On the way to 50,000 DOW we will see a likely cycle vocality we have never known before – 2700 to 2500 dow Day fluctuations on occasion – as new normal. This software volatility can not be charted to old model historic market pathologies in my opinion. A new casino capitalism today is presenting new normals as software dominates the majority of velocity and volume of markets globally. Less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and their software control the markets today and the price ranges of all asset classes bar none.

The last great boom of our generations life time is in play. You either risk winning and profit from this opportunity our you snooze and you lose out utterly. There is no in between in this market. We will not again in our opinion see an expansion and market opportunity period like the 72 forward months coming – again in our life time.

You will never see:

  • The pries of anything
  • The interest cost for everything
  • Lower than it is now in your remaining adult life time

More new wealth will be created in the coming 72 months than in the entire history of humanity. How much of that wealth will be your wealth?

Wealth creation is now a feature of stronger plans, stronger teams and mentorship, and resources.

Weak plans and weak mentors and weak resources will define wealth creators or wealth generators.

The wild card in the PIE of this long boom cycle is isolated to one geo political risk – CHINA. The IMF presented its most serious warning to Chinese plannings this weekend. Why?

China is running phony currency and phony growth numbers on massive debt super bubbles from their borrowing 300% more each year than they make. The IMF suggested for the eight time in 24 months, Chinas debt is unsustainable, their policies are not addressing the risk to nation and the world, and that a SUPER CRASH is possible due to stress tests not being met by so many Chinese institutions. The IMF cautioned CHINA remains a WILD CARD RISK outstanding to the entire world economic order due to its unsustainable DEBT Super Bubble.

It is our opinion as we have presented here the IMF is impossibly late and understated. We believe China will great a world depression and super duper crash – and world war. However we believe this will not occur for five to seven more growth years. We have time.

China is trying to manage its reforms and problems.

We are trying to assist CHINA with SUPER BONDS which can reset the IMF concerns on risk by itself.

There are options.

Meanwhile China is booming the EU is booming and Japan can’t restart inflation. We see taking oil out of the equation – with speculators manipulating the price of oil – that there is NO INFLATION AT ALL world wide.

We believe the Fed may well raise interest rates only twice this year which will send the market soaring. We also believe trillions will be invested back Into the USA over 24 months creating the largest USA growth and expansion – EVER frankly.

All the talk about impeachment and legal “stuff” we feel is just talk and the guy who makes over 800 million dollars of personal income a year has no fear and enjoys legal team protections that are superior to OJ Smith.

We see politics being mean as always but having limited impact. We believe the Republicans may well pick up ten seats in the mid year election creating a GOVERNMENT for six more years where big ideas can get put into law really. That will be a great momentum to the boom we are discussing we’ll see. No one can assure outcomes on that as its way to early.

So we see a long protracted SUPER GROWTH and expansion for markets for 72 months or longer. We suggest the best time to buy ANYTHING is right now.

The good times?

Your inside one.