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The world of unfair trade – nations subsidizing their companies at hugely unfair dumping and economic warfare with other nations – has been a ENORMOUS SUBSIDY by the USA since the post war reconstruction periods following WORLD WAR II and Korean Wars.

Today Asia received a COST to present unfair steel and aluminum to USA markets as buyers. This new COST to Asia will stop their steal and their aluminum by the billions of dollars from flowing into America. Buyers will now prefer MADE IN THE USA to Asia Steel. The red line in the sand stops here Said Donald Trump today – fullfill his compaigne peldge to the voter majority that elected President Trump. He is delivering on his promises one after the other.

China will react. The USA will counter act. The TRADE WAR is fully engaged now and spiralling up. Shooting wars start over dollars and sense. This is now a big one. Expect COUNTER MOVES from China on Friday before markets close or afrer These moves will be testing President Trumps team and the entire world. Ultimately we either talk or we don’t – and if new deals are not set  the loser financially will be CHINA as America buys Mount Everestt from China and China only buys a fraction from the USA – so it is all economically weighted in Trade Wars china can not win.




Russia Putin in his last big speech before the RUSSIA Election ( you can bet we are meddling in that ) put forth:

  • Over a dozen new weapons the New Russia Super Proudly reports no nation has equal to.
  • One is a super sonic atomic delivery system to pin point accuracy to destroy every possible america city industry and resource in our nation.
  • Super Stealth Torpedo’s – self driving subs – that deep sea at 100 miles an hour deliver atomic weapons to all our ports and we are out of business – bam. Hours and its over.
  • New Super Sonic Steal Cruise Missiles that can hit anything anywhere on earth – the begin making them mass marketing them next week.

Putin says – we broke the missile treaty and they over ten years have jumped way way ahead of US and are the leading SUPER POWER because of that. The Polit Bureau their congress gave Putin a SUPER STANDING OVATION as the SUPER DUPER POWER makes all USA anti missiles useless and meaningless to the global power posture.

Putin stated NO NATION has these weapons – none.

Putin stated Russia did not wish to take anything from anyone or use these weapons in any way to attack anyone. RUSSIA Putin noted has everything it requires.

Putin noted if NATO breaks any more agreements moving NATO Eastward or if Russia is attacked Russia will destroy any such attack at will. No one can over come RUSSIA is his message and it is directed at the EU and President Trump and the US MILITARY.

Today Putin flipped the USA the FINGER and said in no stealth terms whatsoever – FUCK YOU AMERICA – JUST FUCK YOU.

Putin Further stated – the it was economically silly to sanction or threaten the most powerful Super POWER IN THE WORLD as it could only end badly. Putin pointing his new weapons at the USA said – make love not wars baby cake – play nice. Now we’ll see.

A response from the USA was buried in TRUMPS Trade War with Asia today.




The Fed New Chairman was reminded of real statistics in which there is no inflation. There is just oil manipulations up and down which when averaged shows NO USA INFLATION AT ALL. NONE.

The Chairman replied – which didn’t help me sleep better in effect :


yeah rightie right there old chaps – right you are -steady as we go then – and the Fed doesn’t really understand – not really – WHY inflation is not acting like we planned – after all we invested 11 trillion to get inflation going and like ABE in Japan 20 years later – we are only ten years down the road – we can’t seem to stop the deflation….you know I think its amazon that is doing it – yeah – economic policy is now because of AMAZON keeping prices down….thats my answer and by gum I’m sticking to it…..

Personally I found it a reason to perhaps crash the dow to 6400 but the down only went down 400 points – again.



So the DOW ended February down by 1000 points. The DOW dropped another 1000 points almost in two days last day of February and last day of March. We predicted BEWARE OF THE IDES OF MARCH for years now. We predicted Spring of 2018 DUCK.

I’m a little impressed with my own accuracy.

So what now in casino computer controlled markets?

Who knows. I noted no one can predict it. The IMF has warned in the past 48 hours China on its debt and the USA on its debt. The IMF did encourage that economics would be BETTER THAN THOUGHT into 2020.




So Mueller as Special Prosecutor is not impartial. Mueller and his tribal circle hate Trump and seek to legally challenge TRUMP – no matter what.

Their mandate is to determine if evidence exists that Trump colluded into the Russian influence in the election. Muellers second NAZIS in command stated publicly in February that NO AMERICAN COLLUDED with Russia.

This should end the mandate – end the investigation – with men of honor.

But Mueller will break the law to GET TRUMP himself. How many times has this Nazis in the suit violated the USA Constitution – his mandate – his charge – and everything else. THERE IS ZERO EVIDENCE OF ANY WRONG DOING BY TRUMP. Shut it down big boy.

Now Mueller seeks having NO REMAINING MANDATE to investigate Trump on obstruction of Justice which really he has no authority to pursue. Legally if it were me I’d fire his ass right now. His own NAZIS team that just HATES DONALD TRUMP a disqualifier for their every day job in the first place – has ended their legal rope of authority – no collusion your out of work pal.

Now Mueller writes new law new legal authority and that is ILLEGAL. He is not in a job to investigate the President for obstruction of Justice that not his charge. Now Nazis Mueller is FRAME WORKING the President into his own box set up – because he has support from Trump haters – but democrats are betting fed up and sick and tired of this and the COST.

The entire things is what Trump stated.

Its political.

Its not water gate.

Its biased.

Its abusive.

its a huge immoral waste of funds and political capital.

And in the end if it keeps going I see Mueller as losing his license to serve beer at a bar.

Nazis do not end well in America and lots of folks on all sides now see the bias and the predisposition. Congress should SHUT MUELLER DOWN COLD – no collusion – thanks – go have a nice retirement pal.