Medical errors are ( released today ) the # 3 killer – preventable killer – killing 250,000 American’s a year. Far more are dying this week than in Florida shootings from DOCTORS than from GUNS.

Congress needs to BAN the huge killers way ahead of guns – Doctors and Knife Killings by banning all Doctors and banning all Knives. This does two things. It removes a huge part of our obesity and it takes out a ton of opiate deaths as well – so we make Gun Deaths now rise in importance as far more harm is being done in death factories by doctors and knives.

Congress needs to bank – all toxic foods – all drugs – all doctors – all knives – and then look into banning all forks and soup spoons than perhaps some assault rifles which kill say 100’s a year.

250,000 plus of reported deaths the THIRD LARGEST KILLER in 2017 in America is from Doctors – and mistakes and errors on US.

The unreported numbers could easily be over 1,000,000 making the DOCS the # 1 killer in the USA and perhaps the entire world. DO we just get congress to BAN DOCTORS – as the families of the dead rise up and demand that the cause of all this death – DOCTORS be banned.

Before Butt Stocks on rifles for example.

There is no constitutional right in our nation to bare doctors – so many are unbearable anyway. LETS BAN DOCTORS AND ALL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS and save 10 million lives over ten years.

This makes gun deaths look like fly swatting next to KNIFE DEATHS and Traffic accidents and opiate deaths and the # 1 killer today ABORTIONS which frankly is done by – yes DOCTORS. Millions are dying from DOCTOR MAL PRACTICE and we are making that legal murder and we permit that legal killing spree to go on. We even almost kneel to the modern high priests – doctors – while they in their arrogant unholy union with the PHARM industry bringing us the opiate  deaths -and abortion  deaths and yes – when we combine all the doctor deaths on just the top ten killer charts – how many MILLIONS is the number one – by way far – WAY FAR  – # 1 killer – DOCTORS slaughtering humanity out taking?

While they distract us to take out assault rifles that kill say a few 100 less than say 3 million – annually – 250,000 in just bad meds and Mal practice by the trade community in health care -the biggest killers – wow see any hospital in any city and all the new slaughter houses being built.

What is congress doing about 100 to 1 deaths to Florida shooting every day of every week of every month?

Why nothing. Folks.

We are talking about REAL MONEY HERE –

Guns – they are like little mud puddles of money by the beach near the shore.

DOCS – now thats the OCEAN of money with the Pharms and health care – legal theft on drug costing – untold harm and misery inflicted by the system and the # 3 cause of death overall just DOCS being DOCS in 2017 – and no one does anything about this legal murder.

Folks – allow the media to blind you from data and thinking.

I am the father of nine.

A death of a child is unforgivable.

The FBI and the Justice department is so broken we have to REFORM AND UPGRADE JUSTICE AT CORE – they also are in a simple catagory – for we the people – which IS: can we do better than THIS moving forward ? And the answer – you BET WE CAN AND WE SHOULD.

Cops – up to four – being ordered to stand down ( by who ) and failing to save children lives – our system has failed us – is failing us. Ask yourself CAN WE DO BETTER. Of course we can.

The answer is not GUN CONTROL.

The answer is JUSTICE AND HEALTH CARE REFORM and millions of us can be safe again. The unborn generation can be safe again.

All these firms bashing the National Rifle Association like law full registered gun owners are at fault here – or the NRA is in any remote way at fault here – any context of blame – SHAME ON YOU. Just shame on you.

The issue is DISTRACTION. The NRA is a fair game whipping post to distract you from the real slaughter the real data the real responsibility. Folks – watch BLACK LIVES MATTER VIDEOS – of old men shot in the back and young cops planting weapons and lying on the true facts about shooting after shooting – circles of armed cops and tasered carrying cops around a mature trained cop – chocking a teen who is screaming I can’t breath in that illegal prevented by law choke hold – on film – I can’t breath as law enforcement murders that young teen boy who was unarmed surrounded by cops who did nothing – who do nothing – who did nothing.

FOLKS the SYSTEM NEEDS REFORM from the inside out – or the slaughter continues.

America ?

To be GREAT we admit our mistakes.

We fix them.

The pendelum in this nation also swings back.

But the biggest industry in this nation is Pharm’s – Wallstreet that funds it all and PRISONS AND HEALTH CARE. Those core systems all need MASSIVE INSIDE OUT REFORM – the crises we have is not in leadership.

WE have oceans of bought and paid for great leadership.

The crises folks is of AMERICAN INTEGRITY.

Unless we reset and get INTEGRITY RIGHT it is not Russia that has any impact on our freedom and democracy – it is our ROT FROM WITHIN by just being passive and allowing the ROT TO CONTINUE.

America being great again.

We the people have to come together – as one on the issue of JUSTICE REFORM FIRST – WALLSTREET REFORM SECOND AND HEALTH CARE REFORM THIRD.

The security of our nation – the safety in our streets -the deaths from DOCS and Knives and the slaughter from drugs – occurs when we culturally restore INTEGRITY because the we the people massive challenge is to rise up as one on the right issues –


Or you can allow bought and paid media to entertain you with ever distracting issues – and the democracy of this nation will decline in a riot of death and mayhem from our DOCTORS AND PHARMS where gun violence is way under text death’s from driving – and of no significance really – to guns – versus culture that allows such thinking to use guns in such ways – because our education of young brains is eight hours a day on the most violent addicting games on earth – and this generation is rising up to show us 278 school shootings from such violance – brains under 21 should not be able to use games – because finger prints at birth define age activation of games from congress new integrity laws to roll back such BRAIN DAMAGE that robs parents of their right to BARE CHILDREN AND RAISE THEM IN SAFE SCHOOLS – but damaged brains are rising up by the numbers because we have to reform the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY addictive products to young brains where violence is not reality but their new normal – a first for any generation and the results are clear.


Or follow the bought and paid for – the dollars flowing into issues to the mid year election ( gun control ) are emotional issues to get votes – its about power and money from the peeps that are slaughtering you 100 to 1 over guns – do the math.

Follow their bouncing ball and we will never fix this……..

I suggest you read between the Lines – think of this blog as a de-coder ring like you used to get in cereal boxes when innocence ruled media.

Think about that.

Berny Dohrmann – on what is really going on OUT There -the TRUTH