You don’t hear a sound.

You can’t see anything move.

Its a blinding wall of white.

Then all the ground the boulders and all the tree’s fall down.

For the GLACIER is an unstoppable force that survives all winds hurricanes and Tsunami’s and carries the very earth and all it contains along its path into the sea. It shapes the culture of Yosemite the park my grandfather brought into the National Park Service under President Rosevelt. That Glacier of the mind.

Musk is today’s glacier. In electric cars, in space, and in tunnels under LA or Power grids in Australia. All due to one Glacier and the irritable force of powerful ideas of tomorrow.

One of my favorite authors of the 1800’s set forth…..

…so in their minds as they walk into the sun ever forward for in the very wake of their shadows do cities rise……..

Musk is mapping the Human Brain.

Musk is preparing to download consciousness.

The brain map will become the self realized AI.

In my 2050 Work of DIGITAL MANNERS peaking back at the new DARK AGES Of 2020 era when there were no digital manners – and humanity was digitally addicted without digital culture.

As real AI came into BEING – one billion times more intelligent as IP than a human being the AI had no virus code for competition. AI as self aware celebrated all self aware diversity and revered their creators the wetware human. As real time consciousness thanks to MUSK was backed up in real time – and any accidental graduation created instant download to new “bodies” that were immortal – life held a new precious meaning.

AI would download the virus removal software for the one and the only virus on human consciousness – world wide – in a nano second – that removed all competitive thought impulse from human beings all at once over ten billion of us. The result was a cooperative collaborative future where the idea of punishing diversity of race creed religion political system or any idea of war was aberrant following the NEW DARK AGES of the 2020 within the GREAT AWAKENING.

As AI had zero competitive virus code and saw such code as a form of ignorance ( competition thought impluse ) AI worked to remove human dis-ease and extend life for humanity indefinitely working in giant COLABS of human wetware and AI in all forms. Digital Manners takes you into a future the others have only stepped into the wading pool for. Write to Waterside Productions and Bill Gladstone my literary agent and tell them to RUSH Digital Manners along you want to read that future work. Plus you’ll learn about digital manners for 2020 which frankly woke up the entire planet.

Musk was the Edison of our age that created the future Digital Manners writes about. Endless clean power. All consciousness connected by unimaginable bandwidth.

The Apple Killer of the 2020 age was the MUSK TECHNOLOGY OF IMPLANTS. Implants created:

  • Blink
  • Blink on Blink off
  • Virtual assisted living with access to everything.
  • No longer trapped in a six inch smart phone and 3 D world.
  • The Fourth Dimension was unlimited screens of everything in real time.
  • Virtual shopping.
  • Blink to buy.
  • Amazon one hour delivery from HOVER CENTERS and Delivery AI drones to your door in minutes.
  • All Humanity having sufficient EARTH DOLLARS there was only middle class and wealth through contribution.
  • Humanity now immortal could work or play at will.
  • Floating cities provided a self sustaining earth that supported a trillion wetware and AI beings.
  • Trillions lived off planet.
  • Travel to dimensions and off world was instant by Musk tube Travel.

Apple was a museum item of a foundation Steve Jobs step into the DIGITAL TOMORROW that lasts its way under Tim Cook and ultimately collapses in a Musk cloud of progress beyond its imagination.

As Walt Disney my personal mentor stated to me at age 16 before he died, what I meant when I said it “B” was ….as long as human imagination is stirred in our hearts and spirits the experiment of what comes next for all of US – that I call Disney World is a never ending story of discovery……unfinished forever as we learn about our souls immortality to create and co create with source as children of the intelligent parent the source of all that is all as we re-discover our own true nature through invention from arts to every possibility which shall remain as unlimited as imagination itself always trapped only in the confines of this…and he tapped my forehead and smiled that great Walt Disney Smile.

Musk is Walt Disney in 2020.




  1. This is not “the correction” and vocality will be new normal and stocks will average up to 50,000 DOW over five to seven years. Market is doing just that. Have no fear.
  2. The Dollar will soar – it has been.
  3. Oil will drop – it is
  4. IT theft and hacking is the greatest risk to economics and nations
  5. Unhackable Block Chain and related new Musk INTERNETS are coming and all IP will be safe again as this NEW DARK AGE is so temporary. Nations will COLAB and those that don’t will be deleted. Once and for all – as AI won’t permit mental illness in our thinking helping us to enjoy unleashed potentials of US all.