The public paying phony oil prices should be mad as hell at OPEC Liars. Lets look at this with the truth:

  1. Opec was an illegal cartel by any national law standard – a band of crooks who came together to CORNER the OIL market in a world drowning in oils – copying Debeers Cartel in Diamonds – and other mineral cartels – to manipulate price for themselves and their own greed. To preclude FREE MARKET PRICE to manipulated prices where they controlled 67% of oil supply.
  2. In 1973 remember that time – the OPEC cartel stopped production to nations and gas lines created a OIL blackmail economy as OIL is energy and the cost of everything else including 1100 products that have no replacement like pesticides and fertilizers so food is a cost of oil.
  3. In 2014 OPEC tried to flood the market with oil and create a price plunge from 120 dollars a barrel – legal theft of the FEW elites against 7 billion largely starving to death – for profit – so that SHALE OIL PRODUCERS IN AMERICA would all go bankrupt and the threat would be wiped out – wipe out America oil production once and for all.
  4. In 2016 the market share of OPEC had fallen to 36% of world production – America was rising to pass OPEC as the worlds largest oil producer of them all ( which America achieves as # 2 ahead of Saudi in 2017 and # 1 ahead of Russia in 2018 ) – such that OPEC paid trillions in lost revenues and lost market share in a price and market share war they utterly lost in their own ruthlessness. America won and OPEC Is a huge forever loser now. America went from 67% imports of oil to 5% and now the largest export broker of higher quality than gulf shit – oil to the world.
  5. OPEC arrives at the largest oil producing conference this week iN HOUSTON to which they are a joke now. Everyone attending gets the FREE MARKET IS IN CONTROL OF OIL. OPEC the liars liars pants on fire boys – talk about common interest in oil rebalancing – what they mean is – constrict supply so we can get back to 120 oil – we all make more by selling less at a tax on all the peoples of the world for our own greed – is their failed theory as they pound their contour bed sheet clothing as if they were catholics at Confession – which they are not.

So then – the TEXAS basin dominates crude today in America rising in 2018 to the largest producer on earth. However America has untold new supplies on its lands and in its seas which the TRUMP TEAM is unlocking. As the world’s largest oil producer the US dollar is a 300 year strongest currency on earth – which its rising all 2018 and 2019 will demonstrate as the US dollar is a PETRO CURRENCY underwritten by asset values.

Saudi is refinancing 30 billion of short term loans and is not awash in debt it can not pay at sinking oil prices – soon to trade at 39 to 59 dollar trading ranges. Long betters will lose their shirts. Short sellers will make new fortunes. Play long in the dollar go short on oil and fail to listen to the liars who have lost their markets – price – and cartel authority. OPEC is about to break into tiny pieces once and for all because the liars are lying now to one another.

After all its all about the MONEY is it not.

CARTEL artificial monopoly control of the cost of everything or free market control. Nations need to make such cartels criminal globally because they are criminals. Price manipulation of the few against the many is a crime.

So some inconvenient truths:

  1. We can burn oil clean if they invest to do it.
  2. Oil is a renewable resource the earth farts and shits oil and gas.
  3. We are drowning in oil – there is far more supply than demand.
  4. Demand is dropping off a cliff as you can plainly research.
  5. OPEC lies about demand and suppliers lie to shore up price for their own greed.

Oil is on a FREE MARKET PRICE to under $ 1.00 at the pump. Low cost energy ( the price of food and everything else ) creates prosperity for nations. Nations united against oil cartels represents the MANY against FOR the few. Versus the few AGAINST the MANY.

Follow the money.

The largest lobby in any nation is the financial lobby.

Oil is next to BIG PHARM as second.

As OIL is linked to WALLSTREET and financial flows – it is like ONE LOBBY for OIL cartel pricing versus Reagan age Congressional hearings to oil firms on CONSUMER PRICE GUAGING and consumer price rebates and windfall tax policy on oil companies.

Now the lobby owns the law making.

That too must change – the truth versus your lies.

When you hear about rebalancing – don’t you believe it. The cartel is working to get SUPPLY ARTIFICIALLY REDUCED to assure their profit is artificially exploding to manipulation levels by a band of oil criminals.

The FREE MARKET ( AMERICA FIRST ) Is handing the LIARS their lunch.

So when the countour shits arrive from OPEC I want you all to think – do you believe AMERICA fails to remember ancient history in 2014 and 2015 when the same countour sheets tried to PRICE MANIPULATE their entire industry destruction? Hey our good old boys in Texas the Dakota’s and Oklahoma oil patches may be wet behind the ears – but they can shoot a possum dead in the eyes at 1000 yards at night.

No – they remember and they are playing liars poker with a full house.

So we’ll see how DALLAS GOES – we bet the price of oil at 2.2 million daily American barrels a day rising and rising to the # 1 OIL PRODUCER ON EARTH – the AMERICA THAT “IS” THE 2018 CARTEL BREAKER – has in fact destroyed OPEC as collateral damage. GOOD RIDDANCE to a and of criminal thieves and crooks – liars one and all who deserve the economic collapse they are now experiencing. They brought it all upon themselves.

THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY must always rebalance and their lies about the market are all just that lies – the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE WITH ENERGY.

Berny Dohrmann – ON THE COST OF EVERYTHING FOLKS – Spread the word Dallas is game on next week in the oil patch