The news today is what I call mid year political buffet. You can really look at most of it under the category of just “plain silly”. On the gun debate – as actually knives kill more folks than guns annually – lets ban knives in all nations. Then forks. The cause of violence is not knives. It is culture. We require a culture of law and value of life and morals and integrity. We don’t teach our young such values. We default them into war conditioning video games, where reality and its sense of reality is lost utterly and that developing brain that is damaged – acts out. As never before – in response to cultural defined modeling. NO prohibition of anything including opiates will resolved the opiate addiction model. Surprisingly legalizing all drugs – would dramatically drop drug use as the pushers in the streets would be out of a job just on price alone.

But hey – the industry of keeping you invested in mindless perpetuation wars that failed and wars we completely lost fighting – the war on education – the war on drugs – the war on poverty – the war on prejudice – the war on health care – we lost them all.

Perhaps going to war is the wrong approach given the industries we now must sustain that are loosing ground every single month, and given the statistics of how failed all these wars have been. Could we do better and have a better way actually? Is anyone leading into a better way?

So today – the mid year elections are coming.

All news is bought and paid for to influence voters in the mid year election.

The Mid year election has three outcomes:

  1. Relatively no change in congress – likely
  2. Republicans advantage and pick up Congressional seats – ten or so say in both sides or more.
  3. Democrates upset republicans and gain majorities and they have the advantage.

Now consider in voter outcome # 3 Nancy Pelosi has stated her first act as Majority head will be to draft articles of impeachment for Donald Trump. These processes will go no where as the republicans will preclude 2/3 rd required vote to enact articles of impeachment.

This means that Nancy can create:

  • A congress that does nothing – zero for two final Trump years.
  • A drain on Trumps ability to do anything as a lame duck about to go out in his re-election
  • Landslide a TRUMP IS OUT after the failed impeachment and pick up even more in the Congress as democrats.

If republicans knew this was the game plan of the opposition then the republicans would stop at no process to assure this outcome does not take place.

I believe this is the race – taking place.

The outcomes is Trump wins and six more years of prosperity and boom economics world wide.

Trump loses and economically not politically a SUPER CRASH and significant global recession.

Said another way the MID YEAR ELECTION IN THE USA – must be voted upon as if it was the general Presidential election to follow by the voters. Why?

Because the mid year election IS the most important mid year election in the USA in 100 years.

Thumbs up or thumbs down the economist is hostage now to the election results of November. Until then its is global BOOM and party time. Blow that party horn and drink up.

Berny Dohrmann – Party Master – CEO SPACE MARCH 19th TAMPA