Having finished my two new books SUPER CHANGE – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE – and DIGITAL MANNERS – THE FUTURE MADE MANIFEST winging to major publishers in their bidding wars – as a former New York Times Best Selling Author you are about to see a global phenomenon as these books come alive to millions of “seekers” who are changing the world.

London – having had offices in town for decades previously – is like home coming as is New York City. Such a joy. Speaking to endless circles of entrepreneurs till they closed the convention center – photos on Face Book – Linkeden and GooglePlus if your following me ( always send a note you read my blog and I’ll click you all in ) – you’ll see the action in London. It was inspiring. I hope I transformed futures – my only mission this late in life.

Gaining insight from my tribe of investment bankers and economists who lead in the EU, gave some confirmation to my blog space. Major publications reported what you already read – SOFTWARE over reacts and creates vocality that is UNREAL REALITY today. The market will we predict prior to Super Crashing:

  1. Enjoy the last great expansion and boom growth period over seven years of this generation – not to be repeated in our life times.
  2. Volatility will be more pronounced do to software analogies in trading outside any chart and maximizing profit making in the casino speculations of the new market reality. We call this THE CASINO VOLATILITY GAME where the ball bounces no one really cares because they all make money on all sides of the trading rope up and down along the journey.
  3. We predikt a 50,000 DOW with peaks and valleys like never known before – all software casino speculator moderated by 10,000 super money pools consolidating 70% of the market trades – with you and I bouncing along behind the curves software speeds create profits in advance of. To all the rest of us. Outside any regulatory frame work today.
  4. We predict the last growth boom cycle of this generations life time and we encourage our 147 nations of business owners within CEO SPACE’s Community ( you can join for March 19th and accelerate your own profits without time delays ) – to RISK WINNING. Don’t lose time. Create better plans improved teams and elevated resources in the age of entrepreneurs to grow your ventures – now – versus later – speed up WINNING AND TAKE RISKS TO GROW FASTER into this Spring. Our message in London.
  5. We believe we are in a new market space never seen before. A market of contracting central bank money flow tightening and elevating interest rates within a stimulus from nations and private sectors by trillions of dollars that will propel the new global prosperity. The central bank foot on the break if applied gently over time frames – will not slow the acceleration of the stimulus of nations consumers and private sectors for years. RISK WINNING.

This model suggests we are in a new economy and new chart territory. We are moving down a bullet train mag lev at speeds never known before on the cow catchers of nations laying the track ( new rules in software ) even as we go at ever higher accelerations.

We suggest todays volatility is OVER REACTION largely due to software parameter flaws which make dollar cost averaging more profitable than prior market periods – as in todays market the dips – and quick recoveries.

The US treasury leads the global bond market. Their bonds have paid ten years of zero interest. Today they are selling record levels of bonds. 100% more than last year. The world is adjusting. All the Treasury A talent is phoning all the 10,000 Super Money pools to balance portfolio’s at 3% interest – 300% gains in returns in T bills – as the huge auction unfold this week and next. IF these bonds sell well and fully subscribe the Dollar is going to SOAR. All bonds are going to soar.

BUT – equities will rise. Not 200% market growth in one month – January 2018 – a software casino ABERRATION  – that required software to PROFIT dollar cost average and take profits including their short profits on the rope – in the correction ( that was not a real correction ) – to which the market is rising back in stability – all with increase in volatility ( which volatility in the new software markets ) is only a NEW PROFIT MAKING mechanic. NO prior chart or history defines the NEW GLOBAL CASINO SOFTWARE CAPITALISM.

I now suggest ( as an investment banker economist as my own opinion ) that – we are in a five to seven year boom to 50,000 DOW, a $ 1,000,000 bitcoin ( but when ) with 1500 down days as NEW NORMAL and volatility that means nothing really – as one as never before – inside this CASINO buys in dollar cost average across all balanced portfolio’s – buy the dips – and plan in 12 months versus 12 days given YOUNG first generation AI – rapidly maturing – that is over selling on various news that a human managed account market would never spike as we see SOFTWARE profit taking consume. It is just NEW and it is an adjustment to buying and selling as you learn the new software landscape.

I feel we are seeing the last great boom cycle – globally – in all generations for this entire generations lifetime over five to seven years. Fortunes will be made in all markets and in real estate. The dollar is so over sold that at the rising interest and trillions being invested in the USA and a forever rising OIL ACCOUNT as the USA becomes the largest oil producer and exporter on earth for 25 forward years – the US dollar is going to simply SOAR. The 4X profit making in the USA dollar following the treasury auctions over two weeks define the profit making opportunity. Treasury consumption which we think will be orderly and effect all bond markets – as it is consumed – will make fortunes in DOLLARS bought at this dip – as the dollar just SOARS.

Should geo political events impact markets seriously these assumptions can moderate but without a major versus a minor geo political impact event – the five to seven year global boom for this generation is the last great wealth estate for all of us.

I’m telling our Entrepreneur CEO’s in 140 nations – RISK WINNING – invest in your own growth and do it early in this enormous Entrepnreeur cycle.

In the end CASINO Software global market space – a new market never known before – I suggest old models are not applicable any longer. I also suggest the entire world is booming, growing, and cooperating with a growing cooperation – that may with some hic-ups to rebalance trading – primarily benefiting the USA and its post world war subsidiary of global rebuilding after the wars – now will fair trade rebalance to the dollars favor and the entire worlds stability with the USA engine strengthening in a new era of innovation, automation, invention, and industries that do not even exist today. Self driving drones, cars, transport, and more – all coming with modeling that is entirely new economics from Amazon to retail itself as experience drives outcome.

The wealth of nations is not intellectual property.

The age of the Entrepreneurs is just starting – creating more wealth jobs and futures than any time of humanity in history.

The only wild card well defined here is SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of nations which is moderated by SUPER BOND THEORY now entering the market to reset and rebalance national debt accounts within a new bond class – CEO SPACE invented and brought to market marker attention over five years – now resolving the potentials of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES to soft land versus hard land.

Within this frame work the extension of global prosperity and the systems to moderate balances – appears to drive forward economics within a new software market model for capital flows that the world never has known in the past.

We feel with moderated controlled inflation – the central bank foot on the breaks – is offset sufficiently by national stimulus policy and private sector investing not seen since 2008 and the Great Recession. Trillions on the side line are coming now into economic investment to drive the forward prosperity.

We can not and know one can predict geo political events. We see such risk as North Korea as off set by global prosperity welcome mats that reset political paranoia – where leaders can trade insecurity for wealth unknown to nations is prior times – trading security and wealth for postures of impotence to real power.

Wealth is in the air.

The notion we are at the end of a boom cycle is we feel misplaced to old modeling before Software markets became globalized over the past five years. This spiral of software AI controlled markets is of itself a new financial landscape and requires new economic vocabularies today’s news caster require education to adapt into.

Within the new economic alphabet – vocabulary and landscape we are in fact a third through an extended economic renaissance that world has never known before since ROME itself.

The boom we are engaged in is EARLY in its cycle and we feel in the age of the entrepreneur the real wealth is ENTREPRENEUR WEALTH that with circulation elevations for capital – within global laws favoring removal of entrepreneur barriers to entry and growth will define forward prosperity as national laws accommodate the NEW ECONOMICS.

These accommodations are led by the United States as modeling for the world of nations in such landmark legislations as the JOBS ACT signed by and promoted by CEO SPACE and President Obama and the recent tax reform once though beyond political will and now signed into law by President Donald Trump – an economic reset to the ENTREPRENEURS of the entire world now investing trillions into the USA. The USA dollar is a dollar store item that those who buy in this dip will profit we believe in ways that make today’s dollar 4x buyers seem like wizards by year end in 2018.

As we watch the unfolding prosperity we tell our entrepreneurs one sentence – when it comes to investing in your growth….

…yesterday is already too late…..risk winning !

This is the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEURS global prosperity.

March 19th we host a Tampa conference ranked # 1 in the world to stimulate massive client acquisition – market acquisition – and profit making within the leading business conference ranked # 1 by third party press across the globe. Smart money will invest in lifetime corporate memberships at http://www.ceospace.net as they network in the top ranked BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE as an income accelerator on earth.

I invite all my readers to consider being inside this event and sharing the PROFIT potential with their circles. We can not wait to provide references to those you see on our web site which are global.

If you agree – I’ll meet you live and in person in Tampa Bay.

Thank you for sharing my blog – to those you know need an extra item of perspective to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

We’ll keep a bright light on just for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Inside the last great boom of our generation 2018