk is so huge a contagion item to world economics and markets the IMF has warned 11 times with increasing alarm over the instability risk of the CHINESE phony economic modeling – to yet no outcome change. Chinese debt continues to soar.

Markets are leveraging in debt to buy casino side bets on new asset classes that are new  bets on which way future prices may or may not go up or down, now larger ( driven by debt ) than the entire real economic market space. The ONE THING the ONE BIG RISK of all risk to Super Crash is the rising new asset classes driven by free money for ten years and economic debt system abuse at core globally.

As an investment banker economist who ran a Wallstreet publicly traded global financial institution for years, CEO’s at that penthouse level have some more rich background on HOW markets are made and maintained  and how where the real RISK may actually reside – always hidden between current account reporting.

The risk the IMF reports as systemic risk is real and urgent and immediate and law makers are not listening as current accounts show profits and appear solid and good as they did in 2006 and 2007 before the SUPER CRASH. Only things are worse due to debt scaling today than 2008.

The kids reporting today are funny folks who appreciate days and weeks and have limited perspective of system risk flaws and system change speeds that in SUPER CHANGE are altering core fabrics to global economic markets themselves with new five year dominance of  AI and software at levels that are simply new – never known before – and without history to predict against. This leveraging up presents a world system risk far more ominous than 1929 ever presented upon a world enter-linked system such as we have in our debts still soaring today.

However core economics is always concrete or bedrock and those core economic principles can not be abused forever. Eventually account abuse rebalances and that period of rebalancing  is always sudden without warning and moderating with more SUPER CHANGE and PAIN. Politicians making laws are so slow and reactive that in the age of SUPER CHANGE they have lost required law making required new  mechanism for pace setting to remain ahead of dynamic real time markets globally expressed to reign in greed, system abuse, fraud, and new modeling never seen before against which old regulatory frame works no longer hold validity. A G 100 new regulatory frame work is required urgently. But no planners are uniting such re-frame to regulations as the entire system rises in debt to risk never known in a modern digital SUPER CHANGE market space a first in economics. SUPER CHANGE Is a factor of itself.

I have suggested when my opinion is sought, that I believe the ideal disciple to wealth today at all scaling is as follows:


  1. Invest bond and fixed income investing requirements for individuals and corporate into Annuity diversifications.
  2. Invest market higher yield investing into INDEX diversified insurance assets.
  3. Invest liquid savings in cash – money markets – banking especially – into WHOLE LIFE diversified products.

The timing to do this as a window was larger in 2015 and 2016 when I first suggested this approach. In 2018 I believe the time to take action is simply urgent.  I advised exploring the option of DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING with expert investment INSURANCE professionals licensed with major life institutions that paid out continuously when the banks closed in the Great Depression and stake holders in these assets never lost a penny nor did they miss income during the adjustment period of 1929 into World War II. Diversify with leading LIFE investment opportunities as their advance products are insulating to SUPER CRASH.

Principle was guaranteed. In 1929.

Returns where the highest permitted by law with principle assets guaranteed. In 1929 and in 2018.

In effect the option provision of FREE LIFE PROTECTION was a virtually free “estate protection” for all stake holders in family or corporate planning groups while assets where preserved still earning the highest profits permitted by laws with principle guaranteed.

The only reason not to take this step is greed.

The desire for returns that are higher, but which carry a risk that I remain confident todays investor stake holder fails to appreciate the magnitude of ( I label today as SUPER RISK )  until they LOSE their principle let alone their profits they never actually realize in fact.

Diversified Insurance investing is ENOUGH.

More than enough PROFIT. By what in my opinion DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING  is the most conservative money management disciple left in the market space today.

Wallstreet continues to work to change laws and lobby to acquire this enormous largest remaining OPEN MONEY POOL to move insurance money resources to their higher risk strategy for their model of profits and bonus they endless have appetite to elevate at any cost to risk assuagement. The insurance lobby remains the one counter weight to Wall Street – quite – more aged – mature – and frankly powerful and wealthy.

The likely move by Congress  in any nation therefore to containment the FINAL  safe haven of insurance regulated investment accounts remains unlikely in my opinion any time soon. This counter weight to WALLSTREET is the last safe harbor for restoration of resources for nations and for individuals and corporations who step ahead of the warp drive risk taking place today.

Risk is soaring. As RISK ALWAYS SOARS just before the pending SUPER CRASH.

1929 – the Great Depression.

1973 – the oil embargo – who saw that coming?

2000 DOT.BOMB.


2018 – THE SPRING RISK ON and RISK RISING of another SUPER CRASH a decade later as the core problem was never fixed.

Now congress works to weaken the terribly weak fix after 2008 b to which the majority of firms are exempt anyway. RISK RISING.

WARP DRIVE RISK in my opinion is not adequately accommodated by todays investment planners and decision choice makers.

As no one see’s SUPER CRASH coming no one predicting SUPER CRASH has credibility. Even with data and statistics cited endless by the IMF and this BLOG for regular readers.

The ACCUMULATION OF THE RISING RISK has now reached Spring of 2018.

It is my opinion that a seven year market bridge plan for you – of DIVERSIFIED insurance investing is a best SAFE HARBOR to preserve your  wealth – grow reasonable guaranteed profits – and secure liquidity for forward wealth building buyer opportunities.

As the INSURANCE WEALTH PORFOLIO is fully liquid, leverage-able – and one can borrow for asset acquisition far under forward market rates to grow asset base – the solution is wise today.

If the banks and investment banks like Lehman fail in forward adjustments – insurance investment has the best potential to ride through. You can always access your money. Guaranteed. Regulated fully still.

Life insurance agents lack expertise however to assist you.

Licensed security insurance highly trained experts do possess the expertise to advise you as you explore the option. Seek them out.

When it is too late – you lose.

You lost.

With leverage and broker margin trading you can and many of you will lose it all. I will feel sad when you do, because you read the solution here.

Hedge Funds private equity funds and private pools are well advised now to move % of prudent resources into DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE investing which can accommodate the full measure of wealth transfer now taking place and picking up steam rapidly.

It is my opinion now is the time to share this solution.

Berny Dohrmann – On My Opinion on what is really going on out there.

PS: Share this with licensed insurance authorities you know and just EXPLORE their options. The Safe PROFITS are ENOUGH more than enough and wise today. Be wise is my advice and explore. Time is simple – TICK TOCK is so not on your side this spring. Remember I told you and told you for years….but now …the time is NOW !