What does speeding up a business look like?

What does a conference that begins and never ends look like/

Click the link above for the BILLION DOLLAR MAN a CEO SPACE faculty member since 1991 – who just got this weeks article reaching millions at INVESTOR DAILY – because of CEO SPACE. IT NEVER ENDS which is what BOB says on HIS VIDEO.

So children you’ve been watching the markets. Trump keeps the world as he promised UNABLE TO PREDICT. Despite what the press tells you behind the curtain Trump’s teams are working with nations to resolve issues and propel prosperity in trade. Trump is working to change the status quo.

Consider a car exported from America costs triple in host countries who charge on our goods enormous penalties – while their cars and goods sell at lower prices without those import burdens in the USA. Is this UNFAIR.

It is immoral. Unethical and a pure economic subsidy that has created national wealth globally – and cost America to decline for the first time ever.

What is changing.


Like it or not like it the old rule book is being torn up and the new rule book is being written.

Will there be rip tides?

You bet.

What can you expect from the market? We predicted and remain convicted that;

  1. A spring correction of 40% is on its way in from the roller coaster ride up in price ratios to earnings tables not seen save for prior to the 1929 Super Crash. These imbalances in value fundamentals will be adjusted in the market overall.
  2. Super Money Pools – less than 10,000 – will make fortunes on the way down this Spring and then fortunes on the way back up over years to a 50,000 DOW.
  3. The economics will not move into recession as the markets rebalance. The economics world wide will continue to boom and grow.
  4. The markets are casino’s now driven by AI software a new event over five years making an entirely new form of market regulators still are latent to understand fully or adjust into fully.
  5. The market makers are manipulating prices and make money all the way up and all the way down on both sides of the rope as you will see.

Major adjustments are coming this year in areas like RETAIL and Commercial real estate. More defaults on car loans, student loans, and commercial shopping centers strip malls and retail are occurring than in history. Toys R US is a 10% or more down bubble on all toy makers just this week. Retail defaults on loans are up 100% this month the highest spike in defaults on loans EVER.

We wrote about the DEBT BERG that the world economic is hitting like the Titanic. DEBT is the huge risk to markets and forward prosperity. CEO SPACE Is working with SUPER BOND THEORY to help sovereign nations RESET Sovereign Nation Debt and extend prosperity.

It is a race to the bottom if the DEBT BERG is not RESET.

The big unknown the big risk is the debt pig inside the global economic python.

We’ll keep you informed as this is far more important than the Apprentice at the White House and YOUR FIRED Sit Com taking place we see has the highest ratings of any sit com “EVER”. Media is with highest ad revenues of all times thank you Donald Trump.

If ratings drop for 72 hours you are just one tweet from a new ratings HIGH world wide on the White House SIT COM everyone is watching – whether you hate him or not.

Meanwhile the world is moving to diplomacy with Taliban with North Korea and everywhere and that has hope and promise for prosperity. We’ll see.

Cooperation is the future for humanity.

Competition is the extinction of humanity.

We’ll see.

Are we smart enough to see the difference and adopt survival ad prosperity?

We’ll see.

Meanwhile the SPRING CORRECTION we predicted in 2015 – in 2016 – in 2017 – in 2018 – folks that item is now HERE.

On that we say WATCH.

We already have seen.

Berny Dohrmann – Predictions you can bank on now and tomorrow