The largest oil conference in the world is in session HOUSTON in America and low and behold OPEC is a joke on site. They continue to tell just pure lies and the industry see’s OPEC breaking up ( as we predicted here ) and fully – just entirely – full of wrong predictions – wrong data ( lies ) and total desperation as their cartel monopoly control sinks into the twilight of market history.

So today SAUDI in their losing 1 trillion dollars and admitting that loss while they lost trillions in permanent market share to the largest oil producer AMERICA  – that Saudi created by savage taxation on the 7 billion people of the world as they manipulated prices in pure greed as their own need to over 140.00 dollars a barrel for oil – which due to their failed policy to pump dump and destroy American Shale passed in 2017 – Saudi as the # 2 producer of Oil where American just passed Saudi by in 48 months – and now will pass in 2018 Russia and become and remain the WORLD’s LARGEST PRODUCER of much cheaper much higher quality ( less to refine ) oil products – for the remainder or all time.

Other producers from South America to Africa – non OPEC producers are making OPEC market share drop to their lowest levels of market share ( customers ) EVER and the sinking sound – the sucking sound – is OPEC ECONOMICS being debowled and spilling warm intestines onto the hot desert sand. For OPEC it is over. Like Roger Dangerfield ( the late comedian ) OPEC can truly say as Rodeny always did -….I JUST DON’T GET NO RESPECT !

Everyone listens to OPEC today in 2018 but no one HEARS OPEC. They are now a sinking economic moving into bankruptcy with failed policies that begin in Saudi Arabia and over time will collapse the entire Kingdom into CIVIL WARS inside Saudi as you shall see this prophetic prediction becomes HISTORIC. The time for the OPEC CARTEL a crime against all humanity – has come and is over. Today they squander their capital not in new technology to refine oil products with zero environmental issues – new drilling technologies with new materials and low cost energy – new transmission securitized pipe lines removing terror as an option – no – they invest their money in wars with Yeaman and their neighbors in Lybia and in Omar and other Gulf Locations as they fight proxy wars with IRAN. This spending while the nation is in the red operationally is no longer sustainable. ARMACO will become the most failed underwriting ever and partners in that underwriting will in the long term lose their shirt when they discover the real reserves in Saudi are so under what Saudi lies to the world that they have in fact. Wait till this prediction becomes prophetic.

SAUDI exports terror – financially backed those killing America troops in Syria – while Iran fought beside our troops to defeat ISIS – lies about IRAN to dominate the Gulf – which given their minority Wahhabi   religious exporting the foundation of all terror including ISIS – to shite dominated GULF region – with Sunni participants – all fighting terror together – except SAUDI who funds terror from 9/11 to what is taking place in Afghanistan – get smart – study it – Saudi is the source of terror in the GULF and all conflict – Iran wants to pause and stop it – but Saudi wants a war with IRAN and Iran is in the end fine with accommodating a destruction of Saudi – so this Gulf war is the MOTHER OF ALL WARS and has nothing at all to do with Israel save the spin of using Israel to rally soldiers to one side or the other.

Israel has made peace with Saudi for money – and a union with Egypt Jordon and Saudi as a united front against IRAN whom they all feel threatens them – Iran feels it is defense against them – and we all are stuck in the middle.

In the end it has to do with OIL WEALTH AND MONEY and which TRIBES of 1000’s of years of culture and tradition the west has zero understanding or respect for – seek to – co own and go profit – from that mineral wealth – and fighting over the power and money is endless for 2000 years unending – while we all watch.

The GULF CIVIL WAR between Saudi and Iran and the divisions to align with one or the other is endless. In the end one side will go to war with the other and one will win and one will lose.

This is going to occur.

Today the largest threat in the entire world – North Korea selling its nukes as a new industry to the gulf – is potentially  – in a TRUMP TRAIN to talk – and derail that threat – the markets should just soar as a result.

Also today the SAUDI lie that the industry requires 25 trillion to meet soaring demand and will fail if prices are not united high enough to support 25 trillion of investment.

First – oil demand is going to plunge right off a cliff.

Second – oil supply is going to grow so rapidly that surplus marketing in ever lower pricing for a fully plentiful fuel – a fully cheap fuel – and a renewable fuel the earth farts and shits – is going to keep prices DOWN and upward price mobility is only possible from GULF WAR where the GULF is only 30% of world supply down from 70% and that % is falling like leaves in the fall – unstoppable – leaf storms and economics – those betting long on oil – the good old days will lose on margin MORE THAN EVERYTHING. So a trillion lost like smoke in the wind – go ahead bet wrong on the oil table all over again – the good old days are over – OPEC are liars and no one HEARS them even while they listen – and today the market is free market – massive market share shift out of the GULF forever – and the policy of ( SAUDI ) is killing RUSSIA first and all Gulf nations second – you are losing customers never to return. America is going to pump 5 million barrels a day and end up double GULF production – 200% more – as Gulf influence drops to 10% of the world market – because they will lose respect ( done already from the lying ) and cash ( already a trillion of loss in 2016 and 2017 from Saudi lies to market partners who no longer wish to partner with them ever again ) and more loss on the way – and market share is dumping on the GULF because SAUDI Planners were dead wrong on stopping American shale and dead wrong on rebalancing the world markets ( lies ) that the market is SEEING and LIVING THROUGH at their own cost for following Saudi.

Its over – for Saudi because they do not realize the folks losing are now awake to the games Saudi plays – and they HATE THEM. They are hated. Not trusted they are distrusted.

The notion a small band of greedy crooks can corner and personally for their own private wealth manipulate the cost of EVERYTHING to all nations to its highest artificial price world wide – to feather their own greed and wealth with 7 decades featuring the HIGHEST YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT almost 50% Gulf Wide – demonstrates what crooks – crimes against all humanity – look like. More human beings have died of monstrous deaths billions of deaths – more than all wars and illness combined together since 1920’s – and OPEC – due entirely to OPEC creating the HIGHEST COST OF ENERGY POSSIBLE where 7 billion humans could not feed themselves because of the cost of doing so – which would have become easy and they would have all lived and none died – if the OPEC Cartel falsely setting ENERGY PRICES – never existed – and free markets set the price.

The largest killer of human beings in human history is OPEC. Led by Saudi. Lying all the way to the bank.

If you listen to OPEC ( SAUDI failed policy continuing ) then you align with those who are the biggest crimes against humanity and who have done worse than Hitler and thats saying something – and in the end would back Nukes on Israel ( don’t be fooled ) . It is SAUDI who wants those nukes and it is Saudi who must never get those nukes.

Again prophecy on this item when they are threatened with the Kingdom’s very survival – watch it all unfold.

Russia has been taking it up their economic ass holes for Saudi. Losing customers for 100 years. Never to reclaim that cash unless they leave Saudi soon – the center of the AXIS of Evil is not Iran folks – thats Saudi spin – it IS Saudi – and one day America is going to step aside from the money they pay to us – and move into – NEXT.

That will be a great day when WE WAKE FULLY UP from being used.

Oil on the fence is about to see plunging demand ( forever ) against a tsunami of supply – overwhelming price and keeping price in the 39 to 55 dollar ranges for well forever unless it falls even lower. Its enough – everyone makes enough and SAUDI carter manipulated PURE GREED PRICES – a CRIME AGAINST ALL OF US AND HUMANITY – will be forever seen as what it is.

A band – a gang – of pure criminals – working against world agenda’s with their control of the cost of everything – which is a 1920’s to 1970’s oil embargo – when the world worked to NEVER AGAIN such power – now stripped from them and never to return – while the crooks with pure lies and spin seek to influence prices they are betting on – to soar.

That policy is a bankruptcy to the door event – so hang with the losers – of the century – OPEC whom and mark my words at Houston – everyone is polite to the criminals – and crooks – but SAUDI is hated – not respected like the world would suggest from media.

THAT STORY media will report soon enough but as always media is so far behind the TRUTh and this blog which tells it.

Berny Dohrman – ON WHAT is going on with the price of everything – watch it unfold as we report here. Now the KING of Saudi visits America with his hand out for his bankrupt nation – seeking the refinance 30 billion in immediate debts and raise a trillion to get through 2019 – with prayer rug and please invest in Saudi- those what due will find the REVOLUTION COMING is not pretty for their dollars in…..prophetic. Watch.