You know we have told you what was coming.

Now its here.

The AI software is now in control of velocities and volumes. This creates wild rides up and down like markets never have seen before in time compressions markets never knew before. New normal.

The ride up in AI manipulated ranges – is not over. Now the profit making will be made in AI software volatility. As the market becomes more and more unstable, keep in mind our enemies are making fortunes with DIGITAL WEAPONS of mass financial distraction making profits with what we feel is the first digital weapons for short selling and manipulations to profit from these volatility cycles up and down.

So we have strong earnings and record 1600 point crashes.


CASCADE. The digital divide all the kings horses and sovereign nation regulatory agencies are powerful to control until we create an entirely new GLOBAL G 100 regulatory frame work for this new era.

Software cascades is what we told you was coming beyond any report news or trend – simply software AI tirggered profit taking and position protecting. One software against and another. And it is NOT OVER YET.

This is the FIRST DIGITAL CASCADE. More are on their way. UP and down. Huge swings.

We just saw what in the news in a week?

  • Missed outcomes from Google
  • Missed outcomes from Facebook
  • Missed outcomes from Apple
  • Scandals and front page news on Apple IOS crises
  • Wells Fargo getting slammed with a. complete run on their bank

The market GOES UP last week on all this news.

Friday it cumulative sinks upon the software its GO TIME.

Digital CASCADE Monday.

We can’t predict Tuesday.

I suggested WEDS is when you will see the truth of it all. If it is the BIG ONE the Super Crash and big correction long over due to way way over valued equities – everyone is talking about I mean really on earning and PE ratio’s I mean REALLY – look at the charts …really.

So this is no surprise to a lot of economists. What goes UP always does come down.

Also SMART AI is forward looking. The prices and profits reporting at not meeting the outcomes expected but are good – but hey they are the busy fourth quarter the high point of the year. The 2018 first quarter is looking tepid by last year and some say declining already. This is presenting AI and Software with the cue to protect yourself before the SPRING EARNINGS disappoint. Hedging now.

Also lets be grown ups.

Treasury announces last week – hey market we are going to bump our borrowing up a bit in 2018 – as the enormity of our 500 billion may have rattled you a bit last year we are looking to borrow say 1 trillion this year or 100% up bubble in just s hand shake of time. We all good with that 100% enormity of debt auction folks?

Now the US treasury is working it. They phone their banks and making it clear what is expected. Sell out of your peak profits and buy our auctions or you can’t fathom what is going to happen to you all as our tribe of insiders. So they take those profits all at once and buy those treasuries and the market reports from kiddie wading pools – hey everyone is moving from equities to safe yields of 2.8 %. Really after making 50% and more per year one equities and across the board better than 10%. Really?

No – they are cashing in and doing as they are told to pick up the huge auctions taking place as what? As what WE TOLD YOU is what. The FED is no longer buying itself and the FED is selling its multi trillion dollar Balance sheet back in – right now – as all that new treasury buying takes place. To fuel circulation right as congress may crash the US to closed ( again ) and not pass a US budget ( again ) and create more uncertainty like this week – again – the markets are anticipating as software does – and it is protecting itself.

Only it is not rational and human. Its software and it for the first time in history with enormity CASCADES all software sells all at the same time. The damage remains an LED event from CASCADE. The VAM the velocity acceleration of selling as it did aaa 2.40 PM today becomes CASCADE – a tidal wave of selling and no buying triggering even more selling until all switches sell and we have 95% selling and NO BUYING to absorb the sell orders – a LIQUIDATION EVAPORATION DAY and the markets are “temporarily closed”. To cool off. But with LED events the CASCADE just continues.

So today we only wipe out profits through say December into November. A bit more and you wipe out 2017 entirely. All of its gains.

The problems with AI cascade is human confidence panics and everyone sells to beat the LED perceived event. Get out before LED – liquidation evaporation day when circulation STOPS on a time with these new casino capitalism beyond regulations to fix or guard against – CASCADE a new market event reported here for two years.

Now the theory is the reality.

Cascade is here folks. All of which our readers know so well.

Right on the money.

Right on the timing.

Remember when we suggested you step out when David Stockman wrote GET OUT OF THE CASINO – and suggested you move into diversified insurance investing. Safe. No loss. Principle protected. Golfing and sleeping like a baby yawning at the VAM and hysteria.

Right now as SOFTWARE can flip into roaring the market back up in a CASCADE of profit taking in the dip enormity given earrings are strong still – VAM.

But will it?

WE suggest its all being sorted out by IT over the 24 hours to come but really humans are out of it. The larger % for the first time in any markets globally is all SOFTWARE AGAINST SOFTWARE with 10,000 super money pools duking it out in software land – a new frontier for world markets.

Its exciting to watch predictions unfold.

It is quite a new economic adventure in raw data.

No one can digest and unpack this in the time frames it is all digitally unfolding.

I have stated my opinion by close on Weds you will know the trend line. If we fail to trigger software rebuying – by Thursday and end of week – this will become the SUPER CRASH I wrote about in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 predicted for no later than SPRING 2018 consistently. I may have been off a few “weeks” over those years but hey – my readers who protected their nest eggs with their advisers today are singing my praise ( again ).

Folks it is all opinion. Everyone has their own. I do my best and no one can predict for sure anything in this new digital landscape. We can only know we go where no market has gone before as the record books are being shattered in 24/7 digital trading – one guys software against the other gals – we have to wait to see how it all sorts itself out.

We will present our best opinions as to how we see it and you take with all your others and make choices that make sense for you now that your in it.

CASCADE – digital cascade – you saw it for real folks – and you read about it first right here.

New economics – up front close and personal for the world.