Long reported here – and first – is this SPRING will produce a correction to a super frothy over priced multiple in the market space.

Today for the first time since June 2016 and the sixth time ever we had a one day drop of 666 points in the Dow. Why? What does it mean.

Well going into this weekend buyers where inhibited more than sellers causing a route for the one day. Software will kick in to buy in the dip given the earnings numbers are vastly beating the expert predictions.

The BOND MARKET is the issue also long reported here. At 3.5% zero risk in rising bond markets and a 5.6% top tier return for S&P the distance between risk on risk off narrows. WE also TOLD YOU.


The dollar is going to be so strong for so many reasons coming up.

The Stock Market profit taking is expected and we expect volatility will rise and be more frequent. But the market will remain in positive territory for a bit we suspect as software controls the market space.

Scroll and read my major item on this week’s report and you’ll see prophecy for today.

SO I would not panic right now – buy in the DIP and I think you’ll be fine but truly the market is so likely to contract this SPRING. The Blog I wrote this weekend on POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY is what I think super money pools are reading and looking at. Monday may not tell us the story but by Weds we should see if the corrections his SPRING is coming early – but hey Ground Hog Phil spoke volumes with six more months of WINTER.

I suggest we will see a brutal correction coming up and anytime now is the WHEN – we’ll see.

The Fed risk triggering a recession and we’ll see on that as well.

Which we reported here first and why.

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS the stability time – that is for sure – is OVER just as we reported to you over and over and over again.

As they said in the film Poltergeist …THEY’ER HERE …….


Berny Dohrmann – on 666 Friday just for you bank on it