Medical errors are ( released today ) the # 3 killer – preventable killer – killing 250,000 American’s a year. Far more are dying this week than in Florida shootings from DOCTORS than from GUNS.

Congress needs to BAN the huge killers way ahead of guns – Doctors and Knife Killings by banning all Doctors and banning all Knives. This does two things. It removes a huge part of our obesity and it takes out a ton of opiate deaths as well – so we make Gun Deaths now rise in importance as far more harm is being done in death factories by doctors and knives.

Congress needs to bank – all toxic foods – all drugs – all doctors – all knives – and then look into banning all forks and soup spoons than perhaps some assault rifles which kill say 100’s a year.

250,000 plus of reported deaths the THIRD LARGEST KILLER in 2017 in America is from Doctors – and mistakes and errors on US.

The unreported numbers could easily be over 1,000,000 making the DOCS the # 1 killer in the USA and perhaps the entire world. DO we just get congress to BAN DOCTORS – as the families of the dead rise up and demand that the cause of all this death – DOCTORS be banned.

Before Butt Stocks on rifles for example.

There is no constitutional right in our nation to bare doctors – so many are unbearable anyway. LETS BAN DOCTORS AND ALL HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS and save 10 million lives over ten years.

This makes gun deaths look like fly swatting next to KNIFE DEATHS and Traffic accidents and opiate deaths and the # 1 killer today ABORTIONS which frankly is done by – yes DOCTORS. Millions are dying from DOCTOR MAL PRACTICE and we are making that legal murder and we permit that legal killing spree to go on. We even almost kneel to the modern high priests – doctors – while they in their arrogant unholy union with the PHARM industry bringing us the opiate  deaths -and abortion  deaths and yes – when we combine all the doctor deaths on just the top ten killer charts – how many MILLIONS is the number one – by way far – WAY FAR  – # 1 killer – DOCTORS slaughtering humanity out taking?

While they distract us to take out assault rifles that kill say a few 100 less than say 3 million – annually – 250,000 in just bad meds and Mal practice by the trade community in health care -the biggest killers – wow see any hospital in any city and all the new slaughter houses being built.

What is congress doing about 100 to 1 deaths to Florida shooting every day of every week of every month?

Why nothing. Folks.

We are talking about REAL MONEY HERE –

Guns – they are like little mud puddles of money by the beach near the shore.

DOCS – now thats the OCEAN of money with the Pharms and health care – legal theft on drug costing – untold harm and misery inflicted by the system and the # 3 cause of death overall just DOCS being DOCS in 2017 – and no one does anything about this legal murder.

Folks – allow the media to blind you from data and thinking.

I am the father of nine.

A death of a child is unforgivable.

The FBI and the Justice department is so broken we have to REFORM AND UPGRADE JUSTICE AT CORE – they also are in a simple catagory – for we the people – which IS: can we do better than THIS moving forward ? And the answer – you BET WE CAN AND WE SHOULD.

Cops – up to four – being ordered to stand down ( by who ) and failing to save children lives – our system has failed us – is failing us. Ask yourself CAN WE DO BETTER. Of course we can.

The answer is not GUN CONTROL.

The answer is JUSTICE AND HEALTH CARE REFORM and millions of us can be safe again. The unborn generation can be safe again.

All these firms bashing the National Rifle Association like law full registered gun owners are at fault here – or the NRA is in any remote way at fault here – any context of blame – SHAME ON YOU. Just shame on you.

The issue is DISTRACTION. The NRA is a fair game whipping post to distract you from the real slaughter the real data the real responsibility. Folks – watch BLACK LIVES MATTER VIDEOS – of old men shot in the back and young cops planting weapons and lying on the true facts about shooting after shooting – circles of armed cops and tasered carrying cops around a mature trained cop – chocking a teen who is screaming I can’t breath in that illegal prevented by law choke hold – on film – I can’t breath as law enforcement murders that young teen boy who was unarmed surrounded by cops who did nothing – who do nothing – who did nothing.

FOLKS the SYSTEM NEEDS REFORM from the inside out – or the slaughter continues.

America ?

To be GREAT we admit our mistakes.

We fix them.

The pendelum in this nation also swings back.

But the biggest industry in this nation is Pharm’s – Wallstreet that funds it all and PRISONS AND HEALTH CARE. Those core systems all need MASSIVE INSIDE OUT REFORM – the crises we have is not in leadership.

WE have oceans of bought and paid for great leadership.

The crises folks is of AMERICAN INTEGRITY.

Unless we reset and get INTEGRITY RIGHT it is not Russia that has any impact on our freedom and democracy – it is our ROT FROM WITHIN by just being passive and allowing the ROT TO CONTINUE.

America being great again.

We the people have to come together – as one on the issue of JUSTICE REFORM FIRST – WALLSTREET REFORM SECOND AND HEALTH CARE REFORM THIRD.

The security of our nation – the safety in our streets -the deaths from DOCS and Knives and the slaughter from drugs – occurs when we culturally restore INTEGRITY because the we the people massive challenge is to rise up as one on the right issues –


Or you can allow bought and paid media to entertain you with ever distracting issues – and the democracy of this nation will decline in a riot of death and mayhem from our DOCTORS AND PHARMS where gun violence is way under text death’s from driving – and of no significance really – to guns – versus culture that allows such thinking to use guns in such ways – because our education of young brains is eight hours a day on the most violent addicting games on earth – and this generation is rising up to show us 278 school shootings from such violance – brains under 21 should not be able to use games – because finger prints at birth define age activation of games from congress new integrity laws to roll back such BRAIN DAMAGE that robs parents of their right to BARE CHILDREN AND RAISE THEM IN SAFE SCHOOLS – but damaged brains are rising up by the numbers because we have to reform the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY addictive products to young brains where violence is not reality but their new normal – a first for any generation and the results are clear.


Or follow the bought and paid for – the dollars flowing into issues to the mid year election ( gun control ) are emotional issues to get votes – its about power and money from the peeps that are slaughtering you 100 to 1 over guns – do the math.

Follow their bouncing ball and we will never fix this……..

I suggest you read between the Lines – think of this blog as a de-coder ring like you used to get in cereal boxes when innocence ruled media.

Think about that.

Berny Dohrmann – on what is really going on OUT There -the TRUTH




The news today is what I call mid year political buffet. You can really look at most of it under the category of just “plain silly”. On the gun debate – as actually knives kill more folks than guns annually – lets ban knives in all nations. Then forks. The cause of violence is not knives. It is culture. We require a culture of law and value of life and morals and integrity. We don’t teach our young such values. We default them into war conditioning video games, where reality and its sense of reality is lost utterly and that developing brain that is damaged – acts out. As never before – in response to cultural defined modeling. NO prohibition of anything including opiates will resolved the opiate addiction model. Surprisingly legalizing all drugs – would dramatically drop drug use as the pushers in the streets would be out of a job just on price alone.

But hey – the industry of keeping you invested in mindless perpetuation wars that failed and wars we completely lost fighting – the war on education – the war on drugs – the war on poverty – the war on prejudice – the war on health care – we lost them all.

Perhaps going to war is the wrong approach given the industries we now must sustain that are loosing ground every single month, and given the statistics of how failed all these wars have been. Could we do better and have a better way actually? Is anyone leading into a better way?

So today – the mid year elections are coming.

All news is bought and paid for to influence voters in the mid year election.

The Mid year election has three outcomes:

  1. Relatively no change in congress – likely
  2. Republicans advantage and pick up Congressional seats – ten or so say in both sides or more.
  3. Democrates upset republicans and gain majorities and they have the advantage.

Now consider in voter outcome # 3 Nancy Pelosi has stated her first act as Majority head will be to draft articles of impeachment for Donald Trump. These processes will go no where as the republicans will preclude 2/3 rd required vote to enact articles of impeachment.

This means that Nancy can create:

  • A congress that does nothing – zero for two final Trump years.
  • A drain on Trumps ability to do anything as a lame duck about to go out in his re-election
  • Landslide a TRUMP IS OUT after the failed impeachment and pick up even more in the Congress as democrats.

If republicans knew this was the game plan of the opposition then the republicans would stop at no process to assure this outcome does not take place.

I believe this is the race – taking place.

The outcomes is Trump wins and six more years of prosperity and boom economics world wide.

Trump loses and economically not politically a SUPER CRASH and significant global recession.

Said another way the MID YEAR ELECTION IN THE USA – must be voted upon as if it was the general Presidential election to follow by the voters. Why?

Because the mid year election IS the most important mid year election in the USA in 100 years.

Thumbs up or thumbs down the economist is hostage now to the election results of November. Until then its is global BOOM and party time. Blow that party horn and drink up.

Berny Dohrmann – Party Master – CEO SPACE MARCH 19th TAMPA




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On the way to 50,000 DOW we will see a likely cycle vocality we have never known before – 2700 to 2500 dow Day fluctuations on occasion – as new normal. This software volatility can not be charted to old model historic market pathologies in my opinion. A new casino capitalism today is presenting new normals as software dominates the majority of velocity and volume of markets globally. Less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and their software control the markets today and the price ranges of all asset classes bar none.

The last great boom of our generations life time is in play. You either risk winning and profit from this opportunity our you snooze and you lose out utterly. There is no in between in this market. We will not again in our opinion see an expansion and market opportunity period like the 72 forward months coming – again in our life time.

You will never see:

  • The pries of anything
  • The interest cost for everything
  • Lower than it is now in your remaining adult life time

More new wealth will be created in the coming 72 months than in the entire history of humanity. How much of that wealth will be your wealth?

Wealth creation is now a feature of stronger plans, stronger teams and mentorship, and resources.

Weak plans and weak mentors and weak resources will define wealth creators or wealth generators.

The wild card in the PIE of this long boom cycle is isolated to one geo political risk – CHINA. The IMF presented its most serious warning to Chinese plannings this weekend. Why?

China is running phony currency and phony growth numbers on massive debt super bubbles from their borrowing 300% more each year than they make. The IMF suggested for the eight time in 24 months, Chinas debt is unsustainable, their policies are not addressing the risk to nation and the world, and that a SUPER CRASH is possible due to stress tests not being met by so many Chinese institutions. The IMF cautioned CHINA remains a WILD CARD RISK outstanding to the entire world economic order due to its unsustainable DEBT Super Bubble.

It is our opinion as we have presented here the IMF is impossibly late and understated. We believe China will great a world depression and super duper crash – and world war. However we believe this will not occur for five to seven more growth years. We have time.

China is trying to manage its reforms and problems.

We are trying to assist CHINA with SUPER BONDS which can reset the IMF concerns on risk by itself.

There are options.

Meanwhile China is booming the EU is booming and Japan can’t restart inflation. We see taking oil out of the equation – with speculators manipulating the price of oil – that there is NO INFLATION AT ALL world wide.

We believe the Fed may well raise interest rates only twice this year which will send the market soaring. We also believe trillions will be invested back Into the USA over 24 months creating the largest USA growth and expansion – EVER frankly.

All the talk about impeachment and legal “stuff” we feel is just talk and the guy who makes over 800 million dollars of personal income a year has no fear and enjoys legal team protections that are superior to OJ Smith.

We see politics being mean as always but having limited impact. We believe the Republicans may well pick up ten seats in the mid year election creating a GOVERNMENT for six more years where big ideas can get put into law really. That will be a great momentum to the boom we are discussing we’ll see. No one can assure outcomes on that as its way to early.

So we see a long protracted SUPER GROWTH and expansion for markets for 72 months or longer. We suggest the best time to buy ANYTHING is right now.

The good times?

Your inside one.





My birthday month following the stock market correction – we called for three years – to the bullseye for our readers – did not effect consumers. The consumers increasingly cite favorable GOV policies and the growing business positive long term climate.

Consumers stunned experts. They ranked at 99% and no one expected it to rise that high – or be that strong. CONSUMERS are SPENDING and this is a long term trend.

Oil went DOWN despite a drop in American stocks – which is deceiving if you look at what type of stocks as some inventory went up. But America matched its own record of 2.2 million export gallons a DAY in February and is rising output at a level OPEC had zero clue on. Our imports dropped to their lowest level – around 15% in America – we are about to be energy self sufficient.

America is now producing more than the OPEC cut backs by almost double and is offsetting supply reductions from nations like Lybria today – which brought oil slightly back up – and Venezuela and others – but all that production is about to roar back including production from new Brazil fields which are massive.

The dollar we told you would soar back up – is rising rapidly. The market is seeing a buying opportunity in dollars which we suggest is a three year win for any dollar buyer.

China is on a tight rope dancing. Their currency control model can never work. Free markets work and transparency works. China creates a currency that is monopoly play money – use that at your own great risk and peril and remember we told you THAT.

Debt burdened China with a run out of its economy by capital at levels even capital CONTROLS by central banking communists can not with their sea walls contain the capital tsunami running away from CHINA over the coming decade.

So China has let its currency fly UP and the dollar fly down. This makes Chinese goods cost more – a lot more – and American goods cost less a lot less – and it makes Trump happy. If China saw a devaluation or a crash in its currency its products would be ON SALE world wide and Trump would conclude and the world would join Trump – China IS a currency manipulator – which they are. Now they want to avoid a trade war.

As China still dumps steal aluminum and other products below their cost – subsidizing these job creating industries – as part of their 300% borrowing over their GNP income – for a decade – which is not economics or sustainable as the IMF has warned – China is about to experiencing disruption and more run on the nation. The tariff’s on their unfair trade honey moon era – is coming to an end – and as it does their accommodation to fair and honorable trading – is going to in fact destroy the Chinese Economy. Why?

Because Communist economics is a failed model.

This is not a political anything.

I like the idea of social capitalism.

I just think the communist box top rules since 1700’s do not work – and why anyone would save for their own power and greed – preserve such a system model – is beyond me. The good that comes from that model is offset by the disastrous economically that occur in what is coming. What is coming for China –

IS THE GREAT REBALANCING and when this economic GREAT REBALANCING OCCURS China will no longer be the China you see and know today. It may be multiple autonomous provinces in a EU like trade association between Asia Nations and trading partners. To get to that there is going to be a HARD ECONOMIC SUPER CRASH in China that will effect the world – and then – there is going to be a blood bath in China as the GREAT REBALANCING resets economics accounts and political capital. I think communism is at grave risk.

Kings are better Emperors are better historically.

Democracy is messy but batter.

I believe we have five to seven years of a SUPER BOOM. The Last Great BOOM of our generations experience -not to be reproduced in the lives of anyone alive including age one month.

I think this is IT.


If you miss grabbing the BIG ONE and dancing in the sun in the good times you miss the consumer index report this weekend at 99% confidence. Folks that is as high as it gets.

Good times?

Your inside the good times this weekend.


I would….and we are.

Berny Dohrmann From San Francisco with LOVE – invest in WINNING