What you see in media is not real. What is real in the Oil patch is as follows. First you must recognize that Saudi Arabia is a academy award winning liar nation that has not told the truth since World War I. This band of robbers as placed a hidden tax upon the entire world to advance an elite class to wealth that the world has never seen before. If energy is the cost of everything – Western discovered and developed Energy in Saudi was hi jacked from open market rates to an OPEC OIL CARTEL formed to MANIPULATE MARKET PRICES. IT worked for while but Cartel’s like Debeers always rise and fall as market rate economics will one day balance all accounts.

The price for oil we suggest is when balanced to market rates 52 to 56 dollars a barrel. This means an OIL crash is about to take place ( already started downward from 70.00 an artificial cartel manipulation ) . The oil is plentiful renewing and more is being discovered annually that supply requires. China the biggest user had manufacturing decline yet again in a multi year down bubble for oil demand. Not up bubble.

Saudi is in distress financially even with oil rising 90% in 24 months through their cartel manipulation. They need oil back at $ 100.00 a barrel to be ok in their elite group while  60% of their youth have no jobs and are unemployed.


  • Opec is a caret designed to manipulate oil prices to profit of their membership the few – elites – against the many impoverished – say 7 billion with no hope to advance with higher energy ( cost of everything ) price modeling.
  • Opec is a band of liars.
  • DO not believe anything Opec Says for this reason.



  • Their King dies and a new family tree is now King big shift
  • The King puts his kid now 32 in charge of everything.
  • The Kid facing bankruptcy for the nation – locks up his royal tribe mostly other family tree’s – and threatens prison death and by extortion gets 100 billion dollars ( stealing it ) from these elites – in 120 days. The Kid’s corruption is greater than the corruption of those he locked up.
  • Saudi is a culture of generation blood feuds. Never forgiven or forgotten.
  • The Kid is now a target from the Royal elites he just ripped off to 100 billion – where life is cheap – Saudi is not in civil war
  • The Nation of Saudi as at full war with the nation of Iran the two larger Oil lakes passed only by Russia and the USA rising to # 1.
  • The kid can’t control oil price with OPEC for much longer due to America supply becoming the # 1 output on earth and new discoveries from non Opec Members.
  • Iran wants the dethrone the King. Today they have inside allies to do just that do to the 120 extortion of 100 Billion – do you believe that BLOOD LETTING and BLOOD FEUD is all over and those who got ripped off are singing GOD BLESS THE KING is that what you believe?
  • Instability it rising like smoke as Iran wins in Syria, with ISIS, in Afghanistan – now controlled indirectly or directly the TALIBAN a 200% gain since the US TROOP Pull down by Obama. We lost by strategic failure and IRAN is winning the hearts and minds and Saudi is losing from Lebanon to Oman.
  • The Kingdom is worried about survival and in a police state with pressure for cash – the near term looks stable due to the 100 Billion and the Aramaco offering about to occur ( we think the largest failed underwriting in history unfolding ).

No one world wide wants change save for IRAN herself. Why? No one can predict outcome from change. The world we know is stable enough to manage versus the world we don’t know.

North Korea is a wild car. Why? If we bomb them which Trump’s Team seems leaning to undertake – North Korea comes up fine. Their weapons by the 100,000’s of buried in hardened bunkers in hills 2000 miles long. We can’t get a fraction and they are ready. It is not the reply to destroy South Korea which occurs first with a city the size of Cleveland in South Korea of AMERICAN’S that is the problem.

No. It is that North Korea on the other side of the bombing – still has a 1,000,000 person Army like Iran and will alliance further with IRAN following such an event. Then North Korea will get billions in cash – immediately – by selling its Nukes to IRAN first – Syria Second and we think SAUDI last – where Saudi and Iran nuke’d up – will provide the low cost energy North Korea requires – and these three nuclear powers will redefine powers and super powers to the world – as North Korea nukes a couple USA cities for the fun of it.

True we will NUKE North Korea in reply off any face of any earth which will wish Nuke War with Iran that has more missiles with pin point accuracy – and China who would experience a Nuke Winter from North Korea wind flow – and a real WORLD WAR III may occur – highly likely where Russia looks on to become the leader of the new order with the EU in tow and subservient to the energy Russia alone will now control the world after the America decline from WORLD WAR III.

The miscalculation potential here is not small.

While we could NUKE North Korea FIRST the morality to do so without a direct defense to threat – is impossible to reconcile in the world court of real war crimes.

Saudi final givens:

  • Saudi is exporting terror to the world
  • Saudi is the father of all horror and terror
  • Iran is not a factor by comparison outside trying to moderate Saudi
  • Saudi was the 9/11 attack and royals financed it
  • Saudi is behind all the major terror taking place today
  • Saudi is behind ISIS in Syria and worked against the USA till now
  • Saudi is a nation of liars and criminals without loyalty or trust
  • We continue to trust them why?

If the USA took over Saudi – created a democracy – the pressure between Saudi and Iran could moderate with policy that could now address NOTH KOREA with some sanity and unity.

Plus we align with the second largest lake of oil to our own – dissolve OPEC and Saudi operates as a market rate nation for energy – criminalizing oil cartels to manipulate prices as a tax to all nations – and SAUDI advances without ELITE legal theft of the wealth of a nation and the people of Saudi get schools – futures – and rise up to their own greatness.

The Muslim Civil war settles down where Shite – Sunni – Saudi Whabbi exist in celebration of their faith path versus punishing their faith path. Sanity versus insanity.

What is the lower cost to life and risk and to the system globally?

If energy is the cost of everything.

Speculators buying into pure SAUDI LIES from OPEC have been a trillion dollars long on oil going to $ 80.00 bucks. The short buyers are near zero to this week. I reported this last week.

This week SHORT buying is rising by the tens of billions and oil is dropping like a stone.

Opec and its friends are about to lose a trillion dollars being on the wrong side of the SAUDI lies. Now given that loss is not extortion of 100 billion how secure stable and safe do you now think Saudi really is.

So you won’t read this report in the news folks.

But in the critical Gulf if you could be a fly on the all with the great knowledge wisdom broker of the entire Region the King of Jordon and his magnificent Queen – without words – from body cue and head nods as they read this blog – you would see – the truth. Hey I wish they would invite me to dinner to discuss some options. 45 years of doing business in the Gulf as an investment banker economist might offer some fresh options as THE NEW WAY FORWARD and out of this mess.

32 Years Old? Next King? Really. Yes he is brilliant. No he has no clue of unintended consequences. As this plays out lets see if he survives it all – I personally hope he does. His vision is right his tactics and methods ..not so much.

Plays well for Local consumption where media is state fodder and Kingdom Controlled.

In Saudi I would be executed for writing this Blog. The truth will kill you dead in the Kingdom today. Legitimacy begins when all that changes. The criminals are in charge of OIL price but America is going to shatter that influence and control starting in 2018 and continuing forever.

The largest producer of oil and the future of all energy is AMERICA and the criminal are frankly – fucked right now. Betting on OPEC is throwing wealth away into the shit storm that is coming starting with your first trillion of loss.

Price manipulation of oil is an economic trade imbalance of economics that is falal to the entire world economically. The cost of everything – energy – is finally passing criminal cartel price manipulations – into a future of sanity and REBALANCING ECOOMICALLY as fair market values take over and control price.

Opec says demand is soaring.

We reported demand is falling.

America stock piles ran up by over 3 million barrels this week and prices fell of course.

Refiners will with lower cost of crude – raise gasoline prices in price gauging we suspect the TRUMP OIL ADMINISTRATION will do zero to correct nor will congress – as gasoline at the pump rises as a windfall profit taking by oil companies to consumers in America to the highest level of 2014. You will only profit from that by buying oil stock not going long on falling oil price. Short oil buy stock.

Think about it with your broker and use information you have first and exclusively here to balance what YOU KNOW: