CEO SPACE offers a leading education on 2018 capital options and compliance co instructed with experienced SEC licensed attorney experts in security laws. We will provide some highlights of this education you can share and book mark for later use. Also you may wish to call CEOSPACE and ask to acquire Capital 101 a five day video training of the entire live class education or audio ten hours of modules on capital executions SUPER RUSH SEED CAPITAL kits you can download and use today. Click http://www.ceospaceinternational.com

Call and ask for either

CAPITAL 101 as general skill education



Or both and you will have your kits rushed to you.

Click QUICK LINKS and see a video including SHOW ME THE MONEY or google CEO SPACE SHOW ME THE MONEY VIDEO. Education delivers the MASTER ENTREPRENEUR SKILL – CAPITAL . Capital is simply NEW capital is not HARD. If you can learn to TANGO which is terribly hard for “me” you can learn the dance steps to dance capital in your venture growth.


Capital is permanent money that is exchanged for ownership in your firm by investors. The capital infused into your business works harder than you can work with labor alone. Capital pays for two years or more of ramp up development costs and the enormous cost to repeat and repeat information to your ideal clients to assure they trade with you in sufficient volume to create a growing profit and a potential to resell the venture for wealth.

Capital is used to move from struggling to earn a living in venture that is not a real business. Such ventures are jobs that you own and offer little if any forward resale volume.

Resale price is a feature of how many customers you are serving and a complex ratio of growth factors that define for any industry the ratio of resale price. For example a Dentist may resell their practice for 1.5 times earnings. A dental BRAND with a chain of 25 offices may sell their practice BRAND CHAIN for 5x to 10x earnings depending on the BRAND value and profit – or – wealth versus cash flow.

As the WORK week is the same for both dentists the difference is the PLAN QUALITY. One Dentist learned entrepreneur skill sets and developed a WEALTH PLAN. The other dentist lacked the education advantage in “business” and slaved away over a lifetime for an income plan largely as a “wage slave”.

The WEALTH DENTIST enjoys freedom unknown to the ‘wage slave” dentist an enjoys 21 day cruise vacations all over the world with his family. The Wage Slave Dentist does not enjoy such freedom.

THE WEALTH PLAN is a superior life plan for anyone who is an entrepreneur versus a salary worker. CEO SPACE over time helps the owner of any venture scale to gain education, develop their own leadership options, and opportunities and revise their income plan into a wealth plan. Lifetime membership and regular use of CEO SPACE develops the leader into a more educated planner and success over time as to intention of the program. CEOSPACE is the # 1 ranked business conference in the world by THIRD PARTY PRESS for years and again in 2018 – see CEO SPACE IN THE PRESS TAB – on our web site to confirm claims made on this topic.




Owners raise capital to evolve their plan, develop their business model to maximum potential, execute their plan over time lines, and to off set early year costs to grow market share over geographic ramps until what we call CROSS OVER where profits underwrite forward soaring costs of growth. Owners raise capital to develop and execute forward much more professional plans, to accommodate maximum resale price or IPO’s that make capital partners and owners viable profits for taking risks to grow the venture. Owners raise capital because they desire to service more customers than they themselves can service in a week of time ( wealth planning versus income planning ) and they require capital to develop their product or service and planning to effect the desired service footprint that creates exist plan success.

CEO SPACE education teaches there is nothing to be afraid of in learning to educate yourself on the MASTER SKILL for the entrepreneur – CAPITAL SKILL. Further CEO SPACE educates that as you GROW IT you will GROW YOURSELF as a leader. The IT growing always will grow you into a great leader in your venture. The ZUCK is still growing through today’s challenges. We all grow as it grows us as our service footprint expands.

Ventures either grow or they rot.

Capital helps assure growth plans are realized.

The big emotion is venture owners feel responsible for any future loss to investors that may take place if the market and other factors create a venture loss. That consideration is moral ethical and right minded. Venture investors place suitable sums into venture investing, generally no more than 10% of their income or net-worth in any one year – to any one venture or group of ventures that are higher return in promise and higher risk in reality. Such venture investors can withstand a loss of their investment and well know the risk. The result is fair trade – risk for profit potential that is appropriate without concentration of wealth into high risk.

Education helps the venture owner execute successful capital plans.




In our Blog we can not educate our readers on capital raising world wide in the way CEO SPACE the leading format training for venture owners, on Capital options over a five day live education class with many practice sessions – as you learn by best practices not by lecture or reading alone.

Capital Mastery requires an investment of time to secure the best practices working one on one with qualified security expert law counsel for which there is no substitute – as education is only general and not specific. CEO SPACE recommends in all nations the most comprehensive compliance safe harbor box top rules can be studied in clear education English from the leading 2018 regulatory institution in the world the SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF THE United States OF AMERICA. CEOSPACE capital education provides this web site with the strongest encouragement to our CEO’s to ‘print page” and study the following two exemptions on the easy to make a bookworm favorite page:


Investors are encouraged to look at the SEC Fraud alerts for the scams that make investors prey today. Investor tip: before you invest check the SEC web site.

Issuers ( you selling to investors ) have two choices today.




Crowd funding is equity being exchanged for ownership in your venture. Source Funding is KickStarter Indygogo and preselling product ( not stock ownership ) to buyers of that product service or charity donation. CROWD FUNDING is selling investors securities.




The SEC web site tells you in PDF files you can download directly and you should.

Generally for education purposes a SECURITY is any form of an agreement between two people in which:

  • The person investing will make a gain of any kind
  • From the work of the person selling the agreement

This may be profit sharing agreements – or debt agreements – or equity or debt or profit sharing that later converts to debt. You may buy a fractional interest in real estate ( but you are not active in managing your own real estate ) which may be orange groves ( see Howey Case law ) or undeveloped land or oil and gas or anything at all – that agreement is a security .

Your attorney can advise you if you limit your offer of a security ( agreements of any kind fitting this context with zero exception ) to three to five in a short time – you may be exempt from compliance requirements as the isolated transition is not an on going funding scheme. You can’t then offer another isolated transaction – one and your done. Only with security law counsel advice even then as you may still be required to comply with state and federal law.


Crowd Funding is a faster lower cost way to raise development first capital ( permanent money ) to fund your growth plans or development phase. Caution – CEO SPACE educates owners to avoid any debt type of security issue to investors until your venture has two sustained back to back profits to support such debt agreements. We call early stage venture debt funding “suicide rounds” due to the failure over decades we have witnessed when attorney’s not experienced in early stage venture funding craft suicide funding rounds only appropriate for more mature entities – such that investors and owners lose. Capital should be permanent money into the venture until sustained profits raising share price are secured in our opinion.

Crowd Funding is limited to $ 1,000,000 in total funding per form C filing. Security law experts can craft compliance rounds of back to back crowd funding coverings over appropriate time lines for legal compliance.

506 Reg D executions permit sums to be raised greater than $ 1,000,000. Crowd Funding can solicit and with qualification except NON ACCREDITED INVESTORS.

Reg D offerings for larger sums required a filing with the SEC and the state the investor and issuer reside in for the larger offering – of a full disclosure document known as a Private Placement Memorandum – a format that repositions your business plan with required legal disclosures to future investors as required  by current  state and federal law. Expert security law counsel prepare this PPM document and filings with states and the SEC. Any sum can be raised with a PPM 506 C Reg D offering – print the box top rules for these two options from the SEC site directly and study them in any and every nation. Review these exemptions in your procaine state or nation.

Compliance is generally “knowledge + Documentation = Compliance.

CEO SPACE instructs a standard we call OVER COMPLIANCE which provides guidance to over document beyond what is required because OVER COMPLIANCE is not hard and it provides more protection for issues and investors collectively. We adjust this education model to current legal rules published by the SEC and by working with expert law firms who co instruct our education product to business owners. CEO SPACE is working to bring this missing curriculum to major Universities in their entrepreneur degree programs as a missing essential item of advanced education for entrepreneurs world wide.



Every venture raises capital for reasons to grow faster. Reasons to raise capita include:

  • Over coming two year develop to market budgets
  • Developing new service or product budgets
  • Brand strategy for all consumer touch points missing in so many venture plans
  • Packaging to market for superior outcomes
  • Sustained two year marketing and Public relation budgets to drive brands to target customers
  • Upgrading WEB Sites from place holders to SUPER SITES that drive ideal customer traffic to the web site daily and convert traffic with less clicks to sales
  • Two year expanded staff and office growth costs
  • Customer service departments missing to many ventures and critical.
  • New profit center development
  • Accounting and tax planning over two years of growth.
  • Consultants needed to sustain growth over years of time
  • Legal growing costs as venture grows
  • Materials and office supplies
  • Insurance
  • Transportation and Travel ( cars gas wi fi cell phones bills )
  • Technology required for growth including software improved strategies and data bases and security
  • http://www.xtremesolution.com anti hacking 24.7 monitoring and consulting over life of venture
  • SEC compliance costs and capital raising cost
  • CEO SPACE growth support costs to global markets
  • Market share development cost
  • Rebranding cost to upgrade market penetration
  • Continual product or service enhancement develop cost keeping consumer value higher year to year always
  • Miscellaneous unforeseen costs over time – cash reserves
  • Owner salary and staffing until profits pay for these costs fully
  • Other costs not shown here

Capital budgets off set two years minimum of all such costs and typically for solo entrepreneurs run a full $ 1,000,000 when professionally developed, and more for larger plan executions. Chose your exemption filing to raise capital with these aspects of WHY RAISE CAPITAL in mind.

Entrepreneur Gold Rule – Solo Entrepreneurs seldom reach goal attainment ind desired time lines ( years of life time spent ) via earnings alone – capital shrinks costs and shrinks time to reach venture plan goal attainment – which is WHY owners acquire the education to raise capital in the first place.

Capital is NOT HARD capital is just NEW and frankly all of us should learn about CAPITAL IN PUBLIC HIGH Schools. Your High School can phone CEO SPACE and ask for Jessica our public service director to discuss Capital Education for their forward school plan.

Congress in 2016 with the SEC rule Releases enacted CROWD FUNDING via the legislation known as the JOBS ACT President Obama signed into law. The JOBS act creates a faster lower cost ease for ventures to raise first capital to expand and create jobs I America. This new rule set of law is so new attorneys are still acquiring education on these laws and a growing number attend CEO SPACE Monday to Friday capital education to update their practices on most current compliance law as on going education for the bar.

CROWD FUNDING is offered on line through FINRA approved Portals. What is FINRA? FINRA is the self regulatory agency working with authority from the Federal SEC for brokers dealers supervising license security sales agents.

What is a private placement?

A PRIVATE PLACEMENT of a security is an exempt offer of a security not subject to more strenuous compliance regulations of a PUBLIC OFFERING. Private Placements of stock or LLC ownership are offered into the market by the venture owner and their offices and directors.

FINDER FEE’s – Finder Fee’s within current CEO SPACE over compliance education to current checks with SEC enforcement officers in 2018 – conclude that – only officer and directors of VENTURES may offer private placement securities ( agreements in any context set forth above no exceptions ) or via licensed security brokers or their agents. Paying non licensed individuals “finder fee’s” to develop investor contacts can violate or breech your exemption and create litigation where investors can sue for all their money back and typically win – if – you violate finder developing case law. In a growing number of states as abuse in this area is so rampant – states are making it a CRIME to pay finders in private placements – so ignore legal advice that suggest less conservative outcomes and embrace legal experts that guide you to never pay finder fee’s in private placement is our CEO SPACE over compliance education guidance so you sleep like a baby.

Click http://www.sec.gov

Trust your regulatory agencies to protect you and the investor maximally. The BOX TOP RULES for exempt offerings change all the time. Attorney experts who only work in this highly specialized area remain current and keep you in legal compliance. Check back to the SEC government web sit and print pages. The SEC creates ever current PDF files to assist investors – written in clear to understand English of the BOX TOP rules you play capita game knowing.  As owners MUST KNOW THESE RULES and it is not HARD it is just NEW – educate yourself. The rules are expressed to assist you not hinder you. Your nation wishes you to grow and create jobs and be successful as an entrepreneur. We live in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.

Congress passed new laws and the SEC has made it lower cost and easier to raise rally stage venture capital to grow any business plan into the future. LEARN EARN AND RETURN to the SEC Web Site.



The full current list of FINRA legal portals presently serving those engaged in CROWD FUNDING is presented below for you to make a book mark and to save. In this new exciting CROWD FUNDING space the list grows as FINRA is adding new sites – and next generation sites like http://www.sprowttcf.com and http://www.crowdsourcefunded

Are being added all the time – as prices and service packages vary shop to secure the provider service that gives you the best price and most resonates with you personally. FINRA Audits these sites annually and you may ask if the site you explore has completed a annual audit without flaw to their compliance. Also ask when shopping for:

  1. All fee’s inclusive without add on”s
  2. Their full list of services and compliance help
  3. If they charge issuers equity in stock and fee’s or just fee’s
  4. Shop sites you can drive to first and visit their offices always a good idea
  5. Ask how many employee’s they have so you know if staff is present to help you
  6. Ask how many CROWD FUNDING issuers they have served – how many closed successful rounds of funding if any and if they have references you can check.
  7. Ask who is their compliance law firm and have your security law expert check with their attorney to finalize your selection of ideal choice.

This area is so new and portals are also knew so shop shop shop to get your own best deal as prices are crashing down as time and industry growth expand in this new market sector of serving business owners.

The full FINRA LIST of approved active portals can be accessed with this web link you SHOULD MAKE A BOOK MARK FOR and check back often. You may also google BEST RANKED FINRA PORTALS as third party press is just starting to RANK leading portals so watch for ranking changes as ever more information is coming both on line to help you: ( and now the link to the full current list from CEO SPACE )


Tip: Make your book mark and shop shop shop. The best practice in this new advancing industry of CROWD FUNDING options.

To execute a CROWD FUNDING offering you will work with expert licensed security legal counsel you engage. The average cost range from $ 3500 to $ 5000 although some charge higher sums. Assure you are working with experienced security law experts who have completed prior CROWD FUNDING offerings with references to those CEO’s you can check with before you retain. Also make sure you hire an attorney you can love. An expert who educates you and keeps you informed versus an attorney ego who keeps you in fear and makes you dependent. Chose wisely.

Now think of legal compliance as an umbrella of knowing box top rules and documenting those rules to avoid a breach of your legal exemption to offer your security ( agreements to buy stock ownership in your firm in exchange for capital as permanent resources for your venture. If you do commit a breach state and federal compliance agencies may explore a customer compliant. The burden is on your documentation to confirm your full legal compliance with the law – those exemption box top rules. It is not hard it is simply NEW. New knowledge for the CEO owner to acquire. A inquirer into a breach is civil not criminal and may resolve with:

  1. No change – the gold standard and given the millions of offerings a very low % event in the first place.
  2. A change request.
  3. A fine if the breach requires that remedy.
  4. Recision refund to the investor complaining if required.
  5. A recision to all investors if the breach is more signifiant.

Criminal action can be “referred” by the civil investigation if criminal fraud or theft of money violating criminal laws took place which is unlikely for YOU by percentage of lawful offerings under taken in any one year. Of the six plus million new ventures founded last year most funding was by the exemptions set forth here and not by venture capital firms which typically fund later in development rounds of founding and even then a very small % of venture overall capital.

Crowd Funding Issuers – YOU – are required to execute the following:

  1. A form C 20 – which complete and reviewed by your security law counsel ( and CEO SPACE encourages no exception to this guidance in over compliance ) the Form C 20 is filed with the SEC and no file fee is required. You may then offer the security in all fifty states to execute your offering up to $ 1,000,000. As most budgets for early stage venture growth or launch require the full sum for any modest two year budget, we encourage venture owners raise the full sum permitted by law to lower overall risk in venture performance in the future.
  2. A pitch deck of your business plan your slides and any video’s or third party material – reviewed by security counsel – are uploaded to your portal.
  3. Investors review the CROWD FUNDING pitch deck and Form C 20 full disclosure documents and complete investing on the portal.
  4. Suitability rules require issuers to accept aggregate venture investing from non accredited investors of no more in total than 10% of their net-worth or 10% of their annual income whichever is greater – and not more for any investor of aggregate $ 100,000 in any one year.
  5. The offering remains open until the sum is raised or the issuer closes the offering. Again check with security law counsel for specific current rules and read the current rules on the SEC gov web site cited here.

Similar procedures apply in the nations with CROWD FUNDING LAWS. Some nations permit higher than $ 1,000,000 raises in their nations.

Portals can help you and suggest law firms you may wish to explore.

CEO SPACE notes a premium portal with advanced Crowd Funding Compliance automation is the http://www.sprowttcf.com portal worthy to explore.

The lowest cost do it yourself portal in the industry is


CEO SPACE is comfortable with both founders and portals – one premium with more bells and whistles than any of them to date and the other lowest cost and New York based.

You may wish to shop – review new portals nationally and select a portal operator you resonate with – and perhaps that is drive zone where you check out their home office – always another due diligence item we suggest.

THE SEC site and your security law counsel can help you with the box top rule set to remain with a perfect umbrella of documentation and breach free execution of your successful crowd funding offering.

The cost is low and offerings can be completed in ten days or less if you have the information such as your business plan. Never before has it been possible to raise one million dollars so rapidly and so reduced in outlay as to cost to gain capital as a missing resource to your own growth and success planning.




As you may appreciate the box top rules to raise larger sums than $ 1,000,000 dollars have greater compliance time lines and cost to protect the investing public as many millions even tens of millions or more may be raised under these exemptions.

The typical investment in legal retainers for a larger Red D offering, range from $ 35,000 to $ 75,000 – are not uncommon. It can take six months to nine months to complete that work. Reg D issuers who learn about CEO SPACE attend in one measure, to learn the latest box top rules on Reg D compliance for their issues working directly with SEC compliance lawyers on faculty at CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE compliance law firms discount fee’s due to the five time.a year volume of client relationships they develop to an average of $ 15,000 flat rate including blue sky filing compliance ( which we will explain below ) and complete the work in six weeks versus six months. Issuers who shop hard, may match these fee’s and time lines in the market. Assure on larger fundings you work with highly experienced law firms with references in REG D compliance work as the work is specialized in the legal industry.

The compliance work includes:

  1. A complete business plan your law firm uses to complete the Private Placement Memorandum – and filing RED D forms required by the SEC before you offer to investors.
  2. A Reg D filing – with SEC with their required filing fee.
  3. A Reg D filing with filing fee’s in those states your investor resides within and the issuer state
  4. Complimenting materials and videos
  5. All reviewed by your legal counsel

The process itself grows you while you develop your capital game plan.

First comes STRUCTURE. You can not catch the rain ( capital ) with a bucket.

Structure or corporate engineering is a pathology of the capital required to effect outcome. CEO SPACE educates “owners” including not for profits on options for structure. Consider this truth first: all advisers are not equal. Attorneys and experts may lack capital expertise in your silo of business. An attorney who does oil and gas offerings or real estate offerings may not be expert at a professional entertainment firm’s structure or a high technology structure.

Structure considers a the budget for two years for every possible ramp up to your advanced and fully develop plan to accelerate growth and market share reach. You wish to consider second and third rounds of funding and assure you keep control of your firm.

You want to pan your ultimate exit either to sell the firm or to go public and consider those forward values with the expert – you select and know has expertise in structure in your silo of industry. This is a critical choice as bad structure harms both issuers and investors over time potentially great structure moderate risk and success.

Take time to resolve the final copy of your Reg D compliance structure and documents. Also review your oral presentation with your security lawyer and in an IPHONE tape recorded world never deviate from your law firm approved final copy.

Tip: When retaining your Reg D law firm assure all fee’s including Reg D filing fee’s are included in one flat rate fee structure. Assure your retainer agreement – includes time lines completion of the work and that you own all your own work product should there be any dispute.

We highly encourage issuers to read the SEC.GOV site information on REG D offerings as a first next step and print those pages to your file.




CEO SPACE education materials you can acquire in video and audio kits reflect the information provided here, and provide general education always made specific to your issue by your security law firm. Your licensed security authority is the final word on your offering process as general education is always superseded by licensed legal advice and your own client attorney privilege. Your attorney will help you and assist in your compliance during the life of your issue and offering. You can call CEO SPACE at http://www.ceospaceinternational.com

To Order Capital 101 – video lessons on capital education and or audio lesson kits SUPER RUSH SEED CAPITAL.

Both kits provide compliance education, in greater depth, extracted from live CEO SPACE trainings which include practice sessions in structure and in compliance education skill.

You can also register on our web site to gain more skill by attending live classes if you seek to advance your capital skill education.

As documentation is a critical component of capital compliance best practices we suggest include:

  1. Get an Office Depot box and alpha all investor prospects – to file – including phone – text – and email or mail without omission. If you create nightly aide to memory of any investor communication and print page to that file you assist your attorney in compliance documentation.
  2. Remain faithful to attorney review of anything investor prospects receive – and our oral approved legal discussion parameters your attorney approved.
  3. Include passage of time rules you review with your attorney.
  4. Include verification of suitability and accredited investor qualifications required by state and federal security law for each issue to file.
  5. Engage attorney’s at close of offerings to assure your investor file box has zero deficiencies and close your offering with a formal sign off from your law firm.

Accredited investors are investors who are verified to have personal income as sophisticated investors of $ 250,000 dollars ( check for current SEC qualifications ) and or a net-worth greater than 1,000,000 dollars not including their personal residence which apply to 100% of your REG D investor community.

CEO SPACE education with SEC law firms, provides options as to how to develop investor relationships under current general solicitation rules, and to qualify investors as to accreditation and suitability. Some web automation services such as our recommended http://www.sprowtt.com FINRA sites, help to document automatically investor compliance qualification and suitability – a huge help to issuers.

You may share and print this blog as one resource of assistance which compliments information you and your attorney will develop for your specific offering to raise capital.

Capital raisiing is lower cost and lower time under the revised rules.

General education provided here is background only and may never supplement the information you must undertake with your security law representation. The final copy for every compliance round of funding flows between the issuer ( YOU ) and your attorney.

We hope this general information and education is useful to capital issuers when approaching a future growth using capital as a missing resource to execute success for your venture and all concerned.




Today we reside in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the title of my new book shopping to global publishers right this moment in time. This new ahead of market  work defines the new thinking required to PROSPER in the Age of SUPER CHANGE. As you reside in SUPER CHANGE the first generation EVER to do so – the tools and tactics in this new book will drive it to best seller status world wide.

The Fed is populated by yesterday economists. They chart and graph against a market that no longer exists. Comparing to fifty years ago  the 2018 FED Antique Data mix will no longer  direct the global financial ships into the prosperous  tomorrow we all wish for  inside  to the current ever accelerating new economics of SUPER CHANGE.

The first policy platform should be – WE EXIST INSIDE A NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY.

The new DIGITAL ECONOMY is new and never experienced ( nor anything close to it ) before in human record keeping. So whats new?

  1. The inter-linkage of all financial accounts into a digital system ever compressing in wealth consolidation and liquidity.
  2. The base of liquidity and circulation is for the first time consolidated into less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and includes sovereign nation wealth funds that did not exist in 1929. The global consolidation of circulation and liquidity is a first in 2018 never known before.
  3. Trading is now an upside down pyramid of clearing at the bottom of the upside down pyramid and trillions trading through the pyramid via 10,000 Super Money pools at the top of the upside down pyramid of inverted liquidity. The base that was once broad and across enormous diversity of human investors is now consolidated into AI software managed trading platforms versus human managed funds – all in only five years.
  4. Speed – the speed of market wealth digital consolidation is unmatched in human history and remains rapidly accelerating within global Software AI wars to maximum profits in digital money management. No one has data or charts to predict the SUPER CHANGE to core economic modeling taking place due to AI software consolidated trading controlling new market liquidity risks. Risk unknown I prior economic theory.
  5. Leverage – the leverage – borrowing to invest – is new – and higher by ratio than any period ever recorded. Never has the debt investment reached proportions turning liquidity risk from great to gynormous as a new data set regulators have yet to catch up to given the acceleration of digital super change economics.
  6. Speculation – digital trading of trillions of dollars after 2008 and the crash – moved from human managed funds to computer managed circulations of capital – with side bets on which way asset  price classes may  go into the future – manipulating all prices in all asset classes ( unwanted economics ) – creating a phony market built on debt and leverage – which in micro review  created the Great Depression of 1929. This form of investing was criminal from 1933 to 1999 when in the last term of the Bill Clinton Administration in the last Holiday  three hour congress Christmas session the depression laws were vacated and crimes were made legal again. Super Change accelerated within digital landscapes no law maker could have foreseen.
  7. Trade wars – the last great trade war occurred in the 1927 period that ran up to the SUPER CRASH of 1929. The world is far more co dependent on global trade today than in 1927. And far more leveraged into debt investing. Trade wars today given wealth consolidation on liquidity and given speculation manipulating prices via debt investing – raise liquidity system risk to levels never seen before which the market tends to have flu shots over such risk – but flu shots don’t work on most flu ‘s ( financial contagion is now digital folks ). Old safe guards no longer apply to the leveraged global new casino capitalism made possible from 1999 to today for the first time in human economic history.

When the DEBT BOMB blows up – the trigger will not matter.

So the Fed within the most anemic recovery ever recorded takes two premature steps failing to note Japan failed to restart inflation over 20 years of stimulation – the FED is just ten from the crash and barely saved the system at core.  It is too early to tighten but the FED relies on antique data which is in our opinion wholly obsolete. SO WHAT  now ?

The Fed decides it will stop a remote unreal potential – of the US economy over heating which it is far far far from doing – in fact – and  from super heating when there is zero signs the economy is super heating. There is no inflation. The Fed changes policy massively under its former head with this false assumption from old models that no longer are reality under  – the worst chairwoman in 100 years in our opinion for her wrong minded ill timed policy shift. She elects to:

  1. Stop buying bonds and cease to stimulate the global growth.
  2. Begin selling trillions of crap bonds the Fed bought from distressed banks who are all Fed member insiders.
  3. Begin “rapidly” raising interest rates while it removes liquidity – sucks up liquidity selling its own insider crap bonds – while selling record treasury debt to market all at the same time the cost to borrow on all that bond roll over as COST  is soaring as the Fed raises profits for its members – insider investment banks and banks by far too rapidly raising interest rates – killing the shallow growth as their trigger a SUPER CRASH. The FED is always the cause never look further.

The market can not absorb this failed FED  policy plan at this moment in time. So what happens as unintended consequence to the FED moving at warp drive on its wrong minded POLICY versus going on same agenda in the slow lane? Why can’t the FED get more data and go more slowly is the right policy question? The risk of sinking the recovery is greater than the risk of any potential for over heating which is decades away not NOW.

First the Treasury is now competition with the FED. Treasury must sell this quarter 250 billion in bonds to fund the 1.3 trillion USA spending  more than you make budget. Buyers are not turning up in a TRADE WAR world to buy the USA debt and the treasury is near panic mode in case you did not now – as the world in trade war remains  divided by competition versus cooperation. What happens if the US TREASURY hold future  auctions and no one showed up – the bond tranches were unsold? Panic? How big a risk is that? And why take it NOW? Cab drivers get this folks truly.

The Fed is selling at the same time trillions of its bonds in a market that lacks liquidity to accommodate those bond sales and grow a fragile recovery –  via a very tired slow recovery globally in which the IMF and Fed keep adjusting their growth targets back down when real numbers arrive. Or said another way the old economics is not working inside SUPER CHANGE NEW ECONOMICS of 2018 – DIGITAL CASINO ECONOMICS –  and their models are therefore  WRONG WRONG WRONG.

The risk is crises.

Why risk crises?

I don’t know. I don’t understand when other options exist.

So what is GOING ON OUT THERE in the market headwater where all rivers source ( nations starting with the USA ) in liquidity at core in global markets? First their is shallow water. THERE IS VERY LIMITED LIQUIDITY LEFT and old economics is not charting liquidity and time with proper weighting – but in the new DIGITAL ECONOMY such data information is critical.

Now back to yield curve.

So the yield compares short term borrowing debt using a premium to longer term borrowing debt usually a discount. The yield curve flattening means the yield curve rising to 3% and higher in short term debt is being MATCHED by long term debt.

Said another way the cost to borrow is soaring. Across the board.

Soaring for nations.

Soaring for corporations.

As debt cost “roll over” and bonds are re-financed the low free money cost days roll over into SOARING NEW COST. What is the problem that is new in SUPER CHANGE?

Said another way – nations and corporations hold record debt. As this debt rolls over – as there is no money to pay that debt off – the new roll over cost is 100%  to 200% to 300% higher – which means such loans in roll over can’t be maintained. The corporations or nations lack liquidity surplus to pay such massively higher % costs. Keep that fact in mind as you see the DEBT BOMB explode soon and Blame central banks as a failed system model that needs to merge all central banks back into their national treasuries for oversight and accountability which owned by their member banks – central banks have zero accountability. The appearance they are accountable is fraud in fact. Study up. Google FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD FRAUD or just see one video …

I put this video into your BOOK MARK because you are kept from knowing in school. This is economics 101 and WHY the FED needs to be merged by emergency act of congress back into US treasury. Take a moment and share this truth with those you truly care for.

First the corporate and nation debt is at all time high plateaus’ never before experienced – higher than 1929 – higher than ever before. Second the liquidity to absorb the massive debts. being refinanced is not robust enough ( in our models and I don’t know what models the Fed is using or the Treasury is crystal balling into ) to have capacity to absorb the DEBT ROLL OVER in the USA – EU – CHINA and the world in 2018 and 2019. There IS NOT ENOUGH LIQUIDITY.

Third the higher rising interest costs bankrupt many record holding institutions – nations and corporations who can not elevate interest without collapsing their surplus or profits. They are way too thin inside a recovery which is not yet strong enough from 2008 – to have capacity to refinance the existing debt loads at the higher FED produced interest cost. 100% of percent higher in the debt roll over trillions must compete for liquidity right when in a fragile recovery the FED and the TREASURY and CHINA and SAUDI and Japan and the EU are all taking up global liquidity leaving none for investment and growth. A recession must follow if not worse. Economics 101.

As debt entering the market to refinance is a pressure to the low market liquidity yields on debt soaring to levels as unintended consequence of BAD FED TIMING ON POLICY. crises unfolds. In our opinion the world markets need more time to build LIQUIDITY CAPACITY – a longer stimulation period – and the FED WRONG  timing is BAD BAD POLICY and creates SUPER RISK for a SUPER CRASH. Not a correction like we are seeing right now. Far Far worse.

The yield curve flattening means the prices for long term bond ( debt by legal contract and agreement in any form ) is matching or exceeding short term debt with no discounts and only risen premiums. LIQUIDITY is barely  holding together as TRILLIONS in 2018 leave equities that make 3% to 5% over time lines up and down to fixed income investing in BONDS where returns are now soaring in higher interest profit YIELDS –  due to FED POLICY. Still that liquidity is not sufficient to absorb say 250 billion of just TREASURY DEBT let alone TRILLIONS OF WORLD Sovereign nation debts hitting markets.

Liquidity is the circulation of resources.

As the yield curve flattens serious global recessions have always followed. Why would the economics change now?

The free resources circulating in a very marginal recovery, is not sufficient to off set the demand of DEBT MARKETS and EQUITY markets wealth transferring to yield curves rising. When the Liquidity liquidity threshold is exceeded we have LED or liquidity evaporation day ….

Think of LED is at the new RISK reported here for years now.

LED is the 2018-2019  RISK EVENT where digital consolidated trading – a NEW SUPER CHANGE EVENT – removes human consideration and moderation to risk to balance trading. Digital trading by software AI design seeks to MAXIMIZE PROFITS without consideration to social outcomes globally. PROFIT is the only driver. PROTECTING YIELDS. Liquidity evaporation is a consequence of digital consolidation of capital into only 10,000 super money pools now controlling all markets world wide. As digital linkage tightens the liquidity LED risk soars.

Wait for it…..

The notion of the young brains designing the software is that they have included all known parameters of risk management inside their modeling is a fatal flaw and untrue. This is in fact in this early five year period of DIGITAL DOMINANCE TO GLOBAL TRADING misplaced intelligence within economic arrogance that has brought humanity countless world wars. . Of course the code planners in first generation digital AI markets have failed to include missing parameters. They can not KNOW what they simply DO NOT know. One missing parameter  is LIQUIDITY itself. The 2018 -2019  code does not accommodate “absence” OF LIQUIDITY nor of LIQUIDITY as controlling profit and price itself,  given outside central bank and nation planning to PRICE a rapidly  declining liquidity  that will command future  markets outcomes in fact. LED day.

Economics desires a broad liquidity and laws that are sane seek to deprecate unwanted influences to consolidate liquidity or to consolidate circulation SOURCES. The Great Depression planners made laws that were global to moderate consolidations of liquidity and to criminalize unwanted speculations.

When we have both made legal we have two events now digital for the very first time in what we call CASINO CAPITALISM – the cause of the last Great Depression.

Capital markets self destruct when capital circulations invest in massive ratio into side bets versus real economic investing in plants equipment business and growth – into profit making side bets to manipulate all prices for everything – side betting say 70% to 30% where side bets are maximum counters to real  circulation versus real investing. Casino betting which was criminal and is now legal and who is to blame? Greenspan and the Congress is who. Side bets to influence and manipulate prices for all asset classes within ranges – in theory – to remove risk and create risk-less risk when in SUPER CHANGE reality SUPER RISK has now entered digital casino space world wide.

All depression safe guard life guard with rule of  laws which  are now  evaporated in the 1990’s. Economic crimes before 1999 are now legal to execute. Consolidations never seen before remain unchallenged world wide. The current system is so flawed billions strive to death annually when food to feed them all easily exists. Said another way the present post war system failed to upgrade and is economically – insane. Today institutions commit crimes that sap trillions from the system – reward criminals with billions in bonus money – and all of it is without real consequence as that criminal acceleration for profit is moving to warp drive. System destruction follows such insane break downs of common sense laws over economics. Politics has ruined the economic system which historically ends in SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR. The criminals than profit from slaughtering all of us – and the insanity regroups.

Today we have system risk to the world order as the world has NEVER BEFORE KNOWN globally.  No nation unaffected.

Bill Clinton reading my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION stated on MEET THE PRESS – “we either cooperate and prosper or we compete and we perish”. New Cooperative Capitalism within upgrade global rule of law – no nation left behind rules – or we world war and perish. Sanity or insanity.

Wealth has consolidated so the tiny %  of 10,000 elites hold all wealth circulation and the massive % are no longer an influence %  base to circulation. This unwanted economic outcome is the consequence of a break down in economic rule of law. See the upside down pyramid. All prices you now pay = for all asset classes are set by ranges of digital AI in one chaps profit wars with the other chaps profit wars one AI software platform at a time – all in AI wars spiraling consolidation and trading volumes.

Prices for energy and food are artificial taxes for Super Money pools as the major crime against all humanity – billions of all of us. It is an economic fact. FREE MARKETS? Like the fairy tale – once upon a time – since 1999 – not so much.

What else is new?

24/7 trading volume in which software forges the global open markets 24/7 profit taking and making inside massive velocities without oversight. Profit making that never ends. Wealth spirals to ever greater consolidations until the system liquidity is no longer sustainable. We are close now.

Take the Bank of America slap on the wrist recent fine for fraud. Deposit money is now investing in enormous leverage in DARK POOLS meaning no nation can even now who is trading or what is trading. Bank of America and Merril Lynch told deposit holders that their money was invested and managed by them. In fraud it was managed ( they agreed it was fraud ) by third parties in DARK POOLS that are legal ways to avoid regulations.

In Super Change the trades are all digital AI and in the cloud for the first time and all regulations are local and no longer apply to the money in circulation 24/7 globally.

This means the depression risk of 1929 is so much worse today. Why?

The post war system can collapse entirely -banks and institutions can go bankrupt at speeds never known before.

Since 2008 the money institutions have been exempt by the FED and Treasury form Frank Dodd and other law rules. Too Big to fail was not only NEVER FIXED but they have grown to TOO BIG TO JAIL. See Wells Fargo Deutsch Bank and Bank of America and Citi Corp and Chase for some examples – google and research. The trend of criminal money management is soaring as AI DIGITAL seeks to maximize profit at any social cost including risk to the core system.

There is another item you need to consider. The natural human capacity to “feel” some one in authority is on top of this and all over it – is false. The largest lobby is WALLSTREET.

As the depression laws were evaporated in 1999 before Christmas (slow news day ) and all other nations followed – banks and investment banks became one. Deposit could be invested in highly speculative ( profit making for a time ) side bets at fantastic leverage. Say one deposit dollar could be AI margined in a dark pool at 50 to 1 margin which places RISK at levels never before known to any financial system.

Said another way – your bank deposits are not in the bank. They are invested in risk the world has never experienced  before. Even that is reaching a point where liquidity is not sufficient to absorb the rising interest cost as enough TIME ( time is an economic asset too under considered ) is too short to rebuild profits sufficiently to absorb the 2018 and 2019 LIQUIDITY world DEMAND.

China borrows 300% of its GNP. Many EU nations borrow 200% or close to it.

Rolling those trillions over into higher interest cost is not economic today. They can’t do it.

WE just need MORE TIME.

Block Chain is not going to save you. Why? Because EMP pulse in the next world war wipes out all digital records – including your block chain account in 30 minutes of time. Your thought you will have digital anything is silly. Ideally you own some diamonds which is the last safe haven not heavy gold or silver all manipulated. Ask any Jew who migrated from the NAZIS insanity – with table legs filled with Diamonds. But hey – invest in bit coin and remember I told you. Liquidity is the issue folks. If 23,000,000 total bit coins were bought by 23,000,000 at one dollar and they sold to billions at 18,0000 dollars – how much is lost again? How many billions in months? Wiped OUT. Jamie Diamond at Chase tried to tell you and so did I. But hey – proceed at your own RISK.

The SUPER CHANGE velocity ( the data in my new book makes it all so clear ) is so fast and so accelerating that THEY those adults you think will protect us – are so far behind the real data as are the Wall Street Lobby folks who lack perspective on the new spiral of SUPER CHANGE making all their charts and predictions bogus in fact. NO ONE IS PROTECTING a world now moving into trade wars. Again.

Why? No one has the data we are in an entirely new economic model. No one gets it who makes real choice as they are blinded by current account profit making. I know I was one of them running a public investment banking firm for years. I understand my tribe.

The trade wars started to heat up in 2008 during the crash. The crash a feature of what we are setting down in this blog was a first shot across the global liquidity  system since World War II’s BOW. Liquidity evaporated and the system froze up. Trillions were printed and poured into circulation to restart liquidity. As prices deflated and from Real Estate which never can go down ( property – like yours –  lost half and more than half of its values in a single year ) and all asset classes deflated – the actual core  cause of world depressions. Everyone panicked to restart inflation. Deflation panics world leaders utterly. They lack tools outside wars to fight it.

Japan has not restarted inflation despite trillions of yen in accommodations to 2018 – Japan still has deflation no inflation. We should learn from Japan. WE NEED MORE TIME. To fix ourselves.

So against very incomplete data and information the central banks are stopping accommodation and tightening circulation or liquidity without any SUPER HEATING of any kind or inflation of any nature. WRONG minded and wrong timing. THE FED IS REMOVING LIQUIDITY FROM WORLD MARKETS AT A TIME OF CRISES LIQUIDITY IN WORLD MARKETS DUE TO SOARING DEBT IN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SECTORS. THE FED IS ALSO MAKING DEBT ROLL OVER ECONOMICALLY FATAL FOR TRILLIONS IN GLOBAL ECONOMICS TODAY.

Trade wars are now moving from silent cold wars of tariff and restriction with EVERY NATION IN IT FOR THEMSELVES versus a total global cooperation – competition – is the liquidity killer globally. TRADE WARS CREATE ECONOMIC DOWNWARD SPIRALS AND REMOVE LIQUIDITY TO RISK THE CORE SYSTEM TO OPERATE AT ALL. LED DAY.

As we heat up trade wars to real wars watch the economics.

LIQUIDITY in the new AI DIGITAL profit parameters of price manipulation inside a casino capitalism may collapse the world order inside a SNAP moment or single default trigger event. the outcomes is new and we call it it our models DIGITAL CASCADE INTO LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY.  LED is now the SUPER RISK.

All Digital moves with AI  to sell on LED  and no buy orders exist to off set the sell orders. Everyone is getting out and moving to diversified insurance investing way too late and liquidity stops completely. Then you can’t get out while your wealth evaporates daily to new lows. In the 1973 oil embargo before it was all digital – mutual funds cued investors up for 12 to 18 months to get out – while their holdings evaporated. Untold wealth was lost. LED day.

Why diversified insurance investing? In my opinion insurance money management remans the last safe refuge. Why? Insurance money pools remain fully regulated by the most conservative money management remaining RULE OF LAW over WEALTH POOLS. Investors earn the highest returns permitted by law  with principle guaranteed still permitted by law with tax benefits for any business owner.  You can tax deduct investing and you should. Taxes help you build money pools earning highest rates of compounded returns while you can always get your money OUT. Seek insurance firms that paid during the period of 1930 when the banks were fully closed. Chose them as you explore the option but don’t delay. There are no dark pool investing inside insurance investing. Insurance firms invest in real economics. The rest do not. Insurance money pools remain the last and only we feel TRULY SAFE HAVEN money pools outside the casino. Stop thinking life insurance. THINK SAFE HAVEN INVESTING where life protection is like a FREE OPTION to making the investing – a perk if you will and tax deductible potentially come on? Step up to safe harbor.  However Banks and Institutions are trying to change laws to buy insurance firms to be able to put those last  larger money super pools into their own dark pool off shore leveraged  casino for profits. We’ll see. That lobby battle is endless. I think Congress gets it.

We believe the risk for a serious correction and Super Crash all lay ahead and are immediate risks to you.

IF you have your investing in AI digital money investing you are inside the casino. You might move back to MANAGED human accounts as an insulation. I would explore that. Or better yet world wide diversified insurance investing as you grow nest egg wealth. SAFE HARBOR is your answer to wealth preservation but timing is right NOW.

Ideally you would move out of bonds and out of equities and invest in diversified insurance investing and use that fully liquid investing to buy into smart real estate and hold for inflation which is a long way into the future. If you must remain in the casino have humans manage not AI manage your wealth.

Investing for short term profit is a casino bet. Investing for long term profit is not.

Short term liquidity is the risk and you now know why.

Research it all yourself.

Financial news is opaque and those joining me write in jargon that outside the industry is not easy to decipher from press but confirmation of the data I’m presenting to my readers is all over the global press is daily  today. Look for it. supporting may conclusions of opinion is out there folks research it.

Finally the US Savings rate is at its lowest point ever. No nation can prosper without that saving rate rising. WE NEED MORE TIME. Individual savers have not had wage gains and they can not save today or until they see those wage gains over TIME. WE need more time. Without rising savings the liquidity factor is about at the tipping point and trade wars will accelerate the tipping point to LED day.

The Fed is dead on policy that works.

The Fed – the cause of all financial destructions with their member criminal banks needs to MERGE ( keep all Fed processes ) but hold the FED Accountable by merging the FED back into the US Treasury. That would give the world MORE TIME. And oversight for our policy for the firs time since 1910 – see the film I included for you and make a book mark to share the film of pure data on the FED:

No one is protecting YOUR nest egg.

No one.

No agency.

No nation.

No rule of law.

Super Change has bypassed everyone as it all occurred so fast and is still accelerating. PUTIN said – “whoever wins the AI war will control the entire world”. Do you believe the USA has a policy like the space race to WIN the AI wars?

Read Kevin FREEMANS GAME PLAN to discover – no we do not – and worse why we are loosing – and how to make your own GAME PLAN as the USA is not creating a game plan for US. Read and become self reliant. The data proofs are out there folks. Become informed fully. Its your future and your money. DO nothing and it is already too late.

Yesterday was already too late as January was your peak. We told you scroll back and see.

The best way to get through he coming Super Change is to own your own business in the age of the entrepreneur. Explore in the ENTREPRENEUR age WHY with 7 million USA new businesses formed just in 2017 by researching


and make a book mark to share CEO SPACE with those you care most about. Click QUICK LINKS and see some video’s they are short. Growing a cooperative trading community builds safe harbor for those inside that community. CEO SPACE accelerates entrepreneur growth inside community. Community keeps us all safe and CEO SPACE community is in over 100 nations and ranked the # 1 conference in the world in 2018 by third party press.

Fail to do that – and not so much – looking ahead.

Look ahead.

Book mark my blog and check back now and again.

Share this blog with the circle you care most for asking them to book mark the truth.


Berny Dohrmann The tea leaves you read are always economic

30% Market Correction? Here is the WHY ?



The IMF the US the experts the World Bank – when they are wrong they are wrong. Their estimates for Global Growth will all be plunging down since the first quarter is so pathetic. Soft is not the word for it.

Now consider the optimism for 5% growth in some markets is silly as we get the real numbers.


First the economics are driven by consumer buying and consumption. Economies grow because the Gov spends, the consumers spend or both spend.

The consumer is maxed out. Their credit lines and credit cards are maxed out. There is no more wiggle room to buy our way forward. While this is all going on the cost of everything ( Oil ) is rising 40% because of greedy cartels not because of supply and real demand. As we have reported the world is downing in oil. There is no shortage.

This is important because right at the time we have had TEN YEARS of zero inflation and a terrible recovery of marginal 2% growth – just – the risk to debt ridden economics is frankly FANTASTIC. Eventually all that debt has to rebalance folks – it is after all economics not politics.

interest rates rising steadily – to fast too soon for economic real sustained growth ( the Fed just creates these mess’s and then creates the next crash ). Honestly I can’t think of one Fed policy over since 1907 that has not been a failure – that they never are held responsible for outside economists who really know the data. For this reason I have argued for years the FED needs to merge back into the US treasury. The Fed you see is the CAUSE.

Already new home sales have declined for months since “normalization” is new FED policy in 2018. The right policy is 20 year normalization not this pace they are on. The economics are far too fragile. Globally.

Further there is no inflation. If you take PHONY OIL PRICING out of the mix – moderating by US soaring output – the dollar rises as the # 1 petro currency – trade deficits are moderating by national policy and by oil exporting. Rebalancing is under way and the Fed won’t go slow. The Fed will pursue their failed policy and the no heed to the market correction.

So the consumer has no way UP to drive growth coming forward in 2018. In 2% growth the multiples of 16 to 19 times earnings are absurd but premiums for Face book and Video chip makers at 25 times earnings and higher – is non economic These rich prices are artificial froth and must rebalance again as economics. The ratio’s are out of all charts and must rebalance and they will.

We have new range trading by software and AI. A never experienced before in markets. I think the correction should be softer but in fact is likely to be larger say 30% ( more ) due to the AI and liquidity glitches in the global trading inter connected core CODE. It is faulty based on incomplete math economically. The thinking that ranges can be contained is false and the blood bath is going to be new and nothing like prior models – due to velocity and global 24/7 trading and speeds and volumes of 10,000 Super Money pools seeking to protect their positions. In absolute terms.

As the new 5 year fully integrated SOFTWARE AI market has yet to experience a 2008 or anything like it – we’ll all have to structure to price, value, global trading – all in young software designers heads without the experience – which is NEW and never known before in global markets – turns out.

As the long positions in such markets enjoy blood baths in the down turn, and trillions are investing in side bets in casino capitalism to manipulate asset class pricing ( which was illegal 1933 to 1999 ) the risk we feel ends badly. The software KIDS as we call them will never learn and only HUMANS or managed traders are apt to out perform the software AI coming up – take HEED Warren Buffet and tribe to this blog.

For five years we have moved from 10% hand free trading for software and AI in global markets to what soon will be 80%. Sixty months. The markets of the world are dominated where every dollar invested is many multiples with credit margin and leveraged trading – and all the smarty pants believe this is risk-.less risk. Loss can be contained.

I find such conclusions mind boggling. I find such conclusions immature for the speed of SUPER CHANGE To global price points now manipulated by software and AI.

Today there is a SOFTWARE “WAR”. Consider that WAR as the start of WORLD WAR III as all wars begin economically and than move to serious protectionism and trade wars before they move to Super Crash and real shooting wars. Looking only at history.

President Putin stated THE NATION THAT WINS THE AI WARS WILL RULE THE WORLD.. As you know Putin intends to win that war but so does the EU and China and the USA.

No one today can predict the GREAT AWAKENING of self aware self learning new species of AI which moves forward without humanity in any context. No one has even thought through how that all unfolds for say “US” – we the people. No one.

Well I have and my new book DIGITAL MANNERS lays it out for you – and surprisingly its not all that gloomy.

Economically I suggest that:

  1. The global system is inefficient to manage 7 to 10 billion humans across many 100’s of national captains all steering their ships to different outcomes and horizons. Economically.
  2. A new GLOBAL SYSTEM and new GLOBAL REGULATIONS are required to develop COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM and to replace competitive communism and competitive capitalism both failed models for economics that always lead to world wars.
  3. The NEW SYSTEM can be brought into existence by COOPERATION between the G 100 nations if they desire it – within three to five years top.
  4. A Planetary Earth Federation respecting sovereignty of all nations within an ECONOMIC BOX TOP NEW RULE SET that leaves no nation behind – ever – is possible. Outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in detail for national leaders who see the hand writing on the old walls.
  5. Now all nations operate in revised fiscal game plans, within a global “dollar” that we all share into with sanity as we replace competition with cooperation in our thinking. A higher level of thought itself for economics – a new economic model.

Can we as humanity do better?

Can we top the boom bust cycles of competition?

If we could why would we NOT step into such improvement?

If competitive thought remains the ONE and the ONLY CORE VIRUS on human thought collectively – why would we not move into the integrity of COOPERATION between ourselves and resist the impulse to compete at all? Why would we not care for one another? Why would we not assure we are sheltered and fed and the environment is clean.

Economics under competition operate on a box top rule set of:

Competition to develop maximum profits at any social cost or expense to achieve the profit outcome for elite shareholders …

Cooperative Capitalism develops maximum social contribution while making a profit…..huge difference in principled outcome. PRINCIPLED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

Competition violates human integrity for greed. A system core failure.

Cooperation requires integrity and is self correcting around integrity the DNA of sustained cooperation. A system success.

The old economic theories are simply in error and do not take humanity rising to 10 billion souls where we all need to arrive.

New improved economics modernize the world into a way we can and should find celebration for all diversity of systems nations and humanity and stop punishing what is different and celebrate what is unique and different. Its all OK. Nothing has to change but the economics so everyone prospers collectively.

The first priority of the new economics is human education. Elevating full partnership via education – reformed education – with cooperation versus competition as a basis – reforms partnership for all humans.

The present model is squandering billions of human potential ( us all ) and perpetuating a failed model of uniformity to educate all humans to full partnership with each other including new AI about to be created self realizing and born.

Only a specific educated human a fraction of humanity can even read or understand this blog. Only a tiny % of economists can step out of what they know into what is truly possible outside what they now at this moment.

Economics needs a revolution.

While that unfolds either by war and destruction of the old systems – which is historic again – or without such human slaughter for the first time in our RACE – the HUMAN RACE that has NO FINISH line it comes down to consciousness.

Are we gaining sufficient consciousness to design a partnership that is far better than what we know right this moment? The risk as I see it will be failure to elevate that consciousness in leadership to resolve the transformation from an antique flawed and utterly awful global economics model into a far better way made possible by AI and our inter-linkage today.

I continue to write that where politics leads economic we are doomed to repeat history and no ONE is truly responsible. I use the children”s nursery song – THREE BLIND MICE SEE HOW THEY RUN to example global leaders of over 300 sovereign nations rushing off an economic cliff.

When economics runs politics we win.

When politics runs economics we destroy ourselves in wars.

Our we yet awake enough to chose a higher ground?

For another example consider this item. Humanity has a zero chance to survive. The earth is flying through a rock storm blizzard. The chance we will have geological activity to wipe us all out – or an incoming event that is 100% for sure going to wipe us all out – to no pain to the earth – she’ll just rebirth a new self aware child of herself. She has all the time and we as recent travelers on her – are watching our time run out.

We could channel defense of the PLANET and all nations in cooperative Federated Constitutions uniting all nations – while retaining full sovereignty of all nations – economically. A new system of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. The more efficient defense could now deploy systems to preclude incoming events as we restore the earth itself with tera forming to its optimization.

If we don’t are we not insane, as we all die.

If we do we thrive and we can support trillions of humans and terraform earth into the stars bringing immortality to the earth diversity into the universe as we enjoy never ending discovery and longevity.

Is competition to extinction insane?

Is cooperation into immortality sane.

The economics presently are insane.

New sane economics will rise up if we have time.

Meanwhile in 2018 the system globally is running along on unsustainable economic of DEBT to propel nations. This must rebalance.

Inside the economics the SPRING correction we predicted – for years  as Spring 2018 – after all it is simple economics folks and we present the tea leaves for our readers to at least protect their own wealth and nest eggs

Those who act will.

Those who stay in the casino will have bad hair days.

Blame will never land properly. Because politics run the failed economic system.

Until we create a REVOLUTIONARY GLOBAL IMPROVED ECONOMIC MODEL for the benefit of all of us -all nations – collectively – we have a lot of pain ahead – within wild ups and wild downs  – that are likely to arrive ever more rapidly as the global system destabilizes.

As it must.

Failed economic systems are unforgiving in the end for abuse of economic laws.

As it is low cost and easy to explore the better way it seems insane we don’t even try to explore a better model.

CEO SPACE my institution works to alert national leaders who THINK about such core issues, to options.

It is all about options.

This spring the options are running out of time.

The correction IS coming.

And that – for all the reasons you can scroll through – print page on – share with those you email with – IS what iS REALLY going on out there. As far from the next tweet as you can get to as you THINK for yourself.

There is so much to be done out there. Keeping our kids safe. Assuring Black Lives do matter all lives DO matter.

Stormy Daniels?

Really? That is what is the focus of a nations attention? Truly?

Who cares given the world we live in who makes love with who and when any more? It has no meaning to outcome and core economics other than waste. Water of time money and distraction to the real issues we all need to put into priorities. In the PRIORITY list globally the Stormy Daniels from Australia to the EU have no relevance. WHO CARES what happens between adults ?

METOO. That matters as woman need to be safe. Woman need to never be prey.

That is different.

Rule of law is different. Priorities folks.

While I like sit com’s like we all do and entertainment is human relaxation, the White House sit com should be other than an entertainment to the world.

Media from todays press conference 80% at the White House on Stormy Daniels when a 30% wipe out of trillions in global wealth is a risk near term – it seems to me media needs to help us all stay focused on real priorities. Economics not political entertainment.

Competitive Capitalism keeps us focused on scandal and human fragile flaws of just being human we all need to forgive one another for. If George Washington had many mistresses and black children and grew pot – and if John F Kennedy loved Marylin Monroe really – both led well despite being human. Media in those days kept priorities and issues on higher ground.

Can we return to that higher ground?

I think we can and I think we will.

A few of you educated awake beings read and share my blog on THINKING. Higher thinking. Human potential – the real priority.


My passion is to spend the last years of my own life in service to your human potential and no one else’s . Thank you for reading and returning now and again. To media and institutional readers thank you for considering this information and data as another process for your own decision and outcomes.

You are all unbelievably appreciated for reading.





If “I” was President of the United States of America – I would create a software index for the US Treasury. The TRADE INDEX SOFTWARE or TIS – would TIS TISTHE WORLD.

The software would schedule the current tarriff’s on everything America must pay in trading with any nation.

The TIS would then MATCH OUR AMERICAN TARRIF to the trading nation tariff.

Zero tariff on this or that zero tariff from America.

High Tariff on this or that and WE MATCH “THEM” precisely.


Real time. Daily applied.

They change theirs we MATCH THEM up or DOWN.

Software controlled.


Cooperation rules and everyone wins.

Competition rules and America WINS.

Lets make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN as we stop being the victim of subsidizing the entire world which works how? It simply robs our unborn generations while we do assist everyone else as we go broke – absolutely broke – slowly and safely.

What a world what a world as the WITCH in the Wizard of Oz screaming …I’m melting I’m melting……and she did just like America is melting under the never ending unfair trade.





Systems replace Trust.

But hey – Donald Trump is President of the United States not me – but still…..its fun to think some one on their team might stumble across this blog.

BAM – solutions are just one great idea – in integrity – to resolve the impossible problem.

Now on to Israeli Peace Planning – but hey I need a call from Donald’s son in law to off load that one – to complex for this Blog although Bibi’s team already has it in writing.






Nations have histories. For example:

  1. The last Great Depression was caused by the fact that side bets in which way an Asset class may go up or down in the future – a casino capitalism – was many many times larger than the stake holder economic where capital invested in real asset classes whether a stock a bond or real corn versus a side betting on future corn prices up or down. When the dog is the side bet and the tail is the real economy you have casino capitalism. We made side betting a felony. In 1999 we made it legal. Now the side bets are larger by far than world economic investing just like the 1929 period only far worse as it is all digital AI trading in velocities and volumes the 1929 market never knew with leverage and borrowing ten times worse than 1929. That is the upside pyramid in economics in 2018.
  2. Trade Wars. the worst global trade war spiraled out of control as our markets soared to peaks never seen before. The Super Crash came without warning. It never ended. Wealth was utterly destroyed in all asset classes. Trade wars kept all nations any form of recovery and seeded the World War II.

To repeat this pattern seems odd if you know history. But humans fail to remember financial history and so they are destined to repeat financial history – the cause of all great wars – that actually rebalance economics that have been abused for decades.

Before nations go bankrupt they go into revolution and war.


I’ve reported the SPRING period of 2018 would represent a correction. I told readers what to do. Over and over again to protect wealth at the peak.

To date we have lost 9 trillion in wealth in the correction of 10% this Spring. Everyone is waiting for the OTHER SHOE TO DROP.

World Press is largely controlled by Donald Trump on agenda’s that distract the world from his real work. His real work is to break apart the DEEP STATE old way of conducting business and ritual and to reset the entire nation and world without a war. We’ll see if his real agenda, opposed by the super wealth of the Deep State can survive and win in any context. A class war and a philosophical war is under way.

The deep state seeks to indict and impeach President Trump.

President Trump seeks to indict and impeach the Deep State.

It is too early to see which side is going to win here.

The Wild Card remains DEBT and Super Crash.

We believe the world markets will spiral up into new highs a 30,000 even 50,000 DOW model. History defines you always have a super wealth spiral just before the SUPER CRASH and none occur without that. We are laying the ground work with massive speculation made possible by free money and debt borrowing to invest in pure crap – the AI computer markets of today. DEBT as it always does will destroy the world economic system of post world war II. The laws to protect us have all been vacated by law markets world wide as criminal congress is now bought and paid for world wide.

CRIMES against ECONOMICS precede crimes against humanity and are by far the cause of our own slaughter. ECONOMIC crimes come first while the rob us in day light in plain damn sight as we all smile and allow them to do it – never seeing it coming I the first place. They keep us economically ignorant so those real crimes are never seen at all.

We believe in the coming wealth  spiral’s driven by enormous never seen before debt in investing in all asset classes, will be the seeds of the next SUPER CRASH.

It is our opinion a debt nation leading with China will have a hard landing ( THEIR SUPER CRASH ) which will CASCADE which is faster and far worse than old models of contagion. If not China Italy or Spain as the EU Super Crashes from Debt. The DEBT BOMB DEFAULT trigger is coming and when it hits all casino capital will evaporate without warning in minutes. In hours it will be over world wide. LED DAY is coming.

We have reported here the ultimate spiral up and the DEBT BOMB exploding will due to digital AI mother board to almost 75% of all velocity and volume of market trading fed by less than 10,000 ever consolidating super money pools ( that was a felony but is now legal ) creates SUPER RISK for SUPER CRASH. However it is as if the media and law makers feeding on the money trough and greed machine, are blinded by the dollars and bought and paid for politics to actually DO SOMETHING.

So the depression laws that kept the world from another Global Depression were removed in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton final Christmas session of Congress by unanimous vote. Can you even remember a last vote – unanimous – and in only a three hour session before Holiday? Slow news day? All depression laws were shattered by Greenspan, who gave us the CRASH of 2008 – the Dot.BOMB crash – and led us in Friedman economics direction we a path that was wrong minded and tour the foundations from all nations.

Today we stand on debt piles of “bad debt” by the 100’s of trillions that can and will never be paid at all. Nations and financial institutions hold this crap as GOLD and legally report these criminal bad assets as GOOD AND SOLID ASSETS on their reports to say US and we the people. Criminal economics has been made legal. It is legal to report fraud now.  If nations and institutions  adjusted for the BAD DEBT in the current 2018  system – the world order would stop – countless institutions banks and nations would be bankrupt – and we would need to create a new system. The rules we must report under are rules nations and financial institutions are exempt from. They get to use criminal accounting but we do not. Seem fair enough to you or can you see through the smoke and mirrors now?

Media check out fair market  accounting rules – its not hard.

1000 trillion of global wealth would be evaporated on LED DAY – or Liquidity Evaporation DAY – LED DAY. No buyers only sellers. Every day. And the system freezes up as there is no longer circulation. The issue of the present economic model over leveraged is circulation itself. Liquidity as the corner stone asset. The canceled TV show HOUSE OF CARDS comes to mind on the economics. In digital AI software LED is a blip in time -it takes seconds for all switches to move from buy to sell with no buyers period – just sellers and no humans all AI in what we call ECONOMIC CASCADE made possible by digital AI that programing never considered at all as even possible.

So what can be done?

The Greed Machine has theory. They pay a lot to hear what they want to hear only the theory of risk-less risk made possible by software – the great lie in economics for there is NO RISKLESS RISK not EVER folks. They pay a lot to discredit what they don’t wish to hear – say like this blog.

They hold to theories that the market today is solid, and without a potential for a SUPER CRASH. Why? They have theories. There are problems with their theories.

The economics of 2018 are not like the economics of 1929 although the entire check list of warning lights is flashing RED – all repeated only worse due to leverage and digital trading.

Also the theory models on economics draw from prior economic charts tables and histories.

This theory model fails because in fact the markets of the world are now in new territory nothing like prior history. Why?

Digital AI trading – has in five years replaced humans in control of VAM – the Velocity – the Accelerations – the Momentum of the entire world market. The markets are controlled by less than 10.000 unlinked uncoordinated SUPER MONEY POOLS including over 100 Sovereign Nation Wealth Super Money Pools – inside a SOFTWARE WAR that is AI centered. One Chaps software against another chaps software to maximize profits at any cost.

The theory the big bucks wishes to hear and only has ears to listen to is the theory that AI and software have created riskless risk and that the potential of wealth wipe out and SUPER CRASH is a purview of the past – an impossibility in the new AI software controlled casino weighted for the house to win – SUPER MONEY POOLS consolidating all wealth playing inside the new economic casino globally.

Gamblers in all markets believe they have risk less risk. Steve Wynn just sold out of his casino and resigned from all his positions. Steve had no clue in a week he would be seeing his lifetime legacy become only scandal – but there you have it. One week. Steve now owns zero of his Wynn Casino. ZERO. 2018 is here and there is no risk less risk.

Facebook – Mark has never seen billions crash so fast as a RUN on the Facebook bank is taking place. Mark can’t stop the run.

AI is controlling the run and the price.

You can’t seen nothing yet.

Wells Fargo the CRIMINAL BANK has conducted crime after crime to steal money from its own customers. Does the leadership at the top collecting the huge bonus money go to prison ? Nope. They pay a fine of 1% to keep 99% and do the next crime. WE the People are RUNNING OUT OF Wells Fargo BANK – We are going to TD Bank.

Criminal Bank of America paid a 45 million dollar fine for crimes stealing billions they made profits upon. Parking meter money. Does anyone go to jail at Bank of America at the top. Nope they pay their teeny weeny fine while we go to jail not them. Not them. They make the laws and pay for them.

No economic system can survive when the core of those systems have lost integrity. The crises in the world is not a crises of leadership – no way – the crises is a crisis of integrity.

Rule of bought and paid for law?

As this level of economic integrity breaks down and those in charge are criminals using theories that self support their crimes to steal from the peoples of the world – price gauging and through garden variety of fraud – and the laws allow it to unfold endlessly – and no one goes to jail who does those enormous crimes – the system must SUPER CRASH and develop a revolution of itself.

The world system will speculate using 50 to 1 leverage to buy side bets in the casino making enormous profits at all cost to society. This spiral will place untold trillions into borrowed accounts holding asset classes of side bet paper that are not assets at all.

The system will reach a tipping point.

The debt will trigger the debt bomb.

Defaults will create SUPER CRASH.

No depression safety nets exist to protect wealth from total evaporation.

Circulation will become zero and the system will collapse globally. All trades will freeze up. Paper money will become worth less and banks won’t be open as they will fail and close. The LED DAY and super crash.

This is a ways out yet.

We have time.

As no one is working on cause and fix, while there is time, it is unlikely we can avoid world war.

The history is simple: and never ever varies economically since Rome:

  1. Consolidation of wealth to unsustainable levels 1% own more wealth than 99% ( we are almost there now ).
  2. Melt Down 2008 as this model of concentration of wealth effects circulation and is not sustainable.
  3. Trade wars which spiral up over years of time. Circulation is reduced further.
  4. A trigger event creates SUPER CRASH in the now unstable system of economics.
  5. World accounts rebalance via world wars.

We are entering # 3.

I reported this in my BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION with ways to move forward and avoid this model. Presidents have read it and quote from it. No one has political will to fight the SUPER MONEY. Yet.

The pattern repeats.

Economically we are moving into world war and you know why. Plus SUPER MONEY POOLS profit from the slaughter keep that in your thinking as well. Always follow the money not the press you read daily.



Build your own safe harbor and we tell you how to do just that at CEO SPACE.

Or not.

Do nothing – thats ok – as its pretty good really – until its NOT.

Either way – we’ll keep a light on for you out there as we track it. While we wish we were wrong over all our predictions since the 1980’s – to date – truly being wrong? Not so much as the accuracy our readers rely on is simple:


Berny Dohrmann

Just home from 10,000 Entrepreneurs and speaking west coast USA