This blog began ( like a correct accurate prophecy bought and paid for media has yet to expose fully )to  report to my readers always  FIRST on the CORE ROT at Apple. Last week the first dismal and total earnings miss of such enormity  by APPLE (based on earlier we call it –  their lies ) on IPHONE sales caught up to Apple and Tim with the TRUTH. Tim, in our opinion is SLAUGHTERING the Apple Brand like no CEO making my buddy Steve Jobs turn over in his grave, and a complete betrayal of the Apple rank and file. Why?

Why to save money, make profits at any cost, and realize his own record bonus’s which the BOARD again in my opinion as a Board Chairman, and an investment banker economist, should CLAW BACK from Liar Tim.

So Tim facing the most serious miss in core PHONE SALES – does the blame shedding dance as if old TIM was running for office in a Trump Train. He brings out numbers Apple never discusses about its total user base being 1.1 billion ( then why are IPHONE are your CORE SALES so freaking weak and down against iPhone 6 in 2017 Timmy? Why did so few say 99 million iPhone sales less than 10% of your entire aged base of users by iPhone X not good TIM not good using YOUR numbers not mine ). Throw sand in the giant’s eyes Timmy, ( super money pools ETF trading funds and the markets eyes ) to distract them from the TRUTH – APPLE ROT first reported here is BRAND SLAUGHTER FOR APPLE AT ITS CORE. THE SUPER MONEY IS NOT FOOLED TIM they get something big time is wrong at Apple and that for years is YOU TIM. Apple needs a FRESH CORE folks.

Why? Here again is WHY in OUR OPINION:

  1. The largest sea change in the APPLE Smart core base is now buying other brands – who have caught up to Apple and in the case of Chinese Phones passed Apple – better features – improved battery life – flawless operations – and much lower price for better looking item. APPLE’s are falling off the old TREE TIM and your numbers ( missing every possible expert guidance from YOU in 2017 – as lies – revealed the true numbers and framed you into the market as a liar as APPLE  CEO the source of APPLE ROT at CORE is you TIM in my personal opinion). THAT. At CORE. You for the first time since founder JOB’s died – took the Star Ship Enterprise out of WARP DRIVE and the world knows today there is an APPLE CORE ROT as you drift Apple along at impulse power while others in your space move into WARP ahead of Apple. The press will unwrap all this eventually TIM no matter how much you pay them. Tim we feel all of it – we just feel the truth.
  2. The most terrible IOS operating system now in its 7TH more than once a month since October update. Why? Tim is why no one else just Tim betraying rank and file Apple employees world wide.
  3. Quality control CORE systems. You changed the slow to market and delay any launch if it is not right – from Steve’s OVER QUALITY modeling Apple users relied upon – to lower cost faster cycle to market and the God Awful bugs in the software – still – and I just got the 7TH update is an APPLE ROT the other options for your base of over 1 billion TIMMY  in phones do not have – and Apple USERS are leaving in droves not buying in droves and not upgrading in droves Tim. YOU SLAUGHTERED THE APPLIE BRAND AT CORE – IN QUALITY – WHERE IT COUNTS MOST in SYSTEMS TIM because you as CEO get F now – F- by stock price on Friday. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE TIME – time for you to GO. Your flawed lack of integrity math fails to report as you do not even know how many Apple BASE YOU REPORTED HAVE LEFT APPLE AND NOW OWN OTHER PRODUCTS TIM. THE BASE IS SHRINKING LIKE THE WITCH IN THE WIZARD OZ IN THE SMOKE OF HER OWN EVIL LIES – with Tim’s hands before the money pools flapping his face – saying “oh what a world what a world as he melts down” as the money no longer finds TIM or Apple magic any more. THAT IS THE TRUTH TIM. Note to Apples Board of Directors. Note to MEDIA on APPLE ROT AT CORE.
  4. Hardware – has been god awful buggy – since 2016 – Mac book pro I have a 2017 top tier and I’m on my third screen and they can’t ever fix it as your techs TIM say the problem is a FATAL DESIGN FLAW. Tim it does not take a genius at the GENUIS BAR to KNOW that if you over pay for the highest priced lap top IN THE WORLD maxed out – you expect quality and you are seriously pissed off as CHAIRMAN of a Global institution when you fail to get the quality you paid for and relied upon – a decked  it out MAC BOOK PRO as Chairman of the largest Top Ranked Entrepreneur institution in 140 nations – we are saying to our members – first time ever – BUY SURFACE AND MICROSOFT save money – get everything – and no quality APPLE  ROT AT CORE in money and  time like you are commanding over – FATAL DESIGN FLAWS over  time and you never tell your customers – it is not the FATAL DESIGN FLAW TIM that is slaughtering the A in FANG it is YOU TIM as CEO. IT IS LYING – your stealth your betrayal of Apple TRUST that is slaughtering your brand. This you know will circulate to the Apple rank and file as it should and the press will be all over it Timmy. It is you stealth downloading slow down updates and failing to tell customers. As they massively sued you for class action LIES and lost productivity they are suing for more than money. They are sueing seriously pissed off by millions because you BROKE TRUST BY LYING TIM. The Board needs to cut the CORD. CLAW BACK and vote TIM Out.
  5. From MAC BOOK PRO to batteries in the most costly phone on earth iPhone X – swelling to break the phones you covered it all up. You never effectively and immediately did what FOUNDER STEVE did – which was to get on record instantly to apologize – take full personal responsibility and to define the solution which was always real compete and fast. With you TIM and your new stealth quality – we all wait for the next horror to fall in hardware or software for your over priced products that simply are no longer way ahead of anyone and within an APPLE ROT the CEO has defined. Tim when you are found out to be a liar only then and way to late to the gate do you cross your self with holy water and say your sorry – too late to the gate TIM. No one believes you. No one believes your sincere BONUS MAN.
  6. From SECURITY FLAWS and theft of information – to back door unlocks of the phones from governments ( they did not need your teams at all to unlock your security Timmy ) SLAUGHTERING the PRIVACY Apple once led the industry FOR  but no more – on your WATCH TIMMY – with you out front of all those lies – and then hacks, and chasing the dragon TIM where once you held them all at bay. In your record bonus taking Tim you slaughtered the APPLE BRAND as the honey moon of buying rally upon Steve’s Death has faded into the Apple ROT we have AT CORE today. The longer you STAY the more SHAREHOLDERS will PAY. You can take that ETF and super money pools to your bank as you will see. What is consistent in brand slaughter at APPLE CORE ROT is Tim – stealth – betrayals – cover up – spin – PR – and folks why Apple dies is the Tim Cook LIES. The Board has to take time to draw their sword on this. BOARD SWORD CUT THE CORD. You heard it all first here last year to now watch if all play out like this blog is psychic so far ahead of media playing catch up.
  7. Innovation leadership – well once upon a time yes – but today with your $ 400 SIRI home item – may I just say – really Tim? Really? This is your rabbit out of the HAT compared to say STEVE’s direction? Really TIM? IS there an ISCROLL In there three years later ( I gave that to you TIM ) but under your leadership gifts go to the trash pile on timing for share holders and Tim I am one. Expecting to go negative next week.

BRAND SLAUGHTER AT APPLE is a system process that a new CEO will take time to reform and retool. If they fail to get another JOBS which is never easy, APPLE ROT will simple spread from the core to the outer surface as Apple is remembered as a once upon a time as it drops out of FANG altogether.

Now than as an investment economist reporting to you here lets review:

  1. We reported first – Google and Face Book would underwhelm the markets in 2018. They just did.
  2. We reported that Oil would go down – when everyone said it would only go up – everyone – it has gone down like we said and when we said.
  3. We noted the market would become more volatile and with software price manipulations as for the first time – as this is not like the 2016 600 point drop day – because – humans no longer are doing the trading – THAT – the markets would have record down and up days for awhile.
  4. We projected a SPRING correction of we think 25% not 10% not 15% and perhaps more is likely and we predicted this in 2015 2016 2017 and again in 2018. We are if anything but consistent in our charts. We noted the correction would be driven not be internals and convention but by geopolitical events.
  5. We noted the market is way way WAY like WAY over priced and even with speculation super money pools manipulating the SUPER BUBBLE in ALL asset classes bar none – they correction would be driven by a breach of software parameters. In our opinion. We said the dollar would soar and it is soaring when everyone said it would go down. We said BIT COIN would lose untold wealth for those speculating and they have lost untold wealth. The casino capitalism market? Worst Bubble of all time created by the central bank’s of the world with free money failing to appreciate digital trading outside regulatory frame works – and in a first time every perfect economic storm created as central banks the fertile soil preparation for utter system collapse and world war III in our opinion. But hey it is complicated. There are no rule books its all new now folks. NEVER BEFORE IN ECONOMIC HISTORY – it is all new rule books being written by us on the cow Catcher at the train in the hyper loops speed off at over 1,000,000 economic miles a minute.

A TRILLION DOLLARS was lost last week through 666 FRIDAY.

Now the issue by the experts is that psychology may create a sell off next week.

I beg to differ. While there may be record peaks and valleys – we suggest we are in a new frontier of world markets no chart no economist and no prediction by young kids in the news who have never seen it all – can begin to fathom from the yesterday short term knowledge base. No sir reee bobby.


In the CASINO for the very first time, AI and Software control velocity levels never known before – speeds in trading never experienced before, at volume levels never known before, with a core base of 10,000 super money pools – or an upside down pyramid – the lowest core base of traders in control of world markets EVER. The base has eroded completed from 1929 to today.

Today consolidation of CIRCULATION is CONCENTRATED inside super money pools traded electronically outside any regulatory frame work in real time 24 hours a day. Today new speculations that were crimes not that long ago as they manipulate price completely – layer on layer and underwrite new theories of economics there is floor stability and riskless risk in the new market structure – all unregulated.

The issue in new economics is the SUPER RISK of circulation in hyper spirals of wealth consolidation. The economic war is all in the issue of CIRCULATION RISK FACTORS. RISK via no regulatory frame work for new digital global trading by software to core circulations is what I think keeps the IMF and WORLD BANK up late into the moonless midnight these days on global market realities they and central banks lack any tools in THIS NEW FRONTIER to repair. WITHOUT A GLOBAL REGULATORY RE FAME TO THE DIGITAL CASINO CAPITALISM THE WORLD IS PURELY FUCKED economically. All of it is now play money and pinning the tail on the donkey ( does that date me ? ) .

This makes just as much sense as the Hampton Super Wealth that made as fantastically wealthy folks – new fortunes that made them even more fantastically beyond power and wealth ever known to mankind  in 2006 2007 – within theories their young economists from Ivy League universities defined for them – that real estate could never go down and even if it did ( which they had zero tables for ) not for long – you could never loose all your money in real estate.

So they in their riskless risk theory:

  1. Formed pools of mortgages that were geographic risk off sets selling mortgages where like musical chairs mortgage contracts in their collection and serving – were profit sharing – like time sharing – as these contracts began to fraction profit to the final chair holding them.
  2. Then this seemed to work so well and CIRCULATE cash so well they created Super Pools of Mortgages that consolidated regional geographic pools into SUPER NATIONAL pools, and here they included absolute crap with the diamond mortgages. They created them all triple AAA and sold them as utterly without any risk to the buyers.
  3. Then this worked out so well they formed SUPER DUPER POOLS of international concentrations of mortgage contracts where we had scrambled eggs where the high risk mortgages were weighted to ever higher % and the criminal collusion of those selling this absolute CRAP to sovereign nations and pension widows to the rating firms they paid for the fraud in ratings at AAA – took home all the money – never served a day of jail time, and let the nation and tax payers spend trillions to bail out their upside down TOO BIG TO FAIL – TOO BIG TO JAIL firms. That is when American’s knew their justice system was a total sham. The rank and file know it too but can’t change it from the top down only Congress can effect Justice reform and congress is bought and paid for by the criminals who control all the super money pools. Berny Maddoff stole a snickers bar. The criminals who stole trillions enjoy warm meals in the Hampton this summer and are still stealing in legal theft today.
  4. We reported this all first in 2006 and by 2007 as the SUPER SHORT studied our blog and those  folks had made fortunes on the right Side of the truth -that our blog reported  it was all a house of cards – riskless – risk. It takes an investment banker economist to know really. We knew. We also reported in 2007 the SUPER CRASH represented the first firing by the axis of evil of the first weapon of mass economic destruction the first DIGITAL ECONOMIC WEAPON. That test firing cost us all trillions in debt and made our enemies trillions in profits. The next digital weapon firing may destroy the economic frame work of today.
  5. Today – and this is the BIG DEAL – the criminals have created risk less risk SUPER DUPER POOLS for every asset class – currencies – commodities – stocks – bonds – real estate – auto loans – all loans – every asset class oil to coffee and all structured assets. ETF – SUPER ETF’s and SUPER DUPER ETF”s and still spiraling consolidation of wealth into ever tightening springs. All prices are fake, all prices are manipulated and controlled by 10,000 super money pools and all of it is a crime if the world re-regulated the wild speculation inside CASINO CAPITALSIM. The profits as you are seeing are ratio greater for the top tier elites than any time in history. The fantastically wealthy are consolidating 1% of wealth to their tribe in digital casino capitalism, faster than any period of human history ever while the 99% sink. The wealthy elites are becoming more wealthy as no prior tribe of humans in history. Such consolidation is economically never sustainable. Circulation becomes the system killer. Digital makes it all occur in hours not days. The risk has grown from mild to moderate to advanced to dangerous to EXPLOSIVE to MASSIVE to SYSTEM DESTRUCTION. See IMF warnings all last year.

The current market is about fantastic circulation – consolidating wealth into super money pools – wherein software and AI wars elevate trading volume velocity and ranges of trade thresholds. The spikes up and down can be larger – as the market circulation is so much more fantastic than by any earlier ratio’s. But with an every narrow base of participation in the base line of participation into the market – more narrow and upside down than in 1927.  In 2016 when the market dropped before rising again in testing the new CASINO the small % of the market trading was ETF and digital platforms of AI software where not then dominate. Hey thats 24 months back. Now consider the change in 24 months and the speed of the higher market ratio now AI and software not human controlled in total trading circulations. Today the majority of the market in just 24 months – globally – is digital trading outside any regulatory frame work of nations – long reported right here first which the media never quite understands – and their largest dollar advertisers do not wanted reported anyway. Ever.

Fully AI software for the great majority % of trading with 100’s of billions flowing into software funds – monthly setting new records month for concentration where the circulation is rising like a spiral resting on an upside down pyramid of ever more concentrated money pools world wide less than 10,000 controlling the lion % of the market itself today. That is NEW. And beyond any risk to the core system known before. Understand this and you understand the problem .

Software like your skin cells is renewing itself and upgrading every 90 days and each year software and AI are entirely new. One chaps software are war with another chaps software for profit at any cost. Which itself is an economic mistake.

The arms race in the world today is digital AI software to control economic circulations and prices world wide. One software evolving into real AI against another software evolving. The development of self aware self learning beings – a new species – real AI itself – will dominate all market activity world wide as it arrives and soon.

COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM -is  a system of regulatory frame works to advance the maximum social quality and service to the community of customers being served ever electing quality and innovation to those community of clients while making a profit – either for profit or not for profit as mandate. System regulations preclude unwanted consolidation and maximize base for circulation stability for all. THE MANY “FOR” THE FEW.

COMPETTIIVE CAPITALISM is our current system lacking regulatory oversight, that manipulates prices in all asset classes traded anywhere and everywhere via software wars – that trade  within wild speculations to secure maximum profit outcomes for stake holders at any cost. System regulatory failures permit ever higher concentration of wealth ( 1% own more wealth world wide than 99% ) which is not sustainable in circulation over time and creates core system instability – THE FEW  ELITES ( 10,000 super money pools ) AGAINST THE MANY. This model ends in world wars historically following utter system collapse via regulatory failure and human mental virus known as  greed.

The system we have today – casino capitalism – is new because digital globalization to super money pool speculations to manipulate prices in all asset classes has in less than ten years created SUPER BUBBLES in all asset classes with the worst of the bubbles being a global SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. To see new economic risk wins within new  global circulations see SUPER DEBT BUBBLES in Greece, Italy Spain and 18 EU nations – see Russia – SEE CHINA and all of ASIA and see AMERICA and South America. SUPER DEBT BUBBLES must rebalance first. Check out the IMF site and all their 2017 warnings to world leaders to reform regulatory system and moderate the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE. They have screamed about system failure but no one who making such ungodly profits is listening.

The crises to come is circulation itself.

The LED or Liquidity evaporation day looks like this:

  1. Geo event triggers LED Day. Liquidity  Evaporation Day.
  2. All trading by digital platforms and AI flips to sell. Its all sell orders. There are no buyers. None. It is electronic takes a second. AI which is not triggers it all look mom no humans involved in the coming system failure. LED is new. Digital.
  3. Market drops at  a 1000 DOW points a day occur. nd more .
  4. There are no buyers. Only sellers.
  5. There are no human’s in the % of world market trading minute by minute it is now all  just AI and SOFTWARE in a new economic we call CASCADE worse than conventional contagion far worse. No Government can moderate CASCADE. When LED Day hits us.
  6. All markets seize up as price in asset classes are re-balancing and deleveraging – and deflating – but there are NO BUYERS none. NOT AFTER LED DAY.  Stake holders are trapped ( the 10,000 super money pools and they can’t not liquidate but their worth is dropping 95% ). Minute by minute wealth by 100 trillion dollars goes up in the fake smoke of todays casino fake values.
  7. SUPER DEBT BUBBLE bursting – cascades so banks are bankrupt and financial institutions are bankrupt ( in hours not days ) and the entire system stops. Banks close. Globally.

What is new is speed. HOW FAST this switch can digital AI throw and as software and AI for the FIRST TIME EVER control all price and liquidity in all phony markets ( unregulated globally )  today while there is liquidity still  – the system is now arriving  at the end  period and is far less stable and more volatile as it becomes fully  unstable over time  by the very consolidation of wealth consolidating outside regulatory preclusion of such unwanted economic concentration ( THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY IS ALWAYS FAILED ECONOMICS ). The final period of system instability is made evident by volatility escalations. As profits are maximized within these software executed and triggered volatility market movements  – and the profit making is relatively mindless but sensational in history  – AI against AI and at speeds never known before – the market experiences record peaks and valleys which become new normals. Everyone still thinks over all we are safe and we are good and we are like we knew. Because we have no clue how new this is and we lack economic literacy – we have the blind truly leading the blind. Law makers and leaders are the fairy tale THREE BLIND MICE – see how they run…..right until the system is done done done. Sing the song boys and girls…….


We knew a VW rabbit with keys to the car.

We are now aboard the ENTERPRISE economically going WARP 4 without experience of how to fly the mother ship and zero knowledge of how to leave warp safely and not appear inside a sun and burn to a cinder. Your leaders have zero clue folks.

One hack and we are done.

One digital weapon and we are done.

Read KEVIN FREEMANS THE SECRET WEAPON and make yourself smart like the SEC leadership have all read it. The leaders of the SEC all dear friends who helped save the financial system of the world with names like Roel Campos whom I never and Marlon Paz and others – know Kevin Freeman personally as they are CEO SPACE legacy faculty members in my world.

Folks – we go where no man has gone before.

We are doing our best to predict for you.

But from here forward friends – its our best guess as no history table or chart can chart this new AI software globalized interdependent market. What is the cost of of a failure for the G 100 to RE-REGULATE WORLD MARKETS ?

That we do know.

Historically and economically for sure.

The cost is WORLD WAR III.

How much time do we have ?

I’d say best guess less than 36 to 60 months maximum. Economically speaking.

WHY DO WE NOT COMMENCE A G 100 EARTH FEDERATION “ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION” first introduced in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION publication as a manifesto to national leaders as to the process the methods the missing mechanisms to create from all present systems a world wide COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in which NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND?

Why not reform the FEW AGAINST THE MANY by rule of law to the MANY FOR THE FEW –  and the wealthy lose power but not privilege and enough wealth for generational gratifications.

Why not?

Because the elites refuse to GIVE UP POWER created by wealth consolidation. Concentration of power is a fatal addiction and thinking  error – but the virus infected brains do not know they have a mind virus – so the march goes on within an insane economics to WORLD WAR III. Everyone is going the best they know how – but economically that direction is system fatality.

The insane elite at the concentration core of wealth believe in preserving the system that grants them their concentrating powers and fail to see their own demise – which is economic.

They can’t see their own self destruction  and if they could they WOULD act in legacy versus futility. The many for the few is sustainable and the few agains the many is not economically sustainable. Systemically.

To be sure the HILTER BRAINS out there are not teachable and sanity is not their teacher – they are truly just  nuts. Push Delete. Feeding a killer whale hoping it eats you last is not the way forward for the sane.

But they are few and the majority of the super money pools are sane and can be instructed.

However they are paying fortunes to take advice from idiots who can not see the consequence of their myopic economics of the past when the economics of the present and future are brand spanking new inventions beyond the idiots to see new theory for while the preserve the theory that drives THEM – mindless profits at any cost world wide.

In this first digital age – the NEW system  rule book is laid out in DIGITAL MANNERS coming to a book store near you in 2019 and in THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE coming to a book store near you in 2018. Back to back guidance for the sanity and just in time.

We’ll see if we can wind that doomsday clock scientists around the world just advanced to seconds remaining to human extinction. Look that up on google.

So Monday will we have a digital LED?

I think not. I think AI sofware will buy in dips as volatility at levels never experienced in volume, velocity and scaling will become the new normal as the market destabilizes over time. Eventually the SUPER BUBBLES will burst, with DEBT DEFAULT CASCADES the trigger via geo political events.

WORLD WAR III is coming – you all can feel that – and it is mindless and preventable and the many do not wish it but the few profit from slaughtering us and rebalancing human demographics. It is a tragic view of insane proportions. The few against the many is systemically in charge of systems world wide all bought and paid for by virus infected brains who know not what is that they do – economically speaking.

TIME to reframe regulatory global AIA into sanity is running out.

Tim Cook is slaughtering Apple from a CORE ROT ( integrity ) to the outer brand in the market of FANG. Is and example of integrity crises in leadership world wide. The crises is integrity leadership .

World leaders are squandering TIME blinded by bought and paid for wealth consolidators elites who simply lack IN SIGHT to walk into the light for their own best interests.

Comment to me on this blog and let me know – how does it feel to YOU to read the TRUTH? You shall know them…by their works……