Having invested 30 years of my contribution in life, to assist CEO’s to enjoy  better futures, I turned 70 on Feb 7th. That day in 1948 my mother was playing tennis with my famous father Alan. She had serious back pain, which stopped her tennis game at  six months pregnant, and Dad took her  to see the doctor it was so serious at Saint Mary’s hospital down the way from the Tennis Courts on the family compound. While the Doctor was washing his hands at Saint Mary’s hospital where my own father was born, where his father was born, and where his father helped fund and found the hospital itself, the Doctor turned in some great surprise and informed my mother Marjorie Dohrmann that her water had broken. We did not have sonic-grams in those days. Mom was terrified that three months premature in 1948 I would not survive. They soon discovered in a family of all girls their first born son had arrived. Father had already called the local Priest Father DraLay, to baptize his first born son at  birth, as there was NO WAY quickly Named BERNHARD ( after my grandfather ABC Dohrman google him )  would survive at only  3.6 pounds in 1948. If I was not in the hospital I would not have made it I don’t believe. I think I was in a shoe box with a light in those days. Anyway I survived somehow, as a premature and still have my Christening picture with entire Dohrmann Clan on the Church steps from those days 90 days later at now a whomping seven pounds. Who knew the premier  would found one of the fastest growing public investment banking firms in the world or CEO SPACE to follow that global institution?
All I want for my birthday is my vast CEO SPACE  membership  world wide to join my 70th Birthday Party at Innisbrook – Resort March 19th – register at to accelerate any business profit agenda.
My last blog following the worst Market Day since 1929 – was entitled as we predicted just that day – BECALM MY CHILDREN. We suggested you would see casino capitalism as a new wild frontier – with market drivers by software for the first time in market history versus humans – report sensational trading VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentums – both up and down – inside ranges and time frames never experienced before. We suggested “an you an’t seen nothing yet”.
Today’s market is a speculator market. The realities of past known’s and given’s are illusions to predict todays market price and trading ranges. Take this to the bank as I turn 70 as a retired investment banker economist:
* Today’s asset classes – all of them – are manipulated as to price by software
* Todays market is controlled by AI trading between less than 10,000 super money pools – that consolidate and imbalance price ranges to speculative targets software against software set and maintain
* New frontiers occur when trading ranges of these new AI softwares are exceeded and software platforms interacting within AI parameters are stressed to accommodate variables program requirements never considered elasticity for
* Stress points included software super triggers to short and sell into markets under stress all at the same time which we saw Monday and again Tuesday and I suspect again Weds.
* New stability occurs when trading parameters the AI finds accommodating to its own parameters of profit protection and risk moderation returns to
* As all this is NEW and is FIRST TIME – a software controlled global market space – the new normal is nothing we have known before and everything is going to be new – discovering as we go.
* The ultimate risk is geo political events which we have yet to experienced which trigger all software to SELL and no buyers remain in fact and the market reaches LED or Liquidity Evaporation Day when liquidity is no longer present to maintain orderly markets globally and the markets seize up to liquidity parameters evaporate – which is a final death to the new environment as a potential – for the weighted now concentration of trillions of dollars all trading software against software seeking profit maximization without human intelligence in the VAM taking place in the space.
The risks are new.
The risk are not predictable to prior periods.
The ultimate risk we predict is liquidity due to wealth concentrations and software market making parameters being exceeded by impossible to predict global event triggers beyond software designers conception.
Having engineered advanced brokerage firm software on multiple main frames with award winning softwares this space I have some understanding for – as a 70 year old Silicon Valley brat and code writer myself. An AIA for investment software constructs.
I also believe the advance of the AI software to software market domination of global trading has been so fast the economics are behind and the experts fail to appreciate the core new risk inherent inside this new wild frontier.
Again the phrase – you an’t seen nothing yet.
Final heretical view of mine to my own tribe. Consider:
* Stake Holder Trading – buying real assets and owning them and trading them in real valuations in the market space.
* Side Bets – speculations to buy every class of asset imaginable in structured asset models that even bet on volatility as a side bet itself – is criminal to economics – manipulating to economics and with wealth concentration where side. bets are larger than stake holder investing by large multiples – always is the core cause of system failure.
The depression laws made side bets criminal. That worked pretty well.
In 1999 in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton Administration the unanimous vote of congress before Christmas break – tore apart 870 regulations from the depression years.
The 1929 depression took place due to wild ramp ups of legal speculation called BUCKET SHOPS in every state – where side bets exceeded total market capital by enormous ratio’s. The system liquidity pre VAM with software – crashed entirely. The banks failed.
Everything failed.
What broke the system was criminal speculation permitted by legal changes financial interest made possible for greed and profit. It was economic insanity.
Today the concentration of global wealth, into less than 10,000 super money pools – profiting primarily from side bets having nothing to do with real economics – betting which ways asset classes may go – is casino capitalism just like 1929.
The difference is the ratio of VAM – Velocity Acceleration and Momentum is a a Mount Everest to a SPEED BUMP in economic landscape to side bet manipulation of price – and market liquidity risks, that can and may very well destroy the entire global system – everything fails.
The 1999 Congress that made SIDE BETS that were crimes – legal – and allowed investment banking wild speculators to own banks – meant your grand mother’s deposits could be lent at 50 to 1 margin off shore in side bets to make profits that risk bank failure and total system failure. Consolidations of too big to JAIL and too big to FAIL are at levels never seen before not since Rome never in Greece never in human modern history.
Those making the profits told us before the depression of 1907 – and again in the depression of 1929 – that they had created RISKLESS – RISK there was no risk they had the formula’s down to profit endlessly while the tore system pricing from market rate to casino capitalism and wild non economic greed for profit speculations.
For some reason the world has failed to cooperate to set up a G 100 new digital regulatory frame work – that bans the speculators and forces real economic investing in stake holder investment by trillions before the wealth of nations is gambled away completely.
As I turn 70 no one believes the sky IS falling –
Until it does.
Berny Dohrmann – My Birthday Caution to the WORLD
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