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I’ve been writing about Casino Capitalism and explaining the system risk – which is not under system failure events right at this moment – but we wanted you to make tons of profit while you watch the landscape a bit more closely than in the past. We told you why.

Today we have the major New York Law firm – representing the whistle blower from INSIDE the Casino top management – the “owners” of the Super Money pools that control everything today – too few with woman at the top by the way or we would never be in this male left brain created economic mess – that – the core aspect of the casino capitalism market itself is totally manipulated – which is in fact a crime The Criminals conducting the crime are legally stealing billions in wealth and enjoying a warm meal in the Hamptons folks insulated from harm.

The WHISTLE BLOWER told the SEC today – that:

  1. The owners of the super money pools are really criminal bad boys.
  2. They are manipulating legal theft by manipulating not only price in all asset classes and how – they are manipulating volatility itself – the market up and downs – which with inside illegal “prior knowledge” of the move dynamic – you can steal from those who lose on the wrong side of the bet – fortunes.
  3. This is a rigged casino capitalism where insiders are as fantastically wealthy powerful old boys club members, now through their crimes to manipulate the global markets, making ungodly fantastic new wealth and sums the old fashion way – they are simply stealing that wealth from other super money pools that lack their criminal insider digital tool kit.
  4. The whistle blower today led by a major Wallstreet firm of great reputation – ratted out the criminals – how they do it – when they do it – what they do precisely – and where – and now the SEC should be able to put the real crooks that make Berny Medoff a 7/11 store their who stole a snickers bar – compared to the fat cat criminals stealing trillions – into FEDERAL PRISON forever one would hope. How many years? Will they all get off as they always seem to? Today an insider in the CASINO BLEW THE WHISTLE.
  5. Without inside reports of the real crimes in Casino Capitalism – which is software from sovereign nations and criminal institutions – the new MAFIA folks is on line and digitally advanced – and they are taking more wealth by crime than any prior costa nostra ever conceived of in a Mayer Lansky wet dream – and with all due respect I knew Mayer. His vision is zip compared to what the digital age organized crime is stealing as the wealth of nations today right out of a casino that has no rules and the game is like your child’s on line game – evolving even as the players play.

So round and round we go – and where that ball stops no one can know.

What we do know is the chips are borrowed at fantastic leverage.

What we do know is if the game goes badly as games will and do, the margin calls on those chips will bankrupt the house not just the players at the casino tables world wide.

So everyone is drinking heavily of the Kool aide – everyone is having a sugar rush – everyone is making a lot of money borrowing all the way along the casino table – and the market is rigged by the insiders.

Wow – we told you so seems to silly on Valentine’s Day.

Ladies we know you have this figured out and my phrase in my latest book still a year from market placement I suspect – Digital Manners – is:

…the left brain problems of left brain male layered crises upon crises in all system modeling including human organization as insanely competitive versus sanely cooperative – can no longer be solved to resolution inside male brain problem solving tools and tactics. Only with Lady Leader intuition and right brain problem solving can the crises of integrity be resolved and system models be reset to the sanity of collaboration and cooperation modeling woman are more expert than men at evolving and maintaining – and without the LADY LEADER PROBLEM SOLVING in future leadership humanity itself remains at risk…the age of the Valentine can not appear in the board room and state house fast enough to reset the resolutions the world needs to its core systems….in our CEO SPACE opinion…….

So happy Valentine  Days Lady Leaders world wide for YOU 



Berny Dohrmann

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