Regular readers begin to see the data on this site as prophetic. We informed you that we felt year end numbers, would, rise from record Holiday across the board selling world wide. Results would set records this last Holiday.

The reports on those earnings are coming in now through March and will define the first quarter peaks to the last quarter of 2017 earnings peaks. Peak to Peak.

Crammer said today – he has never seen a market like this in his lifetime.

We have reported about the trillions in cash on side lines now putting funding to work in asset classes across all board levels.

We have also cautioned, while this boom stimulated by global earnings low interest borrowing costs, reduced tax outlays, and slow tightening by central banks over years and years of time lines – economic growth may be on going with some ups and downs over five more years.

The head winds we see as deserving your consideration include:

  1. Super Frothy foamy markets like no chart has ever seen before
  2. A ramping up world trade war – in a death spiral for global trade
  3. A regional super debt bubble which could trigger bond adjustments without warning effecting all market assets
  4. Regional geo political issues – never gas again in Syria this week – Iran spiral into contest and arms race versus economic full partnership, North Korea in an arms race, and Africa unknowns as well as Gulf Unknowns.
  5. Israel – always Israel and the most contested territory over human history in the name of universal love and peace in faith. Odd.

We have suggested a Correction even a SUPER CRASH market danger zone is the SPRING of 2018. We first predicted this date warning in 2015 and have presented data as to why ever since never changing our prediction. We noted if we get past this Spring without a serious market correction we will have a likely long term record boom the world has never known or experienced in history. Good times.

No one can predict if the Spring correction will occur.

We anticipate serious slow downs in the first quarter as we have seen with GE, Texas Instruments, and we fear what no one is seeing – APPLE.

A serious spook to this market will with ETF the new elephant in the room – a first – a market controlled by AI software to human decision makers at speeds Human’s can not accommodate at velocities human’s can’t equal – potentially bring us something new. If spooked the issue becomes CASCADE and LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION EVENT Or LEE. The market potential – now largely unregulated globally in the software wars – the real arms race is AI SOFTWARE OVER MONEY and ASSET CLASSES and world SETTLEMENTS.

This uncontrolled entirely new financial economy dynamic is a market that:

  1. No past chart can indicate future outcome for
  2. No past experience can guide us
  3. We are well into fully uncharted territory

Nations can wipe out in 72 hours. In this new terrain. AN LEE Event took time in the past. Today a CASCADE LEE is software interlinked and is beyond human control at this moment in time.

That ETF risk starting in BOND default exposure due to SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is our core economic risk item.

To the present system itself.

We remain optimistic and the momentum of a 35 year start to 2018 at all time GOOD TIMES is serious momentum that if followed by economic investing versus manipulation and speculation in stock buy backs and non economic investing, may portend the longest financial expansion of all time.

A poem sums it up – Beware the IDES OF MARCH my friends –

We’ll keep a light on for you this Spring – Spring Forward is our hope.

Berny Dohrmann – Seasoning for your investment feast in todays market space