he Tarriff’s. The USA buys steel from Canada and South America and no Chinese nations for 90% of its imports. China so mentioned in the media – is a distraction to the REAL DEALS taking place. The end game is FAIR TRADE.

The “threat” of Tarriff’s from the worlds largest buyer – the worlds largest customer – the worlds biggest economy ( by far China doesn’t count next to USA economics truly ) – so the sheer weight of USA teeter totter ….IS….if the USA cuts back buying it destroys economics of nation partners or it makes those partners if the USA stabilizes – buying or increases buying – however – some data points must be considered in 2018.

Since World WAR II – and Korea – the USA has SUBSIZED the rebuilding of Asia – Russia – the EU – and the entire world. This 70 year subsidy period as been the MOST GENEROUS of any nation – of any model in the entire history of humanity. The wealth of the USA has been spread – as it has been – world wide.

Today the USA has reached a long over due – reset on global subsidy to FAIR TRADE versus BEAR TRADE that rips our wealth and economy to imbalance to the rest of our trading partners – subsidized truly for years.

The RESET the TRUMP TEAM is seeking is not economic pain to trading partners but is long term GAINS for both parties when explored.

The TRUMP CHUMP is media – who are led down the TRUMP STUMP that the Presidents wishes – with each tweet – while behind the curtain the real work is being performed. President Trump has consoled media direction since his first month running  – absolutely positioning MEDIA on false enemies and directions –  that his real work can be done in the quiet  of diplomacy and relationship.

Never has media been so distracted by one media master as it has been from Donald Trump – the media czar of our era. President Trump controls the agenda. The Press is bought and for by the anti trump ownership of super money wealth that wishes to old system of their franchise on power – to elevate. Donald Trump when you look at the voter math – is in fact – collecting real voter wealth – as will surprise so many in the one side of super wealth pools at the mid year election.

First President Trump ( hate him or love him ) has remained faithful to his election promise – and like a glacier where all the trees and rocks move eventually – is author Wayne Root ( a dear personal friends work ) UNRELENTING – in exercising his campaign promises. Said another way – love or hate President Trump – he means what he says and he has remained unwavering in delivering his promises one at a time. Despite the super money pool parting of the Red Sea in opposition. Donald Trump wishes to see system change.

  1. Financial.
  2. Regulatory
  3. Civil Rights
  4. Education
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Tax
  7. Election Laws

Donald Trump making 850,000 million dollars of PERSONAL INCOME not corporate income – a year – is a billionaire who can’t be either bought or influenced by any thought model. Donald and a team which are extraordinary have a vision of making AMEICA GREAT for the forward three centuries – benefiting the unborn American generation. The Trump team are working to reinvent-America. To upgrade and modernize America. Love or hate the TRUMP TEAM they are united in doing this work.

Unlike Past President and much like the apprentice – the Trump President holds his team accountable. If they take action that fails to get the boss authority on that action and it conflicts – they are held accountable right to YOUR FIRED. The President has unlimited talent to draw from and alignment and concert to the boss’s vision is required – perhaps for the first time since Ronald Reagan and at a new standard level – that will effect President Management theory for decades.

What is true is:

  1. Trump is not predictable – just like he stated
  2. Trump is original
  3. Trump is leading out front
  4. Trump is IN control – his voters expected that
  5. Tump is doing his vision – like a glacier – unrelenting

I feel the MEDIA are TRUMP CHUMPS running down the tweet street. They seldom get it right.

Putin said today – hey past all the hype and Russia hysteria while we try and make a deal and work with America – send us not media spin – send us through channels to our JUSTICE MINISTERS evidence – real evidence of crimes. You indicted our folks and we have as a respected sovereign nation   no paper work – zero – not one item conveyed from your department of justice to ours asking for our cooperation. Putin also drew attention to how the USA influences elections in Russia – Iran – Korea and every nation. He suggested all nations influence candidates more aligned to their national interest. We all do this and that effort is public and not illegal. Show us a crime Putin says this weekend and we will prosecute that crime.

What is true.

What is paid for spin?

Who is spinning us? Who is paying for it?

We do not know.

President Trump like no other – has continued to call modern press as BIASED – Paid for – Manipulation- and a shame in a modern digital  landscape. President  Trump does the  unforgivable. President Trump complexly IGNORES modern press – and by passes modern media. He controls media agenda and tweets his own agenda’s into its stampede down ridiculous side streets.

At the least it is REAL ENTERTAINMENT.

All media enjoys the highest ad rates and viewers paying attention ( love or hate Trump ) to the highest rated sit com in world history we call THE White House – bigger than HOUSE OF CARDS.

We thought President Clinton beat mobster John Gotti – as the TEFLON President where scandal sequences – would have leveled any prior President and President Clinton was fully untouched leaving office with a balanced USA Budget unmatched since that 1999 achievement.

President TRUMP is the next TEFLON President within his more advance media strategy – which in the mid year election we will see if that strategy was as effective as President Clinton’s largely led by the genius of his wife Hillary.

Keep in mind as readers we report in our blog financial and economic information – we have oceans of readers who hate Trump in CEO SPACE and oceans who Love Trump. We write economically. We do not care. We write the truth about how it all shapes for markets . In our own best effort.

The Truth is hard to come by. Which is why our readers share this site.