My birthday month following the stock market correction – we called for three years – to the bullseye for our readers – did not effect consumers. The consumers increasingly cite favorable GOV policies and the growing business positive long term climate.

Consumers stunned experts. They ranked at 99% and no one expected it to rise that high – or be that strong. CONSUMERS are SPENDING and this is a long term trend.

Oil went DOWN despite a drop in American stocks – which is deceiving if you look at what type of stocks as some inventory went up. But America matched its own record of 2.2 million export gallons a DAY in February and is rising output at a level OPEC had zero clue on. Our imports dropped to their lowest level – around 15% in America – we are about to be energy self sufficient.

America is now producing more than the OPEC cut backs by almost double and is offsetting supply reductions from nations like Lybria today – which brought oil slightly back up – and Venezuela and others – but all that production is about to roar back including production from new Brazil fields which are massive.

The dollar we told you would soar back up – is rising rapidly. The market is seeing a buying opportunity in dollars which we suggest is a three year win for any dollar buyer.

China is on a tight rope dancing. Their currency control model can never work. Free markets work and transparency works. China creates a currency that is monopoly play money – use that at your own great risk and peril and remember we told you THAT.

Debt burdened China with a run out of its economy by capital at levels even capital CONTROLS by central banking communists can not with their sea walls contain the capital tsunami running away from CHINA over the coming decade.

So China has let its currency fly UP and the dollar fly down. This makes Chinese goods cost more – a lot more – and American goods cost less a lot less – and it makes Trump happy. If China saw a devaluation or a crash in its currency its products would be ON SALE world wide and Trump would conclude and the world would join Trump – China IS a currency manipulator – which they are. Now they want to avoid a trade war.

As China still dumps steal aluminum and other products below their cost – subsidizing these job creating industries – as part of their 300% borrowing over their GNP income – for a decade – which is not economics or sustainable as the IMF has warned – China is about to experiencing disruption and more run on the nation. The tariff’s on their unfair trade honey moon era – is coming to an end – and as it does their accommodation to fair and honorable trading – is going to in fact destroy the Chinese Economy. Why?

Because Communist economics is a failed model.

This is not a political anything.

I like the idea of social capitalism.

I just think the communist box top rules since 1700’s do not work – and why anyone would save for their own power and greed – preserve such a system model – is beyond me. The good that comes from that model is offset by the disastrous economically that occur in what is coming. What is coming for China –

IS THE GREAT REBALANCING and when this economic GREAT REBALANCING OCCURS China will no longer be the China you see and know today. It may be multiple autonomous provinces in a EU like trade association between Asia Nations and trading partners. To get to that there is going to be a HARD ECONOMIC SUPER CRASH in China that will effect the world – and then – there is going to be a blood bath in China as the GREAT REBALANCING resets economics accounts and political capital. I think communism is at grave risk.

Kings are better Emperors are better historically.

Democracy is messy but batter.

I believe we have five to seven years of a SUPER BOOM. The Last Great BOOM of our generations experience -not to be reproduced in the lives of anyone alive including age one month.

I think this is IT.


If you miss grabbing the BIG ONE and dancing in the sun in the good times you miss the consumer index report this weekend at 99% confidence. Folks that is as high as it gets.

Good times?

Your inside the good times this weekend.


I would….and we are.

Berny Dohrmann From San Francisco with LOVE – invest in WINNING