The US dollar as defined by World War II protocols to those who won that war, is the WORLD RESERVE CURRNCY. This means:

  • Transactions between nations settle in US dollars for trade.
  • This provides an advantage to the country who IS the world reserve currency as we alone do not have to convert our cash reserves into dollars to settle food – oil – commodity and all trade payments world wide.

China would like a new model. Why? They could dominate the world by reducing the USA wealth influence and powers. The USA if it lost world reserve currency status ( global trust ) would become unable to afford luxuries – such as the leading Military on the earth.

China is a Communist central controlled nation. Its currency is phony money. Forged on non economic horrors of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES and SUPER BUBBLES IN ASSET CLASSES to assure their economic miracles, which it is not, does not crash and burn, where a revolution kills all the communist.

Saudi a friend of the USA, now wants distance from the USA. Saudi is the home of all terror and the ground zero for ground zero for 9/11. Saudi recently locked up its wealthiest citizens and royalty – hundreds still locked up – no trials – no due process – and stole their money by a trillion dollars – why? Because the Kingdom is in the red, short on cash, and to secure stability in the nation did what Kings do – stole the money from the baron’s without any rule of law. The world just buys into this is a real crack down on corruption. Oh really? REALLY ? And the media gives the Saudi Terror Machine a free walk and a get of press jail free card why? Well the money. All that money. And oil.

Russia is quietly attempting to get back into the USA money streams, while cementing relationships against the USA all over the world. From North Korea and Iran fighting proxy wars to bankrupt the USA to real support for American men and women in harms way in Africa, The Gulf, and this week in Syria. Putin keeps his hands off it all while he works with China to make their two currencies replace the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY so that their nations would profit the most and the USA would be forever diminished.

Davos as political theater I reported on yesterday now has its SUPER STAR in the center spot light – President Donald Trump. Behind the scenes deals are being set up – trips planned, and the future created. Look ma no press on any of that. The press will follow the bouncing ball Trump puts before them and tweets out to them like fodder.

Trump publicly is drawing attention ( again ) to the policies and barriers to conduct business. If you want to do business in the USA – you hire a firm like LAUGHLIN USA – you incorporate – get a tax ID number – and you begin to open a bank account and do business. This all costs under $ 1000 or a bit more in larger states like California and New York and takes less than ONE DAY without an attorney.

ONE DAY.  Under $ 1000 US dollars.

Say in the EU I want to set up business. Well I will need to invest:

  • A year at least really
  • Use multiple attorney’s
  • Invest $ 250,000 maybe less but with all costs offices and staffing some big bucks to be set up to conduct real business.

Say I want to set up in Asia. Its worse and much higher cost in time and money.

Say I want to set up in Russia – even worse and more time and money.

Say I want to then move forward.

Oh those cost just begin.

You have more hassle at every step – you have everyone wanting EU or Asia goods first and your goods last. You have every cultural divide making fair and easy movement, storage, to market goods on line off line or any line – more costly by far than say EASY PEASY AMERICA.

These trade walls – these layers built up after World War II – have been – fantastic for other nations. They can rape the USA. How?

  1. Make things real cheap in your nation.
  2. Get the country to subsidize your goods with tax breaks and direct investment from the government say like AIRBUS.
  3. Than dump your subsidized products into the market so that Boeing can’t compete with your subsidized result.
  4. Dump your minerals and raw product into the USA at state supported prices – and keep America from supporting its industry like say Boeing once was with tax credits and benefits.
  5. Assure the most unfair trade environment so you can prosper and rip America off in totally unfair trade – forcing America to go into debt – when America was the nation that lent you all enough to recover after World War II.

Sink America. Economically first. Than softened – in every possible way last. WORLD WAR III is a war plan folks.

So the most fantastic wealth occurs by selling into America unfairly. This creates the largest trade imbalances. America must borrow to buy its goods – because we spend more buying the goods than we make. Why? Well the trade laws make it fantastically profitable for the biggest unfair trade nations:

  1. Germany # 1 in 2017 – to sell us their stuff but fail to buy our stuff and make sure they make it hard to sell our stuff in their EU.
  2. China – # 2 in 2017 Making it harder to sell our stuff and they rip off our stuff and sell knock off’s like in 90 days – on everything – and they flood our market with state supported everything – when we catch them they route it through South Korea or Vietnam giving them a spiff to make it appear not Chinese.
  3. Japan # 3 tied with China in 2017 for state supported everything flooding America making it impossible to balance trade where America does not go into Debt while buying oceans of their goods in decades of planned and executed unfair trade cultures.
  4. South America – Africa – The Gulf – Australia – Allies – enemies – no one is using a policy to help the USA.
  5. No one is grateful to the USA for winning World War II – stopping North Korea – rolling Iraq back from taking over Kuwait – or Iran taking over Iraq for that matter – holding the line on Putin or any other high value work the USA undertakes for global stability and the humanitarian wealth the USA conveys to people annually.. No thank you. No gratitude. Nothing but USA BASHING world wide.


Folks – follow the MONEY.


When you read press you have to consider it is all – all of it – bought and paid for. Who:

  • Set up the story
  • Who profits
  • Who loses

Now you begin to READ and you have gained a first leg up on real financial literacy. My blog is your SPEED READING CLASS.

So Trump is stating – the World War II Subsidy order defaulted into a layer of unfair trade laws is economically NOT SUSTAINABLE. For years we have been a full out trade war – every nation for themselves. The USA has been the “all for one and one for all” nation.

Today the US Treasury and Fed pursue the BUSH POLICY. The Bush Policy had the Gulf over to a big old Texas barbecue. Bush informed the Gulf folks – you know China and Asia and the others won’t play fair with us. We told em. We begged him. We warned them. What I’m proposing to do folks, is I”m going to do the unheard of. I’m going to allow the dollar to fall in value. This new policy will ram it up China’s ass as we say in the south.

  • USA goods will be lower priced against other currencies world wide.
  • Until they open markets we will keep the old dollar low.
  • Best news we’ll let you raise your oil prices so you are protected an you get the same bucks you got before – but don’t go trading in other currencies for this policy can whip saw on you and you’ll lose trillions if you bet against the house on the table.

Variations of the new BUSH ECONOMIC MODEL are resetting the world of trade. USA trade has soared but so has state supported trade.

Trump is compressing the BUSH ECONOMIC into a TRUMP ECONOMIC. This TRUMP ECONOMIC as trade has not rebalanced and the USA is still reporting record TRADE IMBALANCES – spending more than it makes due to state market blocks and barriers to US made services and goods: including:

  • Dollar is going lower folks – you want to dance – lets TANGO
  • US is going to do WHAT YOU ALL DO – we will Tango well.
  • We will tax your state subsidized goods to sell in the USA.
  • We will match your nation with trade barriers until we look like economic twins.
  • We will open our wealth and markets to nations who open their wealth and markets and trade FAIR WITH US lets Boogie down
  • That is the way you have always done it is OVER FOLKS

Now then you have an AXIS OF EVIL. These are central state communist controlled or religiously controlled nations – with the records of rule of law and human rights that are the WORST today as Super Powers.

Their policy is to destroy the economic frame work of the West and by doing so elevate themselves.

As we have reported – the nation that controls AI will control the world and there is no rule that says that nation will be AMERICA.

We have reported here our thought that the world is now engaged in World War III. The World War began when a hardened DIGITAL WEAPON ( well documented by DOD contractor Kevin Freeman in his great work THE SECRET WEAPON you can order on Amazon ). This weapon fired by the AXIS Of evil made them a trillion dollars of profit in a ten day period – and almost sank the WESTERN FINANCIAL SYSTEM in 2007/2008.

We reported the crash was not a market item but was a digital attack and we reported it first – here on line.

We were hacked by sovereign nations for that report.

The truth wins out for those who care to read the truth.

The DIGITAL WORLD WAR III has been on going. Every agency of every western nation has been hacked and their data stolen – and or trojans installed and not detected for later awakening including:

  • White House
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • FBI
  • National Data bases
  • SS#
  • Credit Agencies
  • All Areo Space weapon and defense contractors
  • All top secret IP
  • War plans for North Korea from South Korean Military
  • Same in EU
  • All IT – Google, Microsoft, Facebook Apple – all – back door they have source code and are IN folks its digital warfare at levels we are still in digital Pearl Harbor within.

This is known as asymmetrical warfare.

It by passes older modeling of blunt force war fare. Line up your assets and fire at the other guys lines of assets ( front lines ). Today the war is economic.

Soften the enemy’s under belly.

Use social to divide their people and views keep them divided and internally a mess.

Influence elections in enemy zones.

Elevate trade wars wherever you can to weaken their economy accelerating their bankruptcy as they spend more year to year in non sustainable economics to buy your goods and strengthen you.

Open proxy wars with nations you fund and support to drain on multiple fronts all over the world resources from your enemy. Kill as many of them as you can in the proxy wars.

Create market instability and market attacks when the enemy least see’s it coming ( at all time confidence and market highs ) and then Super Crash world markets and the economic trade regime. Crush it this time.

Develop a united AXIS OF EVIL moment to – say – in systematical warfare:

  • Take all all ports in thirty minutes with super stealth nuclear Torpedeo’s no one can say he or she did it even.
  • Same moment place three space nukes – no one hears or see’s but all electronics at all levels and all data storage is fried in 30 minutes and no one moves – no technology is coming back – and the nation is now a Stone Age. Inwardly focused to even survive.
  • Then move to destabilize the world in your “oh so sorry ” about the USA an we’ll all work to see who even did this – with fake news without USA influence to counter it anywhere on earth.

30 Minutes folks.

We have presented here the concept of MARS. MUTUALLY ASSURE RECONSRUCTION as a core construction to new NATO  defense policy. Scroll and look for MARS on this blog.

You think – others know all this and are all over.

You are right.

And you are wrong.

Others know about all this.

No one has a plan to DO ANYTHING about all this. None.

In Kevin Freeman – who consults to the leading agency silo’s in the nation of the USA – in his work GAME PLAN he defines why there is NO AMERICAN GAME PLAN and that you had better create your own GAME PLAN as a response. Your nation has none and he reports why.

Sinking USA military spending for ten years is why. Sequestering the USA Military during a WORLD WAR III asymmetrical warfare decade – so we sink in quick sand. Much of the voice to under fund the USA MILITARY is planned by asymmetrical warfare planners working to win the war and defeat the USA.

The top think tanks reported in Jan 2018 – following a decade of sinking Military spending and investment it is NOW in 2018 a question if the USA could WIN a major war – the think tank suggests NOT.

Time is tipping into our enemies.

TRADE is part of asymmetrical warfare against the USA.

FAIR TRADE is a matter of US interest an a heart of survival issue. Economically.

This issue is not political.

This issue is core economics.

The USA is IN DANGER today.

The American people are in the digital wars of a generations lifetime.

The ISIS world have equal playing fields using asymmetrical warfare and weapons of Rome ( stolen from America ) and digital power tools they so excel at and we are failing to COUNTER REPEL while there is still time.


We who invented AI and digital landscape are not now winning that arms race.

The arms race is DIGITAL and AI.

Trump’s team has the ball.

Trump is setting the stage that this blog information today is the real purpose of DAVOS.

To secure a bully platform for why AMERICA FAIR TRADE is unwavering as public media consumption. Behind the scenes to define that the WORLD WAR III AI Arms race – is going to be won by the USA and we will use DOLLAR valuation to win trade wars and unfair trade barriers, will put up our own TWIN REGULATIONS to any nation with massive trade deficits cheating America ( follow the money ) – we will reward real partners and we will crush those who would engage asymmetrical warfare tactics on the USA and her people.

Trump is assuring leaders the war is fully engaged and they are either to quote George Bush who quoted Jesus Christ – you are either with us or you are against us…..

Follow the money.

Read with financial literacy.

Avoid buy in to bought and paid for content.

There there children – there are some very smart brains all over this policy and strategy and even bought and paid for brains are waking up. In the end our enemies always – and in ALL WAYS – underestimate the tapestry of America itself at core bed rock.

If you come at us and we know you are poking a stick into our economic eye – if you threaten us – there is no republican in this nation nor is their a democrate nor is their an independent or a non voter. Their labels for us and their observations that we are weak fall in a heart beat.

For AMERICA rises up in union – as one – no color no race no religion we rise up as ONE – as ONE NATION – it always startles the hell out of all of them to see it – and when it occurs – there is no power upon the landscape of thought – itself – that can defeat the United States OF America when we so become ONE in the world ….

That day is coming and I caution the AXIS of Evil – to consider – the advantage of making a GREAT BARGAIN versus marching off a cliff with your asymmetrical war planning.

You will wake up the GREAT BEAR and we will leave our long hibernation and will not stop, we will not rest, until we protect our cubs and destroy your lion dens until you and your thinking become extinct.

Failing to see this is the largest miscalculation since the AMERICAN revolution itself.

One Nation.

Under God.


For freedom and for justice for ALL !


in 2018.

Berny Dohrmann – with a footnote on Davos and a backstory



Once an insider conclave of economist investment bankers and super money pools to influence more sane economic outcomes globally. Today the Davos event is hi jacked and pure political theater to manipulate status quo by the deep state to improvements and changes we need to re-regulate the global economic SYSTEM at core – which has become software AI based without safe guards for his mushroom – the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is economic AI software.

Davos today is nation after nation – speaking in their leading trade wars – with government unfair trade protectionist practices to rebuild nations after World War II’s devastation – largely on the backs of the USA and Russia – diving the economic worlds – into political camps.

Today Germany the # 1 success in economic unsustainable imbalances – selling far more than it buys – and accumulated capital imbalances the de-stablize the entire world over time, followed by China and Russia and Japan as the leading SURPLUS SELLING NATIONS with isolation and protection policies that make it costly and not equal access to fully open markets – seek to keep the SYSTEM AS IT IS – in their favor.

The USA – abused in twenty years of global trade wars – has drawn a line in the sand the two way open access is the way forward. Nation want preferred access versus equal access protecting their industry as they fail to fully diversify global trade REALLY.

This debate is now a blame game. As the USA the largest economy ( by far – so far from # 2 and # 3 ) and the LARGEST ECONOMY is booming so the DISTANCE Is growing – is the largest buyer for the nations of TRADE WAR.

These nations want NO CHANGE as they are twenty years protected by old antique trade laws.

The issues are complex so I will not unpack them here for readers who are lay persons to the economics.

Davos leaders all point their fire power at the USA to label the USA isolationist. To label the USA as obstructing trade.

The USA in fact is trying to RESET WORLD TRADE to be open fully and FAIR.

The day of USA SUBSIDY ( rape of the USA ) following World War II Victory is over. Nations will adapt or the world will move into a real rising spiral of trade war – which is JUST WHAT IS TAKING PLACE the last ten years.

Nations are not looking into HOW DO WE MAKE IT ALL WORK BETTER.

Nations are seeking to protect the immediate pain and gain by assuring US imbalanced purchases continue.

Trump is line by line putting in tariff and duties to unfair trade price – dumping – state subsidies from AIRBUS in EU to goods from Asia state supported. That is not fair trade.

So the WORLD WAR II protocol of subsidy and tolerated abuse of fair trade has come to an end – finally a century later – decades too late.

Globalization has hurt America and helped her enemies.

That is a fact of economic history.

The theory Global Trade has made America is false. America has always done well in world trade. From the colonies to today.

Today the trade in the world is:

  • Fully digital
  • Fully real time
  • Transparent increasingly
  • Apples CAN for the first time be compared to real Apples

The new scheme for world fair trade we suggested over the past five years is best resolve within a 3 year non political G 100 economic CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS – where global Economists develop for the political outcomes – a G 100 new World Game Plan of Earth Federation Fair Trade – and investment regulatory frame works – and tax planning – that includes all nations and leaves no nation behind.

Economics run politics.

Our mess and our risk today is that politics run economics.

As DAVOS unfolds as POLITICAL THEATER one can see it is every nation for itself- each using a bully pulpit to stimulate agenda’s that PROTECT their national interest without compromise or regard to the impact such a stand will have on its own partners.

Said another way – the USA at one point of wealth and time – had surplus and abundance to underwrite the after war prosperity of so many nations. Today the USA can not buy more from all nations requiring that buying power for their own national wealth and prosperity and fail to fairly allow American to balance its own books – to not be 25 more years in the RED IN TRADE FOR 25 MORE YEARS IN THE RED AND THE ENTIRE WORLD IS DEAD – we move into world war from SUPER CRASH.

All avoidable.

Today we are in this fantastic boom.

Investments from the new tax plan are already passing over one trillion dollars – like a first wave of many more capital waves to hit the USA shore. Even with this new American Wealth and Prosperity – the TRUMP TRAIN – forward economically – the world requires a new fair trade scheme to replace the WORLD WAR II dependency model.

Davos has lost its potency for such policy which is why so many of its early economic platform – expert and authorities – such as say “me” no longer attend. The POLITICAL THEATER is time we in presenting real core change to systemic improvements and modeling wish to NOT SO MUCH invest our time into.

We watch DAVOS largely as a political entertainment – as high drama and political theater – in which nothing gets done really – outside the agreements in relationship between world leaders that DAVOS now stages for – and to which media will never hear any real meat those leaders exchanged in their lion pens.

The world is at high risk while it is at high gain…

The leaders want stability and extension to these good times of growth globally. The outcome of those desires must flow from a new age of collaboration – cooperation and a reduction of competitive insanity – all of which requires one glue – INTEGRITY between leaders.


Not so much.

Berny Dohrmann – on WHAT is REALLY going on OUT there –


PS: We suspect the Russian investigation is coming to a winding up phase and it is also NOT SO MUCH.




Regular readers begin to see the data on this site as prophetic. We informed you that we felt year end numbers, would, rise from record Holiday across the board selling world wide. Results would set records this last Holiday.

The reports on those earnings are coming in now through March and will define the first quarter peaks to the last quarter of 2017 earnings peaks. Peak to Peak.

Crammer said today – he has never seen a market like this in his lifetime.

We have reported about the trillions in cash on side lines now putting funding to work in asset classes across all board levels.

We have also cautioned, while this boom stimulated by global earnings low interest borrowing costs, reduced tax outlays, and slow tightening by central banks over years and years of time lines – economic growth may be on going with some ups and downs over five more years.

The head winds we see as deserving your consideration include:

  1. Super Frothy foamy markets like no chart has ever seen before
  2. A ramping up world trade war – in a death spiral for global trade
  3. A regional super debt bubble which could trigger bond adjustments without warning effecting all market assets
  4. Regional geo political issues – never gas again in Syria this week – Iran spiral into contest and arms race versus economic full partnership, North Korea in an arms race, and Africa unknowns as well as Gulf Unknowns.
  5. Israel – always Israel and the most contested territory over human history in the name of universal love and peace in faith. Odd.

We have suggested a Correction even a SUPER CRASH market danger zone is the SPRING of 2018. We first predicted this date warning in 2015 and have presented data as to why ever since never changing our prediction. We noted if we get past this Spring without a serious market correction we will have a likely long term record boom the world has never known or experienced in history. Good times.

No one can predict if the Spring correction will occur.

We anticipate serious slow downs in the first quarter as we have seen with GE, Texas Instruments, and we fear what no one is seeing – APPLE.

A serious spook to this market will with ETF the new elephant in the room – a first – a market controlled by AI software to human decision makers at speeds Human’s can not accommodate at velocities human’s can’t equal – potentially bring us something new. If spooked the issue becomes CASCADE and LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION EVENT Or LEE. The market potential – now largely unregulated globally in the software wars – the real arms race is AI SOFTWARE OVER MONEY and ASSET CLASSES and world SETTLEMENTS.

This uncontrolled entirely new financial economy dynamic is a market that:

  1. No past chart can indicate future outcome for
  2. No past experience can guide us
  3. We are well into fully uncharted territory

Nations can wipe out in 72 hours. In this new terrain. AN LEE Event took time in the past. Today a CASCADE LEE is software interlinked and is beyond human control at this moment in time.

That ETF risk starting in BOND default exposure due to SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is our core economic risk item.

To the present system itself.

We remain optimistic and the momentum of a 35 year start to 2018 at all time GOOD TIMES is serious momentum that if followed by economic investing versus manipulation and speculation in stock buy backs and non economic investing, may portend the longest financial expansion of all time.

A poem sums it up – Beware the IDES OF MARCH my friends –

We’ll keep a light on for you this Spring – Spring Forward is our hope.

Berny Dohrmann – Seasoning for your investment feast in todays market space





September Dohrmann was born on Jan 23rd 1980 in Ohio. Her family is all from OHIO as are so many of my business partners and friends I think all the solid folks – are born in OHIO.

She was raised in Nashville by her father Dr. Robert Minzak, and her step mother Susan Minzak ( mom ) and her late recently graduated Gram Myna Witt – the foundation of all wisdom till she left us.

September was staff and teamed in her fathers large contracting business. At its peak the firm had 1700 employee’s – did most of the high rise work in Nashville and built the city, and the star homes structures and designer welded drive way fencing and gates to their tens of million dollar compounds in music city. As a young man Bob was a technical AV guy for the Grand Old Opry and hit the road shows with Super Stars. He did the best air guitar I’ve ever seen and loved music teaching us a ton on point.

Her dad broke his back working high rise iron, and September his only natural child, nursed him day and night back to walking which the doctors said would never take place. He would however suffer from pain, and pain pills from those years forward fighting it as.a sober 27 year recovering alcoholic. He helped so many with wellness till he left us. Dr. Minzak not being able to return to construction liquidated the firm after the 2007 melt down.

Dr. Minzak studies and graduated in his post graduate work in natural herbal and healer in  medicine. Dr. Minzak was gifted in this space and we all wished him to super focus on his talent. Dr. Minzak worked in CEO SPACE until his passing two years ago.

Dr. Minzak passed on in his graduation, while September was opening a CEO SPACE in Las Vegas, at home in Nashville his choice –  the anniversary to the day and to the precise  hour of his famous Mother graduating two years early – again his choice we both. believe.


. September suffered so losing her life time companion TORA the smartest Akida or any Dog I’ve ever known – she knew more words than I did,  and her both  guides  her best friends, and closest family – ( outside the boys and I and our children ) her Father and Gram who left their values and principles deeply encoded inside  her. A forge of personal leadership and strength I have never before seen and it is magic in my own life.

September went on as her father was in post graduate work having dissolved the huge construction  business following the real estate melt down of 2007 – and  September easily got her real estate license. She was successful in Nashville in real estate. She was a prior licensed hair designer in the celebrity spa stores for the stars. while studying for Real Estate in booming Nashville markets. She for years successful built a real state brand in Nashville.  She also did readings as the cliental discovered she was among the most gifted angelic prophetic guide to resolve that which was not resolvable or healable. September healed it all. Providing precise directions in relationship to parenting to career and her readings remain famous at CEO SPACE events where she is in high demands from billionaires famous faculty and CEO”s seeking out of the box inner guidance with FULL CLARITY – her brand and email. You can email September at fullclarity@gmail.com. Her legacy brand to that business which remains world wide with heads of state and celebrities – she has done readings for Tony Robbins and the top and always with WOW from the lucky leader taking this advantage. I of course get THAT every single day – she reads my email in her head before they come in – we’er good.

So between them she was busy and in high demand. He real estate business resolved in our relationship, as she sold her last home to a CEO SPACE Faculty member in Nashville who still remains grateful. We dated while and where engaged awhile and quietly slipped into the best marriage both of us knew was possible and now like a fairy tale we live inside of in our work of high contribution and in our partnership as best friends upon the earth.

September and Berny are a love story you could make a movie about.

September spent almost five year as Chief Operating office and Treasurer for CEO SPACE in the deep recession years, mastering our business operations in 140 nations. She was complimented by inside department heads and by outside third party Fortune and vendor CEO’s from throughout the community world wide for half a decade. Which thrilled me but she is so humble praise is hard for this behind the scenes leader who is reclusive in personal life versus her stage and public life.

She is a writer, she has podcasts interviews on FaceBook’s CEOSPACEINTERNATIONAL you can friend and access all that free content for – from the most famous of the famous CEO SPACE leading faulty on line right now for a click. Her content gives you hard options for immediate use and profit – while you play podcasts and her interview style ( a TV SHOW will flow form this I suspect ) due to her talent on air. Click and see yourself.

In 2013 I set up passing the baton of ownership, leadership, and legacy for CEO SPACE to September, resigning for the first time since 1988 as President and Chairman CEO – passing the CEO title on to September as CEO SPACE and as  President globally. I truly stepped back and let the legacy transfer ..completely. Truly.

September went on to develop her own board and all lady leadership team at the top of our leading silo’s. She learning quickly from mistakes and engaged management leadership training weekly from the coach who has coached leadership for  Mark Zunckenberg  at FACE. BOOK, and  Larry Paige at Google and many others who chose September to Coach at the United Nations spotting the talent and legacy work, and Tony Robbins in 2018 as they are buds. My chosen husband  and wife Fortune 100 CEO leadership faculty  team – CEO SPACE faculty Bob Wright coach September weekly over an extended time frame – which is work – and she has grown to an IPO head of a public institution in the making next.

This transformed the CEO SPACE PRODUCT from # 5 on the Forbes List to # 1 on the most prestigious ranking lists in our industry globally- in a historic record in publishing four years in a row – a first. CEO SPACE for example is the one and only firm that made the cut from 2017 to 2018 to let you know just how hard this ranking at # 1 is in the world today in third party press.


And # 1 in Ink and other third party recognitions world wide that come in within our press section world wide via the interviews that September is in high demand from in anything entrepreneur world wide from an increasingly ware of September Global Press as an exciting knowledge commenter on current news and issues effecting business.


September Dohrmann has under her tenure,  expanded our reach globally, and opened up divisions to deal with sovereign nations exclusively. Which she delegated ME to lead. Knowing I love the legacy of taking the work to the highest part of our business plan. Increasingly I am advising heads of states and their teams in economic developments CEO SPACE brings the sovereign nation as fresh options. No nation has matching options and all are grateful.

CEO SPACE is the largest, oldest, most successful Entrepreneur CEO Exclusive Business “OWNER”  CLUB, as the leading  business accelerator  ( our one of a kind IP in the market )  in the world today serving over 140 nations. September is comfortable today in her CEO President role setting the policy and unfolding what comes next which will BE OUR FORTUNE GRADE all new Web Site first upgrade and global lift on line since 2008 – and its huge. Check back to http://www.ceospace.net this weekend to see her vision “before” as right now today – and this weekend when the new BIRTHDAY GIRL takes her global web resource on line LIVE TO THE WORLD.

Making CEO SPACE better is what this teacher, educator, leading CEO does these days. September has spoken at the General Assembly of the United Nations and is available to do workshops or keynotes as you wish a LADY LEADER on your stage.

September is working on engaging private equity with a passion to grow Entrepreneur Space , to invest with us, as pre public IPO event, with Hughes and Hubbard of Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC COMMISSIONER – guiding  and mentoring September on these next steps to make a firm that has never advertised at all – a house hold name as # 1 Business Growth Conference (BGC )  in the world in the third party press and by success outcomes with proofs on line to all claims.

Her vision is to demand side HYPER GROW – the  CEO SPACE city club system of today, large already,  by recruiting 1000 NEW  Club Presidents ( a $ 500,000 business opportunity in a box that is FREE to natural networkers world wide ) who wish to join a career Track in self employment where all start up investment  is provided by CEO SPACE and the contractor pays zero to start up in their city. WHO DO YOU KNOW?  As the demand side and private equity advertising and marketing grow the institution September envisions:


Tampa Bay Convention ball rooms – of six ball rooms with 5,000 each filled to waiting list registration – five times a year for our week long BGC’s. Our Fortune Faculty mentors for CEO’s rotate between those ball rooms in tireless service. Our trade show and our Super NETWORKING events we call SNAPS will take place within the yellow – green – orange, red, pink, blue ribbon separated classes with 30,000 attending until those ribbons are CUT –  putting  all 30,000 CEO’s  in the world’s largest trade show for ENTREPRENEURS as an IPO public institution within networking the world has never experienced matching efficiencies for. Invented by September and her teams as process unique to CEO SPACE and the IP that makes us lead the world.

September plans to deploy public capital and human talent to reproduce this WAGON WHEEL business  model in South America, Africa, EU, and ASIA. The founder Forum in North America is hosted in the same week as the other  CONTINENT NATIONAL wagon wheels – training and expanding venture growth in unmatched time and cost reductions to reach growth goals  -within ever growing CEO lifetime membership – the most exciting institution serving Entrepreneur acceleration.

CEO SPACE is not a workshop.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar.

CEO SPACE is the first new model of a business trade show that uses unique Lady and Gentlemen CEO relationship mixers to align agendas grow customers markets alliances affiliates in real time while each of FIVE TO THRIVE events occurs every 12 months rolling.

CEO SPACE grows profits. Accelerates own goal attainments.

1100 firms offer your money worth and they are all good with our sister highest endorsement for Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY and SECRET KNOCK and LAUGHLINS WEALTH PRESERVATION CONFERENCES being truly GREAT  – and you go on after CEO SPACE to that or you go on after MASTERY to CEO SPACE. A perfect fit.

CEO SPACE is designed to get our customer MEMBERSHIP FEE FULLY  BACK VERSUS their money worth – huge difference in IP and design of a one of a kind CEO  product in the world of pure quality today. Which is why September has CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL ranked THE ONE CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS – # 1 ranked – the LEADER – year after year – by third party press.

I know of few lady leaders of equal youth and experience having a matching global impact and legacy in world contribution and measured employment, jobs, and Super Brands everywhere in the globe today. CEO SPACE is legend in putting our CEO’s in hyper growth and keeping their.

September’s business plan considers five Wagon Wheel class rooms as her teams  demand model is built out by her most current upgraded  business plan, serving Entrepreneurs tirelessly  each and every week of her life and every one of our five  Forum Weeks – or BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES  – which as her model fully guilds will serve in each BGC over five WAGON WHEELS GLOBALLY – 150,000 CEO’s globally  per week  ( as her ultimate vision for CEO SPACE membership values ) and with almost a million  CEO’s served annually on each of five continents. Members can rotate to move products to the markets they wish to open next within the global accelerator model chasing their market of next highest opportunity. As members rotate between the global BGC’s – the entrepreneur world becomes more cooperative, less competitive and more one in box top rules to better processes.

CEO SPACE seeks to KEEP CEO’s current in the age of SUPER CHANGE as no other venue exchange for time and upgrading the CEO leadership from solo business owners to Fortune institutions served over our history.

September is engaged in partnership discussions with global Universities and a growing number of SOVEREIGN NATIONS who wish to massively impact job creation using accelerated entrepreneur class development in hosting nations.

September is also promoting SUPER BONDS as a method to resolve sovereign nation debt within a new class of bonds, being brought exclusively to sovereign nation heads of state in every part of the world today.

Finally September is working on bringing SUPER TEACHING ( http://www.superteaching.org a qualified in USA Title I technology for federal funding, and now moving to Canada and other nations. Super Teaching is new way to outfit technology to class room design, that is low cost and changes pacing and learner performance and retention.

September works with our growing alliance partnerships with very large institutional partners helping each other brand grow. She also works with sponsor institutions who wish to sponsor the leading Entrepreneur Trade Program for their brand profits and values in the CEO SPACE community – a wonderful sponsor channel today with the # 1 ranked brand partner.

World Famous Tony Robbins cut in person and live  the SUPER TEACHING  RIBBONS on the University of Alabama Super Teaching class room ( films on the web site ) before ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS and all major press. Big world coming out party in higher education. September first met Tony Robbins at our class – but deepened the relationship in the  big milestone ceremony at UAH campus in 2010.

All this keeps the President of CEO SPACE very occupied in a growing circle of service to the CEO Entrepreneurs including those in private practice world wide.  She commands our advocacy work in DC which influences rule making and laws with congress and agencies seeking CEO SPACE input when entrepreneur outcomes flow from the beltway today. Itself a high task of specialized direction at the leadership suite playing with the biggest voices in the market from TAX LAWS to CROWD FUNDING.

September is now working on a  vast data base of CEO SPACE to accommodate Grad member engagement as never before inside the community to further on line assure the SPACE never ends and that CEO members  can data mine resources at will – coming up next. A huge new community service to entrepreneurs over 30 years in nations everywhere and so many at the top of institutions that matter. Investors will also have new references to FINRA CROWD FUNDING PORTALS.

https://www.finra.org/about/funding-portals-we-regulate  this link from September Dohrmann President of CEO SPACE provides the web site of 100% of FINRA your governments regulatory agency for new CROWD FUDING on line legal portals – an investor due diligence click and save to your file of opportunity as you explore an area I think ( venture investing in crowd funding ) is peak opportunity for diversification in the high risk super high return venture space. Mining the early adopters in this growing new industry will rise from a billion dollars to a trillion soon enough. As congress intended for massive USA and world job creation with new laws September assisted in creating with her husband and our teams in DC.

Her vision is unlimited and the legacy of CEO SPACE is moving to fulfill her global contribution we call our  business plan. Our business plan is legacy in the ENTREPRENEUR industry.

September is working with educational institutions to monetize the 1500 modules of entrepreneur educational content on high quality video – the largest library of its kind on content all high quality broadcast quality – computer indexed fully – no education institution possesses today in their entrepreneur studies. Subscription revenues fro this aspect of September’s work alone drive public share prices higher in a future IPO if her plan reaches that desired outcome.

Private Equity partners wishing to explore or Hedge Fund qualified legacy investors wishing to invest in a pre IPO business plan model, and step up to multiples in an institution moving into its fourth decade of global service, never having a red month in three decades, may appreciate a dialogue on a rare opportunity and the business team so proven that brings a rare option to your market space. CEO SPACE feeds rain to the investment  PE partner that invests with CEO SPACE by virtue of the never ending incoming of investors to CEO SPACE who seek deals that are uncommon in quality and opportunity, that result of rain making  replenishes the lake of investment for our partner without delay  by and in  itself. CEO SPACE feeds partner investors deal flow like no space in the world yet another intrinsic value to the PE partner bottom line. Due diligence defines the economics as well as the intangible top tier model of a mature business plan now unfolding to mission in the best BOOM MARKET to do so since 911 in our opinion.

September on her birthday is doing all of that.

But I wanted to praise this rare best friend, life partner, soul mate, noting her husband is a bit complex in the world today, for her tireless devotion to her first priority – he relationship with God – her relationship with HER HUSBAND – her family – in that order – never gets that priority confused not ever – and  with everything career in perfect balance so rare as well in leadership at the top.

This dynamic business leader in the board room, is unmatched a gourmet cook – wood worker ( her hobby ) – the warm inviting home she makes that everyone feels comfortable in it – our family values – her perfect roll as MOM to the greatest boys imaginable – and her mommy – ing to all nine and adopted we parent together for life and  on demand as they are grown and busy too and spread all over AMERICA today. Her perfection as wife and soul mate are what movies are made of and what everyone wishes for and what we have and live within as precious air – day to day – that never ends.

So September Dohrmann ON her Birthday is being celebrated. Her fans an go to her wall on Face Book and fuss at her with thanks or text or sing the B Song into her VM if you have her number.

Happy Birthday my darling lady – of whom I am so very proud in every way beyond what words could ever convey here.

1-23 – 1918 – IS YOUR BIRTHDAY







The cost of political theater has been deemed TO HIGH a cost to continue. Both sides including the PELOSI DOESY DO are in agreement to RE-OPEN THE USA ( given the outrage of 100% of all voters over this Political Theater ) event.

Short selling by speculators is pushing GE stock down to $ 11.00 range from the low of 16 dollars we feel is a buy from here on forward all the way down and back up for dollar cost averaging. We’ll see.

Apple we feel will wise on year end sales – then fall on global actual disappointment in IPHONE sales math drivers and the software hardware SCANDAL ( reported here first as always scroll or search for blogs on APPLE IN SCANDAL ). We have said we are tracking a 200 dollar sell price on our end – and you do as your advisers tell you always as they are the licensed professionals and I”m a retired investment banking putting out my own opinion and what I’m doing in real time factually.

You decide on Apple or GE.

Meanwhile the USA goes back on line and the markets go up and up and away until the Spring – we have a caution alert for the Spring correction as our readers know.

As always you hear all this first – here.

Berny Dohrmann – What IS going on OUT There is right here now


Note: THE US SENATE “IS” VOTING RIGHT NOW- We WILL SEE !The Senate passed the OPEN THE USA BILL but the HOUSE Must Still final pass on That and then the President has to Sign or veto it – so we see as we see…one step at a time.